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253844253844B001UO90BAA3UBF44ASRC6Y5J. Cristobal1141321574400Quite Good, but not the bestAs I have said in another review, I'm no connoisseur of Yerba Matte, and I may haven't tried the different brands in a side-by-side sampling, but of the few brands I have tried, Cruz de Malta rates #2, with Rosemonte winning 1st place. The main difference that I noticed has less to do with flavor than it did consistency: my bag of Rosemonte had fewer sticks and stems than did mine of Rosamonte. Other than this they were--to my tongue, anyway--indistinguishable.
253845253845B001UO90BAA37LDARMPT8BNQsuperupsman3441278633600Yerba anyone?A good choice for a yerba mate drinker. A little bitter but still a good one to try.
253846253846B001UO90BAA3LMR19UEG9H7IRosc0041346112000Smoky & DifferentFirst time trying this particular yerba mate. My only other experience with Yerba was from the Natural Food Co-Op in Sacramento, where it is sold by the ounce in jars. Presumably that variety was one of the steeped rather than smoked varieties, because I can't in all honesty even recall the flavor, it had so very little to remember!

This Cruz De Malta was a very pleasant surprise with it's smoky and deep rich flavor. I made sure to not use too-hot water which brings out bitterness in yerba. I used 2tbsp of Yerba Mate, and 16oz of water in a glass tea infuser.

I tasted it plain, and found it's quite sweet by itself (although, don't think soda-pop sweet here, more like the sweet you'd expect in a good fresh vegetable, say a good variety of spinach sauteed lightly.)

I added 1 tbsp of honey and that was just perfect for my taste. Brewed a 2nd pot from the same leaves and still had plenty of sweetness without adding more honey.

The flavor is very akin to good Japanese green tea, although much sweeter by itself. If you like green and herbal teas without adding sugars, you may find this tea plenty sweet by itself.

Overall very happy with the quality and price.

Gonna try a few other brands too, just for comparison :)
253847253847B001UO90BAA19VAWK1L6QH7F000Cloud0041345075200Very decent MateJust finished the bag. It's very decent, in the same category as Rosamonte, I just like Guayaki better. Wish it was $8, not $13+...
253848253848B001UO90BAA2GLFUXWD0EHW6Laura0051334275200!!Fast Delivery, excellent mate!!!!, thank you!!!!Yerba Mate Cruz de Malta x 500 g Argentina Diet Loss Herbal Bags Slim 1.1 lb New

Excellent Yerba Mate, Cruz de Malta, fast delivery, Thank You Rovy Coffee...
253849253849B001UO90BAAUTI0A6FJ1DQQVictor Octavio Ortega5851292025600Gran sabor, excelente para novatos del mateEs la primera vez que me decidi a tomar mate, no sabia nada de marcas asi que por pura corazonada compre cruz de malta. El efecto es increible, tomar mate es un habito muy bueno, que el cuerpo agradece, el estado de animo se eleva, respiras mejor, no hay fatiga en todo el dia y duermes excelente, la piel de tu rostro empieza a adquirir vitalidad.

En cuanto a la yerba cruz de malta les puedo decir en este momento a 3 semanas de estarlo consimiendo y despues de probar otras dos marcas que fueron taragui y canarias, que Cruz de Malta es deliciosa, con un sabor muy agradable, y dura mucho, las otras que probe tenian un sabor escandaloso y me provocaron agruras.

