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252438252438B001LQTHI8A14U2WTVE7B377bunny2241280361600Good little coffee!This is actually one of the few flavored coffees that I have found to taste like it should. It really does smell like a fresh baked apple strudel. The taste is not overpowering...the cinnamon & apple flavors are combined with a hint of vanilla. It's not incredibly strong, but you can taste it well and it makes for a nice dessert coffee. And will be perfect during those long winter months, with a few sugar cookies. :)
This is one that I WILL *subscribe & save* to.
252439252439B001LQTHI8ATNQGL9M56XTGDinara F. Ermakova "bookSmArt"1211323734400grossThe flavor was so gross that we couldn't even give this away if we tried. I did end up donating the boxes of this because it is such a foul flavor. The only way to even make it bearable was the Cinnabon creamer. This is an ambitious flavor that was not achieved.
252440252440B0032GA5WWA341NV94567W6Messi0051350604800GreatBest seeds iv ever planted it is great but I warn you defently don't eat it it is crazy hot consedering it's one of hottest peppers in the history of the world meshering 200003000 scovile.heat units!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
252441252441B0032GA5WWA3RIEKU8J35Y9Xrob0051336176000habenerothe order came in a timely fashion and the plants are doing better than expected. great experience refer to anyone
252442252442B000T3OYOQA1HNE9Y9JBAN9YPietro3631209859200That's over $25 a pound!While this malt beverage amy be tasty and chock full of minerals and this price, one would do better buying it in another country...or web site!
252443252443B001E53WBEA28GRFVAA4DU5PA Texas reviewer192051309910400Here are the CORRECT nutritional valuesThere are already plenty of reviews stating how wonderful these apricots are so I won't bother to add my rave review to the others. Instead I would like to correct the nutritional facts since once again Amazon has gotten them wrong.

Here is the info taken straight from the actual product label (July 2011):

Serving size 1/4 cup (40g)

Calories per serving 100

Servings per container about 11

Total Fat 0g

Saturated Fat 0g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 15mg

Potassium 390mg

Total Carbs 23g

Dietary Fiber 3g

Sugars 21g

Protein 1g

Vitamin A 10% of Daily values based on a 2000 calorie diet

Vitamin C 2% of Daily values based on a 2000 calorie diet

Calcium 4% of Daily values based on a 2000 calorie diet

Iron 6% of Daily values based on a 2000 calorie diet

I hope you find this helpful.
252444252444B001E53WBEA2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin182241167696000Sweet, healthy and just the right amount of tangy aftertasteSun Maid makes their Mediterranean Apricots to perfection. Tangy yet sweet, these dried apricots provide a rather healthy snack. As Amazon correctly notes, just 1.5 ounces of these beauties makes for a serving of fruit; and fruit is a critical component for a healthy diet.

The canister is indeed recloseable and although they need no refrigeration you can certainly keep these in the fridge within their canister.

Besides eating them straight out of the container, these apricots help to make a good fruit salad and they fit the bill for any recipe that requires apricots.

The plusses don't end there. These apricots have no fat and no cholesterol; the amount of sodium they contain per serving is so low--15mg--that they have almost no salt. They provide potassium and dietary fiber as well. Each serving has only 100 calories so they are useful for persons who watch their weight.

Unfortunately, however, these dried apricots don't provide any meaningful amount of vitamins. Although Amazon states that they provide antioxidants, I see very little evidence of that on the nutrition label. Yes, a single serving has 10% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin A; but that's it in the antioxidants department--unless you choose to count the 2% of vitamin C that they offer. I have to take off one star for the discrepancy regarding antioxidants; that will make this a four star review.

Overall, these Mediterranean Apricots by Sun Maid offer an excellent alternative to junk foods and candy. They make a healthy snack food and they are useful for recipes as well.

