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253171253171B001EQ4IESA2EY9G9JPUQNEWkevin0051300838400Excellent instant coffee that tastes like brewedThe perfect choice when you're on the go or just don't feel like brewing an entire pot of coffee! Taster's Choice French Roast is delicious, smooth, velvety, and rich. This is the best instant coffee I have ever had. Try it - you won't be disappointed.
253172253172B001EQ4IESA2W966929PYNUZL. Pelaez "dogsbest"0051297987200REALLY-REALLY GOOD COFFEEWas offered a cup of coffee after dinner at a friends, had I known that it was instant I would not have accepted. Once it came out as instant I was too embarrassed to refuse and boy was I surprised...this coffee is smooth, tasty and full bodied. I have expensive french imported coffee in the freezer but I drink Taster's Choice every morning and love it...try the sample stick size an you will see what I mean.
253173253173B001EQ4IESA3PVZ88QFQA6J6Connie0051295654400Good BuyThis 3-pack of 7-ounce "Taster's Choice French Roast" canisters, is a good buy. The coffee is flavored differently than original flavor, but the difference is very subtle, and refreshingly good. Overall, this Taster's Choice coffee is a bargain, and highly recommended.
253174253174B001EQ4IESAEY2078LH629SChanghui Liu0051295395200Great tasteI started Taster's Choice from Original Gourmet. After I bought French Roast, I found it labeled "darker" than the one I was drinking. I am afraid that it will be too strong. After I tasted it, I am so glad that it is the right taste for me. It is so convenient. I love it and highly recoment it!
253175253175B001EQ4IESA2NC1D4847PA76It Is All True0051293753600Good deal!I had looked everywhere for the French Roast after finding it once and loving it. I'm so glad to be able to get it from Amazon.
253176253176B001EQ4IESAI8EMB0HUC6Z5Tyler Forge "realist"0051293062400It is what it isIt's instant coffee. I can't tell the difference between this "french roast" and the original - probably because I almost always add milk and splenda.

Anyways, I like this brand better than the others I've tried. The others tend to have some sort of off flavor that makes me squint. This brand seems closer to fresh brewed. It doesn't taste like properly stored, freshly ground, and well brewed coffee. It does taste at least as good as what you get from running hot water through pre-ground coffee from a tin. I really don't see the point of brewing the cheap stuff when the instant is at least as good and way way more convenient.
253177253177B001EQ4IESA2PAKPPJ37R56OInessa0051285027200The BEST instant coffee!!I've tried so many brands of instant cofee, but by far Tasters Choice Roasted coffee is the BEST.
253178253178B001EQ4IESA19RRTKHBS1MY7nanmka0051282521600Great for instant.Instant coffee does not taste as good as freshly ground and brewed coffee. Any instant coffee is a 3 star at best. Instant coffee is only good for that moment when brewing a pot just isn't feasible or timely (or your order for fresh beans hasn't arrived).

With that out of the way, I think Nescafe instant is one of the better instant coffees out there. For me, it has a better taste than most in the instant class.

Measured against other instants, I give this coffee 5 stars. For the price I got it for, 5 stars. For the purpose of emergency- gotta have coffee now- 5 stars.
253179253179B001EQ4IESA1CK65RE5HEHE8Guy Coffee0051274486400Taster's Choice Gourmet RoastThis is a good-tasting, full-bodied instant, a cut or two above most other brands. I like 100% Colombian too, but it's not always available.
253180253180B001EQ4IESA250FZRX8QQ3F9H. Curl0051274140800Almost as good as brewedTaster's Choice Gourmet Roast isn't as dark and heavy duty as some ground French or Italian dark roasts, but it's my choice for instant, far surpassing others. For some reason I can't find it locally anymore in Seattle. It may be the $9 price tag. The only problem is that it's made by Nestle'.
253181253181B001EQ4IESA124ZEONXQCQ3QSteve1251312588800Taster's Choice French Roast Instant CoffeeMy wife and I are so glad we were able to find Taster's Choice French Roast Instant Coffee at Amazon. We tried several grocery stores and couldn't find it. The price is excellent through Amazon and we have it set up to be delivered every month.

My wife purchased her Kindle through Amazon as well as purchased one for her mother and aunt. Recently the neighbor joined her account. They love having access to the books through the web and over the kindle.
253182253182B001EQ4IESA3UT1QASGQKZVVMagpie "Magpie"1251238457600Great coffeeThe vanilla was so good I had to try this too. It is almost impossible to find in stores anymore. I hope Amazon continues to carrry it. The flavor is just right and if you add sweetner it becomes a real treat.
253183253183B001EQ4IESA1UR4090J4T2HWJ. Leard0121309219200Smells like burned bacon, tastes horrible blackI was hoping to find an instant coffee that was as good as Starbucks Via without forking over the very high cost involved. I decided on this one and was thrilled when I read all the positive reviews here on Amazon. The first time I made it, I'd done it too strong, but eventually I found the proper strength. Unfortunately, the coffee never tasted good,and I'm shocked that anyone likes it.

