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252215252215B000E4C89SA14IW8FI5KA3QMMichele Fitzgerald "PalmOne User"1111241136000SurprisedWhen my regular buffalo jerky was discontinued from the subscribe & save program I chose this item. I have had & enjoyed other Golden Valley products in the past so I chose this one without reading the reviews. I was very disappointed. I have never been one for reconstructed meat. I never read the fine print-this purchase was my fault for not reading everything-I saw buffalo & peppered & got excited. The pepper flavor is very weak and unexciting. If you like reconstructed meat with very little pepper flavor then this is the item for you!
252216252216B000E4C89SA1QXSHTD3LLLSSJulie Walker1151226880000Great road food!I bought this product for my boyfriend for our 2 week roadtrip. The jerky is healthier than beef jerky and tastes better too! Well worth the money.
252217252217B000E4C89SA204OA8PUEKJLYmadmike1141144368000Good Buffalo Jerkey but wierd shape...Although I've had better buffalo jerkey this stuff is pretty good. My only issue is that the jerkey is processed into a flat disc of meat. The shape makes the jerkey feel more processed. It takes away from the experience of eating jerkey. Next time I'll get the slab style.
252218252218B000E4C89SA2ZM5F1K76ZFUVJ. Cupp "EulerEquation"0031327881600Ground Meat Overly Sugarized Then Pressed Into Circle PattiesThis stuff is made from ground meat then formed into circle patties. It tastes OK, but not the quality of many grocery store brand jerkies. I am not going to buy this product anymore nor would I recommend it.

The best buffalo jerky I have ever found is the Trader Joe's brand. They take whole pieces of thinly sliced buffalo steak and have sweet or spicy flavors. Great stuff!
252219252219B000E4C89SA3MQDNGHDJU4MKequipman0031314316800ReviewThe description and photo on this product needs to be changed to indicate this product is the BuffalOs version of this beef jerky.
252220252220B000E4C89SA2YVTFOX0YVSFQthaddeus Gabara0051308614400the bestgolden valley natural turkey, beef, and buffalo jerky I think is the best very tender meet and it's not to salty. I already ordered 40 bags and they go quick everyone at my job is crazy for them
252221252221B000E4C89SA1G30GKRSB1KHMAl0051303862400tasty!!I have grown to love this stuff!!! great for a person on a paleo style diet who needs an extra snack food with some protein.
252222252222B000E4C89SAY3CGSD5Q1QI2Annie M. "Accerdited book worm"0051290470400Delicious, no-nonsense tasteThis is the second time I've ordered Golden Valley Buffalo Jerky--I've had the 'original' flavor, which was great; and decided on ordering the 'sweet N' spicy' flavor this time. I was not disappointed. For those who seek serious burn, this is not a particularly 'spicy' jerky, but I think it is exactly the right touch--not too hot, but spicy enough to give your taste buds a bit of a reaction. The jerky pieces vary in size--as would be expected when one slices an actual piece of meat--and texture (ditto), but there are no pieces of grisle and I've only come across one piece that was too hard to chew...
Basically--great snack.
I require a fair amount of protein in my diet to maintain my metabolism, and this is an excellent resource. Not to salty. A little sweet. Nutritious, no MSG junk. And knowing (or hoping, rather) that the buffalo gets to live a reasonable life (i.e. not stuck inside one big brick house with flurescent lights and questionable food, but actually eating what buffalo are meant to eat and hopefully roaming about a bit), helps to.
Works for me!

Awesome if you need to add something quick to a soup or stew: just dump a few pieces per serving in the pot and watch it move up a notch or two (or ten).
252211252211B000E4C89SA3UKW5VUGXVG30Anonymous161631157587200The Sweet StuffIn so many ways, this is a really good jerky: low in fat from the buffalo, a nicely thick natural slab cut, slightly moist so that it has a nice bite without the toughness of leather, and a sufficiently peppery kick from a nice black pepper crust. Plus the assurance of no hormones, preservatives, or msg as shouted on the big green sticker on the package. The quality is there, no doubt.

