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252121252121B0030AUC6EA3S6CGQ66CBDMRHansen M. Hsiung0141327363200good teaThe tea is good and fresh. We enjoy it. The shipping is fast and cost is reasonable.
I recommend this product.
252122252122B0030AUC6EA9X4THEY3SCR9jhuber6620030151304294400Nice ProductYou get enough in each package to make a good size cup of drink. It is consistent in its flavor and the amount you get in each packet. I have purchased it a couple of times.
252123252123B0030AUC6EATSR8U805B2D1Norz Amazon "Nor"0141285891200Great herbal teaIf you don't have the time to cut up ginger and boil it for it's wonderful flavor here's an alternative. This tea is refreshing. True ginger flavor and punch is wonderful.
252124252124B0030AUC6EA1OOXWXA2L2R4UMike0311341446400Wrong Product wrong NameGold Prince has made a terrible mistake. There are two products. COLDAID and FLUAID. THey are different formulary. Unfortunately they display Fluaid picture on the Amazon website and their own website but the words are COLDAID. THere is a separate product for Coldaid. Regardless -- if you order the FLUAID on AMAZON you will get the COLDAID...the picture is not the product...the words under the drop down menu are they all default to the same product COLDAID. If you want FLUAID, which is the superior product, don't buy it from AMAZON or off of the sellers website. It is a mistake.
252125252125B0030AUC6EAXLEXZ750G5SEjenuwine0431287964800Bought at my local supermarketI found this in the organic aisle at my local supermarket. $[...] for one box of 100 opposed to 3 boxes being sold here with no shipping or waiting. I would just like to know if anyone knows if this is a good quality for being a bagged tea. I'm not a Pu-erh expert and I am looking for something as authentic as I can get without paying an arm and a leg. Can anyone suggest a good quality?? The only reason I gave this a 3 is because it is something you can find at your supermarket without buying a pack of 3.
252126252126B0030AUC6EA2RFDK0V0RR7HFLynn Solo1611306454400The worst 'tea' I have ever tried.I used quotes around the word tea because I doubt that the bags contain tea. I wouldn't be surprised if the bags contained ground up sticks instead of tea. I would not give this product a single star
252127252127B004ZWR8PEA2MLJO2JC5EOTYJ. L. Terry0051350000000A flavorful chewStride gum continues to be my favorite brand because I can rely on any flavor being tasty and long lasting. Since I quit smoking, gum has replaced my addiction to tobacco. After trying numerous brands I find that Stride continues to perform the best and taste better longer. I buy several different flavors and interchange them during the day so I don't get tired of any one flavor. Amazon offers me the best sellection at the best price.
252128252128B004ZWR8PEALMPWQY566BMGHarlotSlaughter "Harlot Slaughter"0051338249600Delicious & Plentiful.It is exactly what I expected. Stride 2.0, Forever Fruit. 12 packs of gum in a case, just like the ones you see at the store. I am pleased.
252129252129B0067Z6H9AA2E3B0FA7ZRKOYkevin91011338508800Unacceptable Change to ProductWhen I had heard enough about dogs getting sick or dying after eating Chinese chicken jerky, I went looking for products made in the US and found this and have ordered several 1 lb bags. When fewer and fewer vendors were listed on amazon and the price quadrupled from my last purchase, I called the manufacturer to see if they had stopped making the product. The person said no, they had reformulated it so I waited for that to show up. Now it has so I went back to the manufacturer's web site to see what they changed.

I was appalled by what I found. From my bags of the old product here is a list of the ingredients. Chicken, natural smoke flavor. That's all.

Here's the reformulated product ingredient list: Chicken, betaine, brown sugar, cultured dextrose, sea salt, natural smoke flavor, garlic powder, mixed tocopherols (preservative), paprika extract color, rosemary extract.

I didn't know what betaine was so I looked it up on the net. After reading about it, I still don't know what it is.

The crude protein dropped from 77% to 50%.
crude fat increased from 2% to 5%.
moisture increased from 18% to 28%.

I am not going to give this product to my dog and will make my own chicken jerky in the oven.