252445252445B001E53WBEA29S4SA5MPDYJCPhillip A. Bumb5551284249600These are grea!The Sun Maid apricots have a good flavor. Unlike some other apricots, they don't have a sour, or bitter taste. The container is easy to use for someone who has a disability, such as myself.
252446252446B001E53WBEA38H5EJTU3B004Leo McNamara2251301011200Great Value!I ordered these apricots having been dismayed with paying the inflated prices at my local health food store. I am VERY satisfied with the tastiness and texture of these apricots. They're more moist and have a better texture than anything that I've purchased locally. Combined with the fact that they were quickly delivered right to my door, these are an outstanding value. Much cheaper than my local purchases.
252447252447B001E53WBEA20ML997L7XYCCRobertC "RCF"2241293321600Still a little cheaper at local groceryGlad to see they're including or I'm noticing a per oz. price at now. Doing the math - local Chicago grocery - still beats them - $0.18 oz price.
252448252448B001E53WBEAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"2251247270400SUN-MAID APRICOTSthe ones i received from were absolutely delicious! i am going to be buying alot more of them.
252449252449B001E53WBEA2BCZOY163VV1CSQPublik2251231286400Perfectly satisfied with these ApricotsI just received my Apricots, the expiration date will be Jan. 2010, so I can be sure they won't turn black before this date... if they even last this long! I had read the previous reviews and was a little worried about the quality/ size/ freshness etc. I bought 12 cans, as I will be using most of them for baking, sports bars, pastes etc. Therefore, only the freshness counts, not the size. The prize of $4.40 per 15 oz container is reasonable (price of total shipment divided among the supply), it's still more economical than buying in bulk on other sites, or at the Supermarket.
Another reviewer commented about the lack of flavor. She might have had the sundried variety in mind, which is something different all together - and too pricey for my purposes. For casual snacking, etc. these Sunmaid Apricots are just fine...
252450252450B001E53WBEA2RQKIKBD3MGCQVal Mahfood2251230249600Good ApricotsI've enjoyed Sun-maid apricots from the grocery store, I use them quite a bit. Being able to order 4 at a time at such a good price has been wonderful. Bon appetite!
252421252421B004U771H4A3W15F4XG2HEQLRM-NYC6651306886400I love this productI had never tried a Harissa Sauce before. I had a friend turn me on to this product and now I am hooked. It compliments so many different foods adding great flavor and a nice kick. It is also great as a dip.
252422252422B004U771H4A3MVZSDCVEU47Burcin Ural8951305504000ExcellentI am a lover of Moroccan Food, I kept seeing this sauce at all the top gourmet markets in NY. Once I tried Mina Harissa, I was instantly addicted to it and now have to have it with all my Moroccan meals. By far one of the best sauces out there.
252423252423B004U771H4A28WW7HGTVZHNPClaudine D. Dematos5551330819200Sensational.I fell in love with this Harissa. It's so good I put it on almost everything. Love that's all natural and healthy. Ordering another jar now. Highly recommend it.
252424252424B004U771H4A1SFRI8DS221IPruthy5551305072000spice and flavor to my dietI originally bought this for my husband who loves spicy foods. We had an amazing dinner party at the house where I mixed sauce in the white rice with some grilled Kebabs, this small addition made the food so authentic. Mixing it with the rice made me think of my diet and how bland my food has been this spring and alas i discovered a way to spice up my egg whites and make an actual dinner style dish out of this. It was so amazing and really made loosing weight so easy. I started to utilize this spice and it eliminated my cravings. I sauteed carrots then mixed some in, even used it as a dipping sauce for a eggplant that ended tasting like a gourmet infused far eastern salad...This sauce has really saved me from cheating on my diet. It works with everything!!!
252425252425B004U771H4A1D3GTK57QVLR8HealthNYC7851326585600Excellent!!!I absolutely LOVED this sauce! If you are looking to add some heat and great flavor, Mina Harissa will add excellent flavor to almost anything. The spice and seasonings all meld together beautifully. It's also low in carbs, perfect for a health conscious person. I highly recommend it!
252426252426B004U771H4AF2KMJ6U4XOWZThe skeptical connoisseur7851307923200A transforming experience ..The first time I tasted Harissa, I was in Northern Africa on business dining at local restaurants. Once de-virginized to the savory topping , I fell in love with this flavorful, zesty sauce. Years later I happened to attend a friends home for a dinner and on the table was a bottle of Mina's delicious Harissa sauce. Upon tasting this exotic delicacy , I was transformed back to Morocco savoring every bite. Since then, I've tried many different Harissa sauces, even a good friend of mine who happens to be a native of Morocco , claims her Harissa sauce is the best , However ,upon tasting Mina's Harissa she grudgingly had to admit that her Harissa does not compare to Mina's mouth watering, colorful blend of unique ingredients. Nowadays, Mina's Harissa is a staple in my kitchen and I use it as a flavor booster, helping me expand my palate in most of my cooking, I also use it as a topping on most of my sandwich's.Thank you Mina for sharing you secret recipe with the rest of the world and giving us a taste of Heaven in every bottle..
252427252427B004U771H4A2ASTR6MC8AUH2Christian L. Villa7851304985600MUST TRYBy far the best Harissa I've tried, EVER. Truly authentic, Moroccan spice. Not too spicy nor mild. Forever a mainstay in my cupboard.
252428252428B004U771H4A2WKXSW1RA8HHKJonB7851302998400Excellent sauce, great spiceGreat sauce - definitely a good find. Used it with chicken and rice tonight, adds a great flavor with a kick.
252429252429B004U771H4A19YGLGKSYPA18RBeast7851302825600The Future of Hot SauceI bought this in NYC when I saw it after reading about how Harissa is an upcoming thing in the food world. I can't believe how simple it is(and all natural) with the flavor it packs. Excellent as a dip too. I can say is I've found my Tabasco replacement!
252430252430B004U771H4A29I72GGIDNLDAMike Potesta6751330300800I am in LOVE with this sauce. Best addition to eggs I've ever had.I came across this Mina Harissa spicy sauce by chance. It absolutely knocked my socks off, and I am in love.
My first time at it, I started off pretty conservatively with scrambled eggs. After the first bite, I have since
fallen TOTALLY in love with this sauce, I put loads of it on and cover every square inch of my plate, and I refuse to make scrambled eggs unless I have this sauce...
no joke, buy this sauce, and you will experience happiness. That is, until you run out ;) If you dig hot sauce, you should probably buy two or so right off the bat.

