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254101254101B0047726E0A2801Y8R7A2OOQCandy Smith0051327708800Best decaf coffee everGreen Mountain Coffee Decaf Breakfast Blend, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count This is a family favorite, not too strong, not too weak, but just right, no I'm not telling the 3 Bears nursery rhyme, ha. Just great coffee.
254102254102B0047726E0A2WTH95RAQY404Don0051327017600A Real Find on AmazonI find this decaf coffee to be very tasty, very suitable for me in the morning. The K-cups make it very easy for me to make good cup of coffee as I am hurrying to get out the door.
254103254103B0047726E0A3MO5KH6A7ANZOAnn0051325203200Great Decaf CoffeeWe recenlty bought a Keurig coffee maker. I have to have decaf and there are not many choices locally so I went online and ordered the Green Mountian Breakfast Blend Decaf. It is great! It has a smooth taste and a very satisfying flavor. Recommend this product highly.
254104254104B0047726E0A7EJERNB7IK3ZCQ DX0051324425600Surprisingly smooth flavor! Excellent decaf!This is one of the better tasting decaf coffees i've had for K-cup machines. It is smooth, but not overbearing. I will be purchasing this exact brand and blend many times.
254105254105B0047726E0A2YLASC41SM87BVikki0051324080000Fantastic deal on Keurig CupsThis is a great deal for the price, the coffee was sent super fast and the Green Mountain coffee decaf was fresh! I will buy again!
254106254106B0047726E0A1648M8T1Y04G3Mom of 30051323734400great tasting decaf coffeeI do not like dark roast or bold coffee, I am a medium to light roast coffee fan. This coffee is perfect for me with a nice smooth flavor.
254107254107B0047726E0ATK8DCQU7NPI3Handy Andy0051322956800Good Coffee!Green Mountain Coffee has a real winner in the Breakfast Blend Coffee in both the decaf and regular. It has wonderful aroma and wonderful taste.
254108254108B0047726E0ARSPHLSSUKNQPMslilly0051322611200Quick!The package arrived quickly and boxed nicely. I was so surprised it came in such a timely manner! Thank you!
254109254109B0047726E0A31KES9QLTX9V6OKC PAM0051317859200BEST COFFEE EVER (ALMOST)I was always a Columbian coffee drinker until I tried this. A friend had given me a Keurig coffee maker, so I tried many samples. Ultimately, this one was best for regular coffee. I also love Timothy's Columbian Decaf.
254110254110B0047726E0A2OWYO5RRERMKWMDB0051286409600No. 1 Green MountainI love the green mountain brand. I have less weak coffee results with them too. Other brands have one or two K-Cups in package that will result in something a little stronger than colored water.
254111254111B0047726E0A1UVWTNPX8TR0GK. Franklin "Are we there yet?"1211284422400Tastes just like instant...If you love instant decaf you will love this K-cup coffee. The taste and aroma are pure Sanka.

I use a Keurig machine because I don't LIKE instant.

So far, one of the worst k-cups I've sampled.
254112254112B0047726E0A3F1D1UON4SB0CL. Sheridan "been there"2421283212800This coffee was so weak and watery I gave it away. I thought I had ordered a bolder blend, but had mistakenly ordered this.If the company could package a bolder package of this
type, it would probably do well.
ASIN:B001PYHEI6 Green Mountain Coffee Keurig Breakfast Blend - 24 K-Cups]] I found the way this was listed to be misleading. With (48) listed as the amount, I was led to believe that was the amount. I received 24 thus doubling what I believed to be the cost. I would not have ordered it at that price.
254114254114B0047726E0AGZNKD9JJ0BYYlan0111318377600cancelled but sentI cancelled this item along with another coffee which was cancelled. They sent
this item & charged postage!! Buyer beware!
254115254115B0047726E0AMPW8Q0TPKCNNNot happy0211318464000Missing cupsThe package I ordered for my 78 year old mother had already been opened and 12 cups were missing. This happened both with the hot chocolate (6 cups missing) and the decaf order (6 cups missing)

Will probably not order from this group again.
254116254116B004XRJ73MABGR2KY9RGVITGuesswho0051306281600Good stuff! Yummy!These are soo yummy! They send them in this bag and are q great treat to create yur own jelly belly custom mix!
254117254117B005GIF5U6A29D5ZR10LXJG7RED "RED"1211338940800Amazon needs to check their stockAmazon needs to check their stock, I ordered these and they arrived stale! Returned and received a full refund! Otherwise this is a really good product, my Westie; Roxy loves them and sits by the fridge until she gets these Cedars' Teats!
254118254118B008OI1A3GA2KZXMHL5ZRQC7Eneas0051349395200The Excellence of Guaraná
254119254119B0019978ECA3583IHRIUF4GSS. Magnet0051272931200Larry's Rocks!!!We are coffee fanatics and Larry's lives up to our expectations.
Full bodied and delicious.
This can push the famous brand aside and for a much more reasonable
254120254120B000XE4702ARH0SL9WRG1QFV. Saling "Book Addict"2251288569600Wow such a huge basket...My mother and brother enjoyed this basket so much they are now hinting for me to send another one... They told me the bacon was too die for and the ham was melt in your mouth good. Love someone send them something that won't wilt in a few days... so much better than flowers... the gift that kept on giving for weeks on end.
254121254121B000XE4702A29T07224FOIE9Kurt0051326067200Good Gift BasketSent as a gift and from what i've heard had a lot of great stuff in it. Shipped and arrived on time.
254122254122B006VJJMT4A2O4V3MCB7EPPUBellingham Bookworm0051339718400Good selection of vanilla flavored coffee k-cupsWe just bought a Keurig coffee maker from Costco. It came with 60 k-cups. Luckily for my husband 55 of the k-cups were regular coffee, like French Roast, so he is happy. I've been buying a few variety packs of flavored coffee for me so I can find a few flavors that I like. Included in this Sampler were the following items:

