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252991252991B000PSTGKWA3JVQW13KRD0N9Andy Boy0051336003200To all the AB whiners...This is an excellent product, and all the Alton Brown whiners need to not worry about the handle so much. You do not have to hold your salt server just to get a pinch of salt, and even so this can one be held/opened with one hand. Besides it is only necessary if you are filming a cooking show...
BTW, AB is my man idol (if this is possible!)
252992252992B000PSTGKWA1LBVHI5KPVJI3Da Bears0051332460800Nice styleI bought this after seeing Alton Brown use it on TV. It's just as I expected. Very stylish and fits into my stainless steel kitchen very nicely. Love it.

Pros: good looks, very solid product
Cons: none
252993252993B000PSTGKWA1WLMQXUR150QZM. Ledford0051332028800Awesome salt cellarI'm not sure if this is exactly the same as the salt cellar that Alton Brown uses, but if it's not, it's a clone. The silicone gasket keeps moisture out and I have not had a problem yet with my kosher salt clumping. It is also easy to clean not to mention very attractive. I would recommend this salt cellar to anyone. The included spoon is convenient and matches the cellar nicely. It is not too big and not too small. It holds enough salt to keep me going for weeks of cooking and seasoning. My counter space is at a premium and it has earned a permanent place on it.
252994252994B000PSTGKWAP94X7CGSUF1IJim Morrissey0051327449600amending prior reviewbusiness owner contacted me and made things right. would definitely buy from him again and recommend his products. was very impressed with his engaged service and follow up.
252995252995B000PSTGKWA3B8P6Q3MII1RIP. Lawson "Pam"0051327104000NiceI ordered this for my boyfriend who loves to cook. It looks nice on the kitchen counter and he uses it every time he cooks. I first thought it would be a useless gift (after all, its for Salt!) but have since decided that I like it very much. Very handy.
252996252996B000PSTGKWA3JFMJUG3W56YRdcheeseman0051326326400Nice addition to the kitchen.I recently switched to a cellar instead of a shaker because I mainly use salt as an ingredient or for seasoning meat, and rarely as a condiment. It has a nice little spoon for IF you want to sprinkle some on your eggs or potatoes, but I'm tempted to throw it out since I'm a big fan of pinching over shaking.
252997252997B000PSTGKWA1CTQ1D7SDIE0Fkendrabryn0031325635200where's the spoon?Five stars if only it had the spoon! Not a bad salt cellar. The salt stays dry, seems solid enough, looks good on the counter...but where the heck is my spoon? That may seem petty, yet a salt spoon is really the right size for...well...salt. I'm actually back here just to buy a spoon. If I can find one. sigh...
252998252998B000PSTGKWANJMJLFMW6JQADansuese0051325548800Love it!We love that we found this on Amazon and it is so like the one Alton Brown uses in Good Eats, this will make adding a "pinch" of salt much less wastefull than our current method of pouring salt into our palms from the box!
252999252999B000PSTGKWALCI4R87BOUNNDuncan Sample0041325116800Just like Good EatsThis is just like one of the ones from the later seasons of Alton Brown's Good Eats, and that's exactly why I had to find one to bring home last time I was in America.

The only thing I would change is to make the handle a little bigger, add a bit of a downward part to the handle to give something more to use, a bit like a trigger... it's a little hard to hold onto the short handle and open it with the same hand.

This is much better than the other alternative salt cellar that I could find. This one doesn't have a cut-out for a spoon, since the spoon fits inside, and instead has a silicon seal around the lid to keep any contaminates out.
253000253000B000PSTGKWA4VA7AY5G19MIKevin Brown0051324857600Another "gotta have it 'cause Alton does" productsThis is another good idea items seen on "Good Eats". It is very handy and is always within reach when I need it.
253001253001B000PSTGKWA2UCQRSM973SXPS-VHS0051324598400Holds Salt !!!Holds salt. Small spoon not really useful but cute. Wish the glass was somehow attached to the stainless steel base as I often try to pick up the salt server with my left hand on the glass and my right hand's thumb going for the lid opener and the glass container starts to lift out of the base.
253002253002B000PSTGKWA1ANUBMFLMOGRWBrenda0051322524800Salt serverRSVP Endurance® Salt Server with Spoon

