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253651253651B002MXVYGMA3CQ0KQKGHUFL8teprusa0021339200000Stale and bitterI've been looking for Black Currant tea that I used to buy from Upton Tea which they don't carry anymore. I bought this tea, but it is not a good replacement. It has little tea flavor yet it is too strong. The black currant flavor is bitter.
253652253652B001886KBQA1ZBEDKE0E2L27N. Sun ""3351333584000Great snack!These date paste filled cookies are absolutely delicious. They're more cakes than cookies, but either way, it's a filling snack that is simply delicious. The cookie outer layer is soft yet flakey. The date filling is sweet but not overly so. The combination is an amazing snack! I'm lucky to live by a store that carries these for $2.79. After seeing prices here, I'm glad I can get these relatively cheap because they're so good.
253653253653B001886KBQAQUOH57CUOW4SAsaad3351314144000Good TasteThis Maamoul has a good taste for both the date and the cookies
It's soft and doesn't smell bad because of the packing, I recommend it.
253654253654B001886KBQA1QAUAATW1KHOQMissBargain2251314230400VERY GOOD COOKIESi was very pleasantly surprised to find those here. my husband has been buying them from the Mediterranean Food Store several miles away.
they are very good, if you like dates. to figure out how that tastes, imagine butter cookies with date filling. that's how they taste. Each is about 2.5" in diameter and comes individually wrapped so you can take it with you as a snack. for extra taste, and to follow the mediterranean tradition, you can pour POWDER sugar over them.
253655253655B0039K4YD2A39A6TW947ITV2F. Rogers0051323302400Absolutely the Best!Easily the best jams, jellies, and preserves anywhere. Taste the fruit more richly and vibrantly than any other maker! I come back again and again.
253656253656B0092VQEZSAAH6764FP1GOZClara English0051350172800Toasty, Nutty MatchaHazelnut is such a delicate, distinctive flavor, but it's captured perfectly here! Nutty, toasty, warming, comforting, and even a little buttery and smooth. It goes well with the matcha base, making this a light and elegant drink rather than the heavy texture you'd expect from a hazelnut drink. It's a nice, basic, everyday matcha, great on its own or for combining with other flavors.
253657253657B0092VQEZSA38RWVWOQPYJSALiberTEAS0051347926400Astonishingly Good!When I ordered this Hazelnut Matcha, I figured I'd like it, but, I didn't think I'd enjoy it quite this much. This is really, REALLY good!

From the moment that I opened the package, I could smell the delicious aroma of Hazelnut. I didn't even need to lift the package up to my nose, the fragrance is so strong and so authentically hazelnut. I could feel my mouth starting to water at the prospect of enjoying delicious hazelnuts - one of my favorite nuts! (It better be, I'm from the Northwest!)

The flavor of the hazelnut is strong here, but, I'm glad it is. It tastes so wonderful! I can taste the vegetative sweetness of the Matcha, not so much of the bittersweet but more of the sweet here, hints of the bitterness are in the background though, and offer a nice contrast.

Very deliciously nutty ... all that's missing is a nutty crunch!
253658253658B0092VQEZSA7KZSX89SI88Wdoccyn "threewhales"0051347148800A bakers dream come true.This blend is really roasty. Since I am not a coffee drinker, I was less than thrilled with my purchase. However, all of that disappoinment went today as I added just 1 tablespoon of this hazelnut matcha into a basic scone recipe. I could not be happier with the addition of the hazelnut and I know that the matcha makes this a healthier alternative to the cookies I was eating with my black teas.
253659253659B000FPGYTQA2ID5QQ1ZF9R2WMommy of Cuties M & Z "Mom of Twins"5551255910400~*~*~My Girls LOVE these, PERFECT SIZE for Little Fingers~*~*~When we first started giving these to our daughters we had to keep a very close eye on them(as with any solid food) because sometimes they would start choking and we would have to stick our fingers in their mouths and get these out.

These do 'dissolve' pretty easily but your baby may take a little getting used to eating them like mine did. But in no time they knew how to eat these with OUT choking. I think at first they were just trying to swallow them before they got wet and 'dissolved'.

We have bought Walmart Store Brand & these Gerber Puffs. Walmart Brand is Good but Gerber brand is GREAT! The Gerber Puffs are bigger making them easier for tiny fingers to pick them up, yet they are still a small enough size for them to eat. Walmart Brand have a lot of broken pieces so many of the pieces are tiny and my girls can't pick them up to eat them, I don't know that I have ever found a broken Gerber piece. I think Gerber stays fresh longer, it seems not too long after I open a Walmart Brand they are stale feeling.

