Amazon Fine Food Reviews

253561253561B0005Z6ZK4A1N7DILFG0IB8YKate A. Clopp0151257033600yum!Best chocolate spread EVER! If you need a pick me up toast a croissant and spread some of this on!!! Coffee along side this snack is extra yum!
253562253562B0005Z6ZK4A11AF7SOFXRN70Susan J. Vanhoose "cure 87"0151220572800I love it!I love Nutella. I use it to make what's called "Buckeye" sandwiches. You use a layer of Nutella and a layer of Peanut Butter on White Bread. Yummy!
253563253563B0005Z6ZK4A31N6KB160O508Fran W.11211309478400Seal on item not intactHad to get a refund from Amazon. Received the item with no outer seal on container, and the inner seal was loose and not intact on the jar as required by safety regulations.
Not safe to eat for me as potentially exposed to contaminents or tampering with.
253564253564B000FPGYTGALAC0EYQBZQGMTivo Man1151308873600So much easier on my babies tummy.When we switch my daughter from nursing to eating her first solid foods we started with rice cereal. The misery that caused will be forever emblazoned on my memory. Colic, gas, and it backed her up right proper.

My wife and I started researching alternatives on the Internet. We found a bunch of references to how Barley was easier on a tummy. That Barley soup/broth is often what is given to people recovering in hospitals etc... I went to every local store looking for some. Family and friends that had used it used to buy it locally. I couldn't find it anywhere. I found it here on Amazon and bought this pack of 12 boxes.

We found rather strongly that this was much easier on my daughters tummy. She continued to eat without distress after we made the switch. We started using it just as cereal and then as she got older we started using it as a thickening agent and filler when mixed with pureed vegetables etc... She liked things better when they were less runny and we liked things better when she was happy.

We will be ordering more here shortly for the twins that have now joined our family. For us it worked great. I really do recommend it as a far better option that rice cereal.
253565253565B000FPGYTGA128UKWXA5AJB6Yuliya Viner "supermom"1151275177600gerber barley cereal - very healthy choice for a babyHealthy choice for my baby, very convenient package, easy to prepare, my baby loves it, no added milk or fruit, which may either spoil the real taste of the product, or cause allergic reaction. Best choice for busy parents.
253566253566B000FPGYTGA1NJ4U693AT9EFLeah Pinto1151210550400Lots of little boxesThese boxes are smaller than the size I normally buy in the store but I think that's a bonus. They stay fresh longer since they are sealed. Great product.
253567253567B000FPGYTGA2VPC9EZMOC01ZJennifer Gaetan0051326067200Best ValueI have to say, I'm definitely looking for a deal when it comes to baby food and this is one. Compared to the store prices even with coupons, buying by the case is a great buy.
253568253568B000FPGYTGA15ZCT30QMRCXYAmazonMySavior0051300838400My son's 2 and this is still his preferred breakfastI mix cereal, cheese & hot milk, and my son gobbles up his breakfast.
I find this to be the best when compared to nutritional value when compared with Rice, Wheat or Mixed grain.
253569253569B000FPGYTGAFBHTIFNWLLBFM. Paris "Ms. Paris"0041297296000Good Nutrition, Doesn't Like The Taste MuchIt's good and filling for my child but when given to him by itself he doesn't like the flavor. I usually mix it with a banana but I have recently started to buy the mixed fruit cereal which is sweet and mixing one pack of each and that seems to do the trick. Plus, the oatmeal is cheaper than the mix fruit so it lasts longer :-)
253570253570B000FPGYTGA1PPUCP32K8LBIMonaP "MonaP"0031294444800Easier online, no deal on priceI purchased this product online because I couldn't find it in the stores at that time (2 days later it was in the store also). It's good that comes quick, save a trip to the store, however, no deal on the price; same as Walmart, Kroger, etc.
253571253571B000FPGYTGA1PPUCP32K8LBIMonaP "MonaP"013129358080050c per box more expensive than storesI purchased this product online because I couldn't find it in the stores at that time (2 days later it was in the store also). It's good that comes quick, save a trip to the store, however, the price is so much higher than Walmart, Kroger, etc (50c per box more expensive, total 7$ more expensive than the stores)
253572253572B000FPGYTGA128UKWXA5AJB6Yuliya Viner "supermom"0151275177600Gerber is always the best food for babyMy baby loves this cereal. He is allergic to many foods, but with Gerber I can be sure that there are no hidden ingredients. EAsy to prepare, easy to keep fresh, convenient packaging. I highly recommend it to the parents as one of the first foods for a baby.
253573253573B000FPGYTGA3NR0YJNQLL6WIDaryl Beauregard "Love movies"1531264982400Geber Barley Cerealthe only reason I purchased this on amazon is because I could not find it in the stores and the pediatrician had recommended it for my infant grandson. It does not disolve well and tends to clump up in the nipple.
253574253574B000FPGYTGA1ZSF5CJ0A4CIOFancy Trimmins1651250726400Always have this on handI keep Gerber 'Mixed' and 'Barley' on hand all the time. The 'mixed' consists of rice, oat and wheat so I mix a box of that with a box of the 'barley' and have a completely balanced breakfast cereal. I don't use it for people: I keep it handy for when the dogs have upset tummies and their regular food is too harsh on their digestive systems and they need soft, easy to digest food that fills them up and is healthy for them. As their tummies return to normal, I reduce the baby cereal a bit and add in some of their normal foods and as they continue to improve, the baby cereal gets reduced while their normal foods eventually return to full bore.

