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253981253981B0035N3BEGA353U0L2HAMSHVCricket "Living life and loving it!"3341318809600Apparently we like peanut butter...a lot!I've always bought the standard jars of peanut butter and it was fine until recently. I'm really not sure when my family upped their PB consumption, but when a jar was being emptied each week I decided to take action. In looking on Amazon I came across the Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter 64 Ounce Bottle and it came in a 2 pack. This seemed like the perfect solution and I set myself up on Subscribe & Save. The peanut butter is fresh with plenty of time for use before the expiration date and with the larger jar opening makes it less likely that someone will make a mess. As long as Amazon continues to offer competitive pricing, I'll continue to let them deliver this to my door.
253982253982B0035N3BEGA2ASW6L6IEKU5Ljohn m3351318550400Great valuePicked up two of these big boys for under twelve bucks thru subscribe & save.Can't beat the price and Skippy is the best....
253983253983B0035N3BEGAEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns3351314316800Great peanut flavor, in a size for large familiesWe eat tons of peanut butter, and have always enjoyed Skippy brand. I was happy to find this 64-ounce jar sold in a two-pack, and signed up for automatic delivery. This saves me 15% on the purchase price. But even if you don't want automatic delivery, this item ships free with a $25 purchase.

But back to the peanut butter - we like the creamy texture and peanut-y taste of Skippy. It spreads easily on bread, and tastes good on a spoon too. Peanut butter is a high protein, low carb food that stores well on the pantry shelf, and of course kids love it. The large jar means fewer times scraping with a spatula to get the last bits out.

This Skippy 64-oz. jar is a great value, and we'll enjoy receiving it automatically every 3 months.

Edited March 2012: I've cancelled the automatic delivery since the price has gone up to nearly $50 for two container. We like Skippy, but we won't be buying any more until the price comes down.
253984253984B0035N3BEGA3FCQTSP7MPHV1Patrick 0. "Patrick0540"2251306800000Giant Peanut Butter ContainerSo first of all these are awesome. Great size and normal peanut butter from skippy. So far I have made tons of sandwichs, crackers, and just ate it straight from the bottle. Since there is two this is going to last a very long time. So overall this is a simple but great product.
253985253985B0035N3BEGA3I4PCBRENJNG2L. Cain4541315353600not sure about the cost, but like the BIG jars :)not sure about the cost, but like the BIG jars :)

My husband eats a LOT of Peanut Butter...more than I could ever eat...
but, it makes packing his lunch an easy task...
We use it on bread to give the dogs their medicines also...they look forward to the meds this way.

The BIG jars are the main reason for this Subscribe & Save purchase.

I might prefer Jif brand, but Skippy is ok.

