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253801253801B007VGFMEUAR8NQVTCWM9QPMiss Betsey Trotwood "Only bad witches are ugly"91041330387200Really Does Make a DifferenceUp until now, I had only ever used koshering salt in my cooking. I really felt kind of silly making what felt like an extravagant salt purchase. I added the item to my shopping cart and then removed it several times. Eventually, my curiosity got the best of me and I pulled the trigger and bought this salt.

It truly does taste wonderful, especially as a 'finishing salt' added right before serving. On really ripe tomatoes, it is AWESOME! I have also learned that this salt is not really an extravagance when it comes to yeast bread baking. Apparently, yeast LOVES trace minerals! This salt has elevated my breads (both literally and figuratively) from pretty good to outstanding! And just like "that," I no longer felt silly buying expensive salt, because, I have spent a LOT of money on natural additives to enhance my yeast bread baking. (This one was cheap in comparison and can be used for other things!)

I held back one star because I am very finicky about textures, and in very few applications with this salt, you can experience a very slight grittiness (from the undissolved minerals, I guess).
253802253802B007VGFMEUA2WF6DVNDV0A9OMischelle Weedman-Davis4451331424000Big Fan of Himalayan SaltI read about Himalayan salt at and thought it sounded interesting. I love it. It has a unique flavor, goes well with everything and is good for you.
253803253803B007VGFMEUA8V55ADU97OK3Noteworthy6751326153600What I was expectingThe grains are a little too big, like when I put some on my food on my plate you will actually crunch some on the salt. I know the title says 'cooking' salt but it also says fine grain. Great product and I would buy again, but for my table I will look for something a little finer. Fast shipping!
253804253804B007VGFMEUAADPMOGU788O6texasannie6751318723200Salt is not just salt anymore.Until now I have always considered salt something that came in a shaker and was used as needed. Now I know better! First off, this salt is saltier than what you buy in a box at the grocery store. Just a pinch is enough to flavor almost anything. The taste is fantastic and it is great to know that it has many minerals in it. The price is a plus too. If you have not tried this salt for yourself yet, try it - you will thank yourself.
253805253805B007VGFMEUA137Y8DXKXIEJe81051326844800seems healthydoesnt make me feel sick or bad after using this salt, unlike most other regular table salt ,sodium chloride types of salt or even the sea salt.
seems to be a great quality product.
253806253806B007VGFMEUA2JIYYKV28AMCPJoe Camper3351348963200SaltyHonestly I don't get the whole designer salt thing (my wife bought this), I mean salt is salt right? I rate this 5 stars, because as salts go, this one is nice and salty, and the pinkish color goes well with our tablecloth or something.
253807253807B007VGFMEUA1C4U3GD7DYGF7Pete Neri3351344556800REAL SaltThis salt is the real deal. Supposedly, it comes from caves in the Himalaya mountains. All I know for sure are two things: 1. It is really, really salty and 2. It fluoresces under a black light
253808253808B007VGFMEUA1MNGH5DSL2ZQGRose3351335312000Amazing Salt You'll Use Less of It
253809253809B007VGFMEUA2CI4ALLT80NFZchristy3351331424000Great SaltThis salt does taste better and enhance the flavor of the food more. I was very pleased with my purchase.
253810253810B007VGFMEUA2M4U6AS6H6VKZL. Thompson6851317340800Love pink salt!!!I started using Himalayan salt a little over a year ago. Pink in the shaker is a little strange, but I think it has been a good change. I only use pink salt now and this company has a great product!
253811253811B007VGFMEUA3KXMVQG816KN1Gardon1151350172800The real thingHimalayan natural salt is the absolute best salt in the world in my opinion. If all you've ever had is processed white table salt then you owe it to yourself to try this wonderful elixir from the earth. Unlike processed table salt Himalayan salt is a pinkish color with natural minerals available as the Creator intended his creation to consume. The taste is extraordinary and you will find that all foods you prepare will taste better with the addition of this salt. Although more expensive than common salt the taste is well worth the added expense and the packaging by the Spice Labs is more than adequate to protect this worthwhile investment. Not only good tasting but much healthier for you and your family.
253812253812B007VGFMEUA1IGEM0OEG5ZJ6J.H.1151349913600This is a Gem our Planet has given to us.Re: Himalayan sea salt: This salt is wonderful. Tastes great. For my family & me it does have a saltier taste than regular table salt. We just use less. My family was hesitant about using it because it is pink but once they tasted it they were on board. It is nice to know we are getting the benefits of the minerals that this salt is known to have.
This is the fine grain which we prefer since it does work well with a regular salt shaker. No salt mill needed.
We prefer the Himalayan sea salt but at times I like the French Gray. It tends to be very moist making it unusable in a salt mill. I just use a salt box and spoon. I do love to put a pinch in my coffee. Takes away any bitterness. Yummy.
One more thing to add, I have NOT had fluid retention since using this salt. Low sodium. 😋
253813253813B007VGFMEUA2259V4EGBT7TQTimothy Hartle1151349395200As AdvertisedIt's reasonably priced, tasty and an unusual color. I've replaced my regular table salt with it. I still cook with iodized salt to make sure I get my requirement as I didn't see any indication of iodine content in this product. Amazon delivery was on target as usual.
253814253814B007VGFMEUA2JCYKY2NO79P9Mary of Bethany "Researcher"1151344038400Awesome salt!!! Makes food taste so much better!!Love this salt!!! I had no idea what a difference it had been making in our dishes until I ran out of it and had to use some regular salt that we had around the house! We said to each other...."Hmmmmm....the food tastes so bland! Is it my tast buds? I missed it somewhere when I cooked this!"