I understand that an instant coffee generally can't hold up to a fresh-brewed coffee, but this stuff isn't even close. When making it, the aroma comes across less like fresh coffee and more like a well-burnt piece of bacon. It also doesn't look exactly like coffee, with a hue that reminded me more of Diet Coke than fresh coffee.

I don't normally drink my coffee black, preferring some flavored liquid creamer, but I do taste it before adding flavor to ensure it's the right strength, that the foundation of my morning drink is good. This stuff is extremely bitter, and that burned taste overwhelms any subtle flavors that may lie beneath. I've tried making it weaker, adding more creamer, and everything else I can think of. It's just not very good. If I were desparate, I might drink it, but just looking at it, those burnt, acrid memories come back, and I'd rather stop at a coffee shop, or grab some Starbucks Via, if I didn't have any way to make my own drip-brew.

I read these other reviews, and I'm just baffled. This stuff barely qualifies as coffee, and as premium instant, it's a joke. I went back to making my own coffee instead of plunging further into the wilderness that is instant. And a 7 oz. canister of Taster's Choice French Roast just sits in the cupboard, with 80% of its contents remaining, waiting for the day when I just sigh and toss it into the trash.
253184253184B001EQ4IESA1B5SLCWX1YKMMahesh R. Rajannan "Mahesh"0141307664000Good...But Have QuestionsPrompt arrival.Good packaging.Same item I wanted.Lot cheaper than buying from grocery store.

The bad :-
How do i increase the shipping frequency from once in 6 months to once in every 3 months.Basically No customer service ?
253185253185B001EQ4IESA21YBJ6XHUCLOBObie Juan Macoby1311329091200Radical Price IncreaseWe can still get this at local supermarkets, Targets, Walgreens, etc for $10 each, so unless you are living in a remote mountain cabin or on a desert island, I would not buy it here. The instant coffee itself is excellent.
253186253186B001EQ4IESA2F9ZV2IMAIOVHSusan K. Hughes "wordwright"0241260316800Best I know ofThis is the best instant coffee I know of. However, it's very hard (read impossible in our community) to find in grocery stores. I'm so glad it's available through Amazon.
253187253187B001EQ4IESAQFY3681KPM3VV. Sakovich "Meticulous"1411316476800No smell as French RoastI bought these Pack of 3 in June. It was grate taste.
After three months I subscribe to renew every quarter.
Some days ago I received new Pack of 3 Taster's Choice FRENCH Roast.
But new one has much different taste. In reality this coffee IS NOT smelling at all.
I will unsubscribe.
253188253188B001EQ4IESA1KV12GYEML1OFJohn Davin2721250121600Mediocre tasting coffeeI'm not very happy with this coffee. It is bitter and astringent, and the aroma is odd. The aroma is harsh and smells of bitter citrus. I got this coffee to try as a replacement for the exorbitantly overpriced Starbucks VIA Ready-brew instant coffee. The Nescafe is not nearly as good as the Starbucks instant coffee unfortunately. The Starbucks VIA is smooth, has a pleasing aroma, and tastes pretty similar to Starbucks drip coffee. It also dissolves easier than Nescafe, since it is a finely ground powder instead of crystals.

I recommend avoiding this coffee or trying the Original blend instead of Gourmet roast. Also, regarding the other reviewers who said this coffee is not available in local stores, their reviews may be outdated or they live in weird places. This coffee is available in most of my local grocery stores.
253189253189B001EQ4IESA1IDD4DGNZMACSSharon F. Ogden "S. F. Ogden"0611320192000Asked for One Coffee and got something elseI ordered a 3 pack of TASTERS CHOICE FRENCH ROAST Instant Coffee and got 3 pack of TASTERS CHOICE DECAFF instant coffee. I have been ordering on Amazon for a long time and suddenly I have now received two orders that were NOT WHAT I ORDERED.
What's going on guys?
253190253190B001EQ4IESATOYDAVYCK23OComfyShoeMaven0611283212800Too BitterI actually ordered this by mistake. Somehow, I thought I was ordering the Hazelnut instant, which is really great. This coffee is very bitter, and I ended up giving it away. I definitely won't make that mistake again.
253191253191B0006PXTFWA1R3649SHF8ASDI lUv EaMoN! "if you don't like eamon"01211124582400Yogurt SucksYogurt sucks bad enough, then they make it into a pretzel, it's so dumb. Anyone who likes yogurt is crazy, it's rotten milk.