I just went to a new Petco that opened near me. I found a 1 lb package of Colorado Naturals Chicken Jerky Dog Treats. Made in the US.

Ingredients: Chicken breasts, natural flavorings.

Crude protein 70%
Crude fat 3-7%
Moisture 10%

I will be buying these when I run out of my old stock of True Chews.
252130252130B0067Z6H9AA18MLKVZLTGLQXKathy Pappano "Kathy P"1151343347200My dogs love themI had been looking for a chicken jerky product that was made in the USA and came across this one. While the cost is considerably higher than the chicken jerky products made in China, the peace of mind is worth it for me. My dogs love them and bark for more!!
252131252131B0067Z6H9AA1IEV4L25D1CCYMichael Sarnowski "mywife'sreview"0051350777600Works for my dogMy dog has severe digestive issues. The only snacks he could eat were the 100% chicken breasts. Since most of these are now made in China, we had to start looking for other snacks. These did the trick.
252132252132B0067Z6H9AA2NV79XFI9TR63nrsfox0051350345600Happy dogsMy 2 Yorkies love these treats. They will beg and jump up and hang on my shorts until I give them one. I love that they are natural with no fillers. Excellent purchase, great price and fast shipping. Tj and Cali say thanks :)
252133252133B0067Z6H9AA1ITLF81ZECHGJ. Shelton2411338508800true chews chicken jerky fillets/bitesHorrible product. Don't buy this product it smells horrible, and check the ingredients, it contains brown sugar, sea salt, etc etc.
252134252134B0067Z6H9AA8LEO0WP3PZ6DSherry Z. "Love is the answer"0111341187200Low quality!I used to buy Dogswell happy hips jerky for my dogs but after the recall with chicken jerky from China, I bought a bag of True Chews since its made in the US. I was extremely disappointed when it arrived. It was so dry and tough that I couldn't break it down for my small dogs (they are 10 and 14 lbs). Giving them a whole piece caused them to choke on it!
252135252135B002674AZQA3L11X533K0R82Andrew K. Mikelson "akmbenz"4451255219200The best water on earth?IS any water worth over $5.00 a gallon? Probably not... but if you love the finer things in life, I highly recommend that you try Volvic Spring Water. My wife and I first tried it on the island of St. Barts and loved its wonderful "silky" mouth feel and the way that it quenches your thirst like no other water.

We live in New England... home to Poland Spring water in Maine. Poland Spring is a very nice water but to provide an analogy; if Poland Spring is the Cadillac of water then Volvic is the Mercedes.... although the French would probably disagree.

Be warned; if you buy a couple of bottles, you will be hooked and start buying two cases per month like we do. Enjoy!!
252136252136B002674AZQA2GPELEPJ2X4J0lover of books6741245196800volvic spring waterVolvic Natural Spring Water is a good alternative to your normal bottle water. The "volcanic" processing gives it a unique taste that I have not found anywhere else. I was first introduced to Volvic during a Eurpoean vacation (where bottled water is big). Volvic's products were competitively priced and flying off the shelf. The 1.5 litter bottle seemed to be the most popular size for a day's consumption. Volvic's Touch of Fruit series is outstanding and should not be missed. I just wish I could find the Touch of Fruit in 1.5 liter bottles in U.S. :)
252137252137B002674AZQA2W0A964T7WSBYCull1151346889600Excellent water!I thought Fiji would be as good as it gets for clean, hydrating water. I was wrong! I tried this water on a whim, bought a whole case. It is like pure liquid oxygen...clean, soft, yet LIGHT, unlike Fiji. Fiji is soft, but there is a bit of heaviness to it. This water will hydrate you like no other...and you will find yourself enjoying drinking water. I've read that Volvic in the glass bottles taste even better as there does tend to be some leaching in plastic bottles. I also recently read that the silica content in this water works well to detoxify you from aluminum.

You know how you get tired after eating a carb heavy meal? Drink a few ounces of this water before eating and that wont happen. Its like drinking it makes you lighter somehow.
252138252138B002674AZQA2NETQRG6JHIG7Qrysta White "qrysta"1151332806400PERFECT WATERI couldn't agree more with the customer who says you will be hooked. This is one pricey love but I've been fond of this, "tastes like liquid oxygen" beverage since it got to the United States in the 80s!