I love this product I had looked for a while to find this, it's like the one Alton Brown has.
I thought the spoon was useless but now I'm finding I use it as I would a salt shaker.
Most of all it makes my husband happy.
253003253003B000PSTGKWA1X5Y5L56U3FL5J.T.0051300060800Love itI bought this for my wife after she mentioned the one Alton Brown uses on his show. It replaced a covered ceramic dish she used before. She loves it. The flip cover keeps the salt dry and clean. The cover closes completely so nothing can get in. Not much use for the spoon, though.
253004253004B000PSTGKWAIBRTGBN07D6AScott0051299110400Perfect addition to the kitchenI saw Alton Brown using this on "Good Eats" and even though it's fairly expensive, I decided to give it a try. Since I've been using kosher salt more and cooking more frequently, this salt cellar is probably one of the most-used items in my kitchen. I keep it on the counter next to the stove, so I don't have to reach into the cupboard when I need it. For dinners I can just bring it out and it looks great on the table. It is well-constructed and looks built to last. The glass dish slides right out for easy cleaning. The spoon it comes with is kind of a waste, since I just pinch it out with my fingers, and since there's no real place to store it (the lid won't close fully with the spoon in it, although that probably doesn't matter). Another great advantage of a salt cellar like this over a salt shaker, is that it allows you to visually see how much salt you're putting on your food so you don't overdue it. Given how many people are consuming too much sodium, this is a great way to cut back.
253005253005B000PSTGKWA2B6MMCC9BAT2HAdams Sibley0051298505600It's awesome, it's beautiful!I value form as well as function. I keep my salt server next to my stove. I've done away with the silly little spoon, I just reach in and pinch as much salt as I need. I have sent it thru the dishwasher several times and it has come out as shiny as new. Thinking about buying more for my different salts. Definitely a do-over!
253006253006B000PSTGKWA1JRHCW0HUBNE1Richard Hacker0051297900800Great Salt KeeperLooks great in the kitchen and the seal around the lid keeps the salt dry. Best benefit is that I feel like Alton Brown when I use it!
253008253008B000PSTGKWA302028K8HUAKBfemmeartis "~ em ~"0031295395200It holds salt and looks coolI also bought this because of Alton Brown ;) I like that you can pinch the salt fairly quickly because the spoon is so tiny I never know what measurement it is, I end up oversalting or undersalting when I use it. I also quickly learned that pinching salt has a few annoyances (for me personally because I'm a mess in the kitchen): if your hands are moist, you end up with salty fingers; I hate salt in my fingernails!; never knowing how much a pinch should be; opening the container with hands full of food is not easy! Otherwise, the container looks pretty cool.
253009253009B000PSTGKWA95YIE1XI5Y7QM. Helf0051295049600versatile containerThis salt server can be used for more than just salt. I keep it next to my stove and store in it a herb mixture that I often use when cooking. It is air tight and handsome looking (my cleaning lady even noticed it and remarked on how attractive it looks). The tiny spoon can sit inside the bowl, and the spoon is just the right size for use in sprinkling on a small amount of herbs.
253010253010B000PSTGKWA3PVRBBGCSGP0YMr. Paul E. Boulet0051292976000finally.... a quality item to use in cookingsure is a lot easier cooking to grab a bit of salt from this jar. silcon seal keeps moisture out so salt doesn't clump up. highly recommend
253011253011B000PSTGKWA2X2C55OS7PZRZL. Medland0051292630400Not just for salt . . .This item is great for serving grated parmesan. Got the idea at my favorite Italian joint. Actually, never considered using it for salt because I have an English salt pig on my counter. Also use it for jam when serving scones, etc.
253012253012B000PSTGKWA268MBDJBFH9BKkenneth schaffer1251330646400No SaltGentleman this makes the neatest shaving soap dish . Pair this with a nice chrome shaving brush/razor stand . Makes a very nice pair on the bathroom vanity. It is the perfect size . It is very good quality .
