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252871252871B000BY50BYA3T90Z99IUEF9HLab lover "Linda"1151163030400My dogs love theseI have two labs that love these beef tendons. They are consumable and healthier for dogs than raw hide snacks. My dogs tend to wolf things down unfortunately but when they were younger these tendons kept them busy chewing for awhile.
252872252872B000BY50BYA1S60FSDF0EC0URochelle M. Barela0041350172800I still purchase however...
252873252873B000BY50BYA32TPHU48QT21VAnthony B. Vander Heyden0011350000000Dogs would not touch itPerhaps our persnickety dogs are just way too sophisticated to try dog treats, probably preferring people treats. Nevertheless, neither dog (a corgi and a lhaso apso) would touch this stuff. YMMV.
252874252874B000BY50BYAFYGWR6M7DO9Tamelia d. becke0011349654400poor quality beef tendonsThese are the worst beef tendons my dogs have ever had. They hated this brand. It's smelly, thick, and splinters when they chew it. Terrible product. We've been looking for a back up brand since Old West Beef Tendons haven't been available for months, and Cadet Tendons sure isn't it...
252875252875B000BY50BYA1GCAPRYI9CDLZDani H "love dunce"0021348617600NOt as picturedI expected this would be/look like what was shown on the bag..the beef tendons, the slightly rounded twisty things I've always gotten before, but these were SUPER flat and easily crunched...these are not the beef tendons pictured in THIS bag used as the photograph unfortunately.
252876252876B000BY50BYA3IXRX9YF983KLeaglelakeone0031346976000Large tendonsI should have listened to the reviews on this item, it said 100 pieces, I thought that this would keep my dog occupied for days, there were only 8 LARGE pieces, they are very brittle and cannot be broken. This will keep her occupied for 8 hours, it is better than the twisted tendons at $4 a piece, but not the size or description of the item on line. She did, however, LOVE them and I will probably order again!
252877252877B000BY50BYAGUUFW1YH4H6Wilma A. Aquila0041345593600Dog tendonsMy guys really enjoys these chews and I get some quiet time. They are completely chewable and don't get soggy like rawhide. They can be a little stinky so I sometimes soak them and let they dry out again.
252878252878B000BY50BYA2J288L8N8J3YTDebi0011345420800Not "All Natural"Read the packages carefully before buying. Cadet is known for "irradiating" their products. That is not "all natural." Our holistic vet advises to never feed irradiated or "high-pressure pasturised" products to animals. It's not worth the risk and it definitely puts more toxic junk into their systems.

Merrick is not great either. They own their own rendering plant in TX. Road kill; euthanized pets; diseased, dead, dying, and downed animals are allowed and included in rendered meats and by-products.
252879252879B000BY50BYA3HR29STN5BLFIEdeBee0011344988800Cadet Beef Tendons Canine Treats Not as Depicted!!First, I waited for over two weeks to get what appeared to be a good alternative to the chicken sticks that my Shih Tzus love. Imagine my disgust when I opened the box of Cadet Natural Beef Tendons Canine Treats and found black bugs in the bag and in the packing box. In addition, the Cadet treats are not as depicted in the picture. I expected sticks, not these humongous strips, fit for a Great Dane. I immediately dumped the whole box into the trash, called Amazon, who were very apologetic and immediately refunded my purchase. Thank you, Amazon! But shame on Cadet! I am boycotting all of their products and will never buy another item from them, ever!!! The lesson for me is read the customer reviews. Had I done so, I would have avoided the whole horrible experience and I wouldn't be making chicken strips for my Shih Tzus right now. Cadet 1-Pound Bag 100-Percent Natural Beef Tendons Canine Treats
252880252880B000BY50BYA3SAQ2NOHWST2SHjkl0011343347200HjvWill not order this product again....terrible odor & strips too thin, poor for dog- chewing. Was expecting something totally different.
252881252881B000BY50BYA3QA0BBQW08DLZMc "m0c21"0031334793600Worse than beforeSeems like this company/brand is falling apart. They used to be great but they're just okay now. These used to be thin long strips that actually looked like achilles tendons (two points of insertion at 1 end and one point of attachment on the other end) as pictured. The new one is just a giant slab thats 2-3 inches wide and doesn't interest my dog at all.
252882252882B000BY50BYAFI7RFXF8PHO4MC "MC"0021334275200Eh.These crack loudly when she chews them. I prefer bully sticks (as does she). These aren't really worth it - they are loud, go quickly, and the pieces are unwiedly sizes. These are not a bully stick substitute.
252883252883B000BY50BYA2MP5ALLQKSQSArmily0031333152000Rigid and Pointy, Take CareThese chews are quite rigid and they have some sharp points on them. We have had some bloody stool with these so I will not be buying again. Part of this may be my dog not chewing them thoroughly so if your dog chews carefully you may have a better experience. I have a beagle that's kind of a chow hound so probably the pieces get swallowed before they're truly ready to go. But I also buy bison or buffalo tendons and have never had that problem with them. They seem to be softer, more fleshy. This is also true of things like bully sticks and yak milk chews, whether they are not as sharp or they digest easier, I'm not sure but we've had no problems. I may look for another brand and see if we have a better experience with those, as the beef tendons are definitely more cost effective than the bison tendons.
252884252884B000BY50BYA1RZZ09JZMSYB9Jason0011332892800These are way too expensive for how long they lastYeah my 20 pound Chug tore through one of these in about 3 minutes. I'm going back to bully sticks.
252885252885B000BY50BYA1I9DO6W69P4JOD. Stubitsch0021327449600not consistent qualityI have ordered these before and was happy with them. They were long and usually curled length wise in sort of like a stick of cinnamon. The dogs enjoyed them with nothing left behind. This time I ordered 3 packages and they were flat shapes and irregular sizes. These shredded into small sharp shard-like pieces that looked decidedly dangerous and the dogs couldn't finish them. If they had tried I think these would have caused harm. At these prices I won't risk it again.
252886252886B000BY50BYA3CW94YYFXEBSIC. Jones "bascelflt"0051321920000These are BIG! I wasn't expecting the size!These chews are a good deal for the price but think I will have to hack them in half for my dogs so they last longer. They are smelly but dogs like that!
Good price!
252887252887B000BY50BYA3EM40VV41YOHHA. Staley0051317254400These are great!My dogs have never had these before but I decided to order them and give them a try. I just got them in the mail earlier and gave one to each of my dogs and they were chewing on them for 2hrs... I left for a bit and just got home again and they greeted me at the door but then rushed right back to their treats and are still chewing at them. They seem to really love them and it definitely keeps them occupied! They are also a lot bigger then I thought they'd be so I'm happy with this product.
252888252888B000BY50BYA2PNT9RY2MEDFZDannielle0051316649600Corgi ApprovedThese treats arrived just one day after ordering them!

