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252781252781B000NY31M2A155Z7RQR806LFKentucky Rose1151281657600Fantastic Vinegar DressingI had this for the first time a few nights ago. It was served with olive oil over a avocado and blew cheese salad. It was fantastic. Can't wait for Amazon to carry it.
252782252782B000NY31M2A2S3ZW69U0C4LNK. M. Savage1151273190400More Than Vinegar!Makes your salad sparkle on your tongue... Lightly seasoned, low acid, delicious flavor. Only 5 tiny calories, 1 gram of carbs. I've been enjoying Kuhne Salata for several years - tried everything out there but it's still my favorite.
252783252783B000NY31M2A303FU3SYYMDMXTeresa0051347235200Amazon Kuhne Salata OrderI was so happy that someone chose to sell this favorite Kuhne Salata - Seasoned Vinegar Dressing at Amazon online!!! My husband and I were once stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army. We tried this wonderful dressing while there. Upon returning to the U.S.A., I couldn't find it anywhere except at our military commissary and quickly bought two bottles. That was many many years ago and we are not near a military base where we live right now. A dear neighbor in another state who is the German wife of a deceased retired military soldier went to her commissary to find it for me and then sent me two bottles of a different brand of German vinegar dressing after not being able to find my Kuhne Salata. It was not my favored Kuhne Salata although I did not tell her that it wasn't not wanting to hurt her feelings. So, it was after that delivery that I went on the internet to find my Kuhne Salata and this Amazon seller actually had it for sale at a very reasonable price! Even the delivery was ahead of the predicted time arriving faster than expected! Since it was a glass bottle, he or she did an excellent job packing it and a tag was attached saying "Fragile". Would definitely recommend this Amazon seller!!!


A very satisfied customer!!! FIVE STARS!!!
252784252784B000NY31M2A387141T5QG6U3German Judy0051345161600Vinegar with a kick!My german potato salads have not been tasting the same as my Oma's (grandmother's) and I knew it had to be the vinegar. I had a german potato salad recently that was fantastic and the woman who made it used this vinegar, which she buys whenever she is at a PX. After using it, I have to say it makes all the difference in the world. I love it and since I am the only one in my family who eats potato salad, that is a GOOD thing!!!
252785252785B000NY31M2A16J5HGMGX5LWMEnovative Solutions Inc Stephenson0051342569600Perfect vinegar for veggiesMy German hubby introduced me to this vinegar. It's now a staple in our house. We used to have to drive to a German community north of us to find a grocer who carries it. When we make sauerkraut, I rinse it 3 times to remove the highly acidic vinegar they pack the stuff in stateside, then start with my seasoned base, add the kraut, and 2 Tbsp Salata, plus a bit of champagne or sweet white wine if I have it on hand. Perfect kraut every time. Another way to use it is to dice some fresh tomatoes, julienne some sweet onions, add some salt and whatever fresh herbs you have on hand (dill, thyme, basil, parsley, etc.), pour about 1/4 cup Salata over it and let it sit in the fridge for about 3 hours. Delicious side dish. Salata also works well to add the kick to coleslaw, a cold bean salad, etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! Wish I could get it on Amazon Subscribe & Save!
252786252786B000NY31M2A2F0K64OLEG48RJennyV0051329696000Delish!A friend of ours from Germany introduced my husband and I to this vinegar. It is fabulous! I used it on sauteed Brussels sprouts, in salad dressing, and also to make cole slaw and potato salad (adding a bit of mayo). It is also wonderful to use to marinate thinly sliced cucumbers and onions for a refreshing salad. We're addicted!
252787252787B000NY31M2AFCLIFX85SVPSbuck-i-nut1251322697600Salata....Delightfully delicious!This is the best seasoned vinegar ever! Light, tasty, wonderful for salads. To make my salad dressing, I use 2 Tbsp Salata vinegar, I add a little water(maybe not quite 1 Tbsp), a little(approx 1/4 tsp)freshly ground pepper (I use McCormick Steakhouse Seasoning grinder - coarse grind), a little salt (approx 1/4 tsp), a little (1/4-1/2 tsp) fresh (minced) dill if in season, and a little oil (maybe 1/4 -1/3 cup). Wonderful with a spring side salad of just greens (I usually use romaine) and some green onion and occasionally add fresh sugar snap peas when in season. Toss the dressing with the salad just before serving. Easy and delicious! I wish I could find it in stores - 3 stores in Columbus, Ohio used to carry it - now, none of them do. So sad.
252788252788B001H828EKANFFK43JM31BZI. Newton "David's mom"0051349481600great tastebought these for my son on gluten free diet. These taste great - he loves them. They are crunchy, not too salty and taste just like regular pretzels.
252789252789B001H828EKA2JN7MIHXMY6URMr. Pizza0051343692800Just as good as regularI'm not a person that needs or wants to be on a gluten free diet, but I wanted to try these to see if they're as good as good old fashioned pretzel sticks.

