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253621253621B001E534MGA24NI2PNKCJDZ0AshBVas142211335830400Just go to the store! Please read1Ok so I was doing some research to find good deals on formula. I am not sure if many of you know, but if you go to the Similac website and sign-up to be a Similac mom they will send you frequent coupons in the mail. Not just any coupons kiddos. $5.00 off of any sized Similac formula as long as it does not cost less than 5 bucks. My baby is 2 weeks old and I have gotten these coupons in the mail twice already. 7 coupons in total. That is a lot of saving!Also, a huge plus is when you can use double coupons. Stack store coupons with the manufacturer coupons. This will help you save a lot of dough. Good luck and I hope this was helpful.
253622253622B001E534MGA14WNOXXE6EAU4Phillip Nguyen1231322956800expensiveI agree with other reviewers. I don't know how Amazon can sell these. I just bought 5 packs from for $77 (of course after coupons).
253623253623B001E534MGA1TPPEZSN638MSKelsey1231303776000Why is buying one cheaper than the 6 packI can get one container at Target for $21...yet even with the Amazon discount it still is around $22 for each container when bought as a 6 pack
253624253624B001E534MGA2JBMMUWMQJJ3TPablo Mendivil "pafe"4711348876800the price is just not rightSams club, toys r us, are just examples of places online where you can find this formula cheaper. I am an amazon fan and to find 12 dollars cheaper the product in other stores is just dissapointing. This item needs a price correction right away!
253625253625B001E534MGA2F0J47DGALTLDT. Rairdon0131326153600ExpensiveNot sure that Amazon would sell many of these because the price is more expensive then going to the store. I can get it at Target for 21.99.
253627253627B001E534MGAD0KKAPP6K5IMChristine "Christine"01313130208003 star due to the non-competitive priceI usually get mine from Target when there is a sale - $21, plus using my $5 off Similac coupon, comes to $0.75 per ounce vs. $0.92 from Amazon. I am a frequent Amazon shopper, but this deal is just not as good as I get from Target.
253628253628B001E534MGA2KTFTRTY0ONWFCarlaVeg0131276387200Didn't work for usThis formula didn't agree with my baby and this is the one they gave her at the Hospital. She was very fuzzy and had lots of colic/gas pains with Similac. I thought this was just because she was a baby with an immature digestive system like every other baby. When she was about 6 weeks old she started crying while feeding and the pediatrician suspected that she had silent reflux and put her on Similac Sensitive RS. She did a bit better but still cried during feedings. After reading a lot of reviews on ALL formulas on the market, I decided to try Good Start. I am so glad I did. My baby is happy now. She is not fuzzy, has not colic/gas pains, and she doesn't cry while feeding anymore.

On the positive side, I really like the packaging of the Similac formula. I also like the smell and taste and so did my baby, she ate a lot of this formula! Formulas like Enfamil and GoodStart taste really fishy. This is due to the DHA/ARA additives (which I am not thrilled about!). So Similac does a great job with smell and taste as they do have the DHA/ARA in them.