So what's wrong with it? It's right there, second on the list of ingredients -- SUGAR! This jerky is too sweet! I ordered the Peppered flavor and I was expecting a savory treat, a nice snack for the afternoons. Instead, this stuff is as sweet as maple syrup and not really what I wanted.

Too bad, as I'm now stuck with 8 of these packages. For now, I'm going back to the SnackMasters brand. The quality is not as good but the flavor is many times better.
252223252223B000E4C89SA1XQMQMF07QZQSGalCalif "Visit my Amazon Profile page!"00312755232002.5 stars really - too sweetI have just gotten the turkey, beef and buffalo from this company. The beef jerky had a highly processed feel and was way way too sweet and was not the best quality meet. The turkey was decent, and for the price pretty good with thicker pieces and not as much over-sweetening. This buffalo is in the middle of the two. This jerky is still way too sweet, but the pieces and meat quality are much better than the beef jerky. I probably will re-order the turkey, will never re-order the beef, and am on the fence for this one. Worth a try, but be prepared to find it too sweet!
252224252224B000E4C89SA2S2TKPSSV6RMTF. Hamilton "NYC_EduKtr"0041273104000Sweet Buffalo Jerkyin an effort to shed a few pounds, i decided to restrict my diet to high protein foods, vegetables, and nuts. When I learned that jerky was a great snack for dieters who wanted protein on-the-go, while avoiding the added carbs in meal replacement bars, I searched for a brand of jerky that was right for me.

Knowing very little about jerky (save for the junk in convenience stores), I learned that most brands are full of hormones, nitrites, antibiotics, MSG, and erythorbate. Supposedly, none of these ingredients are harmful in moderation, but I was looking for a snack that I could rely on whenever I had food cravings, and I couldn't afford to compromise my health in the long run by regularly consuming any of these items. So, I was pleased to find out about Golden Valley's line of all natural jerky.

Aside from the benefit of finding a vendor that produced a jerky free of preservatives and added MSG, there was the added bonus of learning that federal law actually prohibits the use of growth hormone in buffalo. My mind at ease, I ordered the peppered buffalo jerky and received it in record time using the super saver shipping option.

As a meat snack, I found the product to be too sweet for my liking, but nevertheless adequate for my purposes. The texture is milder than the low quality jerky that I'm familiar with, but the pepper flavor could easily go unnoticed as it's way too understated. Every bag that I received was moist and easy to chew and the product was free of flaw or defect.

At $1.49/oz., I get 11 grams of protein for the cost of 90 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 7 grams of sugar. Compare this to the leading meal replacement bar on Amazon that costs $2.07/bar for 27 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fat, 26 grams of sugar (51 grams of total carbs), and a litany of unwanted ingredients in each 3.5-oz. bar. Ounce-for-ounce, we're looking at 11 grams of protein in the jerky versus roughly 8 grams of protein in the bar. Even considering the disappointing sweetness of the jerky, I still manage to avoid all the unwanted carbs and confections of replacement bars. Of course, jerky loses out in terms of cholesterol content.

