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252691252691B00029KG3UA2GJPAW9SCWAR4R. Berger0141265414400What I was looking for :)It was what I was looking for, shipping took a little to long than what I expected.
252692252692B000E4B0PQA2INE30PIDDXGLThe Camp3321267488000Mangosteen JuiceThought this was 100% Mangosteen. Did not realize this was a blend. OK but not what we expected. Advertisement did not indicate a blend.
252693252693B000E4B0PQA5XWZBZ9KYMPVYvonne F. Campiotti "Butterfly Angels"0051233619200Mangosteen JuiceI was leary to try this product, sight unseen, but I'm glad I took the chance. I love the taste. No after taste at all. Yes, I will buy it again. I'm always on the lookout for new and easy to use health products.
252694252694B000E4B0PQA26JZFV1ZT6M76CJMusser0141283212800JuiceThis product was delivered quickly. It tastes good, but because it's not 100% mangosteen juice, it didn't work as well as I had hoped.
252695252695B0056CS2DEA1Q17F0Q3PZ2CNconniemonster0011326585600Smells and tastes horribleI liked the price of this extract and champagne flavoring is not the easiest to find. I opened the bottle.. and it smelled off- kind of sickly sweet and medicinal. The taste was incredibly far from any champagne flavoring I have ever tried- disgusting. Don't waste your money-
252696252696B000H221FSAQWSNUZUHWS3MPaul Vingiello "Livin' Large in LA"2251159920000Best genuine Louisiana Gumbo EVER!This is the easiest way to fix a REAL LOUISIANA gumbo I have ever seen. I am from Louisiana and know how to do it all from scratch, but I will never do it again after using Chef Hans mix. If you just use chicken broth for a base, the flavor is FANTASTIC. It works great for seafood or chicken and sausage. If you use can broth, you can be finished within 25 minutes from the time you start. I prefer to add a few more vegetables (celery and onions) and let it cook a little longer. THANKS CHEF HANS!!
252697252697B000H221FSADFFSVHJ129M9Kurtster0041325721600Chef Hans is great!I have been using Chef Hans' gumbo mix for about ten years after finding it in New Orleans on a trip there one time. The trick with this mix is to use Chicken Stock instead of water and to add chicken, andouille sausage and/or shrimp. I've used homemade chicken stock and the store bought stuff. Either works good, but the addition of sauted sliced okra and cajun/creole seasoned chicken and sausage on top of an ice cream scoop of white rice makes for a great and hearty winter time meal. The best part is you can make the whole dish in about 30 to 40 minutes. I've had lots of gumbo at cajun restaurants and this is as good as any of them.
252698252698B000H221FSA1LS4697TD72T0K. Bettinger0011198713600Terrible...I too am from Louisiana and make my own gumbo from scratch.
This mix is terrible. A real disappointment. The worst I've ever had.
Though I didn't try to make it with chicken stock (instructions call for water).
Has very bad taste.
252699252699B001F2AYH6A1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"0051350950400My cats really LikeI have a difficult time finding Beef foods to offer my 5 kitties, as most of them are just not liked! But they do like this one which has chicken added and eat all of it every time I offer it. I do not give this on consecutive nights as they do tire of it, but if given as often as every other night, they eat it all.
They always have kibble available, and are fed wet food in the evening, which is the high point of their day. This food fits in very well with my food rotation of 6 cans per night for the 4 inside kitties. (The outside kitty is feral and gets 5.5 ounce Friskies: 3 tins per day), so he is not in on the rotation. He does get this as a treat sometimes and eats it right up.
So, al 5 kitties, give this 5 stars. "thank you" say: Gabriella, Trinity, Wisdom, Mercy and Yellow Kitty.
252700252700B001F2AYH6A3IHR24AVDY33SNora Roberts0051344124800MY CATS THINK THEY ARE THE "CATS MEOW"We have two maine coon "fabulous" cats. Over the years we have "chanaged" their food, sometimes often. We had tried a can of ProPlan the cats liked, without hesitation; and decided to try other flavors . No matter what the flavor, the cats are pawing at me to get the food in their bowls. If there is anything negative to say it would be sometimes pieces of food are TOO big, even maine coons spit them out on their tray. I spoil them and now I check the can and cut the "big" pieces. Maine coon cats love the food.
252701252701B000LRH8V6A1B7TPFF2Q3MGIfrycook4451289952000Great product!Thank you, Knorr, for making a meat-free and tomato-free bouillon to season just about everything I cook. Yes, it's salty--just like most every other type of bouillon. But these wonderfully soft cubes are easy to break in half or quarters to adjust to your taste.
252702252702B000LRH8V6A2C41D1ORINHSMHeather1151297641600yummyI prefer this veggie bouillon to any I have tried, very flavorful, but I do like my food on the salty side tho (fyi: 1/2 of a cube has 35% of your daily sodium! and does contain MSG). It makes a very satisfactory gravy. The price is reasonable, even when you add the shipping, it is comparable to the stores. Which leads me to the reason I purchased it here...I can no longer find a local store that carries this brand :( and I live in a decent sized city.
252703252703B000LRH8V6AH9MUK2Z52V6NM. McQueen1151294358400Very good bouillon but hard to find in stores nowI think these vegetable bouillon cubes are great. Each individually-wrapped cube makes two cups of vegetable broth. Since the cubes are soft they mix easily into water. My only problem with them is that I can no longer find them in local stores and I have a couple recipes that use these cubes. I've tried "Better Than Bouillon" vegetable bouillon but found it was nowhere near as good as Knorr. And Swanson's boxed broth gave my rice recipes a darker color than the Knorr cubes did.
252704252704B000LRH8V6A2U10E3IBLMV6Kfillwis0051349308800Just to touch I needed!!!Came to Amazon looking for ingredients for a recipe and found just what I needed. Bought a years supply. Thanks again, great product.
252705252705B000LRH8V6AAUICTIUBVU7RRoy Berger "Everyman"0051329177600GOOD FOR VEGETABLE SOUP AND OTHER SOUPS TOOI combine the Lipton veggie bullion with HerbOx beef bullion both for soups and if I just want a hot drink.
Great combination.Yum, yummy.
252706252706B000LRH8V6A10OPH0EUKY3G7Mark0151309651200Fantastic TasteKnorr Vegetable Bouillon is my favorite! I'm just upset more stores don't carry it. This is great with rice, soups, pretty much any savory dish to give it an extra kick of flavor. Of course it is high in sodium, it is a bouillon cube! The people who have given negative reviews could have saved themselves a lot of time, by checking the ingredients label. I wonder if they also complain about the sodium level in salt?
252707252707B000LRH8V6A348J1ZCU1UG8GJ. A. Coleman "Book Addict and Tech Geek"0151299628800Next Best Thing to "From Scratch"I usually make my own chicken stock from scratch, but sometimes what I've got on hand isn't enough to fill the pot. When that happens, this is my go-to bouillon. It's also great for when you get to the bottom of a big pot of soup, and it's super thick. Adding a little of this vegetable stock can stretch out that last bit without sacrificing flavor. I've tried a lot of different chicken bouillons, but none of them have the wonderful flavor this vegetable one does. This is also the only bouillon I will drink straight, when I'm feeling sick. It's delicious!