I know some babies who do great on Similac Early Shield though, but unfortunately that wasn't the case for my baby!
253629253629B001E534MGA1IK1A4HIX5OLXStacy S. Barfield0151257120000cheaper and fast deliveryThis product is cheaper than the manufacturers website, the grocery store, wal mart, and target. Very fast delivery, had to wait over a month for it at Target.
253630253630B001E534MGA3P6HQNT1QT2ZCJ. Skalsky3651231286400ConvienentI compared the price of these tubs with the original cans ounce for ounce and it is only a couple of cents more expensive to buy this product. I like the tubs becuase they are cleaner, keeps you from putting your hands in the formula to get the scoop. Also, I live 50 miles from the nearest store that sells formula or diapers and if I happen to get there to buy any their cost is several dollars higher than For those of you who like to complain about the few cents it costs less at your local Target, Wal-mart, thankful and remember Amazon is paying to ship it to your door. Thank you
253631253631B001E534MGA1MTMV0WJ637D9T. Young2511331424000It cost how much?!Yes, this is over priced. It's easier and cheaper to simply look for sales or print off coupons before paying this much for 6 packs. Take the time to do some searching before wasting money.
253632253632B001E534MGA2NIT87YEUHSICT. Kim "It's not the heat, it's the humility"81711273363200The rating is a reflection of the price, not the productMy wife and I use Similac Advance. It was recommended by our pediatrician and our infant has no issues with it. As far as we're concerned, it's a perfectly fine product. The reason I'm giving this only ONE star is because of the ridiculous price. I don't know who the pricing genius is for this product but selling 6 packages for $130 makes no sense. I live in downtown Seattle where prices are generally a little higher than most places and even I can go to my local store and buy this same size tub for about $20/tub. Why would I want to pay more for a package that makes me buy in bulk? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Whoever is in charge of pricing, you really need to do a better job.
253633253633B001E534MGA2O2XWFFES25IRT. Buck61521250899200Too much Sugar!I came home with this brand from the hospital, so I automatically assumed it to be good for the baby.. instead what I found was that my baby would be screaming for more when I did not feed her timingly on the dot, which in turn I found out was because she had basically come off a sugar high and wanted more. I had switched to an organic brand by earth's best which tasted a lot less sugary and she never screamed for more milk... plus it lasted longer in her belly. They get around not having to label sugar because it's under 'lactose'... but you need your mommy tastebuds to figure it out. I would not recommend similac or any other highly sugary formula..
253634253634B001E534MGAIVD2B6Y8G5MAvojo2811313020800Better deal at storeIf you belong to a bulk store like Costco, Sams or BJ's get it there. This is not a good deal. I though tthe size was bigger like in bulk stores but I was upset when I recieved it that I wasted so much money.
253635253635B001E534MGAFNE6AFYU3ZVDA. Fink2911321920000Harsh for babiesMy son is allergic to this formula, similac in general. He broke out in a terrible rash all over his entire body. He was on enfamil before that and had no problems and we switched to nestle good start and have had no problems as well. It has been shown that parents choice (walmart) is exactly the same as similac. I didn't know that. I tried out the parents choice because it was cheaper and yup, my son is allergic to parents choice too. So if your baby isn't allergic to this, go ahead and switch to parents choice as it is identical to similac and much cheaper.
253636253636B001E534MGA1ERJBHVJEFG05K. Gilchrist "KevG"71911232582400Bad valueI bought similac adavance early shield at BJ's tonight for $28.
Amazon: $1.11/Oz
Bj's: $0.88/Oz

A premium of ~25%.

I'm a prime subscriber too, I was hoping it'd work out with free shipping.
253637253637B001E534MGA6Z2K3SBS1YUNGrandma Pooh0851232409600similacThe best part of this transaction is the lack of shipping costs. If I had to pay shipping I could not buy from Amazon. I feel that some shipping costs I have experienced are really a method of increasing the cost of the item.
253638253638B001E534MGA9YRUB3JM0I57M. Kathleen Maiden0851232236800Gift receivedThis Similac product was a Christmas gift to my nephew and his wife. It was received on Christmas Eve.
Great job. Thanks!!!
253639253639B001E534MGAFAWC4ZJ29YV1AG41711334102400TOXIC hexane still in it!RECONSIDER THIS FORMULA!!

Martek advertises this formula on their website!

"Although Martek told the board that they would discontinue the use of the controversial neurotoxic solvent n-hexane for DHA/ARA processing, they did not disclose what other synthetic solvents would be substituted. Federal organic standards prohibit the use of all synthetic/petrochemical solvents".

