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252721252721B000IKDIMEAVAXQ88DF7Y6MBeverly Terry "ConservativeMom"2251318896000Sport BeansWe found this product in a triathlon shop and tried for our kid's soccer games and swim meets. They love them and insist the beans really give them energy for their particular sport. This company shipped accurately and fast.
252722252722B000IKDIMEA3SR6OLRIP3IYVRobert Lipsitz "study but doubt, question and...4551196380800Perfect size and work wellEver since I started marathon running I've been searching for a calorie supplement. Ive tried the gels, goos and cubes but was never satisfied. The cubes are too big and its hard to breath while chewing them. The goos and gels are just too dessicating, its like putting peanut butter in my mouth and I need to get something to drink to wash it down.

The jelly beans are the best yet. They are smaller making it easier to breath while running. they do not dry your mouth and they also taste good, aways a plus. They provide 100 cals per pouch and contain no caffeine.

That said it is not the perfect product. The package can be difficult to open while running and occasionally a few beans drop out as you are trying to negotiate them out of the bag and into your mouth. Also they should make a variety pack. 24 packs is enough to last me a month and I prefer to buy only one at a time. The same flavor, while good, can get a little boring. They have other flavors, a variety pack should not be too hard to make.

Enjoy your exercise!
252723252723B000IKDIMEA3MP71W3B5SUDHBigBuyer1121310860800Tart tasteI have been riding for about 1.5 years (average 30 - 40 miles - 17-18 mph). Once I got over 25 miles decided to enhance my liquid replentishment with a solid - purchased these, "GU" gel and "GU" chomps all at the same time so I could try side by side. All appeared to have helped me from hitting the wall equally, but the gel and chops go down easier. These beans are smaller - thus need to ingest more/more often to make same impact and are "tarter" and not as easy to swallow. I bought I case of these so will choke them down, but of the three, I like the chomps better. Ride safe
252724252724B000IKDIMEA2VD46ZNGQ2KAXKay0051349740800Easy to Chew and CarryOf Chomps, Shot Bloks, and Honey Stingers, these beans are best because they a) don't melt or get messy, and, b) are easiest to chew (no major jaw-action required to get through them).

All the flavors I've tried so far are totally fine.

I just empty the pack into my pocket or bra or whatever and scoop out the beans as needed while racing. I've tried this with the more gelatinous other varieties of sports candy but those make anywhere from a small mess to a big one, and they tend to clump together. Plus, its too effortful to get your teeth through gummy candy like that. Sports Beans are pretty perfect.
252725252725B000IKDIMEATRM9MC82X0CLthaknowledgehustla0051347148800Anti-bonking!These are great. They taste good. Buying the quantity of course comes with the discount. I think the expiration on them is like a year out. They are great for energy when out there for an extended period of time. Of course, I only use them like I use Gatorade, only if I am exercising (biking, running, etc) for 2+ hours. I like them because it gives me the energy to keep going, but instead of eating something that sits in my stomach and weighs me down, these don't do this, niceeeee. They are well worth it to me. With these and Cliff Bars, I can just keep goin.
252726252726B000IKDIMEA8MJT42DQBRK5S. Mead0051345248000Distance Runner in Love!As a marathon runner and lover of long distance, I've found my match. Lemon-lime Jelly Belly Sport Beans are really one of the best electrolyte products. I just stick them in my pocket and without a lot of fuss (or pace change), I can grab them on the go. Many sport nutrition "candies" are nasty tasting - when you're exercising you can somehow gulp it down. But the Jelly Belly Sport Beans are actually good whether exercising or not! Conveniently, they come in a resealable pouch that keeps extra beans fresh and secure when bouncing around.
252727252727B000IKDIMEA1IRI6100LDQTSTatrD0051341964800Very good!I've tried several flavors and the orange is really quite good. Sweet and sour and they really do give you energy but don't make you feel "jumpy" like the caffeine drinks. Highly recommended!
252728252728B000IKDIMEA3N0X0HS0S6FPGAcadia930041340064000doesn't melt in the sun!I've been living and riding in Florida for 6 years and came across Sport Beans as a great alternative to PowerBars, Gels, Blocks and Gu's a few years or so ago. They are great. Not a ton of energy - only 70 - 100 calories per pack, but they restore some electrolytes and they don't make a mess of your pockets or fuel packs. Sport Beans hold up in the heat of summer and that is a great thing!!
252729252729B000IKDIMEAY1NUCXXJ5WD5Hummingbirds0051338422400These taste awesome, and do the job!After trying GU gel (which made me gag), I decided to try these beans. The watermelon flavor was awesome, no fake taste like the gels that I've tried. They go down as easy as regular jellybeans. Do drink with water though to prevent stomach upset (it tells you that on the box). I haven't had any problems with them at all, as long as I drink water. They give me the most energy of any I've tried, plus caffeine -- which I really need before a run (as I don't usually drink my daily coffee before running). I would definitely buy these again!
252730252730B000IKDIMEA2VZQ7MEKIUB21SwimmyGal0051334793600YUMI took this about half an hour before swimming my 100 butterfly in a swim meet as a result i dropped 6 seconds in my previous races i had added time because i simply had no sports beans. THESE REALLY WORK!!!!!! and they are delicious....
252731252731B000IKDIMEAH89KQZJS1CUXMark0031334707200I don't knowHealthy or energy jelly beans - taste fine but cannot tell if there is any energy benefit??? Expensive jelly beans - probably will not repurchase.
252732252732B000IKDIMEA14LI5FWCIYR2QKin0051314835200Taste way better than GUI tried this out when a friend of mine who worked at a running shoe store recommended me this.

