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252571252571B0035MV1OOA1BHAYN1D7RGR1Roadking10222251337040000Great ValueThe Sohgave nectar is a terrific value and is far better than any agave nectar that I have purchased in local markets or so called "natural" grocers. The quality of the product and the cost per ounce makes Sohgave a great buy.
252572252572B0035MV1OOAAO4I6JZIA9UTLaura Lybrand "Lauraly"2251300147200This is the best Agave on the marketThis is a great deal on Raw Agave. I can't get Ohgave 46oz locally, glad I found it here on Amazon. Fast shipping too.
252573252573B0035MV1OOAV3QE1GR12JUYS. Coury1151345075200Great tasting and easy to use containerHave used a few other agave syrups before and this is by far the best -- and a great value as well. Love the slightly caramel flavor. Some folks have complained about the bottle dripping, but here's the trick - when you're finished pouring in the amount of syrup you want BEFORE YOU TIP THE BOTTLE BACK UP be sure to release the pressure on the bottle. If you do this, the syrup sucks back in the nozzle and you get no drips!
252574252574B0035MV1OOA3P11M8QLCMSPSMr. Suede1151334620800My Favorite SweetnerI have been using Sohgave for about 2 years and it is my favorite. I used to put honey in my coffee but I find this to be a sweeter taste using about half. It dissolves twice as fast as honey and works great in chocolate chip cookies and banana bread!
252575252575B0035MV1OOA1NDG9QRZH6W9CJane1151333411200Delicious and a great deal!This agave has a yummy burnt sugar taste and squirts easily from a great mess-free bottle. Perfect as syrup on pancakes or to sweeten plain yogurt. I love that it's raw as well.
252576252576B0035MV1OOA3TCAJOORGPI1Mcameraphonevegan1151327363200Love this raw agave!This was the second order I place for this raw agave, so I figured it was due for review. I gave it 5 stars for several reasons...

1. The price is awesome. I have an old agave bottle (small) that I use these to refill. I get about 4-5 refills for a regular size bottle out of each of these big ones. The first order lasted a really long time!

2. It tastes amazing. I love the caramel flavor. It's great drizzled over ice cream to make a sundae, and works well in things savory things too like tomato sauce.

3. It blends really well into liquids, even if they're cold.

I use it mostly for my green smoothies and raw cooking, but you can also use it instead of simple syrup or sugar to make a great mojito!
252577252577B0035MV1OOA2HU458Z3H2KKToomeyb1141290816000Great tasting and actually rawTaste great and raw! I tried this because it is actually advertised as raw and I am fan of Matthew - my only negative with the product is the manufacturing, the cap/seal leaks each time I use it.
252578252578B0035MV1OOA137LWJCPSLHZBP. Prosser "Chef du Jour"1151287446400Best Agave and We Like It!What's to say except that we noticed the difference in flavor, sweetness and my son loves it in his cereal too.
There are many brands on the market today and the processes they use to produce their products meet the required minimal guidelines. They produce just your average run of the mill product. We find that the Blue is or favorite and we use as a replacement sweetener for most anything we can think of that would need sugar.
252579252579B0035MV1OOA27K78UPE7364TBeverly A. Junger1151284249600Oh My Ohgave !I switched to agave in January 2010 because I was unable to find local honey and have never gone back. My first brand was Ohgave which I purchased at Whole Foods in ABQ NM in a 23 oz size. I have tried several brands and I would buy them all again. When I was in ABQ in July I purchased this 46 oz size for $10.65. When I found it on Amazon for $.65 less and free super saver shipping I bought the 2 pack. It's a fantastic buy and a fantastic product. I use it everyday on my morning toast with pb and at lunch in my plain greek yogurt. I have turned several friends on to agave and this product.
252580252580B0035MV1OOA30X750M8V1XXWScott2341296518400Great taste, huge bottlesThis brand was a better buy then some others i've purchased, The bottles are huge though so they aren't easily stored. The taste is great though and i'll continue purchasing it. I saved a small bottle from another brand and will keep refilling it with this brand because of the size of the bottle being too big. That's my only complaint.
252581252581B0035MV1OOAWDA7AZP6H7RGN. J. Foreman0051350691200agaveI use this product every day in my coffee and tea. I also use it in a salad dressing I make. I have not used regular sugar in over 2 years...Love it!
252582252582B0035MV1OOAIOPIWA4Q6GAJveronica s0041293840000Good but please new bottlesAs a long-time devotee of Wholesome Sweeteners raw agave, I happened to run out in October when this brand was on sale. I got a really good deal and stocked up. The taste might be a little more pronounced (I think wholesome sweeteners agave is slightly more neutral) but it's good. The little pointed tops are annoying and you really have to squeeze hard, especially when you need more than a drizzle (like when baking). You can screw the whole top off but it gets messy fast and the outside of my bottle feels perpetually sticky. It's a good product but I'll probably buy whichever is cheaper when I run out.
252583252583B001EQ5ERIA2SV8W9H6PLZ00Joe K0311345161600threw it all awayLove to make espresso, and have had many types, but this was horrid. amazon doesn't return grocery items, so i threw all 4 cans away after the first try. I will have to try grocery products at the store and THEN buy them in the future on amazon...yikes this stuff is bad.
252584252584B001EQ5ERIA30DO3OIRLDC8BLaw0311336953600Don't botherI was seriously disappointed with this product! Espresso should be dark and rich. This tasted more like an instant coffee. I will stick with cafe la llave. Gave the coffee away to the local food shelter
252585252585B001EQ5ERIAGDIUJ2KC71MZMDDMD0511300060800Good Brand, Poor BlendSo last christmas I was given a stovetop (moka) pot for making coffee (I will refrain from using the term espresso because some people will tell you that you have to use a certain pressure to make true espresso). Anyway, the gift came with this 4 pack of coffee cans. I truly wanted to love this coffee but it has been very hard to do so. By using a moka pot you can control almost every aspect of the brewing process. I have tried literally a hundred tweaks and changes in brewing technique but none of them can mask the terrible taste this coffee will leave in your mouth. I can only describe it experience as unpleasant as drinking coffee after using mouthwash except thats the experience after every sip. It isn't a mint taste its more like a bitter licorice that is extracted in the essence (the first stuff to come out tof the spout and yes I even tried separating the first part from the rest of the cup and the horrid taste is in the first part). I tried opening other cans but the experience was the same. I would give this stuff 0 stars except the company produces a very nice grind that minimizes any sediment (mud) in my cup, so for that I give it 1 star.