Jerky connoisseurs will likely find the sweetness of this product to be unappealing and off-putting. On the other hand, it's been a great diet aid and a reliable, additive-free defense against mid-meal cravings, and that's really all I wanted out of Golden Valley's Buffalo Jerky.
252212252212B000E4C89SA37DCTVTF08W1FLeslie "Lesliethegreat"4451158969600Good quality - good tasteI was a little wary about ordering jerky off the internet since I have never tried this brand before. Not to worry, this buffalo jerky is good quality and tastes great. I will be ordering this again.
252225252225B000E4C89SA2QTDJW1DQJA6YKeakulina0051212192000Great Taste & Great ValueI love buffalo jerky but don't eat it too often because of the cost. One company in Jacksonhole, WY charges nearly half the cost of the product for shipping and handling. And at $45 a pound plus $21 for shipping, it's just way too pricy no matter the taste. Another company out of Texas has jerky that is so hard that you need to soak it in water to soften it up for eating - yuck! So when I decided to try Golden Valley, I did so without much anticipation that it would be pliable to eat due to the cost. Instead I love it! The jerky is delicious with the perfect amount of pepper and just enough sweetness to give it a pleasant under taste. I don't have to tussle with the jerky trying to eat it as it is pliable yet gives that chewy pleasure that good jerky properly prepared has. I will be ordering over and over again now that I've found a brand that is good value and delicious! Thank you Golden Valley!
252226252226B000E4C89SA3HTQKZILFWRECZell Lundberg0051198540800This is the best jerky availableI've tried scores of jerkys and this one is the best of the best. I used to prefer Snackmaster's hot & spicy jerky but I got too many packages that were spoiled with fungus. Eventually I found Golden Valley Natural Buffalo Jerky. It has no added hormones, no antibiotics, no preservatives, no MSG, no nitrite. I've been buying this product from various sources, directly from the company (Jerky Direct) as well as through Amazon (which has the best price.) I noticed Whole Foods Market sells this product. It isn't as hot as the Snackmasters but I have never had a package that was spoiled. This is wonderful jerky! I highly recommend a book called "The Omnivore's Dilemma". If you read that, you'll appreciate grass fed meat a whole lot more than feed lot meat that most other brands of jerky are made from.
252227252227B000E4C89SAPQC2EVGSCAASjhow "jhow"0051179014400Too GoodThis jerky sent my husband into joyful MMMMM's. He was afraid he might not get any more, so he voluntarily rationed the package to last as long as he could--one month.
252228252228B000E4C89SA26AL8KHZBQB7IChuk "Chuk's Reviews"0031168300800Too HotI like the other jerky products I have tried from Golden Valley very much, but the Sweet N' Spicy Buffalo Jerky is a bit too hot for my taste. I thought "sweet and spicy" meant medium hot since it wasn't called "Sweet and hot". This jerky is hot. It is hard to appreciate the jerky or the sweetness of it if your mouth is burning. Actually, it is not burning red hot, but is a little too hot for someone who likes spicy to be a little less than medium on the hotness scale. The jerky itself is wonderful - just the right amount of tenderness and chewiness. If you like a little less than medium hotness, then try a different flavor of their jerky - they're great!
252213252213B000E4C89SA3AI9KVPJBOSDHjoyce2231185408000jerky averageno better than oberto's in our family's opinion. we've had better in Colorado. The taste was typical teriyaki jerky and the pieces on the whole were tough.
252214252214B000E4C89SA2Y8WPOQM3SH3NDeborah Rutkowski1131278201600product review is different for the two different types they carryIf you are looking for traditional jerky, you will want to order the slab style, which I would give 4 stars. High marks for hormone free and vegetarian fed. Their regular jerky is nothing like you would expect and I would only give it two stars, because the product description does not accurately reflect what you are getting. It is not thin, dried strips of buffalo. It is chopped up, extruded, and sliced into "O" shapes. If you look at the product packaging for their regular jerky, look at the letter "O" in buffalo. The name itself indicates that you have "O" shapes inside, but nowhere in the name or description is that mentioned. I'm sure many people will like this, but it's definitely not the "jerky experience" that most are looking for when they buy jerky.
252229252229B000E4C89SA2YCAS2GOOI6GHflapjack321 "executive review"0121265846400Be careful, some packages were moldy.Two stars because I've had this product before from the store and it is fantastic and very healthy. However when I thought I was getting a great deal from Amazon, it turns out that when it arrived, half of the bags were moldy! However, Amazon was great about it and refunded my money. Perhaps the lack of preservatives give them a very low shelf life, so if it's low in sodium, consider buying from a local store when you can check the package and dates before buying.