As a person that eats pretzels regularly I can easily say that these are excellent! Just as good but more expensive; but if you need these, they're worth it in my opinion.
252790252790B001H828EKAWMSKB6SZ6TANTrish0051340841600GOODWow, these pretels are amazingly good. We are new to Gluten Free and pretty much expected them to taste like cardboard. They are yummy. They are great with peanut butter, by themselves, dipped in yogurt...we eat them all the time!
252791252791B001H828EKAZ6DJLNAUGTUGrka0051334620800Glutino is the BestWhen searching for gluten free snacks it is hard to find something that always tastes good. Glutino pretzels are great. They taste like a regular pretzel.
252792252792B001H828EKAICML0Z75E76RMichelle0051319932800Best pretzels, except my husband won't stop eating them...I love these pretzel except I have to hide them from my husband. They're light tasting and almost a hint of butter tasting. My husband (who hates regular pretzels) wont stop eating them. They're a little pricey but they don't get stale as fast either. <
252793252793B001H828EKAB2ZSKYSQX0K3NJM20000051318723200AwesomeThese pretzels are amazing... My entire family loves them, celiac or not. I use these in recipes and they taste like graham cracker crumbs when i am done....
252794252794B001H828EKA1ZXKGP133JJ8VAnna0051306108800Tasty tasty tastyThese GF pretzels are a wonderful snack! I'm gluten intolerant and can have soy, so I find nothing wrong with them. Even my no-dietary-restrictions man loves them. He says they're tastier and lighter than regular pretzels and don't leave his stomach feeling heavy. I just love how great they are on their own or in a mix with nuts/fruit/dark chocolate. Mmm!
252795252795B001H828EKA10QHFZTRU83I9Matilda Twain "Mat"1221295913600Soy is In These PretzelsI was disappointed in the pretzels, as they have soy lecithin in them and a lot of celiacs are allergic to any soy, including myself. It is so hard to find any gf pretzels without it, I am going to start making my own!!
252796252796B001H828EKA2P64YUYRH7EY0kg0111341705600Yuck.These neither look nor taste like pretzels. I can appreciate the effort to put GF snack foods out there, but at this exorbitant price and tremendous fail on execution...just skip it and eat some popcorn instead.
252797252797B000FPJ77CA1QSP1EOX4Y7UQsuperdrew "Drew"1141210118400Dog Loves but they make a messMy Dog loves these but they crumble and make a mess while he is chewing. Normally he gets it all but there are often crumbs left!
252798252798B001OCG1A6A3BOVHLQXQ7YICbarxder "Brian"111151252713600UTTERLY STUPENDOUSCrystal Light as a whole is a spectacular product. Was a HUGE fan of the Peach Tea, but I wanted the benefits of the antioxidant and metabolic boosting power of green tea. Saw that Crystal Light had a green tea with a peach/mango combo so I figured I'd give it a shot. I looked around at my local retail stores, but could ONLY find it available in the packets used in the 16 oz. bottles, gave them a shot to see if I liked it....BOY OH BOY, did I LIKE IT! But, unfortunately I could
not find the 10 quart size ANYWHERE. So checked around here on Amazon and low and behold, here is Peach/Mango GREEN TEA!!! This has everything you're gonna want in your antioxidant/metabolism boosting regimen and the TASTE: Superb, very potent peach with the aftertaste of the mango, IGNORE ANY reviews that say there is a bad aftertaste.....this stuff is TOP NOTCH!! I drink about 2 to 3 quarts a day, can't get enough! With super saver shipping from Amazon, you're paying about THE SAME that you would pay retail. What more could you want???
252799252799B001OCG1A6A1WY70C6KAVSDNT. Vanderfin4451253491200Awesome flavor!The Crystal Light Green Tea Peach Mango is really great tea with an outstanding flavor. I love this tea. Not only are you drinking a great tea, but your body is getting good antioxidants too. So you are getting two things for the price of one, great taste and antioxidants to help your body out. On top of that, it is a cool and refreshing drink.
252800252800B001OCG1A6A3PJEEZ6T2ZJXAG. Dalgaard3351251417600My favoriteEveryone in our household loves this particular Crystal Light flavor. It's now the only one we buy and we have switched completely to drinking this instead of carbonated drinks. It's great!
252801252801B001OCG1A6ARYUSLKEPA7U2Ms. Carolyn S. Craig "wants to know"2251268784000Loved by 70 young menOrdered this as a gold box special. It was a lot more than I need for my personal use. I am part of a prison ministry and we visit about 60-70 juvenile males once a month. I apprehensively used this for their beverage--wasn't sure what their reaction would be. They loved it---especially the peach taste--they put away five gallons in no time flat and wanted more. The cannisters are so easy to transport. We'll be having it frequently. They all liked it better than lemonade--and they didn't even know the tea was good for them!!
252802252802B001OCG1A6A2MG3GWZS8UIMTLinda T. Minton "linnerlu"2251268524800Expensive, but worth the price.Crystal Light Green Tea, Peach Mango, 10-Quart Canister (Pack of 6)
Naturally, whenever you find a product you love, they either quit making it, or quit stocking it in your grocery store! Living in San Antonio, Texas (where the only grocery stores are either HEB or WalMart), I have searched in vain for this product. It is one of the few Crystal Light drinks that is not too sweet and not too tart. I drink it all day long, and was happy to buy it in bulk. The other flavor that is tasty but mild like this one is White Grape ... also not available in San Antonio stores. Thank you,!
252803252803B001OCG1A6A267SPU8FBONBUDarling Nikki0051337644800This stuff is GREAT!!!!In an effort to stop drinking sodas, I bought this and have not looked back. The flavor is great and there is no after taste. It is an AWESOME thirst quencher and does not leave me desiring more as some flavored or sweetened bevarages tend to do. I keep a canister of this on hand at all times. Adding this to 2 qts. of water makes for the perfect beverage.
252804252804B001OCG1A6A3A20NINYBVEK6Robyn0051333238400Yummy!I just bought this today at Stop & Shop as I am trying to drink more green tea but needed an "on the go" option. I honestly thought it would taste awful but didn't care because it's for my health not taste. I was only on this Amazon site to get reviews of what people thought... I saw someone before me saying the taste was great and to ignore those who said it was bad. I tried it and LOVE IT.. sweet, but not too sweet.
I do think that people have different tastes, so it may not be for everyone but I really love this.
252805252805B001OCG1A6A36M3X57QR2A99pOOdle mOmma "Lori"0051277596800The best DIET drink mix ever!I have wasted hundreds of dollars on trying varied diet drink mixes. I only drink Diet Mountain Dew, otherwise I cannot tolerate any other diet beverage. This is the very first Crystal Light I actually enjoy drinking, and I am actually off of Diet Mt. Dew completely; that is nothing short of a miracle (ask anyone who knows me - I believed it to be impossible).

