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252608252608B001EQ5ERIA1I7N3LJNWCVR1Jo Kang1151333065600If you're using Moka Express... This is the best coffee.Before two kids, I had been drinking Starbucks or Coffee Bean iced lattes for over 15 years, spending up to $4 per medium-sized drink (depending on whether or not I'm getting soy milk or half-and-half). Unfortunately (or fortunately, for my household finances), my morning runs to Starbucks or Coffee Bean came to an abrupt halt when the kiddos came along -- I just couldn't run out the door anytime I wanted to get my fill for the day.

So I've since had to resort to making some at home on my own using the Moka Express, and this coffee has got to be the best out there for all types of home-brewed espresso coffee drinks. I personally think this makes far better coffee than Starbucks or Coffee Bean or any other huge chain coffees for that matter, and I have been raved many times by family and friends for serving "the best coffee ever" (not to mention the fact that I have been saving a lot of $$$ doing so because an 8-ounce can makes about 20(!!!) "grande"- or medium-sized lattes. Really well worth the money. :-) Amazon's price is really awesome because this same can can cost up to $9 at my local Whole Foods ($6-8 at other supermarkets)...
252609252609B001EQ5ERIA3HQN0AQ0XXNUCJackson1151321228800Great EspressoNeed I say more than the title extends? I have a little Delonghi espresso machine in my Apartment and it makes great espresso with this Lavazza product. The crema is smooth and thick. The espresso is smooth as well and never bitter.

The one thing I warn about is the packaging of the canister. The only sealant is a flimsy plastic lid, which won't keep your ground espresso fresh very long. I have been reusing an Illy container from the espresso I was using before this which is much better crafted for maintaining a tight seal on the canister and the freshness of your grind. You can also get a well sealed container at Target or something like that on the cheap.

252610252610B001EQ5ERIA3IZJ5JMXAOQHHAaron J Ginn1141305763200Great espresso without breaking the bankI've been an Illy advocate most of my life having worked in an espresso bar for several years where Illy was served exclusively. I brew coffee in both my Saeco 30013 Aroma Traditional Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel and my Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker and Illy ground has always worked well. Still, this Lavazza four-pack is less than half the price of Illy, so I decided to give it a go. Using both methods, the Lavazza produces a delicious full-bodied cup of coffee. I still prefer Illy slightly, but I will relegate Illy to times when I want to spoil myself. Lavazza is the better choice for an everyday espresso for me.
252611252611B001EQ5ERIA2D5N9HP67TX9WNate1151297900800Pure BlissFirst of all, i don't know WHAT people who drink illy are talking about, because ive been using lavazza for a long time now, and i find illy way overpriced, and totally inferior to lavazza. There is a reason that lavazza is italy's favorite, and i believe it. As far as the review goes, i mainly use it in a 1 or 4 cup moka pot, but i have brewed it in a drip pot, pump espresso maker and also in a mukka express which all make one heck of a smooth and delicious cup of coffee. I do agree with other reviewers, that it would not be for people who regularly drink starbucks/etc but if you learn to appreciate it, it is consistent, and will never let you down. I hope you love lavazza as much as i do
252612252612B001EQ5ERIA21TDQ1KCCL3KPP. Gupta1141293580800not great ... but good for the pricenot as good as illy, but then it's hard to beat illy anyway. for the price, however, its really good.
252613252613B001EQ5ERIA3HPASC2HWL2UHDoobie451151292371200Excellent coffeeI drink a lot of different coffees and this brand was superior to most. Great flavor with low acid and rich overall taste.
252614252614B001EQ5ERIA2H5IOC4F38B8TFred Kuntzman1141288828800Great ValueWhile I think the quality is a slight notch below Illy, Lavazza espresso is excellent and is less than half the price of Illy. It is much better than Starbuck's espresso.
252615252615B001EQ5ERIA278FLBUMNQPISJJ1151287705600Great Coffee!This is excellent coffee at an excellent price. Very nice flavor and strength. The only annoying thing is the 8 oz. cans come about half full. I suppose it wouldn't sell well if they used smaller cans, and the price would seem to high if they put a full pound of coffee in the can and doubled the price. It's a minor distraction from otherwise great coffee which I've been drinking for years now.
252616252616B001EQ5ERIA1V3TRGWOMA8LCJames Beswick "In my day, we had 9 planets."1151287532800Brings the coffee shop experience to your kitchenI make my espresso using a FrancisFrancis x5 as my morning wake-up shot and it never fails to do the trick. Both the quality of the crema and slight sweetness in the pull rivals any professional coffee shop, and it works equally well for cappuccinos too. I tend go through about one can a week (yes, you can imagine what I'm saving at Starbucks), and the coffee stays perfectly fresh in the aluminum container.