This is good for them, too, after dental cleanings/extractions, surgeries, when they need a little help in the 'bowel' department (fiber), or just as an added treat to change it up a bit in their daily diet.

I have used this in place of bread crumbs when making a meatloaf (ok, I was desperate), but didn't care for the texture of the meatloaf once cooked. It was too soft for our liking, but still quite tasty.
253575253575B004VDH4KQAZJ3J6HRAL5CCkatyliz27851326153600Wild Sardines reviewThese sardines are meaty and filling, and there is no fishy taste. The additional of the olive oil and lemon makes a lot of difference. They are delicious with crusty bread, or in a salad. Sardines are listed in many reports as being extremely nutritious for the Omega 3s, plus they are an excellent protein source.
253576253576B004VDH4KQA1Q0ZG6TGFVM4YGoGiants81051316995200Tasty productI got this for my wife the other day. There is a large variety of "tastes" available and the on-line price is very reasonable as compared to purchasing it at "Whole Foods" or some other natural food store. The sardines are not "fishy" tasting and they are fresh. Other pluses to this product is the fact that they are sustainably caught. My wife particularly likes that they offer the Olive oil and Lemon option. I would recommend this product anytime.
253577253577B004VDH4KQA204G7E13UW2B0Andrew Schonbek3331350604800Eat a Sandwich Save the Planet
253578253578B004VDH4KQA3PVS9PDNF4L23John Howard3351330473600No fishy tasteBesides being meaty and filling, these sardines do not have a strong fishy odor like other brands. I also find that I do not suffer from post-sardine GERD with this brand. The hint of lemon is also a very nice touch. The best part about them is their taste, of course.
253579253579B004VDH4KQA2BJQS6TOM5O0PKatrina3351329004800Wonderful!I Love these BPA free sardines in lemon and olive oil ... smokey, fresh and price wise, I couldn't go to the market and do any better if they were available in my area!
253580253580B004VDH4KQA87NCY9493SOOTerry Smith5651334448000Great productI eat these strictly for health purposes -- I don't like fish in general. Fortunately, the fishy taste is very minimal. I'm very pleased.
253581253581B004VDH4KQA2LPAM8I7U5KSOJackie Richardson2251347753600Wild Planet SardinesI decided to give sardines a chance after reading about how high they were in omegas, protein and calcium. My mother has been eating them for years as has one of my co-workers who swears by them for her health- she is a straight up fitness guru. Initially I was a bit apprehensive that sardines might be too fishy, smelly and salty. However, to my surprise they were fresh tasting (really surprised by the reviews that said they were metallic and fishy) and not really fishy at all -no more than eating smoked salmon. What I liked was that they are very lightly smoked, packed in extra virgin olive oil with a little sea salt, are in a certified BPA free can had all recognizable and minimal extra ingredients and were sustainably caught. They tasted nothing like I expected and I will definitely buy this brand again. It is really hard finding sardines or many other foods in a BPA free can and this company is really thinking about the health of it's consumers. I will stock up on these when at the store next.
