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252271252271B000NW8QOWA33MG1D831XUF3K. M. Freel "twin mom"0051298937600yumLaffy Taffy is the best. Always stays soft and chewy. Great flavors. And the shipment was so easy. Now I have a enough for a party for the house and for lunches.
252272252272B000NW8QOWA15ADULW6CXBD4Legally Stupid0051294876800Fresh and tasty Mmmmmm.Banana Laffy Taffy, the best flavor... This is the perfect snack size. The product seemed fresh and I would buy it again. Along with buying one for myself, one was a stocking stuffer for another fan. Originally I was looking for a box of sticks as packaged for retail sale, but again, I really do prefer this snack size better. My dentist will probably enjoy this as well.
252273252273B000NW8QOWA2V5THKASJADE6J. King0051275004800Great Product!Bought these for my fiance they are here favorite! She couldn't put them down once she started eating them. Good Packaging, Good Shipping.
252274252274B004WHURVOA3E80PH1O0VURXR. Cummings0051348012800Mushroom lovers prize.The Matsutake is a wonderful flavored mushroom in common use in Japan. It gives a savory and meaty flavor to the broth. Umame I think thy call it. This broth, while very light, has great taste and is wonderful for when you are feeling cold and need a little warming or feeling ill. It stays down even if you have the flu! It also makes a great vehicle for pork balls and chicken mushroom balls that you can toss in and microwave in the soup. This soup is very hard to come by in the US, even in oriental markets. Snap it up when you have a chance!
252275252275B003YJYKXCA2W9I628I6SE1UKort "Art, Music, Book & Movie Enthusiast"1141296172800Paying for ConvenienceI normally like to make things like waffles and pancakes from scratch, but there are days when time is short and you don't want the hassle of mixing all of the ingredients. I suppose you could buy them frozen and pre-made, but I think a mix like this is a good compromise.

Shirley J Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix is easy to prepare, and the light, fluffy end-product tastes great. The plain pancakes are amazing and you can always add extras if you want--blueberries, banana, chocolate chips, etc.. My kids prefer them plain with a drizzle of maple syrup. Waffles are my favorite, but you need to add an egg and some oil when making them. No big deal, but it adds an extra step or two. They'll never top my Mom's homemade waffles, but if you add a little nutmeg and cinnamon, they come close.

The ingredients list is fairly wholesome, if not health store level, and one pancake (estimated at 57 grams) is 100 calories; before syrup or extra butter. My one concern is that sodium levels are rather high at approximately 340mg (14%). Three pancakes and you are almost at half the recommended daily allowance. Still, pancakes and waffles are usually a weekend treat so it isn't too big a deal.

Each four pound bag of mix will yield about 90 pancakes so you're looking at 11¢ per pancake, before shipping costs. Not a bad deal. If you don't want make them from scratch, and don't want to use frozen, then buttermilk pancakes and waffle made from the Shirly J mix could be your answer.

For an extra-indulgent treat, try making a sandwich from 2 waffles and some creamy coffee ice cream. Top it with whipped cream if you like. Now THAT's good eatin'!

