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252511252511B003OB4BFWAXYESYR1GNGM0DavisJes1131334707200EhThis was not a great as I thought it was going to be. Like the regular shrimp it seems a little bland but then again nothing has the strong amount of flavor the beef ramen has. I have only had this once or twice as I can't seem to find it near me and have to watch until the beach in Sep. I will try this again though to see if the second time it is better.
252512252512B003OB4BFWA1Z4550X91KUW7johnny0041346025600cheap, fast delivery, but needs hot saucevery fast delivery, very cheap meal/snack, but the flavour needs a little pep (i usually get the chile-lime varieties), but that is easily corrected with a little hot sauce or fresh garlic.
252513252513B003OB4BFWA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0051344729600I like lime & shrimp so these are great.I noticed some reviewers didn't like these. I got some though (remembering everyones taste are different ) & I'm glad I did. The flavor is good nice balance. There are no shrimp in here though ( I add a can of the tiny shrimp after I cook the things & it is perfect ). There is a brand that comes with small dehydrated shrimp & I buy these as well ( the brand comes in a cup & is call marchaun or something like that ), but I like the flavor of these lime ones better. My favorite.
252514252514B003OB4BFWA1CK234XHYVA5ZFranklyn J. Colon "Everybody's a snake"0051342483200gotta get of the better tasting seasonings they make. Not too salty and very limey. deee freaking licous. add a little to hot sauce and you got yourself an addiction more potent than weed.
252515252515B003OB4BFWA7EZQK97FIE35E. Wenck "Spicy food is best food."0031342396800Not easily found locally...This is one of the flavors I saw on here and thought would be good to have around the house. Just like vodka I find Maruchan ramen to be great neutral mixers or additions to basic foods. This has worked quite well with some kimchee and eggs on multiple occasions.
252516252516B003OB4BFWA33REC3J2JU2ELD. Figueroa0021340496000MehI bought this partially based on another reviewer's statement that this had a strong taste of lime. Maybe I got a bad batch?

The one I tried, before I gave it all to my roommate, was unbelieveably bland. I could taste no lime flavor in it at all and definitely no shrimp. I haven't tried any other flavors of Maruchan Ramen in years, though, so this could be typical of this brand, I don't know. I can tell the difference with Top Ramen.

Now, I really like Maruchan noodle cups. I prefer their shrimp and lime shrimp flavors above all the others, which is the main reason why I decided to try this flavor of ramen.

I am a really good cook, but on a very, very limited fixed income and I try to help out one of my roommates, who has a son and gets even less money than I, so part of my diet has to come from ramen and noodle cups.

This flavor is bland, at least to my palate, it was. I greatly prefer the taste of chicken and beef flavor Top Ramen.

Not much else to say about it. The price wasn't bad, about the same as Walmart and my roommate isn't picky, he says all ramens taste the same to him and he was glad to get any kind of food, since it's getting near to the end of the month.

I definitely won't buy this flavor again, though.
252517252517B003OB4BFWA2COGV5PRH4FR9Sepheroni0051337817600Limelicious!Like the other reviewer said, I can't taste any shrimp, but the lime flavor is really strong, and I LOVE it! Mix with ketchup, and it is a perfect cheap meal!
252518252518B003OB4BFWA2S7HFJI52FBSMBrenna0051335744000Yes!I love this flavor the best and was dissapointed when this and other good flavors were dropped from stores in my area. Im so glad to see it here on Amazon, I want to order some. Ramen is a quick easy, cheap lunch for me and is very delicious. This flavor is my favorite ever, lots of lime flavor. There arent many flavors in stores now, manily only Chicken, Beef, Pork, Oriental and Shrimp, thats about it.
252519252519B003OB4BFWA3HNNA14IX1BXYJason L.1211336176000taste kinda wierdTaste kinda wierd, don't know why, it smells kinda fishy.... Meanwhile I was playing Black Ops zoombies and Kennedy said "I've been in the navy for years and have never taste something that fishy.." and that makes me think he's talking about this LOL...this noodle smells really fishy. So after the first pack.. for the rest of the 23 packs, I just throw the seasonings into the trash can and cook the noodle with my own seasoning.
252520252520B003OB4BFWA1D0URD0AL237JMother of Pearl1251334620800great flavoranother good flavor to try as i have tried many different ones this ads to the variety and i will get more
252521252521B000YW7Q0QAKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena5551232236800Oh, I've got to control myself!Who doesn't love Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treats? I know that I love them way, way too much -- so I really have to try to limit myself. When they're in the house, I swear I can hear them calling my name!

When I had a bunch of folks in the house for a movie night, I put them on the coffee table, and you'd think I had offered them the finest pastry in the world!

