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252901252901B000BY50BYAGE9RGCWX6VEBLady Di0151231200000Easy DealingsAlways a pleasure to do business with this seller. Products are just what my dogs love. Great value. Great service. Great product.
252902252902B0029SXAI0A1KQKCLGDE0360Marilyn J. Moore "Mammy Jo"81451262995200Gift Basket ReviewVery pleased with my purchase, and the swiftness with which it was delivered. Also, being able to do it over the computer.
252903252903B0021YYHQ6A2WRP9NSGSWOIMRyan Hartman2251313712000This is great!If you are trying to do a Paleo type diet and are having trouble finding grass fed beef locally this could be a great option for you. I had no problems with my order and the steak was great.
252904252904B0021YYHQ6AYKC821APPJWHMom O Twins "Moms"4551271548800Best grass fed Beef around!Do not buy grass fed beef from Australia or other countries where we only add to the carbon footprint by importing foreign grass fed beef. America has some of the best beef in the world, and Rocky Mountain beef sells for the same price as upscale grain-fed beef, with a better flavor and a healthier content. I recommend ordering over $200. of beef- try the ground beef as well- as you save on shipping. It arrives frozen and stays fresh in your freezer until use. Excellent customer service.
252905252905B001SAXTOUAZ69COODESWOLGodgyfu Mercia "Lady G"0031324857600SweetThis coconut water doesn't have a bad flavor-- it has a strong coconut flavor, unlike some coconut waters-- but it's really sweet. (I prefer the flavor of Amy & Brian's, which has no added sugars.) This product is one serving and has 130 calories.
252906252906B0040PYNTAA1WZWIME0UDS0Mmischasays0051321056000Strawberry and Cream Is My Favorite Flavor!The strawberry and cream is my favorite flavor among all the offerings. See my review on the summer peaches flavor for more details.

I just wish the company would sell a mixed pack rather than one flavor among the 12-pack. 12 bags of one flavor is a lot to order at one time (but I share it among family members so it goes quickly), so it would be nice if this option were available.

Anyway, these goodies are made with sea lettuce, although you would never ever guess! They are not has hard as the "real" gummi bears but just as tasty. Probably more tasty because there is no artificial after taste.

These gummis are gelatin free, fat free, dairy free, gluten free and have all natural colors and flavors. Yeah!
252907252907B0040PYNTAAFRPZ4XOLR0VIbaulagirl0051288137600Goody Good Stuff jelliesWe met a young man selling these vegetarian jellies at last weekend's Tatton Park food and drinks lovers festival. It's about time there were vegey jellies on the market and these are delicious, really soft, fruity, and feel just like jellies! I've just given some to my Sister and Mum and they like them too. I'll definately be giving some to my vegey friends this Xmas and will be eating lots of them myself!

Thank you Goody Good Stuff!

Please could you add Jelly Babies to your recipes? We miss them!
252908252908B000NSG9GIA3QEI77XGZPYBGAryn E Lucas3321322006400Description is not accurate!!The name of this product is "Disney Cars 8 Re-Useable McQueen & Tow Mater Rings". However, the Product Features and Product Description sections both state there are 12 rings in the pack. Specifically, there are 6 McQueen and 6 Mater rings. I just received this product and there are only 8 rings in the pack; 3 McQueen, 3 Mater and 2 WGP. Hopefully, I will be able to reorder more rings and get them here before my son's birthday party at school on Tuesday. The features and description sections need to be corrected to the reflect the actual product being sold!!!
252909252909B000NSG9GIA3ANC337M1JJBUMatt P. "Matt"2241322006400Cute - but numbers wrongThe rings were cute and quality as expected. However, the description lists 12 per pack, but we only received 8.
252910252910B000NSG9GIA20MHIRH6G0OSJJen A "Jen A"1151258416000Loved themThey made my son's cupcakes fun and nice looking. I would recommend the cupcake rings.
252911252911B000NSG9GIA23T8NW2LO9JAIclodhopper0041344902400cars cupcake ring favorsthe rings were great for the cupcakes and went perfectly with Lighting McQueens cake that I made for a baby shower the kids that were there really liked getting a little gift with their cupcakes some ate more than one so they could get a different ring
252912252912B000NSG9GIAW34855TH03UGDarc0031341100800Cars Party RingsRings are much sturdier than the one's we've had in the past, so don't break as easily. The kids always like rings...for a day, then it's hit or miss. But it's fun for the day for my 4-year old!
252913252913B000NSG9GIAZR2BSR8KPZHMrs. B1241280361600Exactly as expectedWill be great for my son's birthday cupcakes, and also then serve as part of the "goody bags" treat that his friend's can take home with them.
252914252914B005OHBN1YA288PZDEZW482HBenedict Rocks "Total Fitness Team"1151348963200+Super Food +Great Taste +Weight Loss Tool -Bloated PriceThis snack food is terrific and highly recommended. The taste is great. Even our stubborn teenage son likes them (after strongly resisting trying them) and we're a red-blooded, All-American meat eating family. They have a nice lightly roasted, slightly nutty flavor that along with their crispiness make them a bit addictive like potato chips, but they're way healthier.