~ Kort
252276252276B002IAETHAAAEL8AM7VT1FKIlini0051323216000Hot Hot HotAgain if you love Hot or Spicy products You are going to love this one! My son just love this item and can literialy the whole jar by itself.
252277252277B000IKF57KA7840CKI4BXSTR. Williamson1151272326400Wish they came in a 20 pound sizeThese are disgustingly good. Full flavor and enough sour to get you really drooling. Try to eat only one or two - I guarantee it can't be done. Box comes with two 5-pound ziploc bags so they stay fresh. That's not actually a problem because after opening they don't stick around very long. Made the mistake of filling up my candy jar at work. I had people I didn't even know stopping by to snag a handful. They are made by Jelly Belly which basically says it all.
252278252278B000IKF57KA18DOLQHA49I5ZRandym0041293235200Not badThese are a bit smaller, softer, and sweeter than classic fruit sours. Very good, but I think I prefer the usual kind.
252279252279B000MNNELCA1F6WKUPMFT9GOW. Dyer1151282348800A smokey blend.This blend of the tea Lapsang Souchong is well made. Neither too smokey nor anemic this tea will get your attention with its subtle flavors and rich smokiness.
252280252280B000MNNELCA6IYD6FBZ1BKNancy Kuenstler1151264982400Super Delicious TeaI have loved Lapsang Souchong tea for many years but Taylors of Harrogate is new to me. It's the best Lapsang Souchong I've tasted. It has brisk round notes of smokey goodness, yet is very smooth. Yum!
252281252281B000MNNELCA1BE8V5S9IYE9EEvgenii Puchkaryov "voyrakhcuP iinegvE"0051350864000Powerful yet economicalPowerful smoky flavor and economical packaging.
After opening I recommend taking bags out and storing in an airtight container, such as a jar. This will ensure the flavor is preserved and that your other products in the same cabinet don't smell like smoked tea :)
252282252282B000MNNELCA1WDYN48RWL0UBPaul Landman0051341878400A consistantly decent LapsangI love Lapsang Souchong tea. If it doesn't taste and smell like a campfire (my wife says probably combined with old socks) I'm not interested. Taylor's always tastes the same from lot to lot. My wife doesn't drink Lapsang, so I keep my private stash in a double layer ziplock bag, one bag inside the other and squirrel it away where it won't be disturbed. The extra effort to keep it fresh really makes a difference. I drink several other teas, so I don't go through a box of anything very quickly, but when nothing will do but a decent smoked tea, Taylor's works for me.

If I was a Pasha and had unlimited funds, every cup of tea I drank would be made from a just opened box; it makes that much of a difference.

The first taste of tea for many people turns them off because it's probably a box of Lipton or Tetley (friends don't let friends drink nothing but Orange Pekoe) that has been in the cabinet since the Titanic went down. Not a good first impression.

If I'm using one of the giant sized mugs, I put two bags in, not one; a good rich flavor.

Taylor's is consistent; a very big deal for me; some other brands are not.

PS: I know loose tea is "better", but I'm lazy.
252283252283B000MNNELCAKAGYFMWFI5C9BX guy0051339718400It's so good.This tea is really. It's just as good as the lapsang tea I've gotten from an upscale NYC coffee house. It was also delivered promptly.
252284252284B000MNNELCA3J8GABH8L5OYYAnonymous0051279584000Very distinctive tea, one of my favoritesThis tea has an extremely smokey flavor that has been compared to a campfire. It's much stronger than normal tea. It took a few cups for me to acquire the taste, but now I absolutely adore it. Give it a try! I believe it originated in Taiwan.
252285252285B000MNNELCA309YL7OZOPEJSharyn S. Rhodes "kitchen queen"0041265760000Smoky and smoothLapsang Souchong tea leaves are smoked over an oak fire. As a result the tea has a very smokey aroma and flavor. If you like that smokey smell, you will like the tea. If not, this is not the tea for you.
252286252286B000MNNELCA325IF6XC4U9N7tealover1231289692800not the same as in ChinaThere are only a few times that I drink Lapsang Souchong while I was in China, but that flavor never faded...I purchase this one based on others' review, but just find it's not the same flavor as in China. I can't say it's not good, it's just not what I used to have. For this one, you can smell that strong smoky flavor as soon as opening the package, however, from my previous experience, that smells remain very subtle until you drink the tea. Thus the smoky flavor here is too much that overwhelming the flavor of the black tea itself, which in my memory, should be mixed perfectly together. Or it can also be that what I had is loose leaf and this is tea bags.
252287252287B004VNCXK2A5774CG8ZE5OZPoohBearsf4451305763200YumI love these products! I mostly use them to flavor water or iced tea but they're great for cooking chicken or fish too.
252288252288B004VNCXK2A1Y34W3HQJQ2RHDancing Eyes "biscotti419"3351312070400GREAT STUFF!It has been difficult finding this product in the local stores so it's great to find it on Amazon. True Lemon, True Lime, True Orange are all true to their perspective flavors. I use it in drinks and cooking. It's the best and I am so thankful for these products.
252289252289B004VNCXK2A3UP070UDU89IJessicaTheKat "Meow"4551314576000DIABETIC PERFECTThe real product: MANUFACTURER, TRUELEMON.COM. Made in USA.
Watch out for the made in ---- artifical copy.