Since I have twins we go through these fast so we've found it much cheaper to order them in bulk.

These keep my girls happy while my husband and I eat or get things done. Even if I have just fed my girls, if they see us eating they will have a fit. We put some puffs on their walker or high chair trays and they are Happy again. We even pour these in their play pen & they don't even make a mess. At a restaurant if my girls are getting fussy, we'll keep giving them puffs and they are happy. We give them puffs while we are heating their food, if not they'll normally throw fits until we are feeding them.

We've tried the Gerber flavors: Bananna, Strawberry/Apple, Apple Cinnamon & my girls love them all.
253660253660B000FPGYTQA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman1141331164800Safe and TastyOur little grandson loves his Gerber Sweet Potato Puffs. Sprinkle some on the table before him and he'll immediately start grabbing for them and putting them in his mouth. I like that they dissolve so readily, making them a safe non-choking hazard. The taste is actually pretty good though to me they taste more like orange than sweet potato.

My only complaint, and it's not a major one, is that there is more sugar in the puffs than sweet potato. Yet, with only one gram of sugar in a half cup serving, this minor sin is forgivable.
253661253661B000FPGYTQA27IZVABZUGOFanazo1141325462400nice to have..I hesitated to buy this item, becuase its Ingredients include a little bit sugar..
I don't like sugar products. If my baby get used to eating sugar, then he will try to eat sweet things.
Anyway.. He likes it. :)
253662253662B000FPGYTQA2DNMHBMMK54L7S. L. Davis "LA Librarian"1141315440000Always a hit!Puff are what I call Baby Crack. They aren't bad for your kid and is always a quick and easy snack. This flavor isn't our favorite but still one my son enjoys.
253663253663B000FPGYTQA1YPWLJ7C5GEA9Thomas J. Bell1141308528000Perfect foodThis is a perfect food for a baby who is stating on finger food. Easy to hold and disolves in mouth.Gerber Graduates Sweet Potato Puffs, 1.48-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)
253664253664B000FPGYTQA1UEDWFFX7SDQAJohnny Lingo1131303171200Scrumptious little suckers but overpricedI got them at Wall-Mart for $1.83 a box. With subscribe & save would have cost me $2.38. Now, don't get me wrong, I love S&S, I signed up for a lot of things, but buyer beware, price is not as competitive as we're accostumed with S&S.
253665253665B000FPGYTQA2J9WP8I1WODG4Houston1151301356800Wonderful productThey taste great, even my 13 year old likes them.
Easy to pick up, My 8 month old is learning to self feed
Dissolve quickly in the mouth, I like ALL of the Gerber puffs!
253666253666B000FPGYTQA2ZCP0Y802U2X2k8inut1151286064000Son loves these!I wasn't sure how sweet potato flavored puffs would go over, but my son loves these. I started giving these to him around age 6 months, and the star shape seemed to be pretty easy for him to pick up. He also loves the banana and apple cinnamon flavors, too.
253667253667B000FPGYTQAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1141252540800Good for a Teething Baby.Our 11-month-old boy is teething and starting on solid foods. We've been giving him more and more solids for a number of months now. You'd be amazed at the things he loves to eat, such as french fries for example. In any case, my wife found Gerber's Graduates in a variety of forms and the boy seems to like them all to one degree or another.

One of the varieties our boy likes is the Graduates puffs. They come in several flavors and the present ones we have are the apple-cinnamon. Previously we had some banana-flavored ones. In any case, the specific flavor seems to make little difference. The little puffs are about 3/8 inch across and are star shaped. We give them to the boy one at a time, which gets somewhat tiresome. So, we place a small handful on his high-chair tray now and then. He attempts to get them all in his hand and then put them all in his mouth at the same time. What are you gonna do? He seems to like chewing them up, as best as he can, and we've had no problems with him choking or anything like that. It's a good product, but we, and the boy, prefer the Cheeto-like larger crunchies.

Gary Peterson.
253668253668B000FPGYTQA2CH7D7568YXJFSally2351301875200I'm 21, but I eat them for myself. They're delicious!!I'm 21, but these are great snacks even for adults! I first tried them when my nephew was a toddler. My sister got him these all the time because he loved them. She told me "Try one for yourself. They're really good" so I did. They melt in your mouth within seconds, so this is great for toddlers and babies who can't chew very well yet. As for myself, I'm a constant snacker, so these are a great alternative for me so I don't gain weight. They have vitamin E, Zinc, Iron, and Calcium in them. This is great nutrition for your toddler or baby ... and myself as well I suppose haha.