Seaweed is a Super Food and great for snacks as well as incorporation into your cooking. Search the web. Try "Nori wiki" and/or "Seaweed Nutrition by". You'll find that "Seaweeds generally contain ten to twenty times the minerals of land plants and many other vitamins needed for metabolic processes." It's particularly high in iodine (combats hypothyroidism) calcium, iron, potassium, selenium, Vitamin A, B12, C, and Folate. And when it comes to it's fiber to calorie ratio, its hard to beat. Each 30 calorie serving contains a full gram of fiber and is essentially carb free. Few convenient and delicious snack foods can boast such nutritional value.

The 30 calories per serving come from relatively healthy unsaturated fats and protein. This has the benefit of satiating your appetite. A few servings with water will actually take the edge off your hunger -- rather than spiking your blood sugar and feeding you hunger as many carb based snack foods do. This ability to curb hunger pangs without a lot of calories, great taste and the handy individually wrapped crush-resistant trays (4.25"L x 3.25"W x 1.75" H) which can be easily stashed in the car, backpack, lunch bag, etc. make them a great tool in any weight loss or maintenance program. Reach for one when you get a craving and you'll likely avoid pigging out on expensive, high-calorie junk food.

We give Jayone's product 5+ stars at the $6.79 Costco price for the same quantity. Jayone's current $18.65 online price (~3x as much!) is partially justified because of convenient shipping, but is at least $5-6 too high to be good value online which we'd give only 3 stars. Buy if you can afford to, but you'll likely need to restrain your consumption well below the optimal level.

Come on Jayone price this product fairly and make them more popular on Amazon. You'll likely make a lot more money by satisfying a public hungry for delicious & healthy snack foods that don't promote weight gain.
252915252915B005OHBN1YA8J21NO1JKRQ8Lana1151347753600Great lunch additionMy kindergartener really loves taking this to school in the lunch box. Perfect size, and just the kind of healthy snack I like to send.
252916252916B005OHBN1YA2BD54HIIPBD2MSurmount2351344297600Tasty Seaweed SnackThe price was good and the quality is even better, I like this one because it is light and fluffy with that nice hint of sea salt to it. Item arrived on time and in condition stated.
252917252917B005OHBN1YA2XKJ1KX6XUHYPNYFB2351325894400Exotic Seaweed...I never consume any process food since I stay away from fat, sugar and salt. The only processed food that I consume is organic soy milk. Seaweed is not something that I can prepare myself. It comes with ingredients that I could care less for like canola oil which is a man made product since there is no seed or plant created by god called canola and that is why you will never see ORGANIC canola. Furthermore it is not produced in US either. I consume Jayone since it has less salt than Sea's Gift Seaweed although both are owned by the same company. Seaweed is great with beer or stand alone. The way it comes in small packages is great since I give away as a treat to everyone and majority of people never ever had one so it is a good surprise. It is a very unique food and worth trying it out. Seaweed snacks are sheets of dehydrated seaweed that has been roasted. Thin like paper sheets cut in 2" by 3" and there is like 10 of those in each package. It is not fulfilling since it is not a snack, it is more like a treat. I consume this any time that I want a gum or something different. Since I do not have to keep it cold, it is great since I take to the beach and mountain biking. I leave some in my car as well. Exotic is the word for this processed food. Bravo.
252918252918B005OHBN1YA1E4QYPGBPK3G5Scott Lucas0051350950400I really love these for snacks at work.I hate that people are giving these a low rating because of cost . . . since you aren't rating the seller. Different sellers can have this, the rating appears on all of them. YOU decide, when you buy it, that the cost is good or bad for you. It has nothing to do with product review.

That said, I think that this is a great product. I eat these at my desk every day, as I have blood sugar issues and can't eat high-carb snacks. There are just *so* few crunch snacks that don't have carbs. These have a great extra flavor from the sesame oil, and are lightly salted (only 2% of daily salt intake, as compared with 250% more for a small bag of chips . . . and 50% less than the seaweed that comes in the little condiment-sized packets). Yes, the packaging takes up WAY more space than the condiment-sized packets, but the flavor and crunchiness makes up for it. They are much thinner, and much bigger sheets, and more natural (rather than pressed perfectly flat).

