Amazon Fine Food Reviews

253591253591B000FF96X2A11EIDY6DD40CSPeregrinn0051337299200Tasty crackers!These are tasty crackers! I am sorry the other reviewer had allergy issues to which the company was not sensitive, but for people without allergies, I recommend these crackers. They are crisp but have a smooth texture and plain taste that I enjoy, especially with an interesting dip or spread.
253592253592B000FF96X2A36VT2LF4SR86Neducator4kids0211334102400Company NOT allergy consciousI purchased this product for my daughter with multiple food allergies. The ingredients listed were all things she could have. Unfortunately, the ingredients list is inaccurate. I checked both amazon's list and the ingredients list on the company website. Neither listed citric acid, which can be a corn derivative, but it was listed on the box when I received it. Corn is one of my daughter's allergens, so I could not feed her this product without knowing the source of the citric acid used. I have tried calling the company for a week and keep being told an ingredients specialist will call me back, but they NEVER do. I have written the company via the contact us form on the website, but no one will contact me to give me the information I need to know. Fortunately, was very helpful and issued me a refund, but Bremner cannot be trusted if you have food allergy questions. I am very upset at the lack of concern from this company. Those with corn allergies or citric acid sensitivities should not purchase this product. The ingredients list really needs to mention this! I will not purchase any Bremner products in the future.
253593253593B001S3M4ESA30IIYFX4YFV0IMonica Kline0051307404800Squid PastaWhat an incredible, incredible and incredible thrill to know I could cook with fresh pasta from Italy!!! Received the pasta in three days. I used a great, Black Tie Pasta from Claire Robinson, 2011. Without artichokes, more garlic and red pepper flakes. Served this Halibut and my guests felt they were in a 'most wonderful part of Italy'. I do not have the time to write too many reviews...but this I would highly recommend. I am a pretty good I have been told. So please try this. I have frozen enough of what was sent from Italy for 8 month...$32.00.
253594253594B000E1FXLQABIB0DRRDLN7PSome Average Guy "nww"0051329177600Tips1) Price: Should be about $25. Amazon doesn't always stock this themselves, so be careful. Some other merchants try to charge upwards of $35 plus shipping on top of that. (Should say at top "Ships from and sold by Amazon".)

2) Add lots of sweetened coconut directly to the pudding mix. Makes the filling go from pretty good to awesome.

3) Cook & Serve - Be careful when opening the box. Last case I ordered actually had two boxes of no-cook randomly mixed in (weird right?).

4) Availability - This is old school. I can't find it anywhere but online.

5) Flavor - I'm big on coconut pies. They are my fave. I've only ever had two "from scratch" pies that beat this pudding with coconut mixed directly into it. My tastebuds give it 8 out of 10. Note: In runs a bit on the sweeter side of the spectrum.

