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254161254161B001EQ5JLYA1LDIRT2VDXCNERobert in Phoenix1151289088000This is my favorite teaThis tea may be an acquired taste - because this is much stronger and much more bitter than any tea normally purchased in the US. I would definitely recommend using milk, which then takes all the bitterness away without losing the strength of taste.

I would not recommend it for iced tea.

However, if you like strong hot tea, and if you are prepared to have milk in your tea, I think this is the best possible tea, at least at any reasonable price.

It is wonderful that this tea is now available from Amazon, at a reasonable price, with rapid delivery, and with options to have it shipped regularly at a reduced price.
254162254162B001EQ5JLYA1FVUR0P8BVMH8P. sachs "Psaxy"1141267747200I love this tea!This is the tea that friends in England drink. Every time we went over, this is what we drank instead of (instant) coffee. We now have this almost every morning at home instead of (freshly ground and brewed) coffee. I prefer it over Earl Grey.
254163254163B001EQ5JLYAX7TIL36O9SEIPatricia S. Bryant "coffeelover"1141267574400The Brits know teaI kept reading about PG Tips in my british mystery books and bought some from a specialty store. We loved the consistent flavor and fast brew time but we were going through that gourmet box quickly. When Amazon offered it at a great price, we were thrilled. Word of caution--this tea will get too strong quickly if you steep the bag for the traditional time.
254164254164B001EQ5JLYA7CPW2TTCFLYKM. J. Stringer1151238976000Best tea EVERI come from a family of tea drinkers. My parents were tea drinkers, my aunts and uncles were tea drinkers. My daughter caught the bug and she is tea drinker. I've tasted many different teas, but this is by far the best. The flavor is strong, the color is gorgeous. It goes extremely well by itself, as well as sweetened with honey or just plain sugar. It tastes great with key lime juice and honey. It is my favorite with milk and sugar/honey. You've got to try it to believe it. By comparison, American favorite Lipton comes through as bland and somewhat tasteless, or worse - tasting like the tea bag...

I highly recommed PG Tips to any serious tea drinker.
254165254165B001EQ5JLYAEO1L073HMSPQMarshall's Sauces "Marshall"1151227916800PG Tips Tea is a great for everyday or when you have company.I've been drinking tea for over 50 years I haven't found many with a better flavor than PG Tips. I buy them now through for at a good price (4 boxes of 80 bags for $20.00 delivered).
My wife carries a zip lock bag in her purse with several PG Tips tea bags. It's nice to have a good cup of tea when traveling. Frequently restaurants in NW Ohio have "designer teas" and they always taste like they have perfume in them. We have our PG Tips.
254166254166B001EQ5JLYA2Q7OSGFME0H4CH. Bird1151224288000Our favorite everday tea!We drink this tea quite often, and really enjoy it. While not a connoisseur's tea by any means, it makes a good, strong, "cuppa char" to go with your breakfast, sammie, or cookies. I prefer the large pyramidal bags over regular bags, too, as they seem to improve brewing of the tea and are easier to fish out before pouring. The price here at Amazon is much, much better than at the stores, too--about 1/2 the typical grocery store price per bag!