Comparing Sport beans with GU is like comparing Chipotle with Mikey D.

I used this for a full marathon, hikes on Grand Canyon, Mt. Whitey, and Halfdome. Watermelon is my favorite flavor!
252733252733B000IKDIMEAS8NWX6417U50Eric Klein0031297209600Tasty, but not that useful for meThese are really tasty, and make a decent snack, but I've found that they aren't that helpful for running. When I'm doing a long run (10+ miles), they are too sweet, and leave my mouth feeling weird. I had also thought I was ordering the version w/ caffeine, but... appears not (mea culpa). Anyway, lastly, don't seem to give my system much of a boost, so... these go into the snack pile, but I'll not be using them for endurance sports.
252734252734B000IKDIMEA2SIKAGJLSUXTJE. S. Richman "E Esquire"0051291161600The best sports 'supplement'!I use these while biking and hiking. They taste great (maybe I'm biased because I love jellybeans, but I can't help it!) A fun and convenient way to get my electrolytes.
252735252735B000IKDIMEA39EMGRQNW20W6katy79800051272585600Awesome Recovery ToolsI had my reservations about this product when I first saw this product. But being a big fan of Jelly Belly I had to try them. I've used this product off and on for two years now. I has helped me recover from training sessions. Long runs, cross fit sessions, and field exercises that would have left me dehydrated for the day just become "fond" memories after taking one of these packs. I do not recommend eating these Jelly Bellies unless your body needs the electrolytes, they taste too sweet and salty.
252736252736B000IKDIMEAOI15M1DOYHHVB. Tomhave "infosec professional"1251202601600Perfect For An Energy BoostThese are not just ordinary jelly beans (I know, I tried comparing). They are just the right amount to provide an energy boost, whether it be first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon to fight off food-coma (or meeting malaise), or even as a snack before dinner. I first started using them to supplement on the train to or from nighttime grad classes. They're also handy to have on hand between sets, quarters, or whatever your sporting needs might be. Quite tasty, too.
252738252738B000IKDIMEAIOVTF3BBNA39Jacynda Shepard0131291248000Jelly Belly Sport BeansI love the Jelly Belly Sport Beans! The only problem I had was that the picture is misleading. I wanted the Blue packaged Jelly Beans and I got the purple Jelly Beans. I like the purple, but my last box was purple so I wanted a new flavor. I'll still use them, but was disappointed that the beans were not the blue ones.
252739252739B000IKDIMEA2CF3ZMSQ1Z9XHLucia2611281225600Very poor seller.Very poor seller. Never sent product after full payment. Did not respond to any communication. Had to contact Amazon to intervene. Amazon got my money back. Do not buy from this seller.
252740252740B000IKDIMEA10ACPC0I87JZQDAVID H. KLEIN "candy inventor"41651283385600Best jelly bean in the worldIn 1976 with my last 800.00 I invented the Jelly Belly jelly bean. A documentary on my life Candyman:the David Klein story is now available on AmazonCandyman Jelly Belly is still the finest jelly bean produced....There is not even a close second.....david klein
252741252741B000IKDIMEA1875ALE3IVRDUD. White11211308009600No review for watermelon because i recieved Cherry instead!!!!This is for the cherry flavor not watermelmon which is what i ordered. Cherry taste good for a few seconds then has a bad after taste. Easy to eat.
252742252742B0041QIK1UA1CV5L6H0FW945Nancy Dobrinski2251319414400So delicious, don't let the color scare youThis pasta is just plain delicious, and I love knowing it is GMO free. Note that a 2 oz. serving has a whopping 9 grams of protein. The simple genetic make-up of einkorn wheat makes it easily digested, even though it is not gluten free. No belly bloat from this pasta! Einkorn grain has a reddish hue, making the pasta appear somewhat purple, but it cooks up smooth and tastes very similar to regular white pasta. Not grainy like many whole-wheat pastas. Holds up well in recipes without turning to mush.
