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253321253321B004JRMG98AQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow0131316044800Not a huge fanThis is all right. I didn't love it, but other members of my family did. It does taste good on tacos, but it's not anything I would use a whole lot. The flavor is pretty nice and spicy, though I'm pretty weak when it comes to spices. Overall, adds a nice zing to your meals without being too overpowering.
253322253322B004JRMG98A2NCWLAWOVCKF7AmyMCGS0141316044800goodThis sauce was a nice addition to our Mexican meal the other night. We used it on soft tacos, hard tacos, and nachos. It added a nice creamy flavor with just a touch of spice. It might even be good used as a salad dressing.

I received my bottle of this sauce for free via The Amazon Vine program in exchange for my honest review.
253323253323B004JRMG98A1UKA7HUAQAMYBrian P. Hudson "Writer@Large"0131316044800Okay, but not greatI'm indifferent about this sauce. It doesn't taste bad, per se, but I tend to have enough "saucy" things on my Mexican food -- sour cream, salsa, taco sauce -- that one more just makes it messy. This will never replace a good helping of sliced jalapenos.
253324253324B004JRMG98A1Z7Y2GMAP9SRYM. Thompson "Dyson Diva"0141316044800Zippy sauceThis can be used on any food or snack that needs a little extra zip. Great on tacos, tostados,and burritos too.
253325253325B004JRMG98AZ9WQM7SLUX7ETracy Foote "College Savings Plan Author, Pho...0151316044800Sauce with some kickThe whole family favored this flavor ove the Chipolte one. They both are very creamy. I didn't care for either on beef, but I really enjoyed it on chicken - either on a chicken taco or a chicken sandwich. The sauce does have some kick, but if you like spicey treats, this probably will rate 'medium' for you as far as a level of hotness. I think people who normally stay away from spicey items would actually enjoy trying this. This could easily become a normal household purchase for us.
253327253327B004JRMG98AVFJ327UXPXLFJerry Helsing "jlhelsing"0141316044800Nice and a little differentI'm not a real big sauce person, but once in a while, I like to try something different (especially if it might have a little spicy nature to it). So, when I got the chance to try the Taco Bell Jalapeno Sauce, I thought, jalapenos may have a bit of a zing; lets try it. Well, although the sauce is tasty and creamy, there is very little zing (hence the 4 stars). Even my 3 year old liked it and she does not like anything spicy. This sauce wasn't my favorite on Tacos, but I did like dipping carrots and celery into it as a little snack. Cant wait to see what else we use it for.
253328253328B004JRMG98A1B05INWIDZ74OM. A. Ramos0131316044800Where's the Jalapeno?This Taco Bell Jalapeno sauce was a disappointment too me. With the "Bold" title I expected a spicy jalapeno sauce perhaps cut with a dairy product too make it creamy and palatable too the general public. So not very spicy as I would love. This was more of a buttermilk dressing with just a hint of Jalapeno flavor. I have used it on burritos and as a dip; it works better as a dip. There is no question that if you like the flavor of a good Jalapeno this will disappoint you.

As their other 'Bold & Creamy' products two tablespoons of this sauce contains 100 calories from fat and a total of 110 calories per serving size. The serving size is the aforementioned two tablespoons. It taste OK just be aware of its high fat content and calories. When serving size is measured by the spoon full you know the calories are high. I would not seek too purchase this product but would use it again. 3(1/2) Stars.
253329253329B004JRMG98A39E7IWNHY62JTLG "family"0141315958400Like-- Many Uses--Surprized!Okay so I really didn't have high hopes for this product but actually found many uses for it.
Let's start with the flavor: it is creamy, very mild but has a nice hint of jalapeno along with garlic and onion...typical Mex style flavor. It's nice but not epically good and surely not good for you.

1. Sandwiches
2. *Pizza Sauce: dough, Jalapeño sauce, Mozzarella &/or Pepper Jack Cheese, spicy sausage, onion slivers & bell pep.
3. Salad Dressing
4. Taco Salad Dressing
5. Burger/Turkey Burger Sauce
6. Dip for fries
7. Sauce over baked potatoes

