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252109252109B001EO67BCA1ZHBI0FDO3031ennui "Patrick"0151306108800Very Tasty but a little SaltyThese are SO good. Very cheesy but a little salty, with a lot of pepper. Kinda hot. But I look forward to my monthly shipment. Love them!
252110252110B004WZ4EVKA1V5RNLHWDAGO7SFerguson1151314489600Great tasting and healthyI was looking for something that was nutritious and tasty, but not overly processed. I found it in SeaSnax. My first taste was a little "fishy" but the other flavors quickly overtook that taste and I really started enjoying them. I'm ready to order more!
252111252111B004WZ4EVKA293UBA80BWN1JD. Cusick "scalloway"0051348272000Truly strangely addictiveI discovered these in a local health food store when I began searching for seaweed products as a way to add some iodine to my diet. The store carried lots of products, but most were processed with nasty canola oil which I try to avoid as I do all the high-PUFA oils. Then I found SeaSnax which use olive oil!

I bought some and the rest was history. Now I buy them in bulk from amazon because the price is much better. Yes, they do have a slightly fishy odor and flavor - but I *like* that. You may not like them as much as I do if that bothers you. But for me they are the perfect snack - great taste, a nice crunchy mouth-feel, low in carbs and calories. No matter what your eating goals or eating style - low carb, low cal, low fat, vegan, etc. these snacks can fill the bill, but you *must* like that slightly fishy taste and scent. However in my case I do!
252112252112B004WZ4EVKA2CQOSSDG8WCPDJennifer0021344816000Tastes like fishLike dried flakes of seaweed. Very 'fishy' in smell. Lots of packaging for only a few "flakes" of chips. Would not buy again and would not recommend to others depsite the low calories!
252113252113B004WZ4EVKA3EI290OQ02913sjm-rn0051335225600YUM!When I first tried SeaSnax I thought they were a bit odd and fishy...but after one or two pieces I was hooked. The label is correct...strangely addicting! I can see improvements in my health with the added iodine from the seaweed.
252114252114B0030AUC6EA28RLTVE9YJBPWRonald Thomas5551262822400"This Tea should get the Nobel Peace Prize"This is a very good tea as far as teabags go...traditionally loose tea is always better quality than teabag teas, But this is the exception...being organic as well as the least processed compared to other teas(White tea is the least processed of all teas)...teabags impart a subtle paper flavor that loose teas are free of...these bags are a cut above other teabagged teas(the subtle teabag flavor is less of a factor in this instance)... and are an excellent choice in leu of saving money...It took about six weeks to finally get delivered, but it was worth the weight...This one is a no brainer...!!!
252115252115B0030AUC6EA305V2I73XDWVIWindica3451301788800such a special gem, this one!after reading the other reviews, i'm confused and don't think that anyone was talking about THIS TEA! (sounded like most comments pertained to prince of peace green tea, and don't have anything to do with the instant dong quai and red date tea that i clicked on...that being said, this is a remarkable's delicious, it's instant (so you don't have to wait for it to steep) and it's really good for you...i just love the taste of this, but then again - i enjoy the uniquely-bitter flavor of dong quai (but this isn't bitter, it's yummy!)...for those who don't know, dong quai is considered to be "ginseng for women" beceause it's very high in vit B12 and helps to keep women from becoming anemic (due the their monthly cycle) also is said to help regulate irregular periods, when used on a daily basis...that said, this tea is special because it helps to "draw one's energy" downwards (and the red date, adds to this effect in that red is the color of the 1st chakra) other words, this tea has aphrodisiac qualities and will create pleasnt feelings when taken before bed (and it's "good for you" and it tastes good and it's a snap to make) what's there to be quibbling about?
252116252116B0030AUC6EA3I4MWNLA68W2IFrank M Newell3441297814400After at least a year drinking this tea, some thoughts.My household has this tea stocked up at all times.. not to say it's my favorite tea, but it's my favorite day to day tea. We tend to drink Green Tea for its health benefits and as Green Teas go this one is affordable and fairly high quality for tea bag types. A few notes.. you have to be fairly careful about steeping this tea, it doesn't have a whole lot of tolerance from "crisp and delicious" to "overpowering and slightly off-putting". I guess I attribute that to the freshness of the tea. I'm not sure. I've had a lot different results with loose tea in a ball and some herbal teas. While this tastes good when you get it right, if you forget the cup for a few minutes, it's not forgiving. That said, that's the only real drawback to this tea. Yes. I've had teas I would rate five stars, six if I could. Yes, they also cost 5-6x more than this easily for a quarter of the amount of tea. Bottom line, if you drink a lot of tea, this is a good brand to buy. If you don't drink a whole lot and would rather buy something really high quality for the few times you do partake of it, I'd look elsewhere.