It is true, you can buy them for WAY less at Costco. However for the people who bought them here and complained about the extra price, why did they buy them? There's no gun to your head. The honest truth is that I'm looking online for snack food . . . I'm lazy and want my snack food delivered to me. If I wanted to get up and go to Costco, I'd also probably be less lazy (and perhaps not eating snack food). :)
252919252919B005OHBN1YA308BUAPV3MKEHKen3511342310400Do NOT buyYou can buy this exact same package from Costco for $5.99. I live in SoCal and that's our local price. $15+ is NOT worth it
252920252920B005OHBN1YA7OK590XRMQOEP. Wu1221331164800A bit too salty and greasyI bought this Jay One roasted and lightly salted seaweed 24 pack from a warehouse store.

It has pretty packaging: each pack of seaweed is in a sealed aluminum foil bag with plastic tray and silica gel (to absorb moisture).

I normally buy roasted seaweed from asian grocery stores that comes in a plastic jar that looks like this:
Teriyaki Nori-Original
In comparison, the Jay One is noticebly more greasy and slightly more salty. The packaging is a bit wasteful.

I prefer the less greasy and less salty ones.
252921252921B000VIKCZOA2IUBJJBH9PF9RJ. Raney2251208044800Great ValueI had always purchased these biscuits for my two shih tzu's at our local walmart super center until they decided not to carry them any longer to my frustration! But I should have known there isnt any product that I cannot find on Amazon.. ( I love Amazon!) I do not know what everyone else pays for these, but compared to what I was paying at Walmart, this is such a great deal!
252922252922B000VIKCZOA11XAIFA10G7TSHolly K "Book addict"0051338768000Best puppy treat out thereMy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will be 8 years old next month and I still give her these. I bought these when I first brought her home when she was 8 weeks old and began giving them to her for training purposes. On the advice of the woman running the puppy training class, I didn't give her the entire biscuit. I take each biscuit and break it by hand into 6 pieces. Each one is just bite size for a puppy. I still keep a jar of these by the door and give her a treat when she comes inside after "doing her business". Even after almost 8 years, she still loves them.

I do go through and break up about a jar's worth of biscuits at a time so I don't have to mess with it each time. It also has the advantage of reducing the amount of calories she is consuming since Cavaliers have a tendancy to put on too much weight. She feels like she is getting a treat without actually getting all that much.

The is the second dog I have done this with and these are the best treats out there for that purpose.

I, too, came to Amazon to look for these as my Walmart has discontinued carrying them/
252923252923B000VIKCZOAZ9IPMM7V4CRSRoger Rodeck0051316217600Iams Puppy TreatsVery nice treat for our puppy. Small. She really likes them. Can be broken up easily into smaller pieces. Very nice for training!
252924252924B00469PKBUA2JH2OBG13L0S5Andy Boyle0051348790400It makes the difference!I'd tried them all, but I returned to the best, Heinz. I don't know how they do it, but it's the best.
252925252925B000V7MWMGA3C0YTXURE8HRZVeggie Family "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"1151253404800Yummy Fruit SnacksI am addicted to these great fruit snacks. I like that they contain no artificial colors and are gelatine free. I was pleased to see that offers free shipping on this product.
252926252926B000V7MWMGABSLK41NEGSNIKristy0051312243200yummyWe love these snacks in our household. They are great tasting. What I love is the size of the package and the pieces. They are small packages so the kids feel like they are getting a yummy, sweet treat but I am happy because it is not so big they are filling up on gummies. The bits are small enough that my toddler can enjoy them and have not problem chewing or swallowing them. They are impossible to find in our area so I love that they just appear at our doorstep.
252927252927B000V7MWMGA1LSXXXNBKKERCJill L. Becklund0051307750400Sweet, portable treat.These fruit nuggets taste great without having artificial coloring or corn syrup. I feel okay with them being about 2/3 fruit based. Although they still have processed sugar, compared to most fruit snacks they are healthier. The subscrition price is very good. I go through these quicky, so receiving 12 boxes at a time is great.
252928252928B000V7MWMGANSP5O1YI9YMZM. Daniel0051247184000Florida's Natural Fruit SnacksLove this product!!! My family gobbled them down so quickly! The flavor is awesome. Not too sweet and chewy like most similar products. The fact that there is more fruit juice used in these fruit snacks is a true plus!
252929252929B000V7MWMGA2YB5AHID8GRHGJamie A. Wagner0051244160000so yummya great snack without the guilt, and they take longer to eat :) 2 packs are only 100 calories and are loaded with vitamin c!
252930252930B000V7MWMGA30AHAG00UT8N6Strongsville Mom0051237161600Great Snack for picky eater.I love that we can purchase the single flavor. These snacks are not gummy or sticky like other fruit snacks. Being made of fruit juice makes this Mom of a picky eater feel better.

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