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254071254071B0047726E0A1QFDD5WCAMUTGJodi Wiesneski3351316131200Green Mountain Decaf CoffeeThis product is delicious. Not only that, it was delivered quickly and arrived in excellent condition. It has a great flavor, not bitter. I hadn't ordered this before but was pleasantly delighted by the prompt delivery and delicious taste and aroma.
254072254072B0047726E0ARSXCLVS4QA6WThomas W. King Jr. "Throat"2251316995200Best CoffeeI got this coffee because I think its the best and mom and dad don't drink caffine I think breakfast blend has the best flavor of all the coffee Ive tried..
254073254073B0047726E0ABWTM0C76AB1TJ. Isom2251315094400Great ServiceProduct arrived very quickly and was exactly what I expected. Great service, no hassles, would order again from this vendor. Great source for Keurig K-cups.
254074254074B0047726E0A5LUJPZR0OM5WRALBERT2362241314748800Breakfast Blend Decaf K CupsPurchased Breakfast Blend and received in 2 days. Both me & my wife like this coffee. The taste is always consistant and never bitter. We will continue to use this coffee in our future purchases.
254075254075B0047726E0A7ZPHAP30XQA9April Stambaugh "Switchback"2251303084800Great coffee and good priceLove this coffee and the price. Hard to find good decaf coffee for a reasonable price. This one is perfect.
254076254076B0047726E0A1PC5TEDZPITWNT. LaPlante "Cigar1Retired"1151327190400Green mountain decaf.Great coffee. Not bitter at all. Love the flavor. Now I like the more robust french coffee, but, for a decaf coffee, this is pretty darn good stuff. Smooth, mellow and and no hateful after taste. Doesnt taste like decaf either. If you want it a little stronger make a smaller cup size. I was pleasantly surprised how smooth and perfectly blended it tasted. Go easy on the cream and sugar. i drink it black, but if you go easy on the cream and sugar, like my wife, she enjoyed it also. So, sit back in the evening and enjoy a great cup of joe without the caffiene or the bitter flavor.
254077254077B0047726E0A30GEP1I3ZJABGJ. Thoman1141326153600Decaf - and GOODPrices for K-cups have escalated in the past six months, and this coffee was at the top end of what I would pay, but the Decaf - which I need after noon - is very good tasting!
254078254078B0047726E0A6O8DXZJ9JPNAAuntie1151314576000Great ResponseMy order came on time as exactly as I placed my order. Will probably order again which will be in the next month or so.
254079254079B0047726E0A1LB7CA4N7KM9ICatherine Bevers1151313884800coffee k-cupsWe enjoy this coffee blend. Have tried others but always come back to this. Like ordering from as it comes quickly.
254080254080B0047726E0AKG4XMX5BGYULMary Ellen Logsdon1151306454400Best KCup I have found at AMAZON.COMI received A Keurig coffee maker for Christmas this year and have tried several
brands of K cups. Green Mountain Decaf
Breakfast Blend has the best taste of any.
This is the one I'll be buying.
254081254081B0047726E0A3NL0PA45EXAQRRobert Docherty1141280102400Great CoffeeGreat coffee. Not a bad price when compared to buying it directly from Keurig or GMC but not as good a price as the regular Caf version.
254082254082B0047726E0A3T30ILJYN7OWOLauren H. Johnson3421300406400watery and boringI usually love Green Mountain Coffee, but this was very disappointing. I like dark roasts and this is a light roast, so that's what it comes down to. If you like a light roast, then the breakfast blend might be ok. But if you like your coffee with any darkness/flavor to it then say away from this watery mess.
254083254083B0047726E0A1SU0QPW8RFZ3MJeannie0041350518400Good cup of coffeeThis decaf coffee is neither too strong nor too mild. Has a good taste without all the caffeine. I would reccomend it to anyone who doesn't like a strong tasting coffee.
254084254084B0047726E0A2B1RFP7BRMW2Vaklytta0051349913600Will definitely order again!This is a very pleasant tasting coffee - easy to make in the Keurig - convenient and well priced. Good at anytime, not just breakfast.