So far I have only tried Strawberry apple and banana. They truly do taste like their flavors they say they are. This is another reason it is a great snack for your little ones. It'll help cause a much easier transition from these to the real thing (real strawberries, apples, and bananas I mean).

I highly recommend this product. It's great =)
253669253669B000FPGYTQADE6861P634RWorawan0011346889600It almost expire !I place order on 25 June 12 . But this snack expire on 18 sep 12.
I order about 200-300 bottle of Gerber Graduate!
I got only 2 mounth and a bit left for this flavor!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why you do with your royal costumer like this.
I pay you a lot every mounth!

Bad sale.
If it almost expire just keep it away or send it to the bin.
Don't give it to me.
Waste of money!
253670253670B000FPGYTQA3AIZOQD7O1IPYMei X.0051344384000Adult food.Whoever said these are only for babies. I LIKE EM TOO! They're perfect for small munchies like me. Not too sweet and its whole grain. It doesn't really make me bloat like other natural food. But this, is delicious!
253671253671B000FPGYTQA3MJVY6PDTIRN1Purple grapes "Small cotton"0051339977600Strawberry delicious cream puffsPuffs of strawberry apple flavor is the best food, open the can smell a hint of strawberry flavor, each puff of a shallow pink.The baby's favorite.
253672253672B000FPGYTQA3MJVY6PDTIRN1Purple grapes "Small cotton"0031339977600Strengths than banana smell, no strawberries Apple deliciousThis cream puffs taste is very light, unusual taste, can not tell what that smell is.Best to eat or thanks to a strawberry apple.Strawberry puff of apple flavor is best to eat.
253673253673B000FPGYTQA30RH7ADZLNMQ3avidreader0021339459200good, but there are alternativesPROS
-great to start as finger foods (easier than cheerios to pick up and eat)
-dissolves quickly (less of a choking hazard)
-baby loves them!

-stains! As the baby drools on his hands or loses a half-eaten puff, it leaves a bright orange stain on clothing, rugs, etc. Not easy to get out, and a lot of the other flavors are more neutral colored and do not stain as much as the sweet potato. The last thing I want to do is have to wash his highchair cover and straps, rugs, clothes, etc because of bright orange stains all around.
-cheaper versions available (ie, at Target they have their own brands)
-does have sugar (I wish they can make a low or non-sugar version, because I'm pretty sure the baby will still eat them. Why add unnecessary sugar into everything?)

I started with the Gerber sweet potato, but I'll be sticking to the Target blueberry (because it's cheaper and doesn't stain)
253674253674B000FPGYTQAWDMID9NRTNC2gamila0041327190400Great productWe just started finger food but my baby still can't hold these puffs as they're very small she likes them but I agree that the apple one has a very strong taste I think sweet potatoes are the best!in general it's a great and healthy snack
253675253675B000FPGYTQAQP6Q3495PXM3Kristina Sales0051324512000My daughter loves these, a nice snackMy daughter loves this product. It is a nice snack and even when she was younger it seemed as though she had an okay time eating it. I am also pleased with this line of products as a whole. Also, while this is more expensive than generic brands, I know that my daughter preferred this to the Target brand item.
253676253676B000FPGYTQAQKC7O0DS6D8Equeen8330051322611200yummy treat with less messmy 10mo daughter loves these little puffs. and i love that they just melt in her mouth and it doesnt make much crumbs. will buy this again.
253677253677B000FPGYTQA1QQTVXS00QZBXKimJB0051320710400Tasty!My son loves these for self feeding and it's a good snack on the road, in the car or whenever you go to a restuarant and need to keep them busy. My son loves them, and even I do!
253678253678B000FPGYTQA1PAEGAB6T8R01LM0051320105600Amazing snackGreat Puffs, babies love them, want to eat them all the time, distracts my son all the time especially if we go out the puffs keep him busy for a long time
253679253679B000FPGYTQA3LQN93DDEQT3EUser mommy0051319932800Love this little puffMy baby girl loves this little puff. She's very attachy and she gets scared when I walk just a few feet away from her but if she has this on her hand she does not care if I am standing far from her. She always finish her puffs before she goes back to whatever she's doing or watch. This is even a great snack for adult, my sister and I both love this fruit puff. The banana flavor is my favorite.

BTW, where's the free prime shipping Amazon?
253680253680B000FPGYTQA3AO71CU9MYUGXJennifer Moeller0051319932800Yummy!My son loves these and I love them too because they dissolve quickly and are an easy snack to take anywhere.

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