252117252117B0030AUC6EA356ALXAC5COJ2anknight0041350691200Good tea, very gingeryThis tea has a wonderfully strong ginger flavor. The bags come individually wrapped in foil packets. It steeps fast and the resulting mug of tea is murky and delightfully aromatic. I love it and will undoubtedly use every bag in the next month or so. The one thing I think anyone buying this product should be aware of is that they add stevia to the bags. I am usually not a fan of stevia (to me it has a bitter aftertaste) but it was not overwhelming here.
252118252118B0030AUC6EARFW5OX658FE4Patricia Walker0051337644800TeaPurchased this tea because of recommendation. Product arrived well packaged and quickly. I am very pleased with this product and will purchase it again.
252119252119B0030AUC6EAOF7WSV460Q1MShang Wang0041280275200it is a good productI have tried this product before and I really love it. The price is fair and I enjoy it...
252120252120B0030AUC6EA19MMYMZO363KMLincoln County MT "Focused on pinecones"1241276214400Good tea wish it came in loose tea too.I am sensitive to Caffeine and supposedly the White teas have 1/3 approx. what Black teas contain. And about half of what the green teas contain. This probably varies all over the place however. Often a decaf tea isn't. If you want no caf you need to look for caf free teas and drinks. I find a kick to this white tea but it definitely is not as bad as some of black teas. My husband and I can't tolerate a lot of tannins and this seems to be high in them as the other reviewer mentioned it's astringent properties. But we temper that with milk or 100% Cranberry Juice concentrates as well as lemon juice or powdered. Good both hot or iced. Looking forward to making sun tea for ice tea with these bags. Look on the net this item is cheaper as are all the Prince of Peace items else where even after paying shipping which is usually reasonable. I hope they don't up the price just because everyone else's white tea is higher. I wish it was available in a loose tea too. A smooth flavored good tasting tea that reminds me of teas I had as a child and at Chinese restaurants. Beats anything I can buy in local supermarkets.

I did try the organic version and no way. This one is better for some reason. Stronger and overall a better product even the bag it'self is better than the organic's.
252091252091B002TR5UPCADO9CH9BU4V47C. Donahue "Working Hard"1121287446400Sometimes Organic Isn't that GreatI ordered this for my workplace thinking it would taste fresh and flavorable since it was organic. Well, it smelled fresh and flavorable but when I brewed the coffee, the taste was that of someone putting cinnamon in the grounds. Everyone agreed at my work that this flavored coffee was undesirable. I just brewed it for the 2nd time since receiving it and everyone is just letting it sit there in the coffee pot
252092252092B002TR5UPCA180RJHTCQXSQ1William A. Foss0031348358400OK coffeeArbuckles Organic Pumpkin Spice Coffee is a coffee with a great deal of promise and almost no follow-through. It does have a pumpkin spice aroma but almost no pumpkin spice taste. In general, it is a bitter tasting coffee leaving the drinker with none of the pleasant joy of a good pumpkin spice coffee. A real disappointment.

This product was purchased at
252093252093B001SAV3U2A36DZSUMWUBUHEPsychicpro1151251849600Telma, Bouillon CubeI always look for Telma, Vegetable Bouillon Cubes because, I can taste the vegetables not just salt!
252094252094B006SF5RZEA3VF6BKKMOSLPIFay's0051348704000Best pizza crustThis pizza crust is by far the best we have had. I am not gluten free but prefer this over others. My daughter is allergic to egg, dairy, and nuts. Replacements work really well when preparing! Highly recommended!!
252095252095B0002ZIMDKA1XDGVLP4R4VAQAlaina1111339545600DON'T BUY IT!! BOWEL OBSTRUCTIONThis bone single-handedly caused my Doberman puppy's bowel obstruction. After a 3 hour, $2000 surgery, it looks like she will be ok. Thank God. But the vet pulled huge chunks of this out of her stomach and intestine. So please do not let your dog have this. If you must, give them a dura chew.
252096252096B0002ZIMDKA1NMX4SLP4O4XNDBarbara0011278979200Watch out!My puppy loves nylabones and it usually takes him a few months to start to rip off the pieces of the bone. However, with this bone, he worked on it for one day and had eaten the entire top part off. By the time I had seen what happened, I was looking around for the pieces, hoping he spit them out. Well, obviously he didn't because he spent the night throwing up the pieces of the nylabone. I will not be getting this kind of nylabone again.
