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252961252961B000PSTGKWARUEB8HGPJHELTheresa Harris "thinking momma"262951204243200Exactly what I was looking for!We love this salt vault! It's exactly what we were looking for at a fantastic price! Hold just the right amount of salt to be useful, cleans easily, looks great on the counter next to the stove.
252962252962B000PSTGKWAL7LDDJ04Z18QR. Gab "In the Navy"465551207353600What can I say?I'm a sucker. Alton Brown uses one of these. I bought it as a gift for my wife. Umm, ... it holds the salt ... and keeps the dust and grease and stuff out.
252963252963B000PSTGKWA2BZ6K8TS73O89C. Kanipe253151193443200very niceWe use this to dispense salt. It's attractive and well-made. It is easier to "pinch" out the salt from this server when cooking, yet it also functions well on the dinner table.
252964252964B000PSTGKWA2H2I5FY1PUHP1Boilermate182251258070400Better than Alton Brown'sAs another reviewer pointed out, this is NOT the same salt cellar as AB uses. I have both, and this one is better.

Unlike AB's this one has a silicone gasket on the inside of the lid, which effectively seals out moisture, and more importantly, smells in.

I purchased this one to use as a sugar bowl, hoping the seal would keep the ants out. My previous sugar bowls did not have air-tight lids and had to be retired during the summer, lest we find black six-legged critters happily munching on the contents. For the past two summer "ant seasons" this bowl has kept the critters at bay.

While AB's is fine for salt, this would be better than his for that, too.

Choosing between AB's and this one? I recommend this one. Well worth the extra $1.06!
252965252965B000PSTGKWA1XHGGQTCBBH0GWilliam R. Batty, Jr.91031263772800It's Hard To HoldI wish I had noticed the other reviewer. The "handle" is straight and flat. You can't easily hold onto the handle and open with one hand, then season with the other hand. The handle needs to be looped or curved. Know that before you buy.
252966252966B000PSTGKWA2I9YL2MU2O4BImikemac9 "mikemac9"81041275004800useful, but be careful of the bottomI got one because Alton Brown uses one, and its great to have on the table. I wish it had rubber feet, though, because its just bare metal at the bottom which will scratch your tabletop. As a fix I went to a hardware store, bought a sheet of cork, and glued it on. However it really should come with something to protect the surface it sits on.
252967252967B000PSTGKWA2MG4VL89OZ3VUCook & Collector "Qualified Foodie"3351317340800Great salt server and spoonI do tend to read other customer reviews before ordering. Some reviewers stated that this server was hard to hold and others said it did not have a thumb tab on top for opening, it does.

I can't imagine a better product, unless the server was made out of solid stainless. But then again, it would cost much more than this one and you really can't tell from the top unless you turn it over to look at the bottom side. Of course you wouldn't want to do that when it has salt in it.
252968252968B000PSTGKWA3LBHPV1LNMKGWJohn C. Simpson5611280880000Ironic NameFor something called "Endurance" the lid broke off the first time I hand washed it. Very cheaply made in the hinge area with no way to repair the hinge pin. I'm mystified as to how it was attached in the first place. It's almost like it was glued. I couldn't find any solder or a weld joint.

To echo the some of the other reviews this is most definitely NOT the one used by Alton Brown. The lack of the vertical handle is a shortcoming when you try to open it one handed off of the counter.
252969252969B000PSTGKWA1U8E34KPW3ERLTexanFan14 "TexanFan14"4531274918400Good looking, useful little countertop kosher salt dispenserDoes what it's supposed to, and looks good doing it - I particularly like the silicone seal around the top to keep humidity out of the salt.

Why 3 stars? One star off each for:
- Didn't come with the spoon like the picture said it was supposed to