Sugar free & tastes close to the real thing. I dislike artificial sweetners and plain water gets boring but when I add this to my water, WOW! Tart and good.The True Kit: 1 each of True Lemon, Lime & Orange, True Lime Crystallized Lime Mix, 32 Packets, .91 Ounce Box (Pack of 12), Lime Shakers Kit
252290252290B004VNCXK2A2D8BEOUOSM4P4B. Birmingham "I'm a librarian. I listen to a...1151346112000Good for Jazzing Up Tea or WaterThis stuff is really good. I've been using True Lemon for a while and then I went to Canada where the grocery stores were also selling True Lime. Fell in love with the True Lime. It's great in sparkling water, plain old water, and tea. So when I saw this kit with the True Orange, I had to spring for it.

True Orange to be honest is just okay in drinks. But where it shines is in cooking, you can put a pack or two in marinades, salad dressings, or directly on meat just before cooking (the juices in the meat rehydrate the orange). In a foil packet with fish and vegetables, a pack of this and a splash of wine make a great quick dinner.

Anyway for me this package represents a good value.
252291252291B004VNCXK2A1E89L5LR30QH4P. MCNEIL1141330128000great and portableThis is a great product but its a little hard to find in my area reliably so I just order it from time to time. Great for tea drinkers or to add to my soda water. Wish it came in a scoopable container sometimes but its really a nice product.
252292252292B004VNCXK2A30YNJIR82806GThomas E. Hart "sgt"1151329436800great product!We love all three, we use them in our water so refreshing, and add it to all our tomato recipes.
252293252293B004VNCXK2A3BROOLM0WE014Judy A. Murray1151327017600Love these!I use all of these products in water with crystallized Vitamin C - cold water in the summer and hot water in the winter. Perfect! Even without the C they make a great hot winter drink. They are also great in cooking and baking. Try the lime on chicken! No calories, no sugar and natural. What's not to like!
252294252294B004VNCXK2AE8LQ4I37EQ8RL Reis0041347148800Love this productAs I have only tried the lemon, lime and orange flavors, I must say I enjoy the flavor they add to water WITHOUT the sweetener after taste; they are all natural. Obviously, the less water you use, the more flavor it has. You can always add more packets for individual tastes. I prefer a subtle additive in a 24oz glass and one packet suits me fine. The lemon and lime are my favorites. I have not used them in cooking. The packets are easy to carry with you. They are flat and durable in a jeans pocket while hiking!
252295252295B004VNCXK2A1HNSJDQ4K2XJVCookyT0051343606400Instead of salt.I have had to give up salt so I use True Lemon instead and it is a great replacement. Orange & lime make refreshing drinks also.
252296252296B004VNCXK2AU1323IG1CVPBAnn LeSage "Annie"0041340755200Very versatile productsI like this product but was dissappointed that I could not find all flavors in the plastic container with the shaker top. Regardless, I use them for flavoring drinks, on fish,chicken and on salads. I do not like artificial sweeteners and fake flavor enhancers. I used a packet or two or more every day.
252297252297B004VNCXK2A13ZGN1SEYQW7GR. Saulnier0321336176000Weak and over pricedWeak and over priced. I thought this would be highly concentrated from all the great reviews. On person mentioned double the amount used .. i found triple the amount still didn't suffice. 2 stars for a good try. I won't be buying this again. Back to the real thing.
252298252298B002OM5RS2A1W13BK1BMPR8Alittledaws0021341878400Shorteys Review!!I think that the plant is very cute & I love the red lil peppers that pop out but they are NOT HOT!! One more thing that I might mention is out of 7 lil spouts that popped up, only 1 survived.
252299252299B002OM5RS2A3W4EL7RI79H4HBarbara Daniel0421306454400Cherry PepperI expected to receive the plant not the seeds. You need to explain in the ad that the buyer will receive two or three seeds. The picture is deceptive.
252300252300B003APCH3AATJPN0JMNDTMVCrackadawn0051294358400Best damn real Jamaican jerk seasoning you can get!"Boston Bay" style Jamaican jerk is HOT, and this seasoning is HOT! But if you really like genuine Jamaican "jerked" meats, then you'll love this seasoning!

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