I really wanted to like the brand so I went to my local supermarket and picked up the Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee, Italian Espresso, 8.8-Ounce Bricks (Pack of 4) and all I can say is wow. Such a superior coffee AND FOR LESS MONEY FOR MORE (0.8 oz) COFEE!!!! Please don't waste your time with this can of junk.
252586252586B001EQ5ERIA35HOCK62ESMFNshopbybox1821257379200What a Waste!I have not tried this coffee for expresso, but for regular coffee taste... be it in a french press or drip.... this stuff is simply ZERO. Now of course that is only MY taste and MY opinion, but it is an honest one.
252587252587B001EQ5ERIAYEEB39PSTBDCpoderes21011290297600Disappointed/Misrepresented - Not Dark Roast Espresso. A medium roast with espresso grind.Not an espresso roast, it is a medium roast with espresso grind. Not represented properly in the Amazon product description. Back of can says medium roast.
252588252588B001EQ5ERIA2IQW6NZWE2FCGE. Gray11111269216000It's a poor substitute for fresh groundI really wanted to like this coffee. I wanted something that I could take to the office and use with my AeroPress coffee maker or use when I wanted a quick shot of espresso without grinding the beans. However, I guess once you start drinking fresh ground you cannot go back to buying ground coffee. The date on the bottom of the can is over a year away, but the coffee still smelled stale to me when I pealed the metal top off the can. I tried it a couple times in my Saeco made espresso machine. The crema was weak and the flavor was thin and slightly bitter. I poured it down the drain rather than finish it. I prefer Illy's dark roast espresso, but my local grocer no longer carries it, probably because it did cost more than any other brand.

I guess I should have heeded another reviewer. My favorite coffee is Peet's and I think French Roast is the peak of perfection. I like the beans dark and shiny. This coffee was a medium brown color, not the dark brown that I'm used to. There's a reason why espresso shops freshly grind the coffee, it really makes a difference and is worth the extra time, expense and effort. The Baratza Maestro Plus is an excellent cone burr grinder (...). It will give you years of service. I've tried cheaper ones and they just eventually die.
252589252589B001EQ5ERIA1C3ST9U81K2OPE. Young11111265760000Very disappointingI consider myself a coffee conoisseur but not a coffee snob. While I like freshly roasted, whole beans, I welcomed the chance to buy pre-ground espresso from cans. I had high hopes based upon reviews here and looked forward to receiving my first shipment.

Kudos to Amazon for a great price and quick shipping. However! That does not make up for the very poor quality coffee inside!

What a major disappointment. The coffee is pale brown, not a deep rich color. It is a little coarsely ground for an espresso machine. The back of the can states this is espresso coffee, but yet describes itself as a "medium roast" with "medium body." Where is the strong, dark, flavorful, aromatic, rich blend needed for a true espresso?