My 5 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi, moderate chewer, spent about 8-10 minutes eating this. Not as long as a bully stick, but he doesn't seem to like bully sticks anymore so I had to find something to keep him busy. No stomach troubles to report, so far. Stinky things, but not anything intolerable.

I will be buying these again!
252889252889B000BY50BYA498GLM784OC1nyimala0051315612800my 70 lb. lab/pit mix, a POWER chewer, LOVES them!i was on amazon searching for bully sticks when i ran into this. read others' reviews and figured i might as well have my dog try them. she LOVES them!!! we alternate treats between this and the bully sticks. i'm sure she appreciates the variety. i'm already ordering my 2nd bag. :)
252890252890B000BY50BYA78B0IBG47Y2Ufrequent Amazon consumer0041315267200My dog loves emI got this bag to replace the ones we were buying at $4.99 a pop at the petstore. These are smaller in size (length) than the petstore ones. Otherwise, good to go; they smell, but not more than expected. They don't make my dog sick in any way. It takes my 9 mo boxer mix about 60m to finish one.
252891252891B000BY50BYACDLVQ6R9XFOZGoWild07060051313020800Good treatsMy wife and I just got a 12 week old American Bulldog and she loves them. I am overseas so I haven't seen it yet but my wife says she eats them right up. Says they smell but its to be expected. She feeds her one when she leaves in the morning for work and has to leave her in her crate all day. Or when she has to take her eyes off of her for a few minutes. Dixie gets tunnel vision when she eats them. My wife says they only last about 15-20 min but my dog is a heavy chewer even with baby teeth. I will be buying a few more packs then i will prob search for something that last a lil longer. maybe a XXXXXXL size lol
252892252892B000BY50BYA2W03FKIYR3OFJSparecat0041312761600My dog loves these but....If your dog is a heavy chewer these are obviously tasty but not nearly as hard as bully sticks. If you want to give your dog a "project" while you are away from home I suggest you don't expect this product to substitute for the more expensive, heavy duty bully sticks. I keep these and the bully sticks in my freezer. The frozen bully stick keeps my labrador busy for a few hours. These treats are gone before my car has left the driveway. For the reviews that say this product is smelly, keeping it in the freezer in a freezer baggie solves that problem.
252893252893B000BY50BYAJ0E3VPBLH40ITerry Dact El0051312329600Very smelly but apparently delicious to dogs!My dogs don't care much for odor-free chew toys but that's not a problem with these beef tendons. They smell kind of like cheese rind left out in the sun but boy, do the dogs love them. They are pretty hard so they last quite a long time, at least for my small dogs. I try to be in a different room when they are eating them though!
252894252894B000BY50BYAOD97RP1VB5Z9BYU_RAZORBACK0051309219200Great treat for your dog!These are made out of dried beef tendon, which besides being tasty for your pup, is great for their dental health. These are very competitively priced and are of high quality. The only drawback is that they are a little rich if you have a small dog, so I would limit to 1 a day if you do. More than that you could cause loose stool for your pup, but you get that with any rich treats you give your dog and is not unique to this item.
252895252895B000BY50BYA37A7V3U1XUHBRK. Lamy "M&K"0041308787200My picky dogs love these!Beef tendons were recommended by our dog trainer because they are natural, as opposed to rawhides. She says that it's important for dogs to chew 20-30 minutes a day. Our dogs are as picky as could be and won't eat anything. They love these. They don't want them all of the time, but when they do, they eat the whole thing.
252896252896B000BY50BYAEDCS9FYH2GTXretailconcept0051308614400Dogs Love TheseOur dogs loved these, actually caused a first fight between two of them. We won't buy again because of the cost, they can go through these like a piece of bacon.
252897252897B000BY50BYA2BICS24550MCURobert Olek0051302998400beef tendons devouredThe dog loves these but they are devoured so fast you must be careful how many you give the dog a day...
252898252898B000BY50BYANY74IVWZPZ3L. Boileau "Laura"0051302825600ALL my dogs LOVE em!This is a good value, and my dogs really LOVE these! They do smell, but keep my dogs happy and busy, so it's worth it.
252899252899B000BY50BYAH7VRRLOYL88SLittle Lu61031331856000where made?I haven't purchased this but giving 3 stars because its description doesn't specify where they're made. There have recently been dogs dying from eating dried chicken products from China (such as those chicken wrapped apples and yam treats my dog loved so). That's not the first dog food product from there that there's been an issue with. From now on, just to be safe, I will only purchase USA products and I won't buy unless I know that's where it's made.
252900252900B000BY50BYA7LSWNTOBOJKILaron Burbridge "lburb"0141277683200good buyOne of my dogs favorite treats. A similar product at the local pet supply store is priced at twice as much.

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