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253160253160B001EQ4IESA2T13LMB2EM9L5Hikin Den "Hikin Den"0031343520000Okay for instantI recently bought Taster's Choice French Roast instant for the first time because my favorite, Cafe Bustelo Mexican blend instant, has become scarce and expensive. Unfortunately this product doesn't hold a candle to Cafe Bustelo, which was so much more robust and flavorful yet smooth. I won't buy Taster's Choice again...will need to start my search over again for a flavorful instant for those mornings when I don't have time to brew.
253161253161B001EQ4IESA3OP6FC76PYPJ7Ann Gidden "Animal Lover"0051343174400Better than perc or drip!Instant coffee is one thing, TASTER'S CHOICE is quite another. I have tried every type of regular coffee known to mankind and none tastes as good as Taster's Choice French Roast. I have also tried other brands of instant coffee. None compare to TASTER'S CHOICE. Many of my friends agreed once they drank coffee at my house and now they also use Taster's Choice French Roast. Plus, having an instant coffee is more convenient, less waste, quicker to use, less mess and more economical! I take it with me whenever I travel too! (also comes in regular formula and decaf)
253162253162B001EQ4IESA2NZWVNYUBU87NTwinkleToes0051341273600Great pricing!Good pricing, for an excellent coffee. The store sell it for much higher and if you have prime, it ships real fast too.
253163253163B001EQ4IESAVA91NAY6GUIZRonnie B.0051336262400Best reasonably priced instant coffeeThis product is night-and-day different from the regular (red package) Taster's Choice instant. This item is much more bold and robust and there is no similarity between the two. I keep ground coffee on hand to prepare for guests who prefer it, but I drink the Taster's Choice French Roast product daily.
253164253164B001EQ4IESA30HB7DB707URXA. Primeaux0051323820800Great coffee!!I have been using Taster's Choice French Roast coffee for probably a couple of years now. I use instant coffee at home because it's just too much trouble and waste to make a pot of regular coffee for one person. TC French Roast does not taste like instant coffee at all--it's great! Granted, I am not a coffee connoisseur; I like lots of sugar and milk in my coffee. But with the TC regular red label, it still had that "instant" taste to me. I used to use the TC Hazelnut before they stopped making it in canisters. I refuse to pay the extra cost for the single serve packets of the hazelnut, not to mention the waste of all that extra packaging is just offensive and unnecessary. So I switched to French Roast, which I also love. I only wish it were easier to find in stores. I don't really need to buy three cans at a time, but I like Amazon's price and at least I don't have to waste time and gasoline driving around to a bunch of stores to find it. I just hope TC doesn't stop making the French Roast in canisters too!
253141253141B001EQ4IESA39I6D8FJU0C4RElena J. Mccants202051286064000Doesn't Taste Like InstantI discovered this coffee 6 years ago while on a trip to Maryland where our hostess served it at breakfast. I thought it was brewed and was surprised to see the jar in her hand as she made more. I had stopped brewing coffee at home because a) finding good brew coffee is hit or miss, b) finding a good coffee maker is expensive and hit or miss, c) it's a waste of coffee when brewing for one, and d) it involves too much cleanup. Taster's Choice was just what I needed: a great tasting coffee that I could make just enough of for one and not have to clean up much of anything. A perfect storm of great taste and convenience.

I began with the original roast (loved it but eventually needed a stronger aroma) and graduated to the Gourmet (dark) roast that they are now calling French roast. It tastes like and has the aroma of great brewed coffee. There's nothing else like it on the grocery shelves. I've tried the others and they're not even in the same class as this "instant" coffee. To call it instant is misleading. "Instant" is a pejorative in coffee world and Taster's Choice deserves better. This roast is strong, robust, and can be bitter if you use too much. If you like your coffee mild, try the Taster's Choice original blend. If you prefer robust flavor and aroma, try this blend. It's great.