It is refreshing, and sweet, very great combo of peach/mango and faint green tea flavor. Everyone in my home also enjoys it. I make a gallon a day!
252806252806B001OCG1A6A14R9XMZVJ6INBamf00010051274572800healthier iced teaWe drink lots of Crystal light products, but my family loves the peach iced tea. I find it a bit too sweet myself, so I buy it for them. This was on sale and I just bought it to see how it would taste. I like it much better than the peach tea - it's less sweet and has less of that cloying after taste. It's a happy find for our household - iced tea with a better level of antioxidants and a nice, not too sweet taste.
252807252807B001OCG1A6A35E38U31B8L3FSpecific Gravity0031271635200a bit too sweetI cannot taste the green tea. When I tried my first sip I thought I tasted something that seemed like green tea but it was quickly and abruptly interrupted by peach/mango... I have never seen or heard (or tasted) that hint of green tea again.

I usually make 4 quarts at a time (two of the packs) but found the tea was just too sweet. I tried one pack and 3 quarts and that seems to be the happy medium. tastes like tea, a little sweet but not overpowering.

With the recommended mixing I felt that I needed to drink something else right after drinking a glass of this tea just to wash down the sweetness of it. Forget drinking this to quench a thirst, I just felt more thirsty.

My suggestion if you find the tea to be too sweet, add more water, it helps.
252808252808B001OCG1A6A1EI9L23PXZSV8Tamara Musgrove0051271203200Very, Very Good!I have been a fan of Crystal Light for several years and this flavor is very good! It is milder than black tea, and the peach is the dominant flavor. I love that it is caffeine free so I can drink it anytime of day without the worry of jitters or being unable to sleep. I also love Crystal Light Immunity in the Cherry Pomegranate flavor.
252809252809B001OCG1A6A3NTBJSK3UI4E9G. Cuevas0051270857600Love this flavorMany of the Crystal Light products give me reflux; this one does not. Every time I drink it, I say "Yum, that's good." This price was way over what it is at my local W-M. I wish I had known that before I bought from Amazon. Probably the only thing I've made a poor decision with on Amazon. They usually have the best price on everything.
252810252810B001OCG1A6A2H1OIQIUVRGRFD. Lavelle "snowbird93930"0221266451200NO Peach or Mango flavorI really like Crystal Light, but I feel this really missed the mark. It taste like Apple Juice, not Peach or Mango, but if you really like Apple Juice then you will like this, but unfortunately I really don't.

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