The sodium in this is comparable to other bouillons, and MSG (in some form, frequently listed as "autolyzed yeast extract") is in pretty much every canned soup and stock out there. Very few people are actually sensitive to it, or they would have gotten sick every time they ate Campbell's soup as a kid. But they see the scary letters and get alarmed. It's just silly.

While I do think you should try to keep processing foods like this to a minimum because of the high sodium levels, a little bit here and there won't hurt you. Fast food and processed meals like TV dinners and Top Ramen are far worse. Practice moderation in all things and you will be fine. :-)
252708252708B000LRH8V6A2LT4P9EA941TRrobin "gabby_dash"4911287360000Agreed...bad ingredientsI recently switched to a vegan diet. I was at a store that had no other options than Knorr's for vegetable bullion, so I bought it. I didn't pay attention to the ingredient list, which I should have. I made a soup, and then next morning I woke up swollen like a balloon and feeling totally lethargic. I couldn't figure out what I'd eaten that would create such a terrible response-tomatoes, fennel, salad and onion should not cause any problems- and then I thought about the bullion. So I checked out the ingredients on the bullion, and I should have known it would contain MSG (if you aren't scared of MSG yet, go google it). So if you don't like MSG and you don't like getting about 50% of your RDA in sodium in one meal, don't use this bullion.
252709252709B000LRH8V6A2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"41211263081600Bad stuffI wish that the food companies would treat their customers with respect by not putting unhealthy ingredients in their products. These bouillon cubes contain not only an inordinate amount of sodium but MSG as well. And then as an added bonus they threw in some hydrogenated oil. WHAT are they thinking when they pump this garbage out and box it up? Hey Knorr - if we all end up too sick to work from eating this kind of so-called food, we won't have any money to give you. If your conscience won't cause you to use wholesome ingredients maybe the thought of losing out on sales will.
252710252710B000LRH8V6A1Q4EGFC6Q8WDIFoodLover0611288224000Never Ever Again!I am slowly coming out of the worst ordeal after a very unrestful night as the result of eating Knorr's Mexican Rice. It was extremely high in sodium and I had to drink almost 12 glasses of water-to no avail. Even my sleeping pills did little to help me sleep. The label in the back of the package indicated it had only 670 milligram of sodium. Trust me, in reality it had probably five times more than that. It all happened because I ignored my friends' warnings and succumbed to its lower price than other brands. Because of the above experience, I do not recommend this product to any one even my enemy!
252711252711B000IKDIMEA1B28SD4MAF419J in Rome9951199145600The beans are good--the packaging isn'tThe beans are good. But it's very hard to get the packet open and when you're running if you DO tear it on the little notch (which is hard to see) the whole side of the packet tears away and you can lose all your beans.

