Amazon Fine Food Reviews

253051253051B002ULSLZSA18962YF6WMMG7C. L. Brown "Cyn"2251315440000Excellent full bodied coffeeAlthough this is a decaffinated coffee, it is a rich brew with a full body. For those who enjoy coffee and the benefits if decafe this is one brew you should not overlook!
253053253053B000BY50B4A3OFENPDS2TGB6carolanne0051348790400Excellent productI totally endorse purchasing these sterile bones for dogs. The fact that they have been sterilized gives peace of mind and the fact that the dogs, especially has them means that other things in the house do not get chewed!! Excellent product.
253054253054B000BY50B4A33WEAD17NL83MAK0041338854400Great dog bones!My dog absolutely loves these sterilized bones (I think we have 5 or more scattered throughout the house). These were great; pretty much the same as ones I have purchased from Petsmart in the past. I started buying them online because the stores near me no longer carry them. Anyway, my dog chews pretty heavily on these bones, so chips do come off the bone occasionally, but no more than is typical in my experience. Furthermore,my dog has never been injured by the chipping. My experience with these sterilized bones has been good!
253052253052B000BY50B4A3J5J4NG9LJ96ARosanne Cleveland-King "Book Lover"1151276560000Sterile Dog BonesMy dogs have loved these bones for years, and they also make great gifts for friends dogs. They will spend a lot of time chewing and gnawing on them, which helps their teeth.
253055253055B000BY50B4A1LU9GPRV1SV2John Simmons0051337040000Sterile Bone Ntrl - Good as GoldIt took a lot of search effort, nut I have finally found the bone I was looking for for my 90 pound dog, Mikey! The Sterile Bone, @ 6 inches, is just right for flinging, chewing, & licking peanut butter out of! My dog loves it! The bone is treated so it doesn't easily splinter & break, & lasts a long time. Mikey had one years back & he chewed it down to pieces; now he can start on his new one. I'm sure it'll last years, like the last one. Yay!
253056253056B000BY50B4A1UQZKMJS28WS2customer0011329350400splinterI purchased these for Christmas and I was disappointed that these bones splinter. I guess I got what I paid for.
253057253057B000F47DYCA3UTWV5H9IZ2L8Dustin Sharpless1111251158400Couldn't be any worseThese tasted like molasses and preservatives. This is how close to being okay it was: I ate one piece and then threw out every bag. I love dried pineapple; it's one of my favorite snacks. These, however, are disgusting.
253058253058B000H7MHIEAHK4209SIE1FZE. Donato "ducatielle"5551148342400Just Like Home-Baked!I was very pleasantly surprised when I first tasted one of these cookies! They were soft and tasty--much like my home-baked peanut butter cookies--only better since I tend to over-bake mine!

I have many allergies so it's difficult for me to find pre-made cookies I can safely eat. Barley and corn starch, which I am very allergic to, find their way masked in many ingredients for pre-made food products. I was very glad to find the ingredients in these cookies are safe for me: Peanut Butter; Molasses; Eggs; Rice Syrup and Grape Juice; Flour Base (Brown Rice Flour, White Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Sweet Rice Flour, Xanthum Gum); Dry Roasted Peanut Pieces; Gluten-free Natural Flavor, Baking Soda; Sea Salt. This means they are gluten-free as well.

With only 11g of carbohydrates, 7 g of sugar, and 3 g of protein, I can indulge with 2 for a mid-day snack without the guilt!

If you are too busy to make home-baked cookies yourself, these are certainly a viable alternative...and they're quite healthy, too! Highly recommended!
253059253059B000H7MHIEA5A3PAZJMVQCGJ. Campbell2231260835200The old receipe was much betterThese cookies were awesome until early spring 2009. As of right now they no longer have a fresh baked oven crispness which melts in your mouth and the espresso flavor is lacking. I keep trying out different box dates and unfortunately they are not like the original receipe. Being an ex-addict of these cookies right now, which might be a good thing, I'm so disappointed that they aren't like the original cookies. I'll keep watching the boxes to see if they have the old look again one day.
253060253060B000H7MHIEA3CUAO05A71W35Kimberly R. Graber "krg1991"2251176249600The Best Gluten Free CookieI love these! The only thing good about being on a gluten free diet is discovering these cookies! I'm hooked. I love the coffee flavor mixed with chocolate. And for a dessert all the ingredients are pretty good!
253061253061B000H7MHIEA3CORM17LRIRWADeborah Snyder2251153785600Yummy!I am so happy to have found a place to buy gluten free products for almost 1/2 of what the healthfood stores charge! Delivery was a bit slow, but they arrived fresh and intact, nonetheless!