I think I'll pass this right on over to my husband for use in his drip coffee maker.
252590252590B001EQ5ERIA16TUVM8A3DV9CDavid11511273536000Just not real espressoI was hopeful, but left unsatisfied. The color of the bean grounds says it all; a light brown not the typical dark brown to black of real espresso. Taste is weak and odd, not rich and solid. Certainly not worth the extra $$. Recommend Cafe Bustelo instead.
252591252591B001EQ5ERIA22A6C8GU7JL6Emikeeb11611321056000worst coffee I ever boughtworst coffee I ever bought.It was so bad tasting I ended up throwing 3 cans in the garbage.Do not waste money buying this coffee.
252592252592B001EQ5ERIA1205T8NP2BQ5Ebeanhead42911240617600Attention!I rated this one star to get your attention. It is actually an excellent coffee if you use a drip coffee maker because it needs high temperature to bring out the flavor. It is horrid when prepared at lower temperature as in a pump espresso machine.
252593252593B001EQ5ERIA287P1MTU0KD4BMr. R. G. Gunson01811274659200Great coffee doesn't come from the mega brandsUnfortunately if you are seeking for really great coffee you're not going to reach the pinnacle with any of the global mega brands. You need to think of coffee as a fruit, which it is, and therefore it needs to be fresh. Local for a roaster that stamps the 'Roast date' on the bag for a start (not the 'Best before' date which is often a year after the roast date). Londinium Espresso roast in London to your specifications, and ship worldwide at cost. [...]
252594252594B001EQ5ERIA25PTX5BX21GCMThe Old Man "Doug"33111224374400Not goodI bought this as a gift subscription for my daughter and her husband who like a strong flavorful coffee.
This is what she said "Hi Dad, I am sorry to say this but the new coffee is awful. It tastes like watery boiled green beans. Can we send it back?"
So, be warned, just because it says it's "Italian" doesn't mean it will be flavorful. I'll have to get it replaced now. Disappointed.
252595252595B001EQ5ERIA2G95XU4Z814XGKRT626351235606400With Lavazza it's all about the blendLavazza coffee is wonderful but the different blends are, well, different. I really like the Caffe Espresso because of the heavier slightly bitter/strong but also slightly chocolaty-sweet taste and the aroma. I use a Mocha/stovetop espresso pot so that makes a different kind of brew too.

Caffe espresso is 100% Arabica beans as is Oro. I find the latter a bit rougher/stronger. Then, the wise folks at Lavazza start blending in Robusto beans and for those of you that like super smooth, less bitter you need to try these... Crema e Gusto is at the farthest end of the spectrum - 70% Robusto 30% Arabica and dark roasted (usually they make a medium roast I think), super creamy, nice as Americano or a straight, milder espresso, me I don't think it stands up as a cappuccino. Next in line is Crema e Aroma - 60% Robusto. I haven't had this in years. Middle ground? That's Rossa with its 30% Robusto and 70 Arabica...this might be my favorite as espresso.

There's a few other blends but they are newer and I haven't tried them...

Amazon should offer a taster pack!

Happy espresso drinking!
252596252596B001EQ5ERIA3DGKUS8F7E9U3E. Sharon363851225152000Are you kidding me?I'm reading the other reviews and I'm quite shocked!!!
This is absolutely one of the best commercial coffee blends you can find out there. not too bitter not to sweet, excellent crema, delightful!
I have a Gaggia espresso machine, I drink it every morning and occasionally make cappuccino to my guests, they all L-O-V-E it.
Warmly recommended, light years better than the sour-greasy-burnt American coffee (Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Peet's etc...)
252597252597B001EQ5ERIA3OOQBD4A2N8S7A. Catanzaro202051230940800Mmmm.I've been buying Illy Medium Roast espresso and decided to try something new. Lavazza is the winner! I have been ordering it from Amazon for months now. The 4-pack is a great deal. Nice flavor, not too bold or bitter, even a little sweet? Perhaps I am not equipped to describe it as a coffee connoisseur, but I do know it makes my mornings a little better!
252598252598B001EQ5ERIA15N5VDROBEZ50S. Robinson9951231891200YummmI've been drinking Lavazza for 10 years. My favorite coffee is Illy, but at about half the price, this is great value. Lavazza is always smooth so make it strong and enjoy.
252599252599B001EQ5ERIA13T6BXY0T05HWSylvia Enid Valentin "Eny"7751252454400Excellent, as always!If you are used to Peet's Coffee & Starbucks...don't bother with this coffee. By now you are going to be used to overly-roasted (burnt is not synonym of flavorful) coffee and anything mildly roasted is going to seem flavorless to you.

If you, on the other hand, haven't compromised your taste buds with horrible coffees like Peet's & Starbucks- feel welcomed to enjoy this jewel of a coffee.

It's chocolate-y, not fruity like Kona or Blue Mountain, without a hint of bitterness (even if you brew it ristretto-style), it produces a rich, caramel-colored crema, and it's actually lower in caffeine than it's burnt-roast counterparts. That's the beauty of the medium roast.

I learned about this coffee while living in Sicily and got hooked ever since. It's the best of Lavazza's line of coffee (Blue has a deeper taste, Rossa is even milder) and it's my favorite.
252600252600B001EQ5ERIA3U4D8257N8CKSDennis Adams "Circuit Rider"6651251849600New and Improved?I've been using this in my Gaggia espresso maker for the last couple years and it has always been good, but not quite as good as Illy. The last batch of four cans I got, however, seems to have a slightly finer grind than previous batches. In my machine it now produces an incredible crema layer on top of a truly first rate shot. I no longer lust after Illy; Lavazza is my espresso of choice.

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