Enjoy / Good Luck.
253595253595B000E1FXLQA1PKBIAYKHS8VNAntoinette Lamb "Toni Marie"0051264032000Hard to findThis is the second year in a row that I have order this pudding. No stores stock it anymore. I have a great recipe for Pumpkin bread that has been handed down from two generations. Thanks!
253596253596B000OC5RAMA3NP6GHKS59TIXH. Wicken2251266796800Better than pigs earsCow ears are cleaner and no worry about the grease of pigs ears. My dogs love the Merrick Cow ears better than the ones you get at pet stores.
253597253597B000OC5RAMA1BLD7MOPR2E6AKris0051290470400Love them!The dogs absolutely love these! We have 2 Corgis and they will sit and finish them off in no time!
253598253598B000OC5RAMA14RB5QGCATYULC. Tebben1231267574400Merrick cow earI ordered one of these cow ears for my dog, and they seem to be very high quality- much better than some other cheap, generic ones. It has a lighter texture than rawhide. However, mine had what seemed to be a blue tattoo on it. I'm assuming that was used for identification on the cow, not added during processing. Also, my dog would not chew this. I even smeared peanut butter on it, but he just licked that out of the crevices and then ignored the actual cow ear. But, my dog is the one who won't eat rawhide or bully sticks either. I'm guessing dogs who like these types of chews would love this. My dog is just a bit weird. So- 4 stars for quality; 1 for (picky) pet satisfaction
253617253617B001E534MGA1OZ18KPLBVVG1KK0031316390400best price if you don't have similac couponafter comparing prices, this came to be $21.33 each, this seems to be a better deal afterall, although not too much of a difference but even a little helps in term of saving. Unless you have similac coupon, this is so far the cheapest i can find.
253599253599B0012BU7P4A1AN1ZQUBWTKPFyvonneg1211319500800Arrived open and usedI have used this product before and it is excellent. Unfortunately, when this shipment arrived the seal on the item was broken and some of the product had already been squirted out of the container into the lid. I can't use it and according to Amazon's policies (pressurized container) I can't return it. I can't even request a replacement to be sent - very unimpressed with Amazon.
253618253618B001E534MGAFMMP30BPB1ZFM.Karczewski "Mike"0021298160000good product can even find it cheaper at Duane-reade or rite-aid,your "next to your block" store.way too expensive.product by itself is very good,my new-born daughter loves it (besides breast-feeding of course) :)
recently we switched to Similac Sensitive,which is even better than this one.less gas,fussiness almost problems with digesting,which sometimes was a problem with blue (advance) one.
Great product but please try to find a better price,at least 20$ per unit....
253619253619B001E534MGA21B34QQ84HNY1A. M. Buford0041270771200GREAT formula, but cheaper somewhere elseAfter reading the review saying it had two much sugar, I almost passed this up. My baby girl has been on this formula for about two months, now. She has not spit up once! She doesn't scream when it's time for feedings like another user stated. I love Amazon, but with the coupons I paid $15 a tub for these at my local Wal-Mart last night.
253620253620B001E534MGA1IL83749NZ35TDTS324921224547200Beware of package sizeBe careful when you order this particular package. It contains only 23.2-ounce tubs. Even with free shipping and no tax the price per ounce is much higher than your local wholesale club. I mention this because the product first came out in these tubs at the wholesale clubs and looks the same as this package. The wholesale club tubs are 34-ounces.

I'm annoyed by this because I don't usually price or value shop Amazon products. I operate on the assumption that Amazon offers the best value in general. If there is a small difference in price it's usually made up in free Prime shipping or tax. So beware on these grocery type items.
253600253600B005WBETRCA15LVXQI2YXB4ZGlock36 "Glock36"0051351209600You Can't Get These in The Stores Around Here.My receptionist wanted some of these but I could not find any around here so I ordered them. They are what they are and she was thrilled that I took the time to do that for her.

Take care of your people and they will take care of you.

Meanwhile, the US economy slowly collapses, dragging the rest of the world with it.

Next year, Pop-Tarts will be $1760.00 for one package of two. But the government never promised us free Pop-Tarts...only free cell phones.

I still haven't gotten my free cell phone but I got a great cell phone real cheap right here on Amazon.

Amazon keeps its promises...the federal government does not. We see who should be running the country. Write in when you vote for president this year.
253601253601B005WBETRCA6GLHHLW0UFJZIucci0051349136000Spookylicious Pop-Tarts: A Cautionary Tale.Spookylicious Pop-Tarts: A Cautionary Tale.

Once upon a time, a long time ago in the far away land of last October, a good wife and a bad husband bought Halloween Pop-Tarts and they were spooktacular.

Upon first bite these pop-tarts were deemed good and right and even more than that, delicious.The good wife and the bad husband agreed to split these pop-tarts which consisted of 6 packs containing 2 each. The box can only hold 12 of these seasonal delights.

"Fair is fair, said the good wife, and even split is just the thing."

Husband agreed in an instant, but after eating these delicious Spookylicious Pop-Tarts the husband could not contain is greed. Lost in magic and sugary delight the bad husband quickly finished his 3 packs. It took less than a week but he hungrily ate all 6 tarts without a thought as to what he would do when they were finished. He was not satisfied. Meanwhile, the good wife slowly enjoyed her pop-tarts savoring each and every one of them enjoying them through the whole month of October, unlike her husband who had stuffed his face and finished his all too fast.