Martek Biosciences was able to dodge the ban on hexane-extraction by claiming USDA does not consider omega-3 and omega-6 fats to be "agricultural ingredients." Therefore, they argue, the ban against hexane extraction does not apply. The USDA helped them out by classifying those oils as "necessary vitamins and minerals," which are exempt from the hexane ban. But hexane-extraction is just the tip of the iceberg. Other questionable manufacturing practices and misleading statements by Martek included:

Undisclosed synthetic ingredients, prohibited for use in organics (including the sugar alcohol mannitol, modified starch, glucose syrup solids, and "other" undisclosed ingredients)
Microencapsulation of the powder and nanotechnology, which are prohibited under organic laws
Use of volatile synthetic solvents, besides hexane (such as isopropyl alcohol)
Recombinant DNA techniques and other forms of genetic modification of organisms; mutagenesis; use of GMO corn as a fermentation medium
Heavily processed ingredients that are far from "natural"

quote from: Why is this Organic Food Stuffed With Toxic Solvents? by Dr. Mercola - GOOGLE GMOs found in Martek.

This is the latest I have found on DHA in organic and non organic baby food/ formula:
AT LEAST READ THIS ONE*** GOOGLE- False Claims That DHA in Organic and Non-Organic Infant Formula Is Safe. AND OrganicconsumersDOTorg

Martek's patents for Life'sDHA states: "includes mutant organisms" and "recombinant organisms", (a.k.a. GMOs!) The patents explain that the oil is "extracted readily with an effective amount of solvent ... a preferred solvent is hexane."

The patent for Life'sARA states: "genetically-engineering microorganisms to produce increased amounts of arachidonic acid" and "extraction with solvents such as ... hexane." Martek has many other patents for DHA and ARA. All of them include GMOs. GMOs and volatile synthetic solvents like hexane aren't allowed in USDA Organic products and ingredients.

Tragically, Martek's Life'sDHA is already in hundreds of products, many of them certified USDA Organic. Please demand that the National Organic Standards Board reject Martek's petition, and that the USDA National Organic Program inform the company that the illegal 2006 approval is rescinded and that their GMO, hexane-extracted Life'sDHA and Life'sARA are no longer allowed in organic products.

BUT I went to the lifesdha website and THEY DO NOT DISCLOSE HOW THEY MAKE THEIR LifesDHA!!! I have contacted the company to see what they say.

Also these are the corporate practices of Martek which are damaging to the environment as well written just last Dec 2011 at NaturalnewsDOTcom

The best bet is to just avoid the lifeDHA at this time in my opinion b/c corporate america cares more about the almighty $ than your health.
253640253640B001E534MGA19I5BY62BM5PGRobert A. Curcio01111325635200This mix CAUSES COLIC DONT USE ITEvery mom I know that is using this product has had a colic baby. So if you're baby is crying and is constantly up, and constipated, then please go right to Similac Alimentum. There's something that's different about this formula in the past few years that is bothering the babies. There is some change that is making babies sicks.
253641253641B001E534MGA1JKD629H5WGMJmarcar7401211231286400Not a dealFound cheaper pricing at a couple of local stores and 2 of the 6 tubs had busted tops from good 'ol UPS doing a number on them. I will just buy from local supermarket from now on.
253642253642B001E534MGA1NQKWS81ENDTVHopels11511294358400Unfortunately an Irresponsible CompanyThis is the formula given to us in the hospital when our son was born. They insisted we take home the 'to go' bottles in large quantities, as did our pediatrician at every visit. Logically we continued to run with this brand.

We began feeding him the powdered stuff because it is cheaper and we would often buy 10 - 20 of the larger containers at a time (we live in a somewhat rural area). We were very dismayed to learn that there was a voluntary recall on this product but were happy to hear that it was only a small batch from a certain area that was affected. It turns out this is not the case. We compared containers on the list from approximately 6 - 9 months ago that were purchased almost a 1,000 miles away (we had moved) with ones we had recently purchased locally. To our dismay both containers were on the recall list.

At the premium price we pay for formula we expect that the company has good enough quality control systems in place to prevent bug arms and legs from making it into the container - hasn't anyone heard of a sifter? It was also upsetting that Similac attempted to spin this by saying that it was only a small area and a small number of containers affected.