252230252230B000E4C89SA1TKGQ0D9AMT9RJessica Rasmussen "Happy Mom"0151153785600Best Jerky everI so love this Jerky. It is moist but not too moist and has great flavor. We have tried several of their flavors and they are all awesome. Great prices for hormone free stuff and no preservatives. Jerky tastes so much better and richer without MSG in it.
252231252231B000E4C89SA3VWXOP57RSJ9AWoody0221213142400Don't like it, prefer the slap un-processes typeDon't like the pouch type of jerky at all, it does not taste like the really jerky, it is over processed, I prefer the slap type. I did not know it was the pouch type when I ordered it.
252232252232B00474L8R4A168SOJ0CTWD0MTuxedo Tabby0041296086400Wonderful shortcutI told my son I was going to serve gluten-free gravy. After he tasted it, he said he was ready for it to taste bad, but that he actually really liked it. I really like it, too. I need gluten-free meals so I need to serve things that my family likes and are safe for me. This really fits the bill. Not as great as made from scratch, of course, but a very acceptable shortcut for week nights. They suggest making it with water or broth; I always use canned broth.
252233252233B001W3HLM4A3L2F89KH4HIFWNicky Watts0051332028800Awesome Clover TeaI will be buying more in the next couple days. It's great. Hard item to find and am very happy with it. Only wish there was a recommendation for how much OI should use because I'm new to loose tea.
252234252234B000LGC15AA3IU2PQXCUZPTAFearFox2251303430400Delicious!I was searching for a source of pure vanilla, without any fillers, but without the hassle of the vanilla bean.
This ground vanilla is amazing. No fillers, easy to use, amazing taste and aroma.
I will be purchasing this again!
252235252235B002GWH652ADDP57I89ON9VLevman4411303776000Doesn't taste like Assam (or much of anything)I've been drinking various varieties of Assam for 10+ years - while I am certainly no tea expert, I know what it is supposed to taste like. The place I've ordered from for the past 10 years went out of business, so I figured I'd try my luck with this one. My first clue that this tea would not be very good should have been the price - 2 lbs for $18 is a steal, Assam is usually twice that. My second should have been the lack of any classification, such as TGFOP (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe)in the description. I noticed those things, but I ordered it anyway so shame on me. The third clue that I'd made a mistake was when I opened the package - no orange hues, no tips, just a see of blackness in the bag. I've made a pot every day for the past week, thinking maybe the flavor (or lack thereof) would grow on me ... no such luck. It would have been a bargain at $18 if it was at all drinkable, but in my opinion it is not.
252236252236B002GWH652A3KQ1480MHXXCWM'ville1131262822400averageNot the best or worst tea I've ever had - good enough for making iced tea which is why I bought it. Wouldn't use it for that cup of hot tea that one enjoys while watching the weather outside. There are much better choices for that, i.e. Twinings.
252237252237B002GWH652A2S83VLUV5PJJOdoxtorray0041337644800Like Wine In A Box-- Good for what it is.Assam is one of the largest tea growing regions in the world, and produces a huge amount of black tea. For that reason, "Assam tea" is a little like "California wine"-- it can refer to a rare vintage product that costs a week's salary per glass, or an inexpensive beverage that can be bought with the change found in the couch cushions.
With that in mind, this is a moderately priced tea, and it is of a complexity and flavor that corresponds to that category. It is very drinkable, and does have some of the musky, malty character found in Assam teas I have been buying from other providers (including the Indian brands) for over 30 years. It has the characteristic "black stick" rolled leaves that almost look spray painted with black matte paint. It has the characteristic dark color when brewed. It has the rough and tumble flavor that is just shy of bitterness. It is not quite as acidic ("brisk") as some other teas which might go by the name Assam as well. It is just a basic drinkable tea, and OK for everyday.
It can get bitter if steeped too long, but as long as one exercises caution, this can be a satisfying cup.
Just don't expect vintage cabernet. You aren't paying those prices.
252238252238B002GWH652A21I0T9DKF3WG2Teresa Twain0051294444800nothing betterThis is my husband's favorite tea. He has tried others but this is the only one that is a staple in his daily life. And it gives me something to buy as a gift a couple times a year that I know will always be a hit when he unwraps it...
252239252239B000ELVTA0AC3MXHEDBAFE9Red Planet1151329782400Chestnut Honey 17 oz. Jar by Dr. Pescia (from Italy)Excellent Honey! Exceptional aroma and taste! We will definitely buy it again. My husband says it is the most unique honey he has ever had.
252240252240B0046GSTUMA1L3U1X8CF0JCJSaskia Stallings "fluttery"121351326067200My favorite Almond butter!Okay, I never leave reviews, but I have to say that this was my favorite almond butter. It tasted a lot like non-raw almond butter. And I love the big chunks of almonds in it. I have bought artisana and living tree community, and their's is sweet, but this one was just, right down my alley, LOVE IT!

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