Oh, BIG jars are favored here as my husband uses the empty jars in his wood/work shop to hold small items and the jars are great for that....
he gets FREE Peanut Butter with the cost of the jars...:)
253986253986B0035N3BEGA19MYP0HNMD18BFreida Pryor4551294704000Great purchaseMy grocery no longer carries this large size of Skippy. THANK you for making it available. MY family gobbles up Skippy so we need this large one.
253987253987B0035N3BEGA3TD1O4EC26NT2swootchie1151328832000Easy access to peanut butterThis is a wonderful size. I don't know if others have the same issue, but when I get the smaller containers (16.3oz size) - it is hard to get all the peanut butter out from the sides and the bottom. This sized container makes it painless to get ALL the peanut butter out. Plus, at 4 lbs, we have peanut butter for a couple of weeks at least!
253988253988B0035N3BEGA1HSQ41KGGXHNFNina Sala-Gault "Nina Sala-Gault"1151322179200A great buy on a great peanut butterI stocked up on Skippy when I heard the news that peanut prices were going to take a big jump due to drought conditions in the south. Got it at a great price, enough to last several months, and delivered to my door. What's not to like about that? Making peanut butter cookies for Christmas, and love this product for that purpose as well as everyday PBJ.
253989253989B0035N3BEGA29QCPFDSDNNKQJellicoe0051333670400WowThis is good peanut butter. Much better then the store brand. And at 0.12 cents per ounce about 60% cheaper then my overpriced small town Nevada grocery store. Subscribe and save is the way to go with this product.
253990253990B0035N3BEGA1Y4C9GXT6L7G8Some Body21011316908800"Hydrogenated"Wish I'd known before I bought this. "Hydrogenated" means partially hydrogenated means "huge trans fats" but atleast now I've learned something. I had assumed it meant "fully hydrogenated" which is an entirely different thing. Never eaten anything with huge amounts of trans fats and now I know what that's like... I won't say what happened but I won't be touching this stuff again. Worse than paying more for something else at the grocery store. Too bad I ordered another order before I figured out why I was getting so sick. I will cancel my subscription.
253991253991B00416XWLSA2RDLSG5LGD12EJean8821323216000Made in ChinaThese dog treats sounded so wonderful. Didn't know they were made in China! Wrote email to SmartBones and they assured me the product is safe. I will never trust animal products made in China. So many products for dogs are made there. My dog hasn't gotten sick from the bones. I suppose each consumer must make the choice for their own animals. I looked for the Smartbones on several sites and didn't see China on the ads. Seems like homemade might be better. There is nothing like made in the USA.
253992253992B00416XWLSA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman3341293494400Big Hit With Our PoochesPiper and Gabby received some Smart Bones for Christmas. Little Gabby had never had a chew this large and neither had ever had a Smart Bone, so we didn't know what to expect.
As soon as the Smart Bones came out of the package, two doggy noses started sniffing the air with gusto.
The girls thoroughly enjoyed their bones and were kept busy with them two evenings in a row. At first Gabby wasn't sure how to attack her bone but quickly got the hang of it.

peanut butter taste
rawhide free
contains real, dried chicken breast
fortified with vitamins and minerals
easy to digest

made in China
the cost

Piper's dental surgeon advised us never to give our dogs chew bones that were not flexible. These bones are a little harder than I would like, but they are more flexible than some chew bones.
253993253993B00416XWLSA27DH9TXPWIBS8Kb2211340236800Made 2 dogs sickMy dogs (1 5month old and 1 7year old) both got diarrhea and vomitting after eating these treats. They liked them a lot when we bought them, but within a week both dogs had upset stomachs. When the puppy was sick we assumed she had just gotten into something, but she had diarrhea for 3 days and then had blood in her stool. When we took her to the vet they could not attribute it to anything specific. When the older dog got sick a day after eating one of these we concluded it must be the bones. She has never been sick enough to warrant any medications before and we are putting her on medicine and prescription food to get over this. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
253994253994B00416XWLSA1KK4JQSIY0OCGGina W. or Tim H.1111336176000makes our dog sick.. be advised made in china...So we've purchased this product (not from Amazon)for our Scottish Terrier and he ate them with gusto. But he has gotten violently ill several times after eating them. regrettably as much as he loves them we're not going to give them to him anymore. He was very ill and I've never seen a dog throw up like these made him. Usually our dog throws up whatever makes him sick and moves on none the less for wear... These however had him shaking and projectile vomiting, and whimpering and crying in pain.. we were very scared for him... As a matter of fact he just got sick and that's what made us write this... we are watching over him right now as he pulls himself together.

In any event, unfairly or not, anything foodstuff made in China is suspect and these are made in china . We are not going to purchase these again and would recommend strongly that no one else purchase these or any other treat/food made in China until quality control is MUCH improved...