it's nasty. And putting it on a pretzel is gross. I can't stand yogurt pretzels.
253192253192B005D4O9YQA2E2B0WTOQ8PWICharly of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY0051343088000On pointFoxy loves these bones. They are great for her teeth and her breath. It keeps her busy for quite a while. The price and service was great. I would buy from this seller again.
253193253193B002UV74REA1OB2YX7OMI1Y0jim c "DIYer"1151323388800SweetWe use this in our favorite bran muffin recipe instead of sugar or other sweeteners and it is terrific! Sweet with no taste of its own to influence the flavor of the finished product.
253194253194B002UV74REA1AF9QMTZI357VMusette0011347753600What is it??I purchased the Organic Agave Nectar, but there are no ingredients on the package. I don't know if there is anything in there that is good for me, or at least not bad for me. I tried to find out the ingredients on the Honey Tree website, but there are no ingredients listed there either. The only contact information is for people who want to sell the product in their stores. The Domino brand that I bought last time has one ingredient listed and that is agave nectar. I know there must be some agave in the product, but how much?? Now I'm worried that this might just be 23 ounces of high fructose corn syrup and the rest is agave. It does taste good. That's why I gave it a star. I don't know if I want to consume this product: buyer beware.
253195253195B002UV74REA17MQ8TF2QZSP8aimie halo0051335484800A great organic sweetnerI Love Honey Tree's Agave Nectar. I know how much healthier it is than sugar or other sweeteners. I use it in my hot tea every morning, on my pancakes, in cooking and on my desserts. It's better for you since it is organic, and it's also on the glycemic index...which means your blood sugar level does spike and then drop-leaving you feeling tired. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone.
253196253196B001E5DRH8A3FIM6CKVWNJUFDavid Savige151541228262400Better than average teaMy first tea from Dilmah, it has fairly typical Ceylon (Sri Lanka) flavor, but is quite a bit more robust and flavorful than the typical mass produced black teas. I'm guessing the grade of this tea is BOP (broken orange pekoe), not whole leaves, but a good grade or so above what you get in teabags. Still, it steeps quite quickly, and a little bit goes a long way. It has a fresh, rich flavor, not necessarily complex, but full bodied and well balanced with a touch of acidity along with the maltiness and astringency that is typical of black teas of this kind. It is somewhat individualistic, though, probably due to it being a single origin tea rather than a blend. A word that comes to mind is "flavoury," sometimes applied to Sri Lankan teas. The description on the side of the tin says it's "a medium tannin tea with pronounced woody flavours and a medium length finish."

In steeping, I use a Teeli permanent filter to allow room for the leaves to expand, and throw away a first quick rinse of the tea before steeping a cup to drink. Rinsing the tea makes it mellower and less astringent. A relatively short steeping time of a minute or two is all that is necessary.

One correction needed in the description is that there is no foil pouch in the tin, but there is an inner lid, and each tin comes individually shrink wrapped, which probably helps the tea remain fresh. Considering how little tea you need to make a cup or pot, you get a pretty good deal here with three tins.
253197253197B001E5DRH8AW68R3C45MLHHsherma turnbull6651286323200A Childhood MemoryMy first memory of tea was at my Grandfather's house, sitting at his table sipping tea with cream (the real thing)& sugar. I was hooked on that wonderful flavor & later dropped the sugar & began taking it with cream or just black. As we grow our tastes change & it seemed that I would never regain that elusive flavor that I remembered from having tea with him.
After many years of trying thousands of cups, I purchased Dilmah Ceylon Supreme in 2009. At the first taste I was transported back to my Grandfathers table watching him pour cream into my cup, waiting for me to sip & asking me "How's that?" The year was 1959.
Not to astringent, great flavor, so you know you are really drinking TEA, & a nice comforting aroma. Really something I can appreciate.
253198253198B001E5DRH8A1VK2PQ6S7CP49Tea Lover Mommy3351233792000Gotta Love it !One of the best loose tea in the market. Now my mornings don't start without Dilmah. All thanks to Dilmah for bringing the best in the finest and freshest form. This particular tea keeps me fresh and relaxes my mind and is a perfectly rounded and wel balanced tea with its own aroma. I am so glad to have found this tea on Amazon. I would highly recommend this tea who wants to enjoy the finest cup of tea.
253199253199B001E5DRH8A2GFXMCMK3NW2HPDXdesi2231327363200Nothing greatSingle note, strong tea. No discernible citrus taste which is usually typical of high grade Ceylon tea. I think I will stick to Peet's "Buddha Peak Ceylon" loose leaf tea- now that is a great cup of Ceylon tea. Good Ceylon tea should be bright, citrusy and malty with balanced astringency.
None of which can be said for this tea. Overall, this an okay-ish everyday drinking tea. I am not re-ordering once I am through with my 3 boxes. Plus, calling the tea "tea leaves" is a misnomer. This is more like tea dust grade, the tea dust is so fine. That is why the fragrance/bouquet of the tea is almost non existent.
253200253200B001E5DRH8AXPO46JYKP8NQMs Muffintop1151329004800Cool Canister insures freshnessI reviewed another Dilmah Tea as perfect for everyday use. I would also place this tea in the category of "regular use" tea and not specialty top-o-the-line teas. This incarnation is slightly more expensive because you are paying for the great tea tins. Buy this kind at least once so you can transfer other teas into the well designed reusable canisters!

This tea has a small leaf, and did not oversteep to bitter. It has a nostalgic taste from the 1970's of pure Ceylon Tea, sadly lacking in today's tea.

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