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253351253351B004JRMG98A307YFSORUAXSQNYCPickyMom0151313625600DeliciousThis sauce was better than I expected. I didnt think it was spicy but my 8 year old daughter did. Children's taste buds are more sensitive than ours and I do like spicy food so I guess it depends on your taste buds. We tried it on ground beef tacos w a tomato/jalapeno/cilantro mixture I make and on chicken soft tacos w bacon and sour cream. It was good on both but better w the chicken. The cilantro overpowered the sauce with my beef tacos. It was also good on taco salad, which I made from the leftovers. This sauce is similar to a jalapeno/ranch sauce they serve on salads in Chili's. This sauce is delicious but will not satisfy you if you are looking for something spicy.
253352253352B004JRMG98A231WPU3CPWC94P. Thompson0141313625600Great Stuff!I tried three Taco Bell flavors (chiplote, ranchero and the creamy jalepeno). Of the three, this was my favorite by taste alone. As it sits on your tongue, you sense a creamy smooth texture with a hint of hot. I tried it in traditional tacos and it was good but the flavor got a little lost. I preferred it in a taco salad as it had more vegetables and less taco meat with its own spicy flavor. Also would be a good compliment on nachos in place of sour cream.
253353253353B004JRMG98A2LF16F0KX9L7PJohn Keitz "Islesfan"0151313625600Spicy and TastyThis is the spiciest of the Taco Bell sauces which I have tried, so use with caution. It has a great jalapeno flavor and nice texture. Not as thick as mayo, but more like a salad dressing. Aside from the obvious uses with Mexican food, it works well as a hamburger topping and a sandwich spread (but it will tend to run off the sandwich). The best use I have found is as a steak sauce. Even leftover steak tastes amazing with this sauce!
253354253354B004JRMG98A2A8IY4GTR7GWQAzu~Nyan0121313625600Not bold at all...Two things I would like to mention:

1) It's not really hot. More like Jalapeno was sprinkled on top of this Sour Cream tasting sauce.
2) As mentioned by a prior reviewer, it really doesn't go well with chips either.

Beware, you have been warned.
253355253355B004JRMG98A1ZM846Y7AUYDM. Pickering0131313539200A Nice Addition To Most Mexican FoodI had high hopes for this Taco Bell Jalapeno Sauce. My family and I enjoy most Taco Bell products; both from the restaurant and the in-store products. I love their Fire Sauce, and wish they sold it in bottle form at the grocery store. So when I saw this new Taco Bell Bold & Creamy Jalapeno Sauce, I was excited to try it. I really enjoy just about anything spicy, so my hopes and expectations were high. Now that I have tried this sauce, I am somewhat disappointed yet find it to be a good addition to most Mexican foods that I enjoy.

The name of the product clearly states "Bold & Creamy." I agree with the creamy aspect of their claim, but feel that the word bold should be changed to something less aggressive, like tangy. You definitely detect notes of Jalapeno peppers in the sauce, but it is quite subdued and has a somewhat artificial taste. But I'm not bashing the product or saying that it isn't tasty. I have found my favorite use of this product is with tacos and burritos. I add a light amount of the Taco Bell Jalapeno Sauce to my soft and hard shell tacos, and then add generous amounts of Taco Bell Fire Sauce (I hoard packets of that stuff and always try to get as much of it as I can whenever I visit the Taco Bell drive-thru). The Jalapeno sauce gives the tacos a bit of a sour cream flavor, while also added just a slight bit of Jalapeno kick. I have tried this sauce with several other things from sandwiches to salads, and even a spicy chicken wrap. While I didn't mind the sauce with the wrap, I didn't enjoy it at all with sandwiches and salads.