Come on! How hard is it to improve the packaging? It's probably easier to empty them in a ziplock and carry with you.

Do you think the manufacturers ever read the product reviews????
252712252712B000IKDIMEAYNS4HEPMKFRFSimplyRoss121351186617600Great for keeping your energy upI'm training for my first marathon, and order a package of these after hearing good things about them on a message board about marathons. I have to say, I've been very happy with how they work for me. I was really having problems maintaining pace after the two hour mark, and had tried various gels, etc. but always seemed to lose about 2 minutes/mile off my pace after two hours. It may have been training breakthrough, it may have been strictly pyschological, but after I started snacking on the beans at the 1:45 mark, I started sustaining pace, and have actually been able to knock out my last mile on the same pace as my opening mile.

Of course, not garunteed to work for everyone, everyone's system processes these things differently, but for right now, I'm believing in the magic beans.
252716252716B000IKDIMEA3ALY1RA3FQGC5Bridget4441314748800Good for bad belliesI have a very sensitive stomach and cannot use GUs. I am a long distance runner and have enjoyed these sports beans. I would recommend trying them out in the store to make sure you like the flavor (they leave a bit of an aftertaste) but if you have a sensitive belly when running, I recommend these!
252713252713B000IKDIMEA2ZPNCH9GLOYBUBill Adams "Yep, it's me"7751172016000Great taste less fillingsThese jelly beans are great...the taste is better than most stuff on the market and they have electrolytes in them as well as carbs. Same carb as a GU but i like the fact that you eat them as you go along. Highly recommended..haven't tried any other flavors but i bet they are all GREAT. PS. check out Cliff Shot Blocks for a good steady carb delevery too.
252717252717B000IKDIMEA36D4EZMWTOMZ5Angela Ave4451209859200little beans-big helpI love these little sport beans.
First of all they taste great. Also, they are so easy to consume...not too large that they fill your mouth and make it hard to breath and swallow. Also, the benefits of these little guys truly show in your timed results; they help get you across the finish line.

I have a tiny pouch in the sportsbottle I carry during my runs and races. I just open the package of beans when lining up at the start and tuck them in the bottle pouch. Then I pop one bean at a time in my mouth during the course of the race.
The flavor burst keeps my senses entertained too. And my energy level is enhanced as well (very important)!

great product!
252714252714B000IKDIMEA3OEZ2FDIJZCV5S. CUSHMAN "Healing Facillitator"5521257465600Not realy sport beans-juice jelly beansOk, these are not really that healthy. They are made with fruit juice which is better than corn syrup BUT they still have canuba wax and the electrolytes are added not natural and no complex carbs( you need brown rice syrup to be a complex carb and has the natural electrolytes- like in Sharkies). These leave a coating in my mouth(from the wax). These are really glorified jelly beans. I feel no energyboost and they mess up my blood sugar. If you want the real deal get sharkies.
252715252715B000IKDIMEA1SQTOHPI4AMMSShannon Le Beau "Shannon"7851187136000yummy and easy to eatThe sport beans are awesome. I trained for a 15k running race this summer and taking the beans with me on my longer runs really helped sustain my energy. They are easy to take along and very easy to eat. They break down nicely in your mouth and are easily digested. The flavors are tasty so you don't cringe when eating them during a hard run. Also- it is a jelly bean- what better texture?! I just moved to a tropical climate (Hawaii) and can't find them in stores here. I need them to help with my training since it is so hot- the electrolytes and vitamins will really make a difference. Planning on buying them on Amazon.
252718252718B000IKDIMEA1OGO9DYD7D6PNErin3341318723200Tasty Little Jelly BeansI used these Jelly Beans to help me train for my first marathon. They taste good and seem to work although I did not seem to get as much of a boost as some of my friends say they have. I would only eat 2-4 at a time so maybe I need to eat a few more to get the full energy boost.

I agree with some of the other reviewers in that, although the little bag is resealable, it is still sometimes hard to open while you are jogging/running/walking.

Nice product.
252719252719B000IKDIMEA1X1IYOLYGQNNVDerek S. Weiss "Cycling Nut"3351240272000SPORT BEANSThese beans are very tasty, and are very effective at giving me an extra boost of energy on my bike rides, and they are a good source of carbs. They are easy to eat, but if you do choose to eat them while exercising, be sure to have some water near by, as they tend to produce a lot of flem, which can be very uncomfortable while exercising. I really enjoy these beans, and they are a convenient source of carbs and energy.
252720252720B000IKDIMEA35Q6V1YDJLAO0lokislisa "lisa"5651235088000ON THE GO GOODIESThis product has been available to runners for quite a while. The flavors are just like the Jelly Belly beans, but with a little extra kick and loaded with carbs. Very useful during those long runs when you need those carbs and potassium. Low in calories. Very convenient small packaging for your fanny pack or Fuel belt. Highly recommended and great price to boot!

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