We cooked a few more meals and the same! When we finally got the Himalayan salt in from Amazon, the next meal we cooked was delicious again!!! So, we learned that this salt really makes a huge difference in the flavor of our dishes!! Who needs flavor enhancers when you have this?
253815253815B007VGFMEUAPNCFOR7WW96OAnna1151342051200Love this saltEverything is perfect about this, the granule size, texture and taste. It wasnt sticky like the celetic sea salt I had ordered previously. The product arrived on time, have purchased this once again.
253816253816B007VGFMEUAMTP4YS7HCGAVZACK L DANIELS1151336089600Some of the bestI used this salt while I lived in Singapore and it made a huge different in taste in the items I cooked. It was hard to find in the States and expensive but, I found it on Amazon at a good price so I ordered it. If you've never used it give it a try and you will notice how it changes to taste of your food.
253817253817B007VGFMEUA2PQ60H9VPZT0Ncherden5751328400000Pure StuffThis product is what it says it is. Packaging is what is shown. I have had my salt for a few months and the sealed bag keeps the moisture out. This is REAL Organic Natural Unprocessed salt. The flavor that it adds to foods is so much better than regular table salt. Organic vs. processed table salt. After having this healthier salt with the nutrients still in it, I tossed my processed table salt in the trash. I will go with this product from know on.
253818253818B007VGFMEUAVN2U2J5SRSJQAA5751326240000Best price for the best salt!Got this in fine and course ground. Best price out there! This is the ONLY salt any of us should use. It's natural and contains over 80 trace minerals. Don't ever but iodized table salt again, that's bad stuff! And Himalayan salt is even better for you than sea salts. Do some research on Himlayan salt and you will be surprised at it's benefits. It's great for cooking as well. When you see recipes calling for pink salt...this is it!
253819253819B007VGFMEUA2AMHZ5BADCI47oacp150051334880000great productitem came on time, product is what i expected. the package is good and strong. would buy again from this vendor
253820253820B007VGFMEUA8OW8UF3NIUFPcecile1241334620800cjsItem arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I like the product, but do know if I will be a repeat purchaser. Have to think about it. It is as advertised, so no problems there. If you have never tried it, you may want to give it a try, you may really love it.
253821253821B007VGFMEUA1TH3OPME0TEDDoldsarge_10151347580800Himalayan natural SaltThis is a new product for us. We try to eat clean and mostly organic. My niece recommended this product so we ordered it and love it. It was simple to order and was here when promised. I will reorder as soon as I see we are running low.
253822253822B007VGFMEUA2DFI9XJYA31AEOndo ! ":)"0151346025600Great and HealthyThis stuff is great and has many health benefits over regular table salt. Very much worth the price, and not even that expensive in comparison. Excellent purchase.
253823253823B007VGFMEUA2WNWPGWHH1LRTQueen0151344988800Super salt.JUST LOVE IT! gonna buy some more!!! Easy to open close bag, fine salt, love to use it, healthy, tasty!
253824253824B007VGFMEUA2EZQKNZPG1DTIBob Smith1311341792000Warning--May not get what you thoughtThey used to have a drop down choice of "Double 4 pound bags." I don't know about you, but double bag 4 pounds sounds like 8 pounds to me. I ordered 2 "double 4 pounds bags" expecting to receive 16 pounds of salt. I received two 4 pound (8# total) packages. Their excuse was: We said it was 4 pounds. Personally, I think they have made this confusing on purpose to gain more business. I still don't know what they mean by "double bag." If it was made confusing on purpose to get more business then, this is very unethical behavior and something I would not expect from one of Amazon's merchants.
253825253825B001EPQNO2A2YO6AU3690NB1Viv Riu0021325721600Not what I purchase sencha forSencha is a more pricy green tea, with distinct aroma and smoothness I like. Well, this tea was a great deal but didn't live up to expectation. I thought it didn't smell or taste like fresh Sencha. Onward with my search for affordable but quality Sencha green tea.
253826253826B0050BW4I0A3JLZNK5MP3H40marmat4431323561600Change in treatsMy dog LOVES these treats, is spoiled, and gets one at bedtime daily. However, I have noticed that within the last few months the treats are getting smaller and smaller. They are advertised as being 10-12 inches long. In the last 2 shipments I have about 1/3 to 1/2 of the case of treats as small as 6-7 inches. They cost the same. Has anyone else noticed this? I love Merrick and do not want to see their commitment to quality suffer.
253827253827B0050BW4I0A258OZLMX2L1FTroymac1151331856000Merrick Texas TaffyMy dog love- love-loves these, there is nothing in life she wants more, she gets a lot of different treats but these are the ones she enjoys most. She a small beagle, loves them so much she finishes them off in a matter of minutes. Quite a bit quicker than some of the visitors to our house do - a black lab and bulldog, they tend to enjoy them at a slower pace, but seem to enjoy them as much.
253828253828B0050BW4I0A3GQ0CZJ7IV59OLL Bear1151319846400YuumyWe have trained our Master well. These are our favorite treats! We are big bears(dogs) and we split one everyday.
253829253829B0050BW4I0A1Q7NO0AJ59QXDGreymom0051315958400Greyt snacksI have three greyhounds that love the Texas Taffy. It offers them a good snack as well as something to work at for ten minutes or so. All three find their spot on the floor and start chewing away. I always supervise them while enjoying their Texas Taffy. Time to order a new box already!

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