254085254085B0047726E0A2DUJ2HTK0JC2XTigs Shopper0051349308800Smooth CoffeeI generally don't like decaf coffee but have tonsay I did this one by Green Mountain to be pleasantly smooth. Probably works out more expensive buying the coffee in K Cup form rather than loose but it is very convenient.
254086254086B0047726E0A2V2LAE2HESIW7Joan M. Zaia0041347235200decaf breakfast blend Green MountainThis is a great coffee for those who like a medium taste. Green Mountain has a great variety of coffees to suit everyone,.
254087254087B0047726E0A3MHVGJJ4FUUG1Rick0041346112000K-Cup coffeeThis is the first coffee I have used in my new Keurig. The coffee tastes great and being able to brew one cup at a time,the coffee is always fresh. The coffee was delivered on time and it is exactly what was ordered. I am very satisfied with the green mountain coffee.
254088254088B0047726E0AS7AOM7646CW9Scottnkat0051345075200scottnkat1My sweet Wife was having a reaction to regular coffee, so we tried this. Very good taste and flavor. This decaf has helped Her very much. Will order again soon.
254089254089B0047726E0A1FMNLZM5MFV2YL. Regelman "lesinlc"0051342742400good. buyLike this coffee, I have.found it for pretty much the same price at GFS ( wholesale store) but like.being able to order online
254090254090B0047726E0A3ADJ7HRZG8D9BDebra Bostic "dlb311"0051340582400Very goodI switched to decafe because I'm pregnant. I don't believe I ever want to go back to regular coffee or tea again. I love the taste with no jitters. This is a great decafe.
254091254091B0047726E0A2PKN9CTY6K6O0Linda0021340323200Green Mountain Decaf CoffeeDidn't like the taste of this coffee at all, would not purchase it again. Have had much better decaf coffee. I think the price was high for the coffee since the taste was so bad, Green Mountain should try to improve their decaf coffee's taste because right now it stinks!!!!!
254092254092B0047726E0ASZ3KK4UETF3YBrook0051340064000Green Mountain decaf breakfast blend k-cupsWow! I wasn't sure what the Green Mountain decaf would taste like as I have purchased other decaf coffee and was dissappointed. Will definitely order more. Amazon is the best place to order. Fast delivery and easy to return items.
254093254093B0047726E0A3H6PB87IRM63J. Roche "JEPR"0051340064000Good coffeeIf you must drink decaf this is a really good choice. Flavorful with full breakfast body. You can't go wrong!
254094254094B0047726E0A3HZ1HM6H9UNUAMarie D. Zawadzki0051339804800very good green mtn coffee is very goodthis is a very good coffee and would buy this product again. It doesn't taste like a decafe and all.
254095254095B0047726E0A5ZS6ZQF9YOIIJon S. Haas "JonCLP"0041339372800Great coffeeThis is great coffee and good service. I will be happy to order again from this vendor and will recommend to any who ask.
254096254096B0047726E0A2RP8LVEW6ONPMMags0041339027200Green Mountain DecafThis blend is a big hit in our office, we cant seem to keep it in stock, very flavorful coffee. It is preferred over other brands.
254097254097B0047726E0A2IJRG187QP2YXMark A. Baldwin0051334448000K-Cup CoffeeLove any type of K-Cup coffee but this coffee was outstanding. Will be getting more in the future, wished the prices were a little lower!
254098254098B0047726E0A14ZOSOL3ZUT3ZFrancesco0041331424000Rich and heartyThis coffee is full bodied for a decaf and has a very good flavor. Can not tell the difference with regular coffee. Bought from Amazon.
254099254099B0047726E0A36MXFMU95CFX6E. Gonzalez0051330300800Great for mild decafMy husband has had to make the switch from caffeinated coffee to decaf. He loves this coffee. It is mild so if you are looking for a stronger coffee this is not the one. K-cups are the only way to go!

Drink on!
254100254100B0047726E0A25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet0021329177600Not at all memorableThis is an adequate decaf K-cup. While it lacks any significant defects, it also lacks much body or richness. The main downside is a slight sour aftertaste. I'll certainly drink what I have, but won't be ordering it again. Better decaf K-cups can be found, such as Donut House or Timothy's Columbian decaf.

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