253062253062B000H7MHIEA2ZTSS5KWXFN59Law School Monkey1151151280000Really strong coffee flavorPamela's products are wonderful. Be careful though. These cookies have actual pieces of espresso in them. If you have to question your love for coffee, then these aren't for you. These have a wonderful texture and great flavor (just like all of Pamela's products). Easier and better tasting than homemade ones.
253063253063B000H7MHIEA3PQVILRTO67TUM3451143676800Delicious!When I first tried these cookies, I was both extremely happy and sad at the same time . Happy 'coz I was blown away by how good they are, and sad because I can already see myself gaining a few pounds. I love how they overwhelm my mouth my coffee goodness. Cookies didn't use to be one of the items on my regular grocery list, but now these cookies will be, if my local supermarket can keep them in stock (I always just manage to find the last box of Espresso Chocolate Chunk buried under the other flavors).
253064253064B000H7MHIEAUYJS81ETV922Shelley0051323216000Awesome CookiesMy teenage daughter loves these cookies with morning tea. They smell like coffee and the chocolate chunks taste much better than those in a cheap chocolate chip cookie. I will keep these on hand.
253065253065B000H7MHIEA1YMFYH46YW4MDsandbunny0041297814400Fresh EspressoThis cookie has a wonderful taste and an aroma of fresh coffee. It had a nice amount of espresso flavored chocolate chunks. The cookie was smaller and the box was smaller than the Pamela's Chocolate Chip Cookies I buy in the supermarket. I had no problem with that. They were not mealy or crumbly. They were hard. I had to break them with a sharp knife point in a small dish, but that makes them a good dunking cookie, if you like that style of cookie eating. My supermarket does not carry the espresso cookie anymore so I was delighted to see them available on Amazon. I plan to order more right now.
253066253066B000H7MHIEA1WUUXZ5DDUV0LLouise Tanner0051286323200Wonderful coffee/chocolate flavorI was very surprised at how good this cookie tastes. Can't decide if this or the lemon shortbread is my favorite. Will definitely be ordering these cookies again.
253067253067B000H7MHIEA1VABWDOUQLULZS. K. Harrell0031284681600FairOf all of the Pamela's prepared products that I've tried, these are among my least favorite. The cookie texture crumbled in my hands, and the balance between the sweetness or the cookie and the tartness of the coffee was lacking. In the end it was mostly bitter without much body. Definitely not one of the better treats in this line.
253068253068B000H7MHIEA2H7NG3G2HK4DZL. S. Muhly "liniowa"0051283644800GREAT!!!!My husband thinks these are some of the best store bought cookies he has ever tasted.
253069253069B000H7MHIEAQNOOJS4LIZZ0T. Werner "old man"0051282867200good cookiesThese were remarkably good cookies.They were moist and very chocolate in texture and in taste.
253070253070B000H7MHIEAWPOEIIWN7RWUSnow White "Diane"0031278374400Just OK!I thought these cookies were just OK. I liked the chocolate chip chunk cookies better
253071253071B000H7MHIEAEWWMT6UAXA1KS. Moraz "Book worm"0031252800000These are OKI love Pamela's products but these cookies are little too "coffeey" for my taste. My husband doesn't care too much for them either. I love very strong espresso coffee but these cookies aren't my cup of coffee!
253072253072B000H7MHIEA25JROTU0YWU4OGwen0051251849600WowThese are great and made an awesome cheesecake crust. I had forgotten to buy gluten free ingredients for the crust and I think this improved the recipe 100%.
253073253073B0018CDUKQAJR4Z7WQOFSOCccgp0051325894400No more skin issues!My poor fur baby went through so much suffering until I found this Instinct brand grain free food. I tried a few others but she absolutely loves the turkey duck flavor. She used to scratch herself raw and bloody could not sleep and was on steroids but she now has no itching at all. she never gets itchy unless she gets into some grain, human food or other dog food. This has been a great find. I highly recommend it if your dog does not like it try a different flavor.
253074253074B0018CDUKQA24GL2QFRHDZL3square.wave0051321660800My dog inhales this stuffIn contrast to the other reviewers, whose dogs had trouble with this food, my dog positively inhales it. Being grain-free it must have a more meaty flavor that she likes. I've been following the Nature's Variety rotation feeding with some of their other types, and have noticed since switching to this food her coat is glossier and she doesn't have skin and ear irritations like she used to. This one, the New Zealand Venison, and the Lamb are her favorites.
253075253075B0018CDUKQA2M58DA7Q2CU6RX. S. Zhang "sissi"0231316563200OK prodctThe product sounds good according label but my dog do not like it even I trued to give her gradually with previous food. I think it must taste not good. it is also very over priced.
253076253076B0018CDUKQAC5J8U94ZMVQNAlice "Liz"0321319414400My dog vomits after eating this foodMy dog is allergic and my vet suggested to change its food. After reading the ingredients of this product, I thought it would be a good option. When the product arrived, I mixed it with his previous food to make it a gradual change but my dog only ate the previous food. Maybe he didn't like the taste. I had to feed him in the mouth but he vomits it. The first time this happened I thought it was maybe due to anything else so I feed him with Nature's variety food again and he did vomit again. I just wasted my money and my poor dog had a hard time with this food.
253077253077B0017JG2OQA2QF1V8BAS4R01Keri L. Parish5551189296000My Zeus LOVES this!I have a Weimaraner that Loves to chew up most items in a few seconds. Zeus has been chewing on this toy for 4 weeks and it is still intact. There are few strands of rope removed, but overall this has lasted longer than any toy we have purchased, even the black Kong is no match for him. Zeus and I both love this toy so much that I just ordered a second for when this one finally dies.
253078253078B0017JG2OQA1CF9MFGAI6IBODjorgi3 "D@N!3"2251234224000Great for Large DogsI purchased this item several times. My dog is a great dane/pit bull mix and he loves his rope toy. It lasts about 6 months or more depending on how much he chews on it. And this is a dog that can chew the black kong to pieces in about a month or two. This rope seems to be the longest lasting dog toy I've ever bought for my pup.