252097252097B0002ZIMDKA3XBWCKSMQX12Nicole Ingram0051269388800Great for growing pupAt 4 months old, my pup devoured the wolf nylabone in a day. This super is still around after several weeks, and she chews on it every day. Great for an active chewer.
252098252098B0002ZIMDKA3IM9LTBSJIWU0letterm "letterm"0051263772800German Shepherd puppy stays out of trouble...I knew we needed something harder than a plush toy for this boy to work on when he started gnawing the chair legs. The pupppy bone (we use Souper size) keeps him happy and wears him out almost as much as a walk does. This is a great price
252099252099B0002ZIMDKA1BQEW7NJ0I441A. Domitrovich "Herky'sMama"0051202428800My puppy LOVES these!!My puppy cannot get enough of these....she is a very strong chewer and these keep her busy for HOURS!!!
252100252100B0002ZIMDKA11ZDK05HW9CCQD. E. Mulligan0021182816000Not "Souper" for my dogMy puppy does not like this bone. There is really nothing wrong with it, it's a bit heavier than I expected for a pup. He just doesn't like it, and he's a professional chewer. I guess you never know until you try....
252101252101B002707WI4AV7O32348B83Xdefectivebydesign0031338681600Insane price.Good tea, but ridiculously priced here. You can get it several dollars cheaper at (4.99), and also your local grocery store if they carry it. $8.99 for a box of tea? Give me a break. I can buy 2 boxes of an alternative brand for that price.
252102252102B001EQ5FPYA1NVXTIUPF0RE8Teresa D. Crawford0051337990400GREAT PRODUCT! !LT. Blender's is a great product, and one of the last non-alcoholic Mudslide mixes on the market. The seller shipped amazingly fast and I am quite pleased. So pleased that I have this on automatic shipment!
252103252103B001EQ5FPYAJC1BX30WFAVOrobk0051337904000Everyone loves it!My whole family is addicted to the Mudslide version. We have tried several other flavors, but this one is the best. We add chocolate sauce and caramel sauce to the inside of our cups before we fill them with the frozen product. It is delicious! I've ordered it several times. You should also try the Sangria flavor. The Strawberry Wine actually has bits of strawberry in it. Some people liked it, some didn't.
252104252104B001EQ5FPYA3H4LKJRJ70DCOTerri3611193961600Can I give less than 1 star?This stuff was disgusting. Tasted NOTHING like mudslides I have had before. Maybe I should check the ingredients again, perhaps it actually contains mud. Avoid this product at all costs!
252105252105B002A3LB1WA2UJQFEPOYUTQ6Messer0051340064000Simply amazing!!!Ended up purchasing three of these directly from their site. Living in Hawaii now, foraging for fresh Oregon chanterelles is a thing of the past. Though no delicious meaty chanterelles end up in any of my food. The flavor is there. Yum ^_^
If your familiar with chanterelles and enjoy them. This does the trick.
252106252106B001EO67BCA1PC37776H825Olorelai.parker6611262649600It's like the old joke: these cheese straws are terrible, and the portions are so small!I was initially disappointed on opening the package because the packages are so tiny. Then I was more disappointed because they are less than half full. There were maybe 20 small cheese straws in each package. A four pack of Paula Deen has about the same amount of cheese straws as a single package of Geraldine's (the best packaged cheese straws, in my opinion, which sell for less than $5 a package).
But I suppose it's not a terrible thing that there are so few cheese straws because these taste terrible. They use oil instead of butter, and I think that's the primary problem. They're greasy instead of rich. They are also not nearly cheesy enough somehow. Very disappointing on the whole.
252107252107B001EO67BCA1BFPW6FP0DPNFPetite Fleur0011345075200Tastes like Pulp Paper!I love Cheese Straws. I'm from the south and this is a favorite snack of mine. However, Paula Deen's brand is tasteless, without any of the real cheese taste. If I were to eat the box it would probably be the same. They are also incredibly dry. If you want something like it without the high price, just go to a store and buy the store brand of cheese crackers. You'll be happier.
252108252108B001EO67BCA3IYBPCZ78PSI7Nancy D. Little "ndeetx"0031316995200a little saltythese cheese straws were not very cheesy and a bit too salty, these cheese straws were not near as good as the traditional cheddar cheese straws that paula Deen has produced

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