I am on my second bottle since I found so many uses for this sauce and my not so spicy tongued hubby likes it. It's a nice change, a little spice for life! :)
253330253330B004JRMG98A1QCUMGX7UHFL5Adam0141315872000Rich sauce, a little kick to it, but rather timidI gave if 4 stars because it's a jalapeno sauce, yet the spicy level is really weak. I wasn't looking for a mouth-on-fire experience, but if they're going to put "jalapeno" on the label, it should at least have an OK amount of heat in there. You won't find much of that in this sauce. That being said, I tried this on a lot of different items, and frankly it tastes good on almost everything. Hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and of course tex-mex foods like taquitos and quesadillas. It's a creamy somewhat thick sauce, so be prepared if you were expecting a thinner style. I'd recommend it, but then again I'm not a real sauce snob (is there such a thing?) It was a surprise though, as I've never had any Taco Bell item with this type of sauce on it that I can recall. Whatever they're putting it on, I'll bet it's pretty tasty!
253331253331B004JRMG98ACJ9N7ED37HXSkstars "truth-seeker"0151315785600light and biteThese sauces are light and have a spicy edge. They mix well with meats, Mexican food, veggies, and some of them are good in salads. They are liquid, so blend well with other foods. Jalapeno is the lightest, Spicy Ranchero is like the original Taco Bell Hot Sauce Flavor the most. It goes well as a salad dressing if applied sparingly. The Chipotle one is the most mellow one, all with a bite. I will definitely buy again.

Taco Bell has outdone themselves.
253332253332B004JRMG98A1P9BVW2JB1OVLAuntie Annie0151315612800add some spiceTaco Bell Jalapeno Sauce is delicious! It is not a tomato based sauce but a creamy, just spicy enough sauce that can be used on a variety of dishes. I first tried it on a sandwich made with chicken, tomato and avocado. It lends a piquant flavor without being too spicy. I tried it on shrimp tacos, chicken and cheese burritos, and finally as a salad dressing on a salad that included corn and black beans. I haven't found anything that isn't improved by its spicy magic. This product will become a staple in my house!
253333253333B004JRMG98A3F3B1JPACN215Michael G. Lustig0141315267200Nice flavor with some heatI was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the Jalapeno Sauce. It is kind-of like a spicy mayonnaise. I used this sauce in tuna salad, on sandwiches and as a salad dressing.

Similar to mayo, almost all of the calories come from fat. I think it is tastier than mayo and has a nice amount of spice. You can taste the pepper in the sauce but it doesn't leave your mouth burning. It's a good balance of flavors.

Even if you're not a big Taco Bell fan, this sauce is actually pretty good.
253334253334B004JRMG98AZ5X928CQPRJNHeidi0121315180800YuckI thought I would like this, since I love jalapeno and spicy stuff, but this just didn't taste good to me. It's almost like a mayonnaise with a very tart, vinegar flavor and a faint cheese flavor. It's also not very spicy at all. Note: This product contains eggs.
253335253335B004JRMG98A2OBDNQ5ZYU1L8Diana De Avila "MS Gkygrl"0151315094400Wizz-bang Zesty! Spicy and NiceWe used this sauce in the place of mayonnaise on a chicken sandwich and it was absolutely yummy. About the same fat content of regular Mayo you get quite a zest.

I am accustomed to spicy hot ... so this was not very intense for me. However, if you are not accustomed to Jalapeno peppers or hotter, just prepare yourself. Better to expect something hotter than it is and adjust accordingly.

We found this to be delicious, spicy, zesty, cool ... Yummy. I wonder why it caries the Taco Bell restaurant name but have never seen this in the restaurants? A delicious addition to a taco, sandwich or whatever. Be creative, this is a yummy sauce.