Overall I will likely continue to purchase this product going forward, but I think a single bottle will last quite some time. It doesn't have a good enough taste to stand on its own, as a dip or as a replacement for other sauces that I enjoy. I don't find it to be nearly spicy enough, but I also understand that making it much more spicy would likely limit their sales to a more specific consumer market. It is an above average product that is a solid compliment to some Mexican dishes, but I don't see this becoming a best seller among the Taco Bell brand name. But I don't think the product is the type that most people will either love or hate. It falls right in the middle, and I think most people will find it to be moderately satisfactory. Go ahead and give it a try for yourself. I suggest picking up a single bottle before buying a lot of 6, as they sell on this site, just to make sure you enjoy it enough to consider stocking up with that quantity. I hope you enjoy it. =o)
253356253356B004JRMG98A1T61QP7QHYBRQan honest reviewer0131313539200Spiced MayonnaiseDescribing food tastes is highly personal.
Everyone has a different palate.
The suggested uses for this sauce are tacos, Mexican salads and sandwich wraps. I tried it on a taco and found the taste too delicate to really appreciate.
It isn't hot, which is fine. Somehow, I really found the flavor lost and had to taste it alone and it tastes like mayonnaise with spices and cheese.
I would not call it "bold" at all.
I prefer regular mayonnaise, again this is highly variable from palate to palate.
I wasn't too happy with the ingredients. It appears as a very processed food.
253357253357B004JRMG98A1DC1O4VX6AHPPE. A. Jones "movie buff"0151313452800mild taste, great on ground beefI was pleasantly surprised at how good the Taco Bell Jalapeno Sauce was. It's a creamy sauce, kind of like a thick ranch dressing. It tastes a little like ranch too, tangier though. There is very little jalapeno spice to the sauce, although there is some jalapeno flavor. This reminds me a lot of the consistency and base flavor of the avocado sauce you can get on Taco Bell grilled steak soft tacos at the restaurant itself; in fact, if they made a bottled avocado sauce, they would have my undying love and affection forever.

I tried this sauce on ground beef tacos in hard corn shells and it was good. A little lettuce and monterey jack cheese made it better. Personally, I didn't like it on tacos that also had salsa or chopped tomatoes. The sauce is very good on soft flour shells. I use it on soft tacos that I've warmed up with leftover refried beans and Spanish rice, and it's excellent. While it's okay on chicken tacos, it's bold enough I prefer it on beef or beans, something with a stronger flavor.

The 8-ounce bottle is about half the size of your usual ketchup or salad dressing bottle, and the bottle says a full ounce is a serving, but you can use a lot less. I've used it at least 8 times and I'm not quite halfway through the bottle. I will definitely buy this again and in other flavors.
253358253358B004JRMG98A15OAS39003U5RBradley J. Brisco "Brad Brisco"0141313366400A Good Tasty SauceWhen the Taco Bell "Bold and Creamy Jalapeno Sauce" first arrived, I had pretty low expectations, so it's safe to say that it suprised me. It has a texture more like Sour Cream than salsa, and it isn't super-spicy, but provides a bit of warmth to whatever you put it on. The most pronounced flavors seem to be cilantro and lime, even though neither one is listed on the ingredients label. It adds a nice depth of flavor to any burrito, taco, or even to an ordinary sandwich, and I think I'd order it if Taco Bell offered it in stores.
253359253359B004JRMG98A3C9YGB4H90PDEKarla Cook0131313366400It's different!My family likes Taco Bell and we like this Jalapeno Sauce okay. We eat Mexican-ish style dishes quite a bit at home, so it's nice to have a bottled sauce for a little extra kick. I do like the jalepeno flavor in this particular sauce, but of course, not everyone has the same tastes. I also liked that it comes in a squeeze bottle with a flip lid with a small hole, rather than having to try to pour it out of the larger opening. That makes it convenient for adding just the amount you want. It can be used as a salad dressing, if you like thick dressings... or as a dipping sauce for tortilla chips, or on tacos, burritos, what-have-you.
253360253360B004JRMG98A4BNJSZVARL5WHolly0141313366400Tasty!Unlike other reviewers, I really liked the sauce. Yes, it's a little sweet, but I'm a big Jalapeno fan, so I think it's great. It's good to add to something like tacos or burritos, and you can tell it's a Taco Bell product. It's tastes similar to the other sauces that Taco Bell commonly puts on it's products. It's not something I would use everyday, but I would add to spice up a regular taco night!
253361253361B004JRMG98A55PCTJ6NINETDavid K. Watson "DKW"0141313366400Not Bold, but maybe Somewhat Adventurous & CreamyTaco Bell has introduced a new line of three "Bold & Creamy" sauces. I decided the most straight-forward way to evaluate this sauce was to try it with some of Taco Bell's own products. I went to the local drive-through and picked up a couple of tacos and some chips.

Trying this on tacos, I found it to be OK. There is a mild taste of jalapeno and the sauce is not at all unpleasant. To me, however, tacos are beef, cheese, and a little lettuce in a crisp corn shell with maybe a dollop of a red (or green) tomato- & chile-based sauce. Maybe that's because growing up in California in the 1950's and 60's, that's the only kind of taco you found at the family-owned restaurants that were here long before Taco Bell.