253013253013B000PSTGKWA2PLSZ90SNG3FVTimothy J. Mccarthy "TJ"1251321056000Say, Isn't That Just Like The One . . .This is well-built, attractive, and sturdy. It sits right next to my stove, and gets used almost daily. It comes with a spoon that's so tiny, it has no earthly use and just gets in the way. Just go old school: dip your fingers in and get a pinch or two. Unfortunately, it won't make you cook as well as Alton, but you probably already knew that!
253014253014B000PSTGKWA3EVNRJFZA6P00Andrew1241310601600does its jobIt holds salt and it does it well. The only reason it didn't get five stars is I wish there was a suitable place to put the spoon. A vertical holster of some sort would be a nice touch
253015253015B000PSTGKWA1VZSWEKASZ1LQSamantha CW1251302739200Extremely Useful, but Easily Confused With a Sugar Bowl...I bought this because Alton Brown has one, and it seemed really useful. It's so handy to have salt in an open vessel like this when cooking, as opposed to breaking out a salt shaker. I absolutely love it and use it every time I cook, but a word of caution: on several occasions, unsuspecting guests who are not fans of Alton Brown have confused the Salt Vault with a sugar bowl and salted their coffee/tea. If you're going to keep yours out in the open, make sure to either label it or warn people that it isn't sugar!
253016253016B000PSTGKWA2W62JDRA7SB5ERobbo1251293753600Great Product!I purchased this as a gift for my husband. I wanted one that was like the one that Alton Brown uses. I chose this one because the lid did NOT have a little spot for the spoon to stick out, I wanted a better seal. This is great, very durable and there is a tiny rubber ring around the lid that gives a much better seal than I expected.
253017253017B000PSTGKWA3RLBDZ5HXFS4PMM1231283126400Lid precisionThis cellar looks nice and works reasonably well, but when it arrived, the lid didn't fit properly on the glass below. I needed to bend the metal handle supporting the lid a little to get it to sit properly. It still doesn't fit perfectly, but it works ok. This summer has been very humid and the salt on the top can get a little crusty.
253018253018B000PSTGKWA1CWCWS6EBM37BE. Olson1221278547200NOT as pictured and cheap looking.I just received this salt server and the wife immediately shot it down as "looks cheap". A very noticeable difference in mine is that the clear rubber flange that rings the inside of the top has half a dozen small rubber anchors that push through holes on the top of the metal lid. While I'm sure this helps keep the rubber flange from falling out, the rubber nubs that are visable on the top and are NOT pictured on the online image look stupid. I am dissappointed because I am an Alton Brown lover and wanted to have the real McCoy. I'm returning it and will purchas an Olivewood salt cellar instead.
253019253019B000PSTGKWA2E106GRZIIROEtoni t "Shopper"1251275609600PerfectBig enough for adequate supply, lid closes well with gasket to keep moisture and dust out. Easy to clean, lid opens easily and will stay open if desired and comes with a cute little spoon for when your hands are wet. I can't think of anything more that it needs
253020253020B000PSTGKWA19MFIE9GFR7IPSJR1251271376000Product exactly what we expectedWe are big fans of Alton Brown's Good Eats on the Food Network. We were looking for a salt server just like the one he uses. While this one may not be the same one Alton purchased, it definitely does the job. What separates this server from others that we looked at is the rubber gasket that seals the lid to the bowl. This is an essential component to keep the salt dry and prevent little critters from creeping into the salt (even more so if you plan to use it for sugar). The little spoon that comes with it is cute and all, but we do not use it. If you were going to use the server on a buffet or as a sugar bowl, the spoon would be handy to have. We highly recommend this product.

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