The good wife is a nurse, and it is her job was to see new babies arrive safely into the world. As is the nature of babies they will come when they will and given that October is a rich month for births, it is with no shock that the good wife was whisked away to work for 5 days straight, as stork after stork arrived with bundles full of new born babes. With great care the good wife unwrapped each bundle and helped bring joy to many new mothers and fathers across the land.

At home the bad husband stalked the kitchen greedily licking his chops as he stared at the final packet of Spookylicious Pop-Tarts they were the only two that remained. On the 3rd straight day of work for the wife, the husband's food stuffs had food ran short. With the wife so busy at work she was unable to complete her duties and do the shopping, this meant the husband had grown hungry and weak. On this terrible day the husband's will ran as short as the food supply, without further though the husband strode into the kitchen, threw open the cupboards and set upon on the pop-tarts, scarfing them down with no thought of his wife's disappointment, his broken word, or the the folly that would surely follow.

When the good wife arrived home on the morning of the 6th day, she was famished delivering babies is exhausting work and leads to a powerful appetite. When she went to the kitchen to fetch spooky treat, the cupboard was bare. She exclaimed in shock "Husband we have been robbed, someone has stolen my last packet of my special pop-tarts."

The husband grunted and went to the kitchen, "Don't be ridiculous, you silly girl. I ate the last tasty tart."
"No" gasped the wife, we agreed to split them fair and square. The bad husband laughed a bellowing laugh as he rubbed his all too full stomach. "Calm yourself woman" he said "I will hunt you down more Pop-Tarts, fear not your famine will soon be over, it is not as if these are the last Halloween Pop-Tarts in the land. The bad husband had no idea just how wrong he was.

The good wife could only nod as she was far too hungry and weak from lack of tasty Halloween pop-tarty treats.

The bad husband looked at the sad state of his good wife and in that moment he felt guilt, and remorse for what he had done. He took what was not his, and he broke his word. He knew his wife was good and deserved better, so he resigned himself to hunting for more of these seasonal treats. He would make good on his word no matter what the cost, but in the dark secret place of the bad husbands mind he also knew this would mean more Spookylicious Pop-Tarts for him. He tried to push away the thought but couldn't. We must be careful for what is easily made is hard to unmake. The husband set out and made haste, leaving his good wife with an empty stomach. The wife could hardly sleep for the hunger pains stabbed at her terribly The good wife had worked 5 days straight and was so exhausted that despite the hunger and disappointment sleep did take immediately take her. Her last thought was that her husband would do right, and would make good on his promise, and it was this thought that finally eased he enough to let sleep come, but it was not to be.

husband despite his bad ways, did search long and hard. Every Grocer in the land was called on, and everyone had the same tale. "Alas poor Sir" they said, "Spookylicious Pop-Tarts are a might popular and tasty as you obviously know. We have sold through our stock and surplus. We expect no more shipments." The bad husband raged, "But it is only 17th day of October, we still have a fortnight of this cursed month. What will we fill our stomach with if not SPOOKTACULAR POP-TARTS?" Despite his anger, despite his threats no grocer could help him, the husband would have to return home with only another broken promise in hand.

When finally he returned to his home, he paced dreading the moment his goodly wife would awake, dreading the moment where he would have to explain. A short time later she awoke and brought herself from her chambers and came to him. She beamed, joy and expectation shining in her face "Hello my good husband, did you find them, did you do as you said you would?" The bad husband frowned at her, she knew the truth before the words were spoken, Her smile faltered and turned upon itself and became a frown. The husband did not speak, he only stared at his feet as if they might offer up some advice. He dare not break the silence. The good wife was not afraid of the silence and so she spoke and said, ' it is okay my dear, I can just have something else." She had released him from his promise but the not from her disappointment. He tried to attend her, The bad husband asked, "Are you okay?" Her response was the practiced lie that every woman is taught as a young girl. "I'm Fine, she lied. With those words the husband knew his fate It would be another full turn of the seasons before another batch of Spookylicious Pop-tarts could be had and the year would be long, and cold, but he must endure.