This is not to say that Taco Bell Bold & Creamy Jalapeno Sauce is a bad product. I've tried it as a dipping sauce with vegetables and chips and as a dressing on a plain hamburger patty. Using as a dip, you get more of both the buttermilk and jalapeno flavors and are more likely to notice the mild (some would say very mild) heat. I also found it to be a nice change of pace from blue cheese, A-1, or Worcestershire sauce on my hamburger patty.

All three of the "Bold & Creamy" sauces are based on soybean oil, water, vinegar, buttermilk, and a few other standard ingredients. The jalapeno variety adds jalapeno peppers, cheddar cheese, green bell peppers, parsley, and spinach to the basic formula.

If you don't mind creamy sauces on your taco, Taco Bell Bold & Creamy Jalapeno Sauce is worth a try; even if you do mind, you may, like me, find plenty of other places to uses this sauce.

One note: the "Best if Used By" date on the bottle I received was less than two months after I received it. This seems kind of short to me for a bottled product that's refrigerated after opening. It may have been an older lot, but it's something to keep in mind if you're thinking of ordering in bulk or taking advantage of a sale.
253362253362B004JRMG98A3GQSZ2RVVXDCZJon Kreisler0141313366400Tasty SauceTaco Bell Jalapeño Sauce is tasty with a bit of a kick. Not too hot, just a mild heat with good flavor. Note, this sauce has the distinctive flavor of coriander, which is typical in Middle Eastern dishes, such as falafel. Still, unless you dislike coriander, it does not detract from the enjoyment.
253363253363B004JRMG98A28I19Q54MYXGVBuffy0121313280000Taco Bell Jalapeno SauceVery very mild jalapeno flavor. You have to work hard to pick up the flavor of the jalapeno. The sauce has a creamy salad dressing thickness to it and overall this is a very neutral flavor. It's not bad, but it's not good enough to recommend. It definitely needed more jalapeno snap to it.
253364253364B004JRMG98A14JBDSWKPKTZABob Feeser ""0151313280000Definitely has some bite. I like it.First let me say that when I was younger I liked my hot sauce hot. If it didn't make the top of my head break out in a sweat it didn't pass. This won't do that, and I am glad. My tastes have changed. Now I like a lot of flavor and something that is not over the top in the heat department.
I do think it is creamy, yes even smooth, but I would call it moderately hot, but not bold in the flavor department. I like it that way. I use it in conjunction with my favorite hot sauce and mixed with the TB Jalapeno Sauce it makes an exotic flavor combination.
When you have it with chips alone it has more bite than when mixed into a sandwich. So as a chip dip it is hot within reason, but as a sandwich add on it imparts an interesting flavor, but not overbearing. All you know is the sandwich or burger is just that much more interesting. I like it.
253365253365B004JRMG98A3PECZX773ME74E. K. Moseley0121313280000Taco BellI truly like Mexican food and flavors so I thought this sauce would be great, boy was I fooled. I did not like it. We would try it on salads, tacos and chips to no avail it was bad. This sauce is very hot that was nice, I think the combination of other ingredients that has been mixed into the sauce is a bad mix. Eat this at your own risk. I will not eat it again.
253366253366B004JRMG98A306153FTKS9PLTurtle5020141313280000Creamy and tangy - a good topping or side sauceThe easiest way to describe this product -- "it's a salad dressing". That will give you an idea of the consistency and flavor. It has a very "ranch" flavor to it, with the hidden heat of jalapeno.

It looks appetizing and tastes good. It has a slight green color that might put some people off, but if you can get past the color, the flavor is quite good. However, a 2-tablespoon serving tops in at around 110 calories -- again, about the same as many high-calorie salad dressings. The sodium content is also a high 310 mg and fat is 11g, so if "healthy" is on your mind, you may want to avoid this or use it lightly.

Good uses for this product include toppings for tacos, a side-dip for tortilla chips, and a dressing for a mexican-themed salad. You could also probably add it into other types of salads (potato and macaroni, for example) to add a different flavor and some kick.