It's difficult to find this roast in my grocery stores.
253165253165B001EQ4IESA51O8S0HDXOK3Gregory Maddox Sr.0051322179200Great Coffee!!!This is a Great blend of coffee full of flavor and robust, an excellent value. I am disappointed that Amazon will no longer carry the French Roast.
253166253166B001EQ4IESA3RSXWSNTJ78Z4R. Chilton "hipQuest"0051321574400Not your Grandprents SankaA wonderful addition to your morning routine. I got tired of throwing out brewed coffee. My husband and I have varying schedules and I was wasting a lot of money to brew a whole pot (sorry, a half pot just did not taste the same). This is perfect when you want a cup of coffee. I like the taste as does my husband. I'll still brew a fresh pot on the weekends and/or when we have guests but this is a great alternative for those times you want it quick. I highly recommend the Aroma AWK-115S Hot H20 X-Press 1-1/2-Liter Cordless Water Kettle to get your brew quickly.
253142253142B001EQ4IESA19Q0LOSBIKRQJShopDropper161651270425600YOU WON'T BREW BETTER COFFEE THAN THISI have been a coffee 'connoisseur' for years. I have gone to great trouble to find the best bean...grind it perfectly...and brew it to perfection with the perfect, spare no expense, coffee maker. All the while my mom used this INSTANT coffee (blasphemy!!) called "Taster's Choice", despite my constant ridicule. Well somewhere in a weak moment, or perhaps I was out of my Jamaican blend that day...anyway, I tried her dreaded INSTANT coffee. Well....long story grinder & pot are in the garage now, and although I still have guests that politely pass on a cup of coffee when hearing that it will be INSTANT, THIS COFFEE IS PERFECT EVERY TIME, MATCHES THE TASTE, AROMA, & FLAVOR OF ANY EXPENSIVE BLEND & IT IS ABSOLUTELY TERIFFIC !!!! Thank you Taster's Choice Gourmet Roast, and please accept my apology for ever doubting my mother.
253167253167B001EQ4IESA3S094EUUVQNE7nurse Nancy0051317772800I depend on Amazon to provide me with my coffee!Love the French Roast Taster's Choice coffee but can not find it locally! I'm so glad it is just a click away at Amazon. The speedy delivery is a bonus.
253143253143B001EQ4IESA1WGD2HP12VXHDYou Know Me "Die Hard Amazon Shopper"161951180396800Want good coffee, but no time to brew 'from scratch'?Outstanding. This particular product is *not* generally available locally. The Amazon price is VERY competitive, there is no sales tax, and shipping is free. Finally, the product is brought right to my door. Life is good!!!
253168253168B001EQ4IESA3ONXH9YQFNV2NMajor0051312588800Best instant coffee I could find in this countryWe have tried many different brands here in the US, but Taster's Choice French Roast is as close to real European coffee as it can be. Very satisfied with this product.
253169253169B001EQ4IESAI50U1IZTZ1X2Paroma Ghosh0051305590400So glad I tried this!By far the best instant coffee on supermarket shelves. Just the aroma as I stir in the granules does half the job!
253144253144B001EQ4IESA2T3A1GCYVJ1XVFrank Yee8931227916800About the same as "Original" blendNescafe Taster's Choice instant coffee is the best tasting brand on the market. I ordered the "Gourmet" version hoping for a more robust and full flavored brew compared to the "Original" blend. However, in side by side comparison tasting, the difference is minimal (both were fresh and newly ordered from Amazon). If you like Taster's Choice, you won't be disappointed but don't expect gourmet, robust, or expresso.
253170253170B001EQ4IESA1KYZOAHH4TAQANewfie Mom0051302220800Good CoffeeThis 3 pack of Taster's Choice was a good deal - better than I could do locally. If the price on the next auto-ship is
equally as good, I will continue to purchase it through Amazon.
Have been drinking Taster's Choice for many years and still enjoy the convenience and flavor.
And, in this economy with prices on just about everything continuing to go up, I am pleased to pay a reasonable price for a product that I enjoy.
253145253145B001EQ4IESA15XMTY4I8QB96Susanne Casey "Pug lover"5551288137600Wow!We are cutting back on coffee at home for a variety of reasons and no longer brew an entire pot. We love coffee...tried all kinds of brewing, brands, and roasts and still plan to. For morning convenience, we tried instant, Starbucks VIA. While wonderful, I found the price per serving to be only practical while traveling and not for everyday use. I stumbled across this coffee at the grocery and thought I'd give it a shot. Well, I am hooked. Tastes great and it is much easier to create a cup while still half sleepy. Avid Amazon shopper, so I will get it here next time. Did I mention that it only costs about 8 cents/cup?
253146253146B001EQ4IESA1REQQ01BDJVJ8J. S. Hatch "Queen of Quite A Lot"5551269388800Best instant coffeeThis is the only coffee I drink at home. It's dark, smooth and all around delicious.
253147253147B001EQ4IESAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson7841229817600For what it is, it's pretty good.Taster's Choice Gourmet Roast is what it is. An instant coffee. As such, it can't taste as good as "real" coffee. On the other hand, compared with other instant coffees, I think it does pretty well.