10 Months later

10 months ago on that weary October morning the once good and kind wife had a shadow placed on her and in that shadow her normal kindness was dulled and her warm and tender nature frosted. The good wife that the Husband remembered was almost gone, the shadow wife had grow prominent and with her prominence came many joke and jibes about Spookylicious Pop-tarts and the husbands greed, his weakness and his failures. These thorns had been brought to bear on the husband by the wife for reasons the he could not fathom. No friend was spared the tale of the husbands misdeed either, every guest was regaled and delighted by the loathsome tale. Husband bore this shame as foil wrapped treat on his heart, but with the dawn of harvest, the husband would soon be able to lay his shame down and reap his forgiveness. Husband had a plan and began his search early. He looking high and low, questioning every grocer but none knew if the Spookylicious Pop-Tarts would ever return. This was troubling news for Husband he began to despair. The key to the life he once knew lay in a box of foil wrapped seasonal delight. Husband must find them no matter what the cost. Days went by and September shrank into nothingness and finally the calendar turned and the date read October 1st. The formerly bad husband had become thoroughly desperate as no Spooktacular Pop-Tarts seemed destined to appear. As the sun plunged behind the mountains finding it's nightly resting place he knew what he had to do. In a delirious rush he ran for the Electric Church, on the plinth at the base of the alter Husband prayed to the Great Trader. His prayer rang out with a clickety click click clak, "Great Trader hear my prayers and deliver me from the sorrow I have wrought upon my family and deliver unto me with the power of prime an answer.

What happened next, none could say

Moral of the Story: Don't eat your wife's last pop-tart or you may spend the next year stalking the cereal and seasonal aisle of every grocery store and target you enter. I know these pop-tarts were reissued but for whatever reason never made it to my area of California. As a last resort to end the constant ridicule I did indeed pay nearly $20 for a box of Pop-Tarts.