I've bought this particular brand in the retail stores for years and only just discovered the pricing on Amazon is about 40-50% less when you buy the four-pack. The other brand I really like is Illy, but it's over twice the price and I'm not enough of a coffee connoisseur to notice the difference.
252617252617B001EQ5ERIAE5PGJ9S3T9EPMarj B1151272585600Best for authentic Italian espressoMy Italian cousin-in-law recently taught me how to make real authentic Italian espresso and cappuccino and Lavazza is her first choice over all other brands. It is so rich and smooth and I have to agree after we ran out of Lavazza and went hunting unsuccessfully for more and ended up buying two other brands. No comparison as there was such a difference in taste. I threw out the other two cans and went hunting on the internet that night and found it the cheapest on Amazon (my favorite place to shop on the Internet). Anyway, signed up for the subscription service and LOVE it. Just about when I was on my last can of Lavazza, here comes an e-mail notifying me that Amazon was about to make another shipment. Perfect timing. Love, love, love this service. By the way, my husband is a die-hard Starbucks fan (very strong coffee) and likes his best as a blend of Lavazza and Starbucks.
252618252618B001EQ5ERIA1HCF01ZS1WELLa critic1151268784000what a bargainThe very BEST expresso not made in an espresso pot. It is sent to me on a schedule- and everyone (family and guests) can't get enough.
252619252619B001EQ5ERIA2313OST2J3W6WE. Demauro1151268784000Great coffeeThis coffee is great. I make a cup every morning with my Delonghi EC155. I highly recommend it!
252620252620B001EQ5ERIACZF9EYVLOIC0V Parvel1141267142400Top beanOne of my favorites to use in my old reliable francis x1. I never bother with grinding my own bean, especially because I enjoy this brand as-is without the extra step. There are definitely better espresso to be had, but as my generic, always in the cupboard, this is my usual go-to.
252621252621B001EQ5ERIA3E5KPDJ9OMGL3linrick1151264032000Excellent espresso without an expensive espresso machine.I have been making it in my single serve Senseo machine that comes out a little less foam than an espresso machine but tastes just as good. The grounds are a little fine so I have to use a little more to get a stronger espresso shot. If I wanted a regular cup of coffee, I use a little less and add a little of International white chocolate macadamia creamer. Overall, it's an excellent coffee. I will be ordering more or try others once I'm getting down to my last can.
252622252622B001EQ5ERIA2ITLEM9XP4RS3Todd Robertson1151261353600Best espresso.This is by far the best espresso I've had, very smooth, I have tried others and they are always bitter so this is the only one I buy now, when you find something you like stick with it, good price too.
252623252623B001EQ5ERIA7QMQBGJ2TCQGPaul Garland1151257984000Lavazza RulesFor when you are too lazy to grind your own. Really good espresso coffee. 100% arabica.
252624252624B001EQ5ERIACXURGMHC9EZUK. Sartain3451239840000Delicious coffee!If you're not a fan of french roast, this mellow medium roasted coffee is delicious. Just a bit of astringency and a deep rich coffee flavor. If you don't have an espresso machine, you can use this in a drip machine. Just use two filters to slow down the brew process.
252625252625B001EQ5ERIA3PZ194AJQU65NH. Wang3451228435200Good EspressoI been using pods from Starbucks and could never get a really good crema and decided to give this a try. I must say, it is very good, not too bitter. The crema is excellent on the Delonghi EC155 Espresso Maker. Once the can is opened, we put it in the freezer to keep it fresh. We use the Starbucks pods on the weekday for convenience and Lavazza on the weekend.
252626252626B001EQ5ERIA2QPX6N1LBMGBZdewthedew72351306972800Lavazza Caffe Espresso Black Short Version -(add to cart now!) Long Version -(read my review)A little background on me first:

I've been drinking coffee for about 10 years (started early).
I'm a college student on a budget, but when I'm going out with friends I'll have Starbucks and Caribou Coffee (more on that later).

My current coffee setup is:
Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Machine ECMP 50
Cuisinart Coffee Maker DCC-1200