As with sauces in this genre, completely processed -- but oh so good anyway!
253336253336B004JRMG98A31YSTICHFYN7OCPR "xfilebuffyfan"0131314748800Okay, But Better Sauces Are Out ThereSure this sauce tastes like jalepeno and is slightly spicey, but mostly this is just like other flavored ranch dressings. This is similar to a salad dressing you could find for the same price and in a bottle twice as big. My suggestion - try this and then decide, but I prefer many of the brands you will find in the salad dressing & veggie dip sections of your grocery store. Those from other brands are bolder and packaged for better pricing. I would consider this more of a novelty driven by the brand name Taco Bell. This product will most likely be located near the taco kits & canned mexican food, but try shopping in the salad dressing & veggie dip section - you will find more variety for your money.
253337253337B004JRMG98A2O421DTA8J0RWDogs & Horses "Spanish Norman Horses"0131314662400More like a salad dressing than a taco sauceI was so hoping this would have a little kick to it - it doesn't. I was hoping it would have the flavor of jalepeno - it doesn't. I was hoping it would add a bit of spice as a dipping sauce for chips - it doesn't. What it does do is resemble a creamy, ranch type salad dressing. The flavor is so mild (almost nonexistant) that it added nothing at all to a taco or even as a dip with an avacado. It was just so bland and soft that all I could think of was salad. There is no heat here at all by the way! So.... it tastes fine if you aren't really expecting much. If you're from Texas and the Mexico border and accustomed to eating fresh jalepenos with your meals, then this sauce will leave you disappointed and possibly disgusted. If you want a slightly different ranch type dressing to a bowl of lettuce then this stuff isn't bad.
253338253338B004JRMG98A3VZH0PWLQ9BB1T. Bux0151314316800Creamy with right amount of spiceThis is a good sauce for tacos, fajitas, or any tex mex recipe you may have. The sauce adds a nice spicy creaminess to your favorite dishes, with the right amount of spice. The sauce isn't too salty as a lot of pre packaged sauces are. This is pretty darned tasty.
253339253339B004JRMG98A19XBW5WUDH1ZDavid Nox0141314230400Very mild but a unique flavorIt's hard to explain what this tastes like. Sort of a buttermilk ranch dressing with just a hint of Jalapeno.
It is by no means hot. A 5 year old would not think this is hot. I've tried it on a few different things.
I've used it on homemade burgers, Tacos and wraps and it adds a distinct...zing.
I had it on catfish tacos last night and loved it. So far I've used it on fish, beef and chicken with great results.
I would consider it a guilty pleasure. Sure it isn't the healthiest sauce around. It is high in calories.
Used in moderation I don't think it is that bad.
253340253340B004JRMG98A342PAZ5NSQRM3azgrad0131314230400Tasty but not as advertisedAccording to the label this is a "bold & creamy jalapeno sauce". I then expected a hot sauce that would grab my attention. The flavor is ok but frankly it's neither as hot nor as bold as I'd expect from a jalapeno sauce. My bigger issue though is the fat content. 110 calories per serving is ok but 100 of those calories are from fat and there are 11g of fat in a 2 Tbsp serving. The fat content is way too high for me to use this sauce consistently. And for anyone looking for a true hot sauce this one just doesn't deliver.
253341253341B004JRMG98A14LG64GIVZIGSS. J. Northrip "SamN"0151314144000Like the Creamy TextureA pleasant surprise. Was expecting a real Jalapeno hot flavor, but could easily handle the rather sweet and mild taste. Rate it great for its diverse uses. Love it on various food items, but french fries are my favorite. It's add some zest to your favorite dip items and chips.
253342253342B004JRMG98A1H7Y5XKPGT0OSRama Rao "Rama"0151314144000A great sauceThis is a great sauce; it is creamy, spicy, cheesy, and right amount of salt. It is not too hot, but just about right. It is recommended for tacos, but I also used with my garden salad and tasted great. I highly recommend this product.

1. La Victoria Mild Green Taco Sauce,15 -Ounce Plastic Bottles (Pack of 6)
2. Ass Kickin' Kick Ass Jalapeno Hot Sauce, 18-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)
3. El Rio Regular Nacho Cheese Sauce with Jalapeno Peppers, 15-Ounce Units (Pack of 12)
253343253343B004JRMG98A3LOGP4VA9DX46Prism0131314057600Yowsers, high fat but it is tastyThis Taco Bell Jalapeno sauce is VERY good! As for taste, it is excellent. But usually taco sauce is low or no fat but this is sauce is extremely fattening so I won't be buying it. I believe for 2 tablespoons, it is 110 calories and 100 of those calories come from fat. That's so high! It has a buttermilk base so it has the texture and fat content of a buttermilk ranch salad dressing. The nutritional value is a dealbreaker for me but if that's not important to you, then you'd love this sauce if you like spicy condiments.
253344253344B004JRMG98A37IHRVO8JWYF2Emily D. Agunod0151314057600I Like It, I Like It!I was a bit skeptical trying a jalapeno sauce because I was afraid that all I would get is the burn but this sauce is downright awesome. Just enough heat so you can still taste your food. I've tried it on Mexican food but also on burgers and it was yummy! I would even put this on a salad. Calorie-wise, it isn't all that great but for 2 tbs. you get only 110 calories - the catch is 100 of those are fat calories. But hey, fat tastes good. Sodium's not too bad - 310 mg. There's only 1 g. of sugar. So if you want a little zest in your food, give this sauce a try. It's going to be a regular in my pantry. I can't wait to try the other Taco Bell sauces.
253345253345B004JRMG98AI0PLL5DQAHRGTy Arthur "xFiruath"0131313971200A mild and creamy sauce that works well for many different types of foodBreaking out of the standard tradition of salsa or hot sauce to use as a condiment on tacos and burritos, Taco Bell's latest super market addition is the "Bold and Creamy" line, which works for a variety of different meals. Having the consistency of a creamy ranch dressing, with just a dab of jalapeno flavor and coloring, the sauce can just as easily work for salads and wraps as it can for any Mexican themed dinner.