This account is mostly true, my wife is awesome, and I did eat the last pop-tart. The parts of this story that aren't true are how my wife reacted. She has teased me for a whole year and yes, she has told our friends but never ever in a mean spirited fashion. These Poptarts are really good and I hope you buy some.
253602253602B005WBETRCA87RT63V7SMD3Deborah L. Woodstuff "IntoTea"0151321488000Surprising Hit at My House for Halloween........My daughter loved these poptarts with a Halloween theme. We have now purchased the chocolate fudge Poptarts because she liked these so much. I bought these as well for my niece and all my nephews who love Poptarts as well, some of whom are poptart deprived. I just hope they liked as much as my daughter and husband.
253603253603B005WBETRCA2EAYG80EJQ4D9Janet Nusbaum0151319846400My kids love this flavor!I have purchased several boxes of the Spookylicious Pop-tarts and my kids love them. They are fudge filled with ghost sprinkles. Great for halloween!
253604253604B005WBETRCAGMBVT5Z9DFS9Beth0311319500800WTF?!Seriously?!?!? I just paid $18 for a SINGLE BOX OF POP TARTS?! I really thought that this was for a CASE of 16-count boxes. Unbelievable...........
253605253605B001E534MGA2SUU75PBKPBZ8Niko'sMama6651327276800So much less gasEvery baby is different, but for us, Similac is a much better fit than Enfamil. Babies are gassy and formula will give them gas, but there is no blood curdling screaming or writhing in pain with Similac like there was with Enfamil.
253606253606B001E534MGARNF20TCBM9P8Sridhara B. Kommireddy253231268006400good value at 81 cents/ounce onlyI bought this 6 pack for 122.99, and was a good value with prime shipping. This is cheaper than Walmart or Target stores. But recently found Costco is offering a bigger sized individual cans at even better price (81 cents per ounce).
253607253607B001E534MGA3IE1M5UT5EOARMaria212841284940800Similac formulaThe product is fine but
I was disappointed with the shipment
I ordered six containers of this product & I was shipped about 16 of the sample tins
the formula amount was the same the packaging is annoying
if I order the six containers I expect to receive the same packaging
as what I ordered not sample sizes. These sample size containers are not for resale either
I don't think I will order from amazon for this product again
253608253608B001E534MGA3BR9Q0HVHRFS0Reader1151341187200Works Well for UsThis formula works really well for our baby. We've been using it for the last 7 months, since our baby was born, and haven't had any issues with it so far The powder in this size is more economical than the other Similac options, especially when purchased as a 6-pack. However, if we were to have a water emergency (has happened in our area before!), we would be SOL with only the powder option, so we always make sure to have a couple of 6-packs of the premade liquid formula on hand, too.
253609253609B001E534MGA37JTNIVJ775HRAlwin D1151338768000No ComplaintsThe product came in as expected and the packaging was not at all bulky. I compared prices on other sites and other grocers and found that Amazon had a better deal with the free shipping! Can't beat that!
253610253610B001E534MGA2FW3UO7RF1J4BClinton W. Harpman1151329696000It's Similac.My first child didn't do well with Similac Advance, had to go soy based for him. The second one seems fine with it. The pricing on Amazon is regularly the lowest I can find it without having to jump through hoops: finding coupons, waiting for local sales, driving all over town. Time is money. Point. Click. Order. It shows up in bulk. If your kid likes Similac and you value your time, order some right now!
253611253611B001E534MGA11CNA3XN1E2MNAKinGA1151317600000Great priceWe recently switched to formula and I have been looking all over for the cheapest price on our preferred formula. This was the cheapest price that I found anywhere, including the manufacturer and local big box stores. My package came in the advertised packaging, unlike some other reviews. I was very happy with the price, the product, and the value.
253612253612B001E534MGA34MVSTCNVE315A. Riley91341247097600Good formula good price UPDATE: Good formula NOT a good priceMy breast milk wasn't coming in while we were still in the hospital so my baby came home on this formula until my milk came in. It was easy for him to digest and he thrived on it. He lost a lot of weight in the hospital because my milk wasn't coming in. Being on this formula for a little over a day made him gain enough weight that the pediatrician felt comfortable discharging him to go home.

Now my milk came in but my baby won't breast feed from being bottle fed for so long. After pumping for 3 1/2 months and trying to take care of a developmentally delayed 3 year old with no one to help me I am giving up pumping and my baby will be formula fed again. Needless to say I will be using this formula again since I know it was easy for him to digest and he thrived on it. I highly recommend this product.

edited 8/29/09: When I wrote the comment "good price" the seller on this link was and the price was $[...]. It's still excellent formula but with a coupon it's probably cheaper to get from your local store. We also tend to find lots of sales at local stores.
253613253613B001E534MGAJ3LCDCIGQ5F2KT0051350345600Similac AdvanceI ordered Similac Advanced for my newborn on the recommendation of my sister (she had used it for her daughter) and of my mother (she had used it for me when I was a baby many years ago). My daughter tolerated it extremely well and within the first month, when other newborns lose weight, she has gained one kg!!! Overall I am extremely happy with it and will continue feeding my daughter with Similac for her whole first year. Similac Advance Early Shield, Formula, Powder, 23.2-Ounces (Pack of 6)
253614253614B001E534MGA30N1OF2VEJFHWartemis0051346889600The best formula everMy first daughter grew up on Similac. Now I have bought it again for my newborn and she is doing fine. Excellent baby formula, I cannot reccomend it enough!
253615253615B001E534MGA33YSAS6SNE7QNVictoria T0051321833600cheap when it was 128 for a six packI can't find it cheaper anywhere else. It is just like it is in the stores. I am planning to order it again.
253616253616B001E534MGAXUL3RLVU1J07K. Reischke "Ysan and Karen"0041317254400seems as good as in the storeThis is the cheapest we could find and it seems to be the same as what you buy in the store.

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