Free shipping makes this an offer you can't resist.
252522252522B000YW7Q0QAEWYUPCNDV7HYModern Blue Argonaut5551201132800Easy after school snackThe rice krispies treats arrived in perfect condition with a best buy date 7 months out, so they were fresh. The size is perfect for lunchboxes or as an after school snack, measuring in at 2.5" x 1.5" x 1". The quality was also outstanding just as I remembered them!
252523252523B000YW7Q0QA1WNGKUT3O644DBonnie S. Seybert "Bonnie"3351206316800Great SnackThese have a great taste every bit as good as homemade. They are individually wrapped in foil packages and are moist and chewy. They are a big hit with my grandchildren and just the right size. Yummy!
252524252524B000YW7Q0QA2DJS9AO3GX49EJ. Huttenbach0051348704000yumGreat deal on these Rice Krispies treats, especially when you subscribe and save! They are a great size to throw in your packed lunch. Each treat is 90 calories.
252525252525B000YW7Q0QAE1JXAL3C04TYBarbara0051342828800As fresh as homemadeThese are so fresh! They arrived fast, and I'm in the Alaska Interior not on the highway system so delivery usually takes forever. I'm going to order these regularly.
252526252526B000YW7Q0QA2MA5O4ZFVNP2Coco Shops0051339372800Love 'em!Tastes great, good price with subscribe and save! What more can I say other than 90 calories and I don't have to make, just delivered to my door.
252527252527B000YW7Q0QA1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff0051321142400Mmmmm!I love Rice Krispies Treats and always eat far more of them than I should, they're just that good. They make a great snack for around the house and in kids school lunches. Individually wrapped in easy to open foil wrappers, these original version Krispies Treats are a bit softer than the lower calorie version. These also are the small version, about the size of the palm of your hand. Rice Krispies makes a very large/long king sized version as well, but these smaller ones work a bit better for fitting into kids lunch bags.
252528252528B000YW7Q0QAFRZ1104BVZI3Pavel N. Voznyuk0051302566400YummIt was delivered faster than the number of days it took to eat all of them. Will purchase again soon!
252529252529B000YW7Q0QA1ZH9LWMX5UCFJK. Stuckey "kateling"0051294185600soft and deliciousand so much easier than making them at home. They are individually wrapped for freshness, sometimes it's hard to not waste with just my husband and I at home, but these I can have one now and not have one for a month and they are just as good and don't go bad. Besides, by the time I buy Rice Krispies, butter and marshmallows it is more than buying these pre-made. They are also fun for chocolate fondue, I quarter these bars, so they are versatile too.
252530252530B000YW7Q0QA1OEKU0BVKLMHGSharon Shurley "Feekie"0051263168000One just isn't enough!!I love these Rice Krispie Treats, but they are so good that eating just one is like eating one potato chip -- it can't be done!! MMMMMMMMM!!!!
252531252531B000YW7Q0QA3VXV7O50KDIRRVic "Chel"0251212364800Sweet snackMy kids love this snack, but it is sweet, only one for day - is ok!
252532252532B007BH23D2A28QK01ZMRMSPXJustaDumbBlonde "Farley"0051350691200Great stuff!This is an excellent addition to anyone's spice collection. Makes ordinary oatmeal or cream o' wheat a real treat. I will never be able to eat french toast again without this topping.

You can make it yourself relatively easy if you get Alton Brown's vanilla sugar recipe and add some cinnamon. I'm looking at over $9 for this 8 oz. can at the time of this review, and that is way overpriced. If you can find it for half that price though, I would definitely give it a try ... you won't regret it.
252533252533B000RZNY5GAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson101051266192000What More Could You Ask For?I found this very large bag (4 pounds) of Kirkland Signature California Pistachios at my local warehouse store and I couldn't resist. Mmmmmm. Pistachios are one of my favorite nuts. And they have some health benefits too, or at least that's what I tell myself as they go into the shopping cart. These pistachios are excellent. Lightly salted. Nice and fresh. Good roasted flavor. What more could you ask for in a healthy snack? This huge bag won't last long.

Gary Peterson
252534252534B000RZNY5GAJZ9LXTNG5QQCNuts Lover4421296345600Too SaltyThe Kirkland Signature pistachios are US #1 Grade, fresh, and are price competitively. One problem is that it contains too much salt. The salt content is 7% of daily value per serving (30g without shells), which prohibits me from eating too much each time.
252535252535B000RZNY5GA2T3VSM94LP9UMLAUREN G. WILSON2231349913600Image is of 4lb bag- misleadingI ordered this expecting a 4 lb bag as represented by the image. The actual text says 3 lb. Just saying make sure you read the product description more closely so you aren't also mislead by the amazing price of $25 for 4 lbs of pistachios....
252536252536B000RZNY5GAF72GTWZGAC61Pinkhat2251318982400Large, fresh and flavorful pistachiosThese are very fresh and flavorful. Great quality.

The nuts are large; very few completely closed pistachios in the bag (which you can still easily crack open with a meat pounder) so no waste at all.

They are salted, but not as much as other brands.

BTW, the item description is wrong. The bag contains 4 pounds (64 ounces).
252537252537B000RZNY5GA3LXDZDOJDJKP0P. Johnson "User"2251289692800Kirkland Pistachios 4 lbGood nuts, very few "duds". The price has recently gone up, probably due to the recently imposed embargo on Iranian pistachios. Also the last time I checked to re-order, Amazon was available only through a "seller", that did not offer "free shipping"...So I am back to buying at Walmart or Sams Club for now.
252538252538B000RZNY5GACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"1151343779200High Quality Pistachio NutsThese are wonderful, fresh pistachio nuts in a pretty generous size.

They are large and mostly opened with a beautiful fresh lime color.They are salted with what to me is just the right amount of saltiness.

There are plenty in the bag for a nice family treat and healthy alternative to chips and candy. We certainly enjoyed and will keep our eyes open to buying more of this brand.

I couldn't be happier recommending these very fresh and delicious nuts.
252539252539B000RZNY5GAMQE7UG0MX3SLJudy A. Hall1151326412800love nutsMy husband loves pistachios. These are some of the best he has ever had. We will be purchasing more of them in the future.
252540252540B000RZNY5GA2ZGTXBI8C7FYIWWJ "WWJ"0051351209600YUMMYVery good, still have a little left. I like the salty taste (that's why I buy them) Not too salty nuts are open and easy to pop out

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