252743252743B0041QIK1UAQX2RIF7J2W9DGadget Man0051349481600This pasta tastes great and is healthier for you than most whole wheat pastas.This pasta is made from Einkorn wheat, an ancient grain which has more protein and less carbs. That in addition to the fact that it is whole wheat makes it a healthy past product that also happens to taste great. Although more expensive than most pasta, the price is also good relative to what you will have to pay for it if you buy it at Whole Foods for at least $1 more per package. If you use the auto ship feature, you save even more money.
252744252744B0041QIK1UA1DW9SK2P8ZVQworkerbee820051345161600Perfect dinnerThis line of products is absolutely delicious. The best part is that it is a healthy pasta. Imagine a carb-loaded taste of Italy that's as good for you as it is tasty. I love that it's not creating all that belly fat. Thank you Jovial!!!!!!Jovial Organic Whole Grain Einkorn Spaghetti, 12-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)
252745252745B0041QIK1UA15775QAQMNOL8judi0051338768000great productTaste just like any quality whole wheat pasta but it doesn't have any of the harmful gluten side effects. It doesn't have the same chromosome makeup as modern day wheat. I am gluten sensitive and yet I have no problem eating this.
252746252746B0041QIK1UA3E84DTJXOK70Xop2myst0041338163200No bitter taste!I had tried whole wheat pastas in the past and was always put off by the bitter taste that overwhelmed any sauce, and the grainy texture. So it was with some trepidation that I bought the jovial einkorn fusilli. It required a minute or so less cooking time than indicated, but the flavor was smooth, without a hint of bitterness! Texture was just a tad less smooth than white pasta. My usual pairing of the pasta swimming in tomato bisque soup was a tasty success! It has more protein and double the fiber of semolina durum pasta, and a nice vitamin/mineral profile. It's a winner!
252747252747B0041QIK1UATDRMRU3HWR9VLuveurope1251325462400Great PastaI love the Einkorn pasta in general and this is easy for me to just have it shipped in bulk to my house. I make a whole box at a time, toss it with olive oil and salt for keeping. I can parcel it out and add it to pesto, marinara or any sauce for lunches. The flavor is really nice, it is NOT Gluten free... how could anyone think that about this pasta?
252748252748B0036FBZI2A2U1PKAWT52LKSJ. Lourenco "Joojoo"0041341446400Easy, convenient, and pretty yummy.These are great!
I'm training for a comp and it's not always easy eating 5 meals a day....
So instead of a meal, I have one of these.
Not bad!
But I got sick of strawberry halfway through the box, so don't buy bigger than pack of 20.
40 grams of protein in each packet!
252749252749B0036FBZI2A1CBO8TK6LWS07Greencat730041307491200Great shake flavorThis is in my opinion the best shake flavor I ever tasted love this strawberry ice-cream but I the price is way to high
252750252750B0036FBZI2A39LU99ZQKTLENJosh Meier "script writer"0051287705600Lean Body - Delicious Meal ReplacementOne day a personal trainer told me I would need at least 250 calories in a meal replacement drink to feel full. She also recommended Lean Body. So, I tried it and loved it. For me, the Strawberry Ice Cream tastes just like it says. I like to add a half banana as well as some ice while using skim milk. What a treat! Oh, yes, and for some reason, I've noticed that I literally feel less hungry, which gives me the ability to control my appetite a lot better. It's subtle. But if I listen to my body, it works!Lean Body for Her Strawberry Ice Cream 20 pckts

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