Compared with the regular Taster's Choice, I think that this has a richer, bolder taste. Compared with Folger's Classic Roast (which I sometimes buy), likewise I find this product richer and better tasting.

So, if instant coffee would suffice, then this is a product that is worth considering. It's not the real deal, but for instant coffees, it more than holds its own.
253148253148B001EQ4IESA11APAU5E90K7OLeo P. Isotalo6751203292800For when you don't brew your own coffee....Nescafe Taster's Choice "Gourmet Roast" is my personal favorite for a reasonably authentic coffee flavor when I'm too lazy to brew a pot of Trader Joe's "low acid" French Roast. Safeway stopped carrying the product, so is the quick and simple alternative.
253149253149B001EQ4IESA2FVF8Z9N8WQT9John Modesto3351278028800Great Product at a Great PriceFor just about $10, this canister gives you about 150-180 cups of coffee. That is just over a nickel a cup- you can't beat that! That means that for the same money as "premium" coffees like Starbucks or Seattle's Best, you can get 80 cups (assuming $4 a cup). If you took $4 a day for 5 days a week, for a year, you would be spending $1000 just on coffee alone, money you can save for a car or down payment. Even if the Starbucks tastes a little better, is it really worth it? This coffee does not taste as good as premium, but it does not taste bad either. So coffee afficionados would not be as let down as they think (and honestly that Starbucks Via stuff is way too expensive at $1 a cup).

Granted, instant is not as good as a really fresh cup of freshly ground coffee, but it tastes better than most coffee, because most coffee is not freshly ground (especially the pre-ground coffee in bricks or cans). Because freeze dried retains freshness a longer time if it is kept air-sealed, you get a fresh cup almost every time.

There are only two big downsides to the 7 ounce containers.

1. First, by the time you get to the bottom of the canister, you might experience some staleness. This is because of exposure to air, which affects even freeze-dried coffee. One possible solution is to seal small batches and keep them away from light and heat.

2. It is easy to add too much instant coffee to a cup. It only takes a teaspoon to a teaspoon and a half for one cup, nothing more. It only takes a little to make a cup.

Overall, Nescafe Taster's Choice offers a great balance between cost savings and taste. Is it as good as fresh brewed? Perhaps not, especially if you can get freshly ground coffee that you make yourself. But it is certainly better than most coffee you get at, say, a diner or restaurant. Cafes make it better, but at $4+ a cup, they are not worth it unless just as an occasional indulgence.

If you are one of those people who has always scoffed at instant, I'd say at least give this a try.
253150253150B001EQ4IESARGLKALX3ZN33Loves to Read5651212710400This is good coffee...not just good instantI picked this up because I'd broken my coffee pot and wanted to take my time replacing it. I like bold coffee so most of the time I don't care for instant. However, I thought it would get me through a few days.