253995253995B00416XWLSA3UG2XE68QCEOAWilby1111324771200Sick DogMy lab has a pretty sensitive stomach, and can't handle rawhide well, so I decided to try these. First of all, it is quite brittle, and she finished it in less than a minute. When she bit into it, it broke into shards. Later that night, she starts vomiting heavily, which she hasn't done a single time since I first got her over a year ago. Should have paid more attention to where the product was made.
253996253996B00416XWLSA2LM6V23LY6L0HGerrysmom0011342569600dangerous!I ordered SmartBones for my 11 month old American Eskimo puppy. he is 30 lbs. and I ordered the medium size. Within a minute after starting on the SmartBone he had yanked off the entire "end" which slipped easily into his throat. Fortunately my daughter and I were able to save him with a combination of our fingers and the Heimlich maneuver. I contacted the company from which I had ordered this very expensive product and all they had to say was there hadn't been any negative feedback. I reminded them ALL the reviews on all of their products were positive and that the effect was as though I had offered my puppy a "too small" ball to play with. I was able to, quite easily, slip off the remaining "end" of the bone and noted due to the shape( hole in the end) had it slipped into Gerry's throat--- hole end in ---it would've created a vacuum and the outcome might have been fatal. Granted he attacked it with gusto; he is a puppy!, but this product is clearly dangerous. It is described as having a vegetable outside and "real chicken" inside but all I unraveled was a tough, rubbery mess. Never again; back to trustworthy Nylabones which provide months of safe chewing. I wouldn't give Smartbones even one star but that is the lowest rating offered.I plan to show the product to my vet and demonstrate how dangerous it is.
253997253997B00416XWLSA2TJTUP3LEUHWYmary0041342137600Even smells yummyWhen I opened the bag I could smell the peanut butter. And Scarlett the labradoodle loves them. Wish they weren't quite as expensive though since she pretty much inhales them.
253998253998B00416XWLSA3PO3Z6VSID1OCJasper0031340755200Not worth the moneyI got a Smartbone for our boxer/greyhound mix without knowing much about the product, mostly because we don't want him eating rawhide. We didn't encounter any stomach issued after he ate it. However, he devoured the large size bone in minutes! I took it away after he ate half and gave him the other half a few days later. In total, I would say it lasted for ten minutes tops. He certainly enjoyed it (he literally skipped across the room when I gave him the other half), but it was a little too pricey for a 10 minute chew session. I will try something else next time.
253999253999B00416XWLSA1ES5M12UW9AHOLou0051333843200A MUSTGREAT, GREAT, GREAT! Dogs really love and I couldn't be happier knowing it will not hurt them. My dog can't get enough, good thing she can't get into the cabinets.
254000254000B000IZ3GXAA1DQXR62ZAWED5mk111151213660800The Best of Its Kindthis is by far the best of its kind! if you want a good cup of coffee/espresso quick and easy, caffe d'vita espresso is the way to go. i've searched everywhere and tried many different kinds of instant coffee and instant espresso (there are fewer of these), but nothing beats the taste of this.
254001254001B000IZ3GXAAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker6651290124800Caffe D'Vita Instant Espresso vs. Medaglia D' Oro Instant EspressoI love coffee, but I also love not having to be messing with the coffee maker sometimes. This instant espresso is one of the best I have tried. I rarely drink instant espresso plain; I mainly use it in iced coffee drinks, frappes or mochas.

I also have the Medaglia D' Oro Instant Espresso in our pantry and it is wonderful as well, but with less bite that the Caffe D'Vita supplies. I like to use the Caffe D'Vita when I want a pronounced java edge and the Medaglia D' Oro when a delicate espresso flavor is needed.

Neither brand is acidic at all, I find that if I drink it on an empty stomach that I don't get a tummy ache like brewed coffee can sometimes induce.

It dissolves quickly in hot water, is lightweight so it travels well (great for backpacking/camping) and both are very versatile to have around for cooking:

-- Put a tsp. in a batch of brownies to deepen the dark chocolate flavor
-- Add a Tbs in a BIG batch of chili to compliment the spices and add extra richness
-- Sprinkle a bit to Mexican mole sauce for punch
-- I also put it in: chocolate icing, truffles, chai tea with milk for a java chai latte, coffee drink mixes for extra umph, etc.