- The glass isn't clipped to the metal. I had a couple close calls when holding it with my fingers from underneath and the glass popped up out of the metal surrounding it until I trained myself not to do that.
252970252970B000PSTGKWA3OHIM2GP0QTA2CJohnson4551268524800Cindy JohnsonIt's exactly like the picture, maybe a little bigger in person. Also cant tell from the picture but in has a clear rubber seal on lid which helps. Very pleased with purchase. Spoon does fit when you close lid.
252971252971B000PSTGKWA2N9NYJ1TRD5EGE. Holm1151345766400Excellent!This is a great salt container. Extremely similar to the one used on Good Eats. It comes with a little tiny spoon that does not keep the lid open if the spoon is in the container. There isn't a hole in the lid or in the glass rim either for the handle of the spoon since it fits nicely inside the glass container itself. That's a great thing, so the lid completely closes on the glass rim.
252972252972B000PSTGKWA1H7W5KZMF70BMM Green1131332288000Sort of what I neededI purchased this so that I could have kosher salt out on the counter and easily accessible. It is sort of awkward to hold because the base is bigger than the bowl, the glass bowl is a bit heavy, and the holder and tab for opening is close to the bowl. It takes some getting used to and now I don't really pick it up to use it. I just keep it close and open it. There is a rubber band along the inside of the lid and it has these weird dots along the rim that show on the outside. They keep the rubber band in place but look silly along the outside, I didn't know what it was at first and tried to scrap a 'dot' off not realizing it was part of the band. In a high moisture area I'm sure the salt would get clumpy, I use the kosher salt with no caking agent. And the spoon, it is so small it is useless.
252973252973B000PSTGKWA2ZWMAX2HILMX0K. BINS-TURNER "mom of 3 boys and 1 girl"1141326844800Looks great on counter but not a tight sealHave been using this for a few weeks. I like how it looks on the counter, and I like having the salt within reach while cooking. However, it came out of the box with the lid hinge bent, and so the lid didn't lay flat on the glass bowl. We had to bend it carefully to get it to lay properly on top of the glass. (I didn't want to hassle with packaging it up to return it.) I'm not convinced it is a tight fit and I'm worried about moisture in the summertime. My 2 year old daughter adopted the teeny little spoon as soon as I opened the package, and I haven't seen it since. I usually just pinch the salt out with my fingers anyhow.
252974252974B000PSTGKWAHTT8YXD0I1ZTJuno1141321401600I dig itI bought 2 of these 3 years ago after seeing it in an episode of Good Eats. I am happy with the purchase, I've used it mainly for salt - kosher in one and a rotating special sea salt with the other. The only downsides I could think of is the clinking noise it makes when you put it down as an earlier reviewer mentioned. That could be fix if you use a coaster (I'm thinking of picking up the Gama-Go 45 Coasters, Set of 4 as it looks like it would keep it in place. I also wish that there's a place to put the spoon since I don't use it often but if I put it away, I know I'll forget about it so maybe I'll fashion some sort of pocket for it underneath. I like this one a lot.
252975252975B000PSTGKWA2M30FT7TTYQJGalllie1151319846400I like this...It may not be exactly what Alton uses but it's close enough. Despite a warning against putting it in a dishwasher, I put the spoon, which is Stainless Steel, and the glass bowl through a cycle (the glass in the upper tray) and they did fine. I'm not sure if it would be safe to put the base in a dishwasher but that part is not likely to need cleaning often. It's nice the spoon is small enough to fit inside the bowl and stays with the salt server while it is closed. The reviews of similar products with larger spoons complain that the spoon sticking out of the bowl makes it impossible to close tightly and the salt clumps as a result. The smaller spoon fitting inside the salt container eliminates that problem. Though I wish the bowl of the spoon was a little bigger.
All and all I'm pleased. It's exactly what I needed.
252976252976B000PSTGKWAJ4FRADQ1FMCUbscepter "bscepter"3431300060800well made, but awkward to usethis is the classic "alton brown" salt cellar - almost. it consists of a glass cup that sits in a steel frame with a steel lid that is kept tight by a silicone gasket.

however - be aware that, unlike alton brown's model, this one does not have a curved, trigger-style handle. this means that opening it and holding it up at the same time cannot be done. you must first open it and then bring it up. i have a cheaper model with a trigger handle, and while it's much, much easier to use, it lacks the silicone gasket and it has a notch for a small spoon, both of which pose a problem in keeping salt from the elements. so i have chosen to keep this one. had it had a trigger handle, it would rate five stars.
252977252977B000PSTGKWA30H4YZ54WQVK9Creekman5731290816000salt serverPrice was okay, delivery was fast, product seems to be good. I took the gasket out for an initial cleaning and it was impossible to get the little nibs back in the holes. I hope the gasket will stay in place. Please advise future buyers to never remove the gasket.
252978252978B000PSTGKWA2QJ67FPLKVAIRgws2341322438400Works and Looks GreatHad been looking for this item for a long time, but was a little worried by the statement in some of the reviews that the handle design causes a problem. Since the handle is flat, it is difficult to pick up the server and then open the lid with one hand. The secret is to place the thumb on the lid tab with the fingers under the handle, and then open the lid by pressing the thumb down before, or at the same time as, you lift the server. This is very stable and you can then carry and use the server easily.
252979252979B000PSTGKWA3VQG0SUXXBK27Preciouz2351320883200Great Salt Cellar!This thing is great! I disagree with other reviewers that "it's difficult to hold with one hand." I have no trouble at all and my hands are average. The tiny spoon is the cherry on top! It's also very attractive on my kitchen counter, next to my stove! :)
252980252980B000PSTGKWA3U4AFML9SZPWKLeith Tussing2341316390400Cute and functionalAll the cooking shows have them using a device like this so my wife wanted one. The design is functional and the gasket in the lid keeps it sealed very well. The humidity of FL does not make it in to ruin the salt inside.
252981252981B000PSTGKWA398PMHCBR4VMCSusanna2351316131200Exactly what I wantedI bought this based on Alton Brown's recommendations. It works well, keeps the salt clean and dry. No clumping. It comes with a tiny little spoon that fits inside the container.
252982252982B000PSTGKWA1KLJFICL4YVXDbozzle2351306281600Alton's version still the best one out thereI was looking for three things in a salt container:

1. One-handed operation. Somehow one hand is always wet during cooking, so I wanted to be able to use one hand to get at the salt. You don't have to use the metal handle near the hinge because the lid flips open with one finger very easily.