Then it was practically a salon item. I even called overseas to the French offices that controlled its distribution back then and was told, "you don't see it everywhere because we don't want it sold everywhere!".

I started drinking it when it was $1.99 for this 50 ounce size now its nice to see it below $3 a bottle. Once you have it you can't stand anything else I'm afraid. I dragged in bottles via city cabs. Then once my fingers could stand the shopping bag handles no more, I bribed delivery people to go beyond their store's delivery area to begin to get a monthly case. Fast fwd 20 years finally I have online grocers who yes yes yes carry Volvic so my living rm looks like a Volvic storage facility at all times.

Poland Spring tastes bitter by comparison and even Figi with its great bottle and all doesn't taste as clean and refreshing as Volvic does year in and year out. I am so glad this luxury now involves giving clean well water to those in world who had no clean water (says so right on the bottle).

There is a website that discusses the mineral content of bottled water brands. I'll admit Volvic is certainly not high in any natural mineral but then that's why I say it tastes literally like liquid nothingness. It isn't laden with minerals which sway the taste of water even though they're healthy for us. I'll just have to get my minerals some other way. Leave my water crystal clear please.

Can't believe its finally available online minus the typical $56+ in shipping fees. haaalayleuyah. Now I can actually gift it even to people in parts of the country who have never heard of this water let alone can't lug the 40lb box from a store to their homes far away.

Issues with Packing. Every box I get from Amazon of this product is a crushed box mess. Interior Volvic box is busted open and in my last order even a bottle was missing. So check your count when you get it. Amazon needs to improve how they pack beverages. That seems to be where if any you will get bashed or broken items. Bottle liquids are heavy, that's why so many stores won't sell case sizes online. Since Amazon is they needs to step up and not use free-post-office type weak cheap board boxes but mover quality high burst strength boxes instead. That's what glass or weighty liquids require and that's all there is to it. Take a lesson from some of the online liquor sources. They Pack Right.
252139252139B002674AZQA2SPVQNKOW9YNNDouglas Schifter "food maestro"5751250553600Best Bottled Water AnywhereI don't like most bottled water. Some seem tasteless and don't really seem to quench my thirst. I usually prefer a tea drink. Volvic is the exception. There is a balance to the natural mineral content that imparts a great water taste and drinkability. I have tasted bottled water from all over the world and some that are really expensive but this is the ONLY one that gives what you pay for. I have tried water such as glacier water from iceland and fiji water that are really ordinary except for the bottle packaging. Packaging does not impress me only taste. Chill your Volvic well before you try it and I guarantee you will find it exceptional if you can differentiate the taste of water. If not you may be able to now.
252140252140B002674AZQA3LDKSB7JRP4I8P. Baker0051350864000Best-tasting water everI ordered this water after hearing a recommendation on People's Pharmacy. Its high silica content is supposed to help purge aluminum from the body. Volvic water tastes so good I have made it a subscription order, and am now able to drink much more water daily. I find there is absolutely no aftertaste, it's totally refreshing.
252141252141B002674AZQA3VCM0RP8EGM6QS. L. Reid "Intuitive Small Business Solutions"0051348012800Superb WaterVolvic is the best water I've ever tasted. I first tasted this water 25 years ago when I was back-packing through Europe. It is still as refreshing and pure now as it was then.
252142252142B002674AZQA2A32H4F99Y752world2give0051337990400Lquid NothingnessLiquid nothingness... What a perfect way to describe this water.... If you have never tried it and you can afford to do so may I highly suggest that you do just that.... These reviewers are 100% correct. volvic water IS unquestionably, the best tasting water I have ever tried..... What is crazy is that, as others have said, it tastes like... nothing... I know it may be hard for you people who have never tried it to picture how a plain old bottled water can be so good... well it is.... I wish I could afford to drink nothing but this... Here is a way to sell you on the stuff.... Buy a case of volvic, drink it exclusively (no other plain water) untill it's gone. Now go back and resume drinking your old brand of bottled spring water..... I can guarantee that you will then agree that any nestle` brand (ice mountain, deer park, poland spring, zephyrhills, arrowhead, calistoga, ozarka, ETC) or aquafina or dasanti brand water you get, it tastes like it is contaminated now- I guarantee it will