The only thing is you get a random color, but I don't think my dog cares. I would recommend this for any owner of large dogs or hard chewers. It also cleans their teeth. And seems to be cheaper here than other places I've looked.
253079253079B0017JG2OQA1CF9MFGAI6IBODjorgi3 "D@N!3"2251234224000Great for large dogs!I've purchased this product several times with different sellers/stores. Seems I can find it cheaper here. My dog who is great dane/pit bull mix loves his rope. It's his favorite toy and lasts about 6 months or longer depending on how much he chews on it.

I recently purchased this for a Secrat Santa Dog gift event, and my recipient loved this rope toy. I've heard from other large dog owners that this is one of the best, longest lasting rope toys out there. Great for cleaning dogs teeth and playing tug. It is a little heavy and you have to be watchful about playing with it near small children and flat screen tvs.

I will continue to purchase this product and recommend it for other owners of large dogs.
253080253080B0017JG2OQAWR6JYF5UE40JNichole A. Padjen1151291248000A must have for strong chewers!!I have a German Shepherd dog, and she can chew through ANY toy that I put in front of her. The chew toys labeled as "tough" are no match for her - they are chewed up in about 10-15 minutes. This toy really, really lasts. I'll have to throw it away because it is dirty before she will every completely chew it up. She is a big girl, and this toy actually has some weight to it and is solid, so she really enjoys pushing/carrying it around. It has the added bonus of keeping her teeth nice and clean.

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