Now I've decided not to buy a coffee pot for awhile. This is BETTER than most reasonably priced brewed coffee in my opinion. If you served it to a guest they might not even realize it was instant.
253151253151B001EQ4IESA2ZXL5DV5MBDMNNew Mom "New Hoboken Mommy"2241326844800What happened to the price?I have always bought this brand on subscribe and save for$28.20 now it's for sale on amazon for double the price! What happened! Absolutely love this instant coffee for the taste. First of its kind to taste like a regular fresh ground coffee (or close to it). So disappointed with the huge jump in price.
253152253152B001EQ4IESAKXE1B1789TDQRichard Stack2251245196800NescafeI can no longer find the Hazelnut flavor in the local stores anymore.
So now I buy all my coffee through It is a great coffee and a great way to buy it.
253153253153B001EQ4IESA2OHME0SI2BWC3Ronit Shulimson "Rees"1111326931200Great Coffee , but price too highIts a great coffee, one of the better instant coffee. The reason I am giving it 1 star is the price. I had ordered it in the last two years but price increased by 30-40% more. I would like to continue to order however needs to be competitive with what the store price is.
253154253154B001EQ4IESA7OQRXMJQQL4BLouise1151325462400Tasters French Roast Coffee, the BEST !!Love this Taster`s Choice French Roast Instant Coffee. Will continue to by off of Amazon but the prices have gone up to be the same as my local store. So if any of you sellers who have this product read this , Please lower your price and I will contunue to buy from you . I Only drink this type of coffee. Its the best instant coffee made. It tastes like fresh brewed. So please keep your prices low so I can afford to buy this wonderful tasting coffee from you and Not the store. Its just too expenisive and I dont know why it is so much more expensive than other instant coffee but you all know the old saying." you get what you pay for". Thanks and I will keep tabs on Amazon and see if the price is lowered by any seller so I can then buy a lot of it. I would appreciate it very much. It IS the BEST instant coffee on the market. I have tryed them all and none can hold a candle to this brand. Thanks and Happy New Year to you all.
253155253155B001EQ4IESA3F48APYOWPS2WIrina1141318982400good coffeeA good coffee. Aromatic, not very strong, not bitter, with no acidity. What you need for instant coffee. But with natural coffee does not compare.
253156253156B001EQ4IESA1K348RCCVNB1AH. Haulman1141294012800As tasty as it is convenient.There are those that will say no instant is good. Then there is the group that swears *bucks is the best, probably because of the belief that "you get what you pay for". That may be true in some cases, but I refuse to pay what Via is claiming it's worth. All things being equal, this is a hearty, flavorful cup of coffee.

A container lasts my wife and I approximately 2-3 weeks, and there is far less waste than we used to commit when I would brew an entire pot for the two of us, only to pour down the drain half of that later in the day. Also, I work home care on the weekends. This allows me to take MY coffee to enjoy without having to wonder if my co-workers have either ruined the coffee pot, or used all of my products during my 5 day absence.

In conclusion, portability, really good flavor all things considered, and a great price make this a great compromise from fresh brewed. I ended up going with the subscription because all of our local stores discontinued this flavor, so the deal is even better with free shipping on top of the subscriber discount.
253157253157B001EQ4IESA21NTPHK5DDB83Mike's Corner0021350950400Comes up shortI bought a jar of this stuff at my local grocery store based on the reviews I read here. It was under $10 and I like the idea of quickly brewing up a cup before I head out of the house. Well, this is a decent cup of instant coffee, and nothing else. These five star reviews must be done by NESCAFÉ employees because anyone that has had a decent cup of coffee wouldn't give this so generous a rating. Compare it to Starbuck's VIA instant coffees and you'll see what I mean. If you are simply an instant coffee drinker then it will suit you fine, but don't expect any of the "French Roast" character you'll find in a regular ground coffee. I really wanted to like this coffee, but it just comes up short. Sorry.
253158253158B001EQ4IESA38T03FJDWLWPQGeorgia Lundgren0051350345600Fantastic flavor!!!I absolutely love this stuff! It's better than fresh brewed and so much easier to make! It tastes especially good with Equal and a bit of creamer! Yum!
253159253159B001EQ4IESA89SUO04NLQTDAbdo0051346803200Best Instant EverThis is the best instant coffee I have ever tried and I have tried so many brands, I even prefer it to brewed coffee. Very tasty with great aroma and rich coffee flavor.

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