While volvic may not be the very best water on earth, it is without question the best water available in North America! go ahead, give it a try!
252143252143B002674AZQA2PIPD3DA69RSDElysa Kim Dauerman3541265846400Volvic Water Pricing ChangeThe French Volvic Water taste great. I like it much better than the other water competitors. It is a great way to jump start my day and keep my thirst quenched. However, its pricing seems to have have jumped. When I first bought it on Amazon, it paid $29 for a 12 pack (a liter and a half size). However, when I went back to repurchase it a few months later the price has jumped to $47 a liter. My question is why? It is still water. FYI, that is 2.41 per container versus 3.91. Did the distributer change or is it cheaper somewhere else????
252144252144B003Z6U3BCA17M5ICMK4DWK8Heidi J. Fava "Coffee lover"0041324080000DelicousI was afraid that something so healthy would taste very bitter, but I fell in love with this product. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because I wish it could be cheaper.
252145252145B004BZSB9WA2FV5YQV866PVFA. C. Chitwood4451317340800Dog Gives 5 starsThis review is for Blue Buffalo brand "Blue Bones" size small. My Dog is 16lbs so could use either the mini size (5lbs - 15lbs) or the small size (15lbs - 25lbs). Since he is very active I give him the small size. He really enjoys these bones, and gets one every day.

I love that these are 100% digestible and won't cause intestinal blockage like rawhide products.

These are not long term chews, like raw beef bones, or "Kong" chews. My dog usually prances around with the bone for a while before eating it, but when he settles down to chew it he has it eaten within five or so minutes. He is not a power chewer. Do supervise your dog when giving these as some dogs may attempt to swallow the pieces whole instead of chewing them to an appropriate size before swallowing.
252146252146B000JSQDVSA340T3DDR0ZTZ6T. Littleton "Corndotz1"1211197331200DO NOT ORDER THIS ITEM!I LOVE Patak's mixed pickles, but the seller shipped the mixed relish instead of the mixed pickles. This also happened to my friend. There is a huge difference in the pickles and the relish. The relish is delicious, but it is not what I wanted. I can't find the pickles anywhere now. They aren't even listed on Patak's web site, so they may have discontinued this item.
252147252147B000JSQDVSAW4NJIROFSWOZBilal Abdullah1251196812800You Pay For TasteIndian Pickles are a must for me.This brand is a higher end.I thought I would save by making the next order else where for less but paying full price for this brand ment getting a jar that was nice and fresh.Also I didn't reorder from the same place because I don't like shipments via US mail.This is a quality item you should always pay full price for.It also goes by the name of relish.
252148252148B000JSQDVSAWAJLMBJ8APMYM. D. Usry "filmfreak"0111197417600wrong Patak product sentWhat arrived at my door was not the mixed pickle which I ordered by the pickle relish, an entirely and utterly differnt Patak product which I find useless at best and unpleasant at worst. This is clearly a case of misleading advertising.
252149252149B008L1A0N2A1N5M6H4GKNBG6Shanna2251340409600Favorite thing about BrazilI spent the first five years of my life in Brazil and my American parents both spoke Portuguese fluently and introduced me to Brazilian food and culture. This is one of my favorite foods ever, and the lingering memory I have of Brazil. Fluffy, moist and made out of Tapioca flour, these little rolls are nothing like American cheese bread-- seriously they aren't! Its hard to describe the taste of one these hot out of the oven, and they're just as fabulous cold.

Yoki is the best maker of the dry mix, and you just add eggs and oil and pop them in the oven for an easy, delicious treat or side dish. They never turn out wrong.
252150252150B008L1A0N2A306PAX3GWF5KVSeason Balik2251323993600Delicious and easyI made these recently for a holiday party. I have never seen anything go so fast!

They were very easy to make-- just add a few ingredients, mix, and throw them in the oven. I will definitely be buying and making these again.

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