Luckily he switched formula very easily.
253643253643B001E534MGA3TRXAWQBI0NXUShannon Smith01311329264000Similac destroyed my daughter's GI tractAfter what we went through with my daughter, I would not recommend Advance to infants that have tummy issues. It will destroy their GI tract. We used this for the first 3 days at home, if that.
253644253644B001E534MGAD3NN24XE28ENMr. T01511271203200This milk really makes our baby really sick!! :(, literally!!Sorry to give this 1 star. but this milk really makes our baby really sick!! :(, literally!!
if your baby can take it, I guess it's a good one but for us, we had the worst experience with it.

Here is our story.
My baby had been solely breastfed. After 9 months my wife was running short of her milk. She didn't have enough breastmilk for the baby and he didn't take as much solid food as we would want him to.
We gave him Similac Advance, it was recommended by the hospital. First Similac Advance Liquid, he threw up 9 times within 2 hours after half an hour of feeding. That happened twice. A few days later, we tried Similac Advance power, he threw up again! This time 5 times plus serious diarrhea for 5 days. He has lost 5% of his weight within 2 days. That's really bad.

We were desperate. We took him to the hospital twice that week. The doctor though it was stomach flu.
However, I didn't quit agree with him. What a coincident that 2 different formula milk feeding incidents would throw my baby off balance. I'm a computer engineer and dealing with solving and debugging problems all the time.
I was firm with the doctor that this was not a coincident. I thought it might have something to do with the protein in the formula that my baby couldn't digest. We decided to try Lactose free formula (Nutramigen from Enflora). It smell and taste really awful (my wife tried it and she gagged.
As we thought, my baby rejected to drink it. Then I tried Good Start soy. Same story, smell bad but not as bad as Nutromigen. My baby also rejected to drink it.

Now we were really desperate, not enough milk for him and he doesn't like to eat solid food!! He would throw up + diarrhea if he gave him normal formula milk. Phone call to 4 advise nurses, no luck! I finally search on the internet and found a lot of similar story to what we experienced (including this on Amazon reviews).
I decided to give it a final try, crossing our fingers really tight. Good Start Gentle Plus is our last hope or my baby would not have any more milk to drink. He's losing weight!!

And then miracle happened!!! This milk works wonderfully for him. The only complain I would have is that it doesn't smell as good as the normal cow milk-based formula, however, doesn't smell or taste awful like the other two.

My baby didn't quite used to the tasted in the beginning and didn't really want to drink it at first. So we tried mixed it with breastmilk for a few days.

Now he is a happy baby, gaining weight, doesn't throw up and used to the taste of it.
My wife and I are now happy again :)
253645253645B001F3JNYKAN2X9C0KMPW6HNina M. Foster0051350518400Love This Product!I use Crystal Light Lemonade in several different ways. Adding it to my soft drink makes a lemon cola--sprinkled on pudding gives it a zesty taste, etc. It has very few calories and that is important to me.
253646253646B001F3JNYKA3VMCKYN22X0COKonrad Kern0051223510400Great TasteJust wanted to let everyone know that I have been using Crystal Light packets for most of this year. Ever since I tried one actually. I like the lemonade in Summer, but I like the iced tea year round, and it's actually my favorite. What I usually do is use a gatorade bottle (after it's been emptied or drank, of course) and fill it with ice from the ice maker, since those cubes fit, put the Crystal Light in add water and shake. Instead of buying water I just refill it from the tap and re-use the bottle. Great taste and easy to make.
253647253647B004S07G1YA221I9R7I92OROIRG0041330300800Tasty and better than I expected for a shelf-stable productThis is the first Hormel Compleats product we've tried and I have to say, I was plesantly surprised. I'm not a foodie, but I do expect flavor from food, packaged or fresh.

Others have commented about the contents matching the pix on the packaging. Pretty much it looked the same to me although the penne pasta and chicken are mixed well within the marinara sauce.