Both brands are over [...] bucks at supermarkets, when/if you can even find it, so it is nice to know they are cheaper at Amazon. The Caffe D'Vita is even less costly with Subscribe & Save at amazon!
254002254002B000IZ3GXAAMTC1K1LANKU6Em Jay4441269820800Nice flavor, excellent for recipesRecently purchased several cans of this for inclusion in dessert recipes that called for coffee flavoring, and they turned out very well. Also, one of the folks in our office makes supremely weak coffee, and a spoon of this brings it up to drinking strength quite nicely! Definitely a great way to add coffee flavor to something; far better than regular instant coffees.

I've tried several varieties of instant espresso, and none (including this) really make anything like real espresso; I have all the apparatus to make it at home, and this doesn't compare. However, unlike the other instants, this IS reasonably tasty when made to espresso-strength, and I find myself actually drinking it as an "espresso-like" beverage once in a while.
254003254003B000IZ3GXAA1P39ZIISVOP8Dmable b. "mable"1151273968000Agree with Cooks Illustrated!Cooks Illustrated wrote this was the best of its kind and they're reliable, once again. It's not The Real Thing but ... we knew that and it works for quick, espresso fix and, of course, for cooking. Didn't really need 6 but recommend sharing some share some with a friend.
254004254004B000IZ3GXAAVE6AXG4R663OScprano0051341273600Really good!!!For instant coffee, this product is always tasty and rich. We reorder on a regular basis. It is shipped quickly an is always fresh tasting. Enjoy it.
254005254005B000IZ3GXAA1NBTOK1P2O3YVaihebb0011323561600DisappointedI'd like to try something different and chose this one. I was so disappointed, tasted plain, cannot be compared with Ferrara Instant Espresso Coffee, 2-Ounce Glass Jars (Pack of 6).I used the latter in Baking and it worked perfectly. I don't even want to try this in my cake recipe!

The worse thing is I cannot return this item and don't know what should I do with the rest. It may be my personal taste, but it is better to just buy one jar at the first time to see whether you like it or not.
254006254006B000IZ3GXAA2O1GFP6JDIB2UM. Ray0051285891200A very good product if you like strong coffee like I doI like to use the instant esspresso in iced coffee. It's best to mix the Cafe D'Vita in the bottom of the glass with some warm water first since the crystals dont disolve as well in cold water. Then add your chilled coffe, creamor and flavoring. A very handy product in our coffee cabinet.
254007254007B000IZ3GXAA2HRDCHR17WHH5MT0041271808000Does the job nicelyIn a pinch for time in the morning but need a little caffeine jolt. This is the product. Also perfect for making a small serving as an evening pick-me-up without risking sleeplessness. Tasty.
254008254008B00496V7VMA3A7OPK9EVIDN2Christine "carob lover"2241301184000Better than refrigeratedI have been using this product for about 5 years now and find it a great substitute for milk. However, this is the only one I like anymore. About a year ago they added some new flavoring? or way of processing the refrigerated type which gives it a somewhat rotten or spoiled taste. I wrote to them about it but only received a canned response. Don't know if they really care what their customers think. Anyway, I continue to buy the quart non-refrigerated type (until opened), as they have not ruined the taste of it as of now (even though it is more expensive than the refrigerated cartons). If you find the flavor has changed in the refrigerated flavors (even the organic one) write to them and maybe if they get enough complaints, they will take it back to the original taste. It always amazes me how companies take a perfectly good product and think they have to improve it with the end result being worse.
254009254009B0012ONFWIA2SLGTOK2HGLWNPamela K. Robello0051257033600ExcellentWhile we don't have these a lot, we do have them quite often. Walmart has gotten to the point where they rarely have these in stock any longer. I am glad I could find a place on the internet to purchase them for an excellent price
254010254010B0005ZI2KKADQ7ANPQNGY5ZJoe Z.1151186099200Great Horseradish SauceWoeber's Horseradish Sauce is outstanding! I can't always get it at my local grocers, so it's nice to find it online...slight creaminess with plenty of heat!

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