2 Gloria Jeans French Vanilla Supreme
2 Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream
2 Green Mountain French Vanilla
2 Folgers Gourmet Vanilla Biscotti
2 Wolfgang Puck Vanilla Francaise
2 Wolfgang Puck Creme Caramel
2 Van Houtte French Vanilla
2 Van Houtte Creme Brulee

I haven't tried any of the k-cups yet but I am confident that I will find one vanilla flavored coffee that I love.
254123254123B002TK36LEAQO9GF6KLOMCBL. Aaker161851265241600The highest entity that exists on the earthI feel unworthy to even be reviewing this item, as it is so far beyond my comprehension, but I will do my best.

Chester's Hot Fries are the most sacredly intensely brilliantly delicious thing that has ever been on this earth.

I really don't understand why people invest in bonds and stocks, when Hot Fries are so obviously a better investment. They are, firstly, incredibly cheap; A fair-sized bag fetches $.99, yet their yields are far more abundant than $.99 and they have instant maturity! They are like the Steinway and Sons of the chips world; They are undebatably the greatest product in their field. As such, no price, I mean no price would be high enough to encompass the brilliant ecstasy that these heavenly beings have to offer.

I am at a lost to explain drug addiction, when the highest high you can get is clearly to be gotten from these incredible snacks. Not only that but these are cheaper too.

I would give a million dollars for these chips. I would give my car, my house, my home, and my life, to maintain the existence of this monument of divinity.
254124254124B002TK36LEA27I2EONPNKEN0J. Whitney "Read Lots"2351284508800Addiction of the highest order!!!~I buy out the store whenever I see them in stock. Honestly, it's rare I find them, so I gotta do what I gotta do. Once I have like 10 bags in the house, I eat them day and night. I am so completely addicted to these. I can't eat 'Hot Fries' anymore...because nothing compares to Chester's Fries!!!~
254125254125B002TK36LEA10FP4TR4HIERTTweekee "Twee"2351271980800Better than CheetosI don't see why these aren't more popular. I don't even eat regular cheetos any more. These have a good amount of spice to them and a lot of flavor but they are bright red and do stain.
254126254126B002TK36LEA31DUGNV6RWBA8blendking0051350864000Hot FriesGreat all the way around! Easy to work with, and always dependable. Nice job to all! This is fantastic. I love doing these reviews!
254127254127B002TK36LEA1EASX71Z8246XScarlett Annabelle Gwing1251299974400So Delicious...I absolutely LOVE these chips!! They are sooo good!! I have two bags every weekend, these are soooo good!! Nothing in the world competes! Nothing is as good as these wonderful chips, they are my life! jk, they're not my life, but I couldn't imagine what each weekend would be like without them!! I love hot fries!!~!
254128254128B004AQG0D6A1BH1VKHCYHGPRPORTIA HOLLIDAY0051350777600TJMaxx Offered Us a Nice Afternoon SnackWe compared this London Kettle to Gary Poppins that we got at TJMaxx. We really enjoyed the sweet to salty ratio of the London Kettle. It is made in Beverly Hills California vs the other is made in Franklin Park, IL. The London Kettle is crispy and crunchy the Gary Poppins not so much.
254129254129B003GTAESUAEX7F29JQ8HKBgn "gn"1151335657600Buy this one not the single boxI know you have two tabs open trying to decide if you are going to eat 24 of these cookies and spend that much at one time on cookies.

The 2 box bundle is such a better deal.

And when you taste them you will remember why you are paying so much for cookies.
Of course I did not realize this until the first box was gone!

They are delicious, everybody who comes over to visit wants one so just buy the 2 box bundle. SO HIDE THEM!

Who can EVER get enough of white chocolate macadamia nut ANYTHING???????????
254130254130B003GTAESUA3I2HF3NJYLWAAtracyscott0021345334400PricingThe cookies come in a timely manner and are packaged very well. I send to my Grandmother who loves them. As you know, they are not stocking in grocery stores anymore (only gas stations and vending like this product is intended for). It costs $20 something for 24 cookies ordering this way. I understand making profit, but the suppliers price is less that $44 per 72 count. Usually about $32/72. I know this is a place to make a profit and I commend them for doing so...but this is a very high margin.

Other than the price, the cookies are great. Grandma has gained 13 very needed pounds.

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