>>Ease of use: slit some holes, pop in microwave for about 1 minute, 45 seconds. Take out, wait a minute or so, peel off top and eat. (Peeling it off took awhile. It seemed to have some sort of glue that stuck to the sides of the plastic container.)

>>Flavor: The marina sauce was tasty and quite a bit better than some of the bottled marinara sauce I've had. Chicken tasted like chicken and penne pasta was firm (but not break your tooth firm) and not mushy, which is important to me.

>>Nutritional Content: If the label is correct, this isn't too bad at all if you're looking for both good fiber and protein without exorbitant sugar or sodium. And with only 5% saturated fat, that's good for fresh or packaged.

>>Great item to store at the office or a second home or anywhere else where food may not be readily available and/or you need some backup.

This should not be viewed as a substitute for making your own pasta to order and using a homemade or other sauce, but it's not bad when you're starving and literally want to eat in three minutes.

>>Price, which varies depending on where you buy it. Amazon has good prices with subscribe and save but at the $3 and up that convenience stores that seem to stock it charge, not such a value.

>>Availability. Not always easily found in our area. If you like this, amazon subscribe and save is probably the best way to get it fast, in quantity and at good price.

I've looked online at the others in the compleats line. Not impressed due to very high sodium (why can't companies understand that most of us want low sodium. Really low. Folks who want more sodium will just add salt. Good spices and other flavorings can give us the taste we need.).

I suspect that the appeal of this will depend entirely on your own tastebuds. If you're someone who regularly eats homemade pasta sauce with fresh pasta, this will be a tough substitute. But if you use bottled pasta sauce and packaged pasta, this is akin to a prepaid version of this. You can always rev it up by adding your own veggies (steamed or heated up frozen ones) with it.

If this didn't require a microwave to heat it up, it would be a perfect item for an emergency food kit.
253648253648B004S07G1YABTUNH7645QJLPeter Reeve0031316563200Quite a rich flavorThese microwavable meals that don't require refrigeration are very convenient, although these Compleats are not quite as convenient as the Chef Boyardee products, where you simply need to remove the cover before heating.

These are very light snacks, at just 10oz. That may or may not be what you want. I find I need to heat them for 2 minutes, rather than the recommended 90 seconds. This particular variety has a somewhat spicy taste, due to the peppers it contains. It has a rather unappetizing, muddy appearance. You also need to stir it before eating.

If you use convenience meals like this every day at work, then you need some variety. This one is worth a try, especially if you are looking for something with a fuller flavor than most chicken meals.
253649253649B004S07G1YATA3BQKLHGT8SM. L. Jendrzey "gliderpilot"0011314576000Misleading Picture On PackageBased on the ranting and raving of a traveling acquaintance I thought I'd try these COMPLEATS meals ... specifically the HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ones with lower sodium (Green labels). Storing at room temperature sounded good and the price is not bad. I've tried two, and trust me, they look nothing like the picture on the package. Today I tried the CHICKEN MARINARA. The label (picture) on the package looked very appetizing, but once cooked, it looked more like a brown mush. The list of ingredients mentions carrots, celery, onions, green bell peppers, etc.. After stirring around I actually saw ONE little piece of green ... bell pepper, I assume.

The stuff has some taste, but has no resemblance to the pictures and needs bread or some other medium to digest it. I won't try it again.
253650253650B004S07G1YA3EMA84BRT83CYJ. Johnson "jjohns78"0221307404800Also tastes like mintSimilar to Hormel Compleats, Roasted Turkey & Vegetables with Long Grain White & Wild Rice, 10-Ounce Microwavable Bowls (Pack of 6), the Chicken Marinara tasted funny. The minty flavor ruined the meal for me, and left an aftertaste in my mouth that was difficult to get rid of. Texturally it was pretty good for a shelf-stable prepared meal. I wanted to like it more, as the price is reasonable, and the portion size and calorie count are good, but it's just too minty for me.

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