Of the different "Bold and Creamy" flavors currently available, the jalepeno version has the weakest flavor and is much more mild than might be expected for something with the word "bold" in the title. It definitely won't make your tacos overly spicy, and seems to be more about adding a creamy sauce texture to Mexican foods rather than actually upping the heat.

If you like your sauces more on the mild and creamy side, definitely give the jalepeno sauce a try. For those that want a stronger flavor, skip this one and pickup Taco Bell's Chipotle flavor instead.
253346253346B004JRMG98A23KDA686N6T4YNick Alec0141313798400Nice break from the usualI generally always have some sort of sauce on what i eat. Whether its hot sauce,bbq,mustard,ketchup. I've tried various other sauces so i wanted to try this one out as well. The best way i can classify this is as a spicy ranch sauce. It works well with salads, and adds a moderate amount of spiciness.
Of course, like ranch sauces, it is not healthy so you really gotta keep track of how much you put. These sauces are a nice break from the regular stuff, but they really arent good enough (atleast for me) to become a regular.
253347253347B004JRMG98ADEVBXUS0RSIRAlain B. Burrese "Author, Speaker, Mediator, ...0141313712000Good taste, but light Jalapeno flavor, not spicyWe had tacos tonight and I tried out a couple new sauces from Taco Bell. One of the sauces was the Bold & Creamy Jalapeno sauce. I liked the sauce on the tacos, but would have liked it better if it were hotter with a stronger Jalapeno taste. I like really hot and spicy food, so I found this pretty mild. With that said, it had a good flavor and I liked it.

I could see it being used on a variety of foods the same way you would use a ranch dressing. The main ingredient is soybean oil and 100 of the 110 calories in a 2 Tbsp serving size are from fat, so this is not a diet or light dressing.

Bottom line, I liked the taste, but would have liked it to have been hotter with more of a Jalapeno kick. It is fattening, so don't load up on it. For a light Jalapeno taste on top of your tacos or other dishes, it is a good sauce.
253348253348B004JRMG98A10ZBR6O8S8OCYDat Hong0141313625600Tangy but not spicyThis is an ok sauce. The sauce is creamy and a bit "tangy" in my opinion. I did enjoy the sauce but I prefer regular hot sauce on my tacos. You can put this sauce on your tacos, fajitas, pretty much anything you feel like. It works better on tacos when there are vegetables in the taco. I would buy a bottle to try first if you don't feel like committing to a case. I can't find fault with it, just that it's not what I would choose first for my Mexican food.
253349253349B004JRMG98A13E849LQCS1BNClint Walker "Friar Tuck"0141313625600The Dip with a KickThis summer I have been experimenting with dipping sauces, mustards and barbeque sauces in my cooking and with my meals. As I added in Taco Bell's Jalepeno Sauce into my lineup, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Really, Taco Bell jalepeno sauce is a creamy condiment with a kick. I like it with boneless wings and chicken nuggets as a dip. I think it would also be good for a little spice in a baked potato, or as a dip with potato chips. It is also good with its desired purpose, namely as a condiment to garnish with mexican foods such as tacos fajitas and burritos. The uses for this yummy sauce are actually quite diverse. I am eager to add it to my Subway sandwich in the near future.

This sauce does have a little bit of the jalepeno spice, but I don't consider it that hot of a food. What is tasty is the flavor of jalepenos. If you are a consisuer of chilis and peppers like I am, you will love the authentically ddisticive peppery twist that Taco Bell offers with this fine food.

Personally, I think Taco Bell would be wise to include a recipe in its packaging of this item, as it will be fun to figure out how many uses there are for this wonderful sauce.
253350253350B004JRMG98AXVKMYWNIHK7WTerri "3kids-at-home"0131313625600taco bell sauce, jalapeno flavorThis Taco Bell brand jalapeno flavored sauce is really good and creamy. Great on tacos, burritos or any type of food that requires sauce on it. Not too spicy, just a gentle flavor of jalapenos. I don't care for jalapenos, but this was really good. Thanks for sending this to me!

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