Once you try this sauce, you will be hooked. Gauranteed.
252431252431B004U771H4A3SLPMMS7FY0I6Angelo3351334966400Really GoodThis is a great harissa sauce and it's very healthy. My GF is on a diet and eats it with everything to boost the flavor of her boring diet food. I'm going to start hiding it from her because she finishes it ALL! Highly recommended.
252432252432B004U771H4A2VZHV3U07NPN8VERA KARLINA7951304985600DeliciousI was having a hard time finding authentic Harissa and I finally found it. I highly recommend Mina. Very flavorful and delicious. Totally reminds me of our amazing trip to Morocco. It is so hard to find real Harissa and This definitely hit the mark.
252433252433B004U771H4A21DNTEDF75PWTpaula1151346889600You have to try this !!!!I have tried other similar sauces, but this one is really the best.Amazing chili flavor with perfect spice. This is a must try.
252434252434B004U771H4A1FAC12QRBRA78Ed1151342483200Great HarissaThis is a great harissa... I've tried a few others but Mina is my fav by far. Great flavor and just the right amount of heat. Love this sauce. I'm addicted.
252435252435B004U771H4A2GBRFK1PM5EGADennis Pitchford0011337817600Not bad, but NOT HARISSAI am giving this product a 1-star review not becuase it tastes bad, but because it is not what it claims to be. Harissa is a north-African condiment comprised primarily of chile peppers. This product claims it can be used as a dip and is comprised primary of red bell peppers. (Of the seven ingredients listed, chile peppers are next to last. No traditional Moroccan spices, such as cumin, are present in this product)

To put it in American terms, this is equivalent to purchasing a product called "Traditional American ketchup", only to discover that it is made out of red peppers instead of tomatoes.

Again, I am not saying that this is a bad-tasting product - you might enjoy it. My complaint is the claim that it's a "Traditional Moroccan" condiment. As other reviewers suggest, a product like Mustafa's harissa is closer to the real deal.
252436252436B004U771H4A2DXPZOFMT3QDUgeorge0111336521600Bogus Harissa, a poserThis is nothing like the real thing ! I am unable to understand why the amount of positive reviews .
I bought this since I was unable to find Mustaphas in Wegmans supermarket here in NY.
To buy Mustaphas online is expensive !! product price not so bad, but when the shipping is added it is quite pricey ( but well worth every cent)
please trust me on this it is worth it ! I buy mine in the pack of three saves a bit and I use them quickly , However if you really enjoy Mina and are 5 star happy with it great !! I am happy for you.
But I can say this with complete honesty once you have tried Mustaphas I doubt you will ever want to buy any other . So How do I describe how wonderful a product Mustaphas Moccican Harissa is ?and how the two compare ( they are so different )
Mina is thin weak almost tasting like it came from a can .
Mustaphas is thick almost as thick as tomato paste with a beautiful deep rich flavor and color which is beautiful, the heat is wonderful, ( you must be able to enjoy the heat) but it is not just raw heat, it is flavor a depth of flavor that almost allows you to picture Mustaphas being made in small homemade batches by artisans who know the taste they are crafting the flavor will transport you ( no magic carpet required ) and you will find so many uses for it .again the flavor is rich sumptuous the level of heat can be adjusted by the amount you use it takes very little to enjoy the rich flavor and it melds with everything but it is hot .
I could not find anything that I could use Mina on, I tried, it was 9.00 for the jar and I felt I must try top like it but in the end I yet threw away a nearly full jar of Mina in a household where even the youngest grandchildren love hot sauces and Harissa ( in small amounts )
no one at all liked the Mina product !! My fridge has many bottles of hot sauces, We go through so many, a big favorite is Marie Sharps one of the most flavorful hot sauces We have ever had discovered it years ago when in Belize. I say this so that I might offer you a reference point of my personal taste .I do not mean to compare them as similar products, both are quite different except for astounding flavor, uniqueness, and quality .I hope that this review helps ( and that you will forgive the gramatical errors ).Please check out Mustaphas available on the Amazon site the jar does not show the name in a pronounced way the print that shows the name of the brand is small the words Morrican Harissa might help identify or just do a search . but look for it, try it, do not judge Harissa by Mina !! there can be no comparison between the two .If you are happy with Mina so be it .but if it is the only one you have tried then try Mustaphas take a chance, just be ready to buy a lot of it since you will find so many uses for it, and you will miss it when you run out to be sure .Thanks for listening to sum it up ,I do not like the Mina product at all !! I will not belittle it anymore than I have .I would rather offer you positives and Mustaphas is that positive to be sure .Thanks again
252437252437B004U771H4A15XHM57JZZMYFGift Card Recipient "Jim Bond"1311331942400HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This "Harissa" tastes like lightly spiced canned pasta sauce. The only reason I purchased it is because I can't find Mustapha's Harissa anywhere else. Hopefully they start making it again. Till then, I will abstain from store bought harissa.

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