De verdad Cruz de Malta creo que es muy recomendable, quiero probar rosamonte que me late bien tambien pero ya sera despues.
253850253850B001UO90BAA1RMPGNNAEJCVIToasT1241317686400Natural CleanserI read about Yerba Mata giving you a natural energy boast and being a natural cleanser. So far seems to work well. There is not much taste to this tea but you can add what you want to it for flavor. Otherwise good product
253851253851B001UO90BAA1SDZEW2GG5YAMXander1251295481600Great introduction to Yerba Mate!I can't compare this to anything as I haven't tried mate until I got this in the mail along with Rosamonte and my bombilla. I really liked both brands actually. Now, I'm a fan.
253852253852B001UO90BAA24K84QPNEAKH3Geraldine Lacombe "ratherbreading"11411300060800yucksorry, i tried this and was hoping to like it but it was a dead ringer for drinking tree bark freeze dried.
253853253853B000AXU98KA3IQYWE8ANV7QLA. Eric Brewington1131302825600Not bad - some are betterBought this before trying others. I like another better. Don't get me wrong, this syrup is fine; I just like another better.
253854253854B000AXU98KA37KNOJXE2FU6Joseph Yonke II0051346371200Good as are all Torani productsThe product is good as are most all of Torani flavors. Just didn't do what I had hoped it would. (A creamer by Nestle had been discontinued and I had hoped this would be a good substitute along with real cream. Didn't work, but the syrup was good.)
253855253855B0037QWWLYAJ32OY0F2G8APLeah Shirokoff1151281139200Good like I remember Apple ButterFinally delicious Apple Butter. I've tried several brands, but it never tasted like the kind I had as a child - the kind that was so smooth and tasty. The other brands added a bunch of spices and also some were grainy. This was smooth and had the sort of taste waking up flavor without being hidden by cinnamon or nutmeg. I now will order a bigger bottle.
253856253856B0037QWWLYA1X11Y32UDKD9CCreative Lady0051347580800Very delicious apple butter!This apple butter is very delicious! I Used it on top of pancakes and it was amazing! I was very pleased and will definately be ordering this again and again! And my picky fiancé
253857253857B000GT7WHEA2HB2T5E7J1BGNold enough to know0031253059200Not great but okThis was just ok - not a great flavor, think I'll try adding vanilla when I use again. Really quick and easy though. If you need frosting in a hurry it's probably acceptable.
253858253858B000GT7WHEA1EP37VTH32J7CMrs. Johanna Carrion "jomama"0051246147200excellent quick cake for autistic childrenI'm always worry about my son going to birthday parties because he is in the gluten and dairy free diet. But with these products I don't have to worry anymore. They are quick and taste good and there is 5 in ea bag so you can make more if need it. I love this product I was not sure at first about ordering but I glad I did. Thanks for making something like this... It's good also for people in regular diet too.
253859253859B0047P7NQSA29NAG6NZOBAJ8kingpin161151332720000Nescafe instant 3 in 1 coffeeThis coffee is easy to make all you need is boilin water. It taste great and is a great way to enjoy your coffee.
253860253860B0047P7NQSA16DI2LBATB4K4RW "RW"1151318809600amazing but not sure how healthy they areDiscovered while on holiday in Bali.
Brought several packs to bring home but delighted to see you can buy in North American.
Try them - its a little sweet but the blend is great.
253831253831B000G200Y8A2G0PF319BE532MaryMoJo0051250380800Great productThis is a great way to get dogs to take their pills willingly. My dog is very picky, but he thinks these are treats regardless of the pills inside. If you are giving a lot of pills every day you really have to shop around to get the best prices, and order in bulk. I buy both Small and Large pill pockets - 1 in Chicken flavor and one in Beef, just for variety. The Large pill pockets may be a better buy actually because each large pocket can be used to cover 2 or more pills depending on the pill size. The pill pockets are soft so you can mold this stuff like dough around any shape or size pill or capsule - once your sure your dog really likes them & doesn't hesitate to swallow them immediately. This is much easier and less messy than using peanut butter or hot dogs, and probably healthier too.
253832253832B000G200Y8A1TU35DTD8JH8YCassie0051188518400Pill Pockets work!My dog got wise to the pill wrapped in cheese and would refuse to take it. Using a pill pocket is easier than anything else I've tried. My dog seems to prefer the chicken flavor over the beef and now having the dog take her medicine in a pill pocket has made my life a lot easier. I think this is a great product and a small bag goes far.
253833253833B004FT485AA41SQ3587MK1YWeston Street0051330300800Petunia's favorite!My kitty Petunia, received a bag of these treats for Christmas from a friend. She runs when she hears me take the bag out of the kitchen drawer. She is pretty finicky, but absolutely loves these treats. So we ordered lots from Amazon. Yum!
253834253834B00170Y666A13BBPU9UBQXDRShannon L. Toohey7841280448000Great stuff! Too expensive on AmazonI bought some of this. Creates an awesome effect on decorated cakes and candies. Love it! Completely edible.