2. A non-removable lid. Because I intended to keep this on the counter, some dust protection was necessary. Also, some containers have fully removable lids, which is terrible design because once the lid comes off, it takes up precious counter space.

3. Easy to clean. Sometimes things get spilled on the counter and the glass and metal are much easier to keep clean than wood or bamboo.

The tiny spoon is cute, and it's nice for precise salting. The inner glass container can be very easily lifted out for pouring and refilling. Overall a really smartly designed container.
252983252983B000PSTGKWA3U4KGIXNXM4K0Julie Jefferis2351303862400Excellent Salt CellarI am very pleased with the salt cellar from RSVP Endurance. I like the fact that it seals in freshness, I had purchased a different one years ago and it had a slit in the lid that didn't keep my kosher salt fresh. If you are looking for something to keep your condiments in, you won't go wrong with this item. It looks beautiful on my counter.
252984252984B000PSTGKWA3R8WGEBTZKH7NHampsteader2351302825600Convenient, well made, easy to cleanLike many other reviewers, I first saw one of these on Alton Brown's show and wanted one.
Having a salt cellar like this is so much more convenient that using the box or bag the salt comes in.
This is the nicest one I have been able to find.

To summarise the good points others have made:
- well made with a silicon gasket to keep contents dry
- attached hinged lid flips open easily
- easy to clean
- stylish enough to leave on the counter or use on the table
- good size: holds large quantity and easy to get your hand into the bowl for a pinch of salt

Some people have complained about the hinged handle not being curved and being difficult to use with one hand (while grabbing salt with the other hand). I don't have this problem - I find it easy to lift and open the bowl with one hand while seasoning with the other. Perhaps if you have small hands or don't have a strong wrist it might be harder, as it can be a bit heavy when full.

As for the spoon, yes it is too small to use for seasoning a pot of food when you are cooking, but that's not its purpose. A "serving" spoon like this is meant to be used to season individual servings of food, on your plate, at the table. I'd much rather use a measuring spoon or my hand anyway - and I would rather have a bowl like this with a tight seal to keep out moisture and dust than one with a slot in the lid to accommodate a tiny spoon.
252985252985B000PSTGKWA1FGRZL789ST0JDaOtter2351266624000A touch of professionalismOkay, I'll get it out of the way first: Yes, I am a huge fan of Alton Brown, and that's mostly why I bought this. But still, it's a first rate product for a food lover to have, and it all comes down to access. The primary seasoning for any food is salt, always has been, always will be, and having it so close and easy to access is good for cooking, especially quick methods like stir-frying where seconds count.
It's also airtight, so your salt won't go stale (though you could just give the tiny spoon a miss entirely), and the glass is easy to clean and thick enough that I don't worry about it breaking if I bump it about.
If I had a complaint, it's that this gets dirty very quickly, but then on the other hand, it's stainless, so it cleans up twice as quickly.
252986252986B000PSTGKWAG324I2QPT6DMiwantigby0051349222400Excellent choice!I picked this one because it actually seals. Most of the other ones I saw did not. I gave it to my mother who owned a catering business for years, and she has been very happy with it. I see it in use in her kitchen every single time I go home. No complaints.
252987252987B000PSTGKWAW5UCTMO0XJACP. CLARK0051347062400Love this salt server!I have been thoroughly pleased with this product. It is very handy as I cook a lot and it looks very nice sitting out on the counter. I highly recommend this item.
252988252988B000PSTGKWA1WRETGVF6XPOEFrank0041341964800Good purchasePros: good price, holds a good amount, sleek style, comes with a spoon.

Cons: the spoon is really tiny, the rubber ring can come loose if you're not careful and can be difficult to reattach.
252989252989B000PSTGKWA26UFAIHGDHAUWDoug B0051340841600ElegantPurchased this salt server as a stove-side addition to the olive oil, pepper, etc. that get a lot of use when we're cooking. It's beautiful! The finish of the metal base and hinged lid are blemish-free and very shiny, and the glass container removes for easy washing. A silicone bushing in the underside of the lid mates nicely with the glass rim, keeping moisture out of your expensive sea salt! The small spoon is very handy for sprinkling, although when cooking I'm generally just grabbing a pinch or two with my fingers. Don't worry, I washed my hands ;) The server would also fit in with the most elegant table setting you could come up with. It's very pretty as well as functional.
252990252990B000PSTGKWA3LTQSXELPH7QBPatrick0051337817600RSVP Salt ServerI love this salt server...I saw one similar on Alton Brown show and thought it would be a good addition to the kitchen....It has been great. occasionally I get some food splatter on it, not an issue...very easy to clean. I never use the spoon, I use it for cooking. 5 stars!

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