About a year ago after reading Laird Hamilton's book "Force of Nature" I was inspired to switch from drip coffee to espresso, along with eating healthier. He says he sometimes drinks up to 8 shots per day. So I bought an inexpensive espresso machine (listed above), and started drinking espresso in the morning.
I noticed a difference in my body (along with eating healthier my entire system just seemed to be running better). However with the espresso something still wasn't right. I've always heard how espresso or even coffee should be smooth and rich, but coffee/espresso I've always made or had at Starbucks did have a kind of "burnt" taste to it.
BTW-VERY IMPORTANT--The coffee/espresso I was using was currently using was: Folgers Black Silk, Starbucks Brand, and Target brand.
Now on to the review...
Ok I was a little hesitant about buying Lavazza at first. I read some reviews online(not just on Amazon)and they were pretty favorable. So I bought a can the other day at my local Whole Foods --(Lavazza Black Label $7.99).
I noticed right away that this was better espresso when it was dripping out of the machine, because it looked like black syrup (yum). Then I tasted it...OMG WOW! I never knew that coffee/espresso could be so flippin' smooth & rich. I mean wow! It's crazy to think that for like the last ten years I've been drinking "burnt" crap. & That 5Buck Burnt Crap is expensive! The only problem is I don't know if I can ever go back to any other coffee/espresso. Buy Now!!
If anyone has any other espresso suggestions please post!
also check out my youtube channel: cpthemonstergamer (it's game videos and video game stuff)
252627252627B001EQ5ERIA3PTPAR7SG30RSWeWin0051350259200Great coffee - not just espresso, works well for coffee latté tooSmooth aromatic coffee that's better than starbucks without any burnt smell. 4-small-pack helps retain the aroma better than one large pack. It's ground, no need to roast and grind.
If you enjoy, a good coffee, give it a try.
252628252628B001EQ5ERIA1C30HBB9OPXP9S. Hays0051350000000Great coffeeThis is REALLY great coffee and when bought on subscribe and save is a very good price. If you like strong coffee with no bitterness then try it!
252629252629B001EQ5ERIA2X66123503QF1amal azizi0051349481600the best coffee everit's the best coffee. i tryed to many kinf of coffee until i try lavazza, and i never change it. it's been almost 2 years. ithink everyone need to give a try.Lavazza Caffe Espresso Ground Coffee, 8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 4)
252630252630B001EQ5ERIA2FP85DUFYOPADlyx0041346371200very good coffeeit has a rich flavor, more like bold (dark roast) coffee.
it has a rich flavor, more like bold (dark roast) coffee.
252601252601B001EQ5ERIA2BI6SVK6YXT5IJ. Leath4451293926400Wonderful value for espressoI bought this to try in our Saeco espresso machine, and for occasional use in the Keurig My-Cup drip coffee machine. It was a great deal at the time (still is, really). For drip coffee, it comes out full bodied, but maybe a little watery-more like a traditional Americano style espresso, with light crema. In the Saeco (which we have an "entry level" Saeco), it creates a wonderful medium-full bodied espresso, thick crema, and wonderful for mixing into any cappuccino or latte of your choice. It tastes like it came out of a much more expensive machine. We usually use Illy, which we're pleased with; but I'll certainly choose Lavazza in future, especially for the price.
252602252602B001EQ5ERIA2LMEUQF5H8F2SCathy Bee "Java Afficionado"4451235433600LavAzza Espresso deliciousI make this coffee in a moka pot. It is so smooth and delicious. I highly recommend it as it is just as good as what you would get at a high priced java joint, and only takes 6 minutes to brew. I warm up about 1/4 cup 2% milk in the microwave and it makes just the right amount to fill an average sized insulated cup. Out the door I go and loving the smooth rich taste - gets my morning off to a perfect start.
252603252603B001EQ5ERIA1UDC6QRUN4BOKMarlene W. Greenberg "Marlene G."2251293494400Perfect Every CupSince I must have my morning cappuccino it is important that the coffee be full bodied and consistant. This blend is perfect every time. Illy is known for being the best but I've got to say that for me it is a tie. Can't be without my Lavazza.
252604252604B001EQ5ERIA1AMOT7PONW9V6Neo "technology driver"2241290729600Great product if you buy from good retailerMy wife bought this from the Wolf Mercantile reseller here on and we had a terrible experience. They messed up the shipment and were very difficult to get ahold of to straighten things out.
This Lavazza Espresso is some good coffee though. It provides a nice robust flavor while being smooth on the palate. I drink mine straight in shots and the wife mixes with it into Lattes. We both love the flavor and think its a good change from the brands found in our local grocery stores.
252605252605B001EQ5ERIATWC06C52IPUJConsumer Review2251283385600Excellent Espresso!I have tried many different brands of espresso over the years, this is the best of the best. It has a very rich flavor, slightly bitter, but not too much. And the aroma, it makes the entire house smell fantastic! I use a stovetop espresso maker, as well as a DeLonghi espresso maker. The Lavazza comes out perfect in either case. I highly recommend this coffee to anyone.
252606252606B001EQ5ERIA3M2OCVT35YV4LGavin O. Hitchcock2251272153600Creamy Lavazza Heaven!I found this ground espresso while living abroad in Germany; I spent countless mornings sipping this divinely smooth nectar on cold European days. There is no better, for the money, espresso. It was the most widely consumed espresso in Germany and this price beats the price I was paying for the same grind by >$1.30. Sit back and enjoy this supremely blended elixir.
252607252607B001EQ5ERIA2HC9IMSMHBXZFBradley G. Jellerichs2251235520000MMM mmm good.This case of 4 is the perfect blend of flavor, taste, convenience and price. I had been buying ground espresso from the grocery, but always bought the cheapest off-brand they had. Then I discovered this 4-pack and the subscribe & save program, and I am very pleased. The Lavazza blend is delicious. I use a Bialetti 6-cup Moka pot qAM and each can lasts me about 2 weeks (perfect for a subscribe & save shipment every 2 months).

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