253582253582B004VDH4KQA2RBIF8RQI04POV. Evans "torybug"2241345593600First time trying sardinesI had never had sardines before, and these are the only ones I've tried so I can't make comparisons. I am pleased with how tasty they are, and my 11 month old son likes them too! They are pretty "fishy" if you don't like fish, but I like fish and find these pretty mild. I like having the skin and bones, there's lots of nutrition in there and it turns out I like the crunch. They do look revolting though. I knew sardines were tiny fish in a can, and was relieved to see that they do remove the heads and guts.
253583253583B004VDH4KQA4QIG2U5MBO4RUnbiased buyer2251342656000YummyI really love these. After trying many different brands I decided that this is my favorite. They are soft and fresh-tasting, and also come with lots of liquid. They are also from domestically caught fish, and even though canned in Asia, the cans are BPA-free which is not common in the industry. The lemon juice helps a great deal with keeping your breath fresh (usually an issue with sardines) and the lemon slice found in each can is an added and very enjoyable bonus.
253584253584B004VDH4KQA2MUS5OTRZQD3MDonald L Duvall2251340582400Plump and Great taste!These sardines are the best I have tried and the cost is very reasonable compared to others! Love the Lemon added and add a little more and eat with Breton crackers makesa great Snack!
253585253585B004VDH4KQA39RMTD780WVJFA. R. Smithee "Rayjay"2251339200000whole fishI prefer whole sardines that have not had the bones removed. These sardines have been lightly smoked, and the lemon flavor add a nice flavor sensation. The can is BPA free. You get over 4 ounces of fish, as opposed to about 3.5 oz with many other brands.
253586253586B004VDH4KQA30A5AQU43433ID.T. Greer "captnbud"2251337126400Great Tasty Product!After reading the reviews, I "subscribed" to set these up to receive MONTHLY! They are really tasty, and I drain the oil, then put a spoonful of dill relish and capers on them, topped of with a squirt of Sriracha HOT Chili Sauce ... sure makes a meal for me, ... along w/ cheddar cheese and crackers!! They ARE the best tasting ones right out of the can, if that's how you like them!

I've tried all kinds of sardines and usually to takes 2 cans, but these satisfy me w/ one. I'm careful to watch where they come from, as those from the far east may come from "polluted" water.
253587253587B004VDH4KQA2CV12QOHGV93ED. Rose "Major Consumer"2251336435200Healthy and HeartyThese sardines are handy to have around. There's no sauce. They are plain, but plump. Sardines are heathly and I always have some flavor of Amazon sardines around to use as a meal or a snack.
253588253588B004VDH4KQA196UL0N7RNDWXLarry Elsevier1141346371200Wild sardines from Amazon.comGreat product I'm on AutoShip, the only thing that would make this better is if it was packaged in a glass container. Quality
253589253589B004VDH4KQA26YT37D6HPM3EStingbee30 "World in My Eyes"1521334102400Not as good as i taughtThe taste was sort of metallic and too strong. I'm going to be asking for a refund on this one.
253590253590B004VDH4KQA2GT60ZM529G0VSimon Lau1611333411200the taste is so awefulIt tastes bad with a strong fishy odor. I can't swallow them. Trash it goes. But I can't believe many people give good rating to its taste. Is there something wrong with my taste buds? For people who agree with me, try this - Season Skinless and Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil - more expensive and smaller in size but taste really good.

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