It's worth trying, but only good in small amounts.
253367253367B004JRMG98A3ODGAW5Z2EJ1MKevin Currie-Knight "Education Grad Student"0131313193600Tangy and Creamy, But Hot or Bold?I can do little but add my two cents to reaffirm what others have already said: for a jalepeno sauce, this was neither hot nor "bold" as advertised. The best way I can describe it is a creamy sauce that tastes almost like a guacamole that has a bit of the flavor (but not the spice) of a pickled jalepeno. I actually think the sauce is quite flavorful and would be good on a taco (particularly with white meat like fish or chicken). But I am a little bit disappointed that a sauce billed as hot and bold was not... hot or bold. So, three stars for flavor, because it is a good sauce, but subtract two stars for failing to live up to the idea of a Jalepeno Sauce.
253368253368B004JRMG98A3FHSLWEMH7JD8Elizabeth G. Melillo "gloriana"0151313107200DeliciousA mere spoonful on chicken, pork, and beef was enough for delightful flavour. It's a happy addition to my cupboard.
253369253369B004JRMG98A1C4J5MRES1KRKJennifer Sanders "Ethans Mommy"0151313020800It's a winner!My hubby likes food HOT. The spicier, the better! He says this isn't super hot but he really likes it. He uses it on salad, as a dip for chips, as a dipping sauce for meat and other things. I don't know if there's anything he won't use it on. I haven't seen it at the store yet but as soon as they carry it I'll be sure to buy him more. He's already used almost the entire bottle!
253370253370B004JRMG98AC1YLEFC9AN5XM. Kelley "mpkelley20"0131313020800A different touch to my TacoMy wife makes tacos about once a week and I have almost always used a typical red sauce type taco sauce (usually Ortega or even sometimes the Taco Bell one if we can find it). I received a bottle of the Taco bell Jalapeno sauce to try which I figured would spruce up my weekly Taco intake. I added a touch to my tacos just in case I didn't like it. Overall, it adds a bit of creaminess to the taco and had a very nice taste. It is not hot for a jalapeno sauce. I ended up making nachos the next day with some of the leftover taco beef I had and added the sauce to the mix before I cooked them. I did not like the way they came out. This sauce is definitely better as an add on rather than something to cook with.

It's an Ok sauce (hence my star rating) but I won't be using this as my regular taco sauce as I still prefer the red typical sauce I had been using. This will be used to change things up a bit when I am tired of eating my usual taco. I have also recieved the chipotle Taco Bell sauce but, as of the time of this writing, I have not tried it yet.
253371253371B004JRMG98A37D2TGTIXRV2Nplyopowerd "Arrow Dynamic Mom"0151312934400Big hit with the whole familySince it is named Taco Bell, I expected this to be about on the heat level of Heinz 57 sauce. Was I surprised! There's a decent kick to this stuff (and you can always add hot salsa if it isn't hot enough) yet it doesn't dominate the taste of whatever you put it on. It's a bit too thick to be a good salad dressing, but it's great as a taco or burrito sauce, veggie dip, sandwich spread, burger topping or even on hot dogs. Kids, husband and I all love it. Will get again!
253372253372B004JRMG98AG1CBZSDBQ679Case Quarter0151312934400green cheeseavocado in color i expected as much in taste, and i was not disappointed. afterwards, reading the ingredients on the label i did not see avocado. maybe I was tasting the soy oil. cheddar cheese is listed, and on subsequent tastings i did taste the cheese. lana did not taste cheese, though she admitted to a vegetable flavor. the jalapeno flavor comes through without too much bite, both lana and i agree on this. i did not shake the bottle as i used the sauce. the peppers settle at the bottom of the bottle so my suggestion is do not shake the bottle if you enjoy a spicer, that is, a hotter, sauce.

i am not a fan of tacos, however i do enjoy a good sauce, and i seasoned several dishes from vegetables to pork chops and was never disappointed. this is a sauce i highly recommend.

a favorite dish. broiled salmon, covered in olive oil and sprinkled with powdered red pepper. cook until the fish is slightly browned. remove from oven and pour on the bold and creamy jalapeno sauce. serve with mixed vegetables, and a glass of zinfandel.
253373253373B004JRMG98A134K13HU8NBDBKris "who loves to read..."0141312934400This was yummy!We tried out this product the other night with a taco pie that I made and I must say that it was delicious! We all love a little kick to our food around here and this had that kick!