But WAYYY overpriced on Amazon. Usually Amazon is cheaper than buying in stores but these are only $4 at any craft store so $15 is SEVERELY overpriced.
253835253835B00170Y666A9NJ9FY9QX1BMViet Nguyen "love snacks"0051341100800SparklesIt's awesome. The dust gave my cake pops a great sparkle to it. I used White and purple candy melts. I would recommend this to anyone.
253836253836B00170Y666A3S1EB6OSBUPHLAnonymous0021340150400Color was not "Ruby Red"The product was okay but the color was very different than advertised. It was a darker pink, not red at all.

I tried to use it a couple different ways, and as a relative beginner, I did not find the product easy to use.

I tried mixing in with a little vanilla extract in order to "paint" it on (I had read this was the best way to do it). I found that the painting was very streaked and not very consistent. Maybe someone more experienced will be able to use it more effectively. In the end, because the red color was important for the cake, I mixed it with red food coloring instead of vanilla extract. the pearl dust used this way had just a little impact on the color, not a great deal.

In the end, I would have experimented more on the best way to use it if the color had been more red. But as was, I didn't find it super useful and will be unlikely to purchase again. I hope that other people have a better experience as I very much like the idea of the product.
253837253837B00170Y666AHR4UA2B4T5XHKatiely01 "Katie"0051338163200Great adds a little shimmerMy daughter loves painting this stuff on cake pops. It add just a little color if painted on dry but the color is more vibrant if mixed with extract and painted on.
253838253838B002JIPDD0A35RTGHHBDOH2EVickie J. Morris0051303862400awesome deal, great shipping.Not much more to say - my dog loves Greenies but if it weren't for prices and sellers like this she would have to do without. That's for sure.
253839253839B001UO90BAA15UN7OK3WRFXERich Wang8851301529600Quality stuffIf you like the taste of mate, Cruz de Malta is a staple, and so is Rosamonte. Both brands deliver although Rosamonte is bit bolder in flavor, perhaps because there is more fine powder in the mix than Cruz, but that doesn't mean Cruz is any less of a mate, just different. I have Rosamonte at my desk at work for every weekday and Cruz on my counter at home for the weekends. Just my preference. Anyhow if you are in the market for good mate, you should at least try two different kinds brewed then chilled to get a basis of comparison (it's cheap at hell to buy anyway), and I believe these are the top sellers in South America, home of the mate.
253840253840B001UO90BAAQQV1XVQFUNJJXenothon Stelnicki "xen911"5551268611200My next-to-favorite yerba mateThis mate has an excellent flavor. The first sip or two are a bit strong for an American palette, but from there it's smooth sailing! Rosamonte is my favorite brand, with this a close second. Highly recommended!
253841253841B001UO90BAA2N8HGTCFGCP8QTownes Hartley "gear junky"7851264809600TastyGood Quality, very tasty - Complex and smoky flavor, very mild, though.

Break it up into bags and freeze it if you don't drink it everyday.
253842253842B001UO90BAA3UEGBSQBNYYNLMichigan Country Gal2251325548800Yerba Mate tea proven to improve osteoporosisJanuary 2, 2012 -- Postmenopausal women who consumed yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) tea had higher bone mineral density compared with women who did not drink the tea, Andrea Conforti, MD, from the Program for the Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis in Mendoza, Argentina, and colleagues report in the January 2012 issue of Bone.

With the price of prescription medications, this would be a good alternative if it's ok with your physician. I'm going to try it!
253843253843B001UO90BAA3B6U5U1EOVENWCD1141323907200Great Quality MateWhile I have had better the price on this mate was not to be beaten! It has proven to be pretty tasty stuff as well, straight from good old Argentina.

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