If you enjoy a good spice to your food this would work! Oh and I personally think that it makes a yummy dip for veggies!
253374253374B004JRMG98A3NPVNPMXN8L2GR. A. Barricklow "Scaramouche"0151312848000GOLDILOCKS HOT!I like to think I'am a hot aficionado. I've been in hot chili pepper eating contests and I'am constantly checking out different peppers & hot sauces. So, when I came across Taco Bell's Jalapeno Sauce, I picked it right up.
I originally tried it on a taco and the 'hot tang' was 'just right' to suit my taste. Now, I mix it with other sauces & creams to taste. I use it on my hamburgers as well. I mix a little with my French Onion Dip also. In short, when something requires a little extra in the 'hot' sense, I mix it or apply it straight, according to taste.

In conclusion, If your also one of "The Some Like It Hot Crowd" ...check it out.
253375253375B004JRMG98A26MBVPPXZN1YMInfinite Mind0151312848000Love it,I like the fact that since I do not eat at Taco Bell so often I get the opportunity to try their jalapeno sauce on things other than mexican food. I love just about all things spicy and this has a nice taste to it, nothing too soft or overbearing, but just right for a sandwhich or wrap. The sauce itself is thick like mayo and some mustards. I have used it separately and combined with other condiments and have enjoyed it.
253376253376B004JRMG98AHKPZ11JT110Famazonbuyer0151312761600Perfect balance of flavor and very versatileWe've served this on burgers, used it as a dip & sauce for Mexican food, and in place of mayonnaise in our sandwiches. It has been a huge hit. We especially like it in sandwiches. It adds just the right amount of heat and flavor. Our entire family uses it and we will purchase it again. Highly recommend!
253377253377B004JRMG98A361U4SXK7FCQEJoseph P. Jenkins "joe"0141312761600Yo Quiero Taco Bello Jalepeno NotbadoFirst, Amazon once again shipping fast and on time, always. The sauce was pretty tame as far as kick to me, then again, I usually put spicy sauces on everything so my taste buds are sensitive to that. The sauce tasted good. I threw it on some Fajitas I made one night, and it tasted great. Ill pick some more up for my next Fajita night.
253378253378B004JRMG98AV1F8VNJPLPTLS. Smerud0121312675200Very similar to a jalapeno mayoIt's a lot like a jalapeno-flavored mayo. I would rate the heat level as a 2.5 on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the hottest. The flavor of this sauce is not bad, but there's nothing special about it either. Of all the competing sauces available, this Taco Bell sauce would be rank similar to processed cheese slices--it has it's place but is probably not a key component in a special meal.
253379253379B004JRMG98AEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns0131312588800Not bad, but also not hot and not memorableI received my bottle of Taco Bell Jalapeno Sauce from the Amazon Vine program, in exchange for writing a review of the product.

I love hot spicy foods, and I love Taco Bell for the occasional fast food treat. So I was pleased to see this item offered for review. The day it arrived, I fixed tacos for dinner, and mixed a little of this sauce in the meat mixture. My family said it tasted like ranch dressing, but slightly spicier. I found it to be sort of like Green Goddess salad dressing, which is buttermilk based with a cucumber taste. I kept hoping it would deliver some heat, but it is very mild.

Tonight I tried a little on my spinach salad, and it was pretty good. Still not hot in any way, but tasty enough. I'm disappointed that this product isn't spicier, but I suppose it's formulated for the average American palate.

I might buy it again, but probably not. We use mainly homemade Italian dressing, and unless they offer this in a spicier version I'll stick to sprinkling Tabasco or cayenne pepper on my food.
253380253380B004JRMG98A2F540P3L6P5CLMisfit0131312588800Has a decent kick to itAccording to the label this product is "A perfect finishing touch for your tacos, Mexican salads and sandwich wraps". Cool, although I do not make a habit of keeping tacos and sandwich wraps hanging around the house, and if I'm having a Mexican salad someone else is going to be making it for me :)

I do like to have a spicy dipping something or other around for my ever-so-boring turkey and I usually use a kicked up mustard like Beaver Brand Sweet Hot Mustard or Beaver Brand Jalapeno Mustard so when this popped up on Vine I decided to give it a try.

The verdict? Not bad at all and rather warm, although not as warm as the wasabi mayonnaise I get from the specialty store with the initials TJ (do try that on a sandwich). It worked well enough as a condiment to my main entree, albeit with a slightly oily texture (I think I'll stick with the mustards). The bottle itself is very easy to hold and an easy flip open, squeeze top. I don't much care for the red background/black print on the back of the label, the ingredient list is rather difficult to read for us older readers.

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