It does help if you know how to make tea, as making it incorrectly may result in a bitter, unpleasant brew. The key things to remember are: always prewarm your pot, use BOILING water (not just hot), and let it steep at least 3 minutes. As these are a bit larger than some teabags, I usually allow about 1-2 bags for each 2 cups or 1 mug of tea, plus an extra bag, "for the pot" so to speak. So in our 4-cup teapot, I will use about 4-5 bags, depending on how strong I want it. Milk (better than cream) will help cut the tannin, if your tea is too potent; lemon helps as well--but don't use milk and lemon together! ;)
254167254167B001EQ5JLYA2M2BF8C3A7VHXE. Prybyloski1151215993600The best black tea goingI discovered - no, I was introduced to - PG Tips when I was in London over two decades ago. I would stuff boxes of it into my suitcases when I visited London and would ask friends to do the same if they were traveling. So I was THRILLED to find PG on Amazon. PG Tips makes the best pot of black tea that you can get from tea bags. One bag is a bit too much for a cup or mug - it's best to use a small teapot. I use two teabags in a 4-cup pot, and have my wonderful satisfying cup(s) of tea in the morning. During summer I turn the rest of the pot into iced tea. And the tea as offered on Amazon is the best price I've found, too.
254168254168B001EQ5JLYAGG1JFJYA1LT3I. Khan1151170720000Great AromaPG tips is the best English Tea out there if made in English style. I am an avid fan of teas and have tried hundreds of teas around the world. This is one of my favorite. It gives a great great aroma that is very satisfying.
254169254169B001EQ5JLYA7VS60DDYXBK7Robert L. Steiner2351187049600PG Tips Black TeaPG Tips Black Tea ia an excellent tea, weather loose or Pyramid Tea bags.Good Strong tea,nice flavor wheather you drink it black or with cream & sugar. I prefer this tea with half & half & sugar allthough at times I drink it straight up. I recomment it highly & it is one of the best English teas. The closest American tea I can compare to is Lipton. If you enjoy Lipton, you will love PG.When I Have time to relax I use PG loose tea. When pressed for time I use Tea bags. I enjoy PG tea and I am sure many of you who try it will agree. The Pyramid tea bags are much better than regular tea bags. I give it five stars.PG Tips Black Tea, Pyramid Tea Bags, 40-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)
254170254170B001EQ5JLYA1XQB0WH8T9OOPKanjiro0051350345600Good StuffThis is excellent tea, a nice relaxing tea for any time of day, always a winner, price is going up though, not as happy about that.
254171254171B001EQ5JLYAJEY3XF6B9PGJG. Smith "music buff"0041350345600Second best, but still goodTrue tea is loose, not enclosed in prim little pyramids: it sticks to the bottom of your mug, where you can read that you are fated to drink ever more of it.
But not if you were an Amazon subscriber: they removed it from subscription sale: who knows why? I have my dark suspicions though, stirred by a lot of tea
drinking. Loose tea is more economical, better quality, and makes it easier to gauge your required dose. One tea bag's a bit weak, two's a bit strong...
Still, that's what we'll have to go with, as the price of loose PG Tips tea went through the roof.
254172254172B001EQ5JLYA2WOICNIJIP6ECEcho0051345766400It's like a hug in a cup!I bought this because I really missed having a nice "cuppa" after leaving England. My local Ralph's grocery store sells PG Tips in 80-count boxes but it's much too expensive, and I go through these boxes fairly quickly.
So I tried drinking Lipton tea but it wasn't cutting it for me because the flavor is too weak.
PG Tips is very strong and has a nice, rich flavor. A bit stronger than Tetley, in my opinion. I'm very glad that I can have a nice cuppa away from England.
254173254173B001EQ5JLYAFKY5H8QLPW35James P. Dorsey "Electronic Maven"0051339545600English TeaI admit it. I drink lots of tea and almost no coffee. As a result, I look for quality and value for money. Now PG Tips are not a premium priced product, but it's much better than what you can find in the typical grocery. Buy it and you will not regret it.
254174254174B001EQ5JLYAI07OE3OT022IBennie Jet0051339113600Best Everyday TeaThis is an english tea and it is definitely my favorite for everyday drinking. I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good cup.
254175254175B001EQ5JLYA1WSE75UYHVTJKJennifer S Blake0051332979200CuppaWe love this tea! This seems to be the best deal around as far as bulk and if you are drinking it everyday(or twice a day).
254176254176B001EQ5JLYA15D23IYM1YOQQDeborah J. Sandburg ": )"0051332720000I wish they sold this in the US!My new favorite black tea that I can afford. I love tea and drink it every day, its pretty much the only thing I drink besides water. I have tried lipton, tetley, salada, bigelow, stash, and twinings black tea. I ordered this online because I wanted to try it. I have to say this is by far my favorite conventional supermarket black tea that is sold! Liption is commom here, but I find it to be too bitter, tetley is alright. I wish they sold it in the US. :( It has a great rich yet clean and smooth taste to it which I just love. I'll be ordering this again!
254177254177B001EQ5JLYA3OGP4GJPTJ9M7Brett Gonce "Amazonian"0051330560000Should be America's number one tea!Great taste, affordable. It should be America's favorite tea! Better than Red Rose Tea. Plain black, the way tea was intended!
254178254178B001EQ5JLYA3266XORHKXMKYMeggie0051329955200Now I can have a decent cuppaHappy to be able to get my favourite tea at a good price as I not a big fan of American tea bags, though I admit I haven't tried too many. Now I can enjoy my morning cuppa!
254179254179B001EQ5JLYAHJQGU09V7C3IRobert0051329091200Milk and sugar make delicious!Protip: PG Tips with a decent helping of sugar and some milk yields tea that few could turn down. You don't even have to let it steep really when made like this. I'm not sure if it's the pyramid tea bags or what, but this tea immediately infuses whatever water it touches. I usually drink more green tea than black, but I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor of this. I'm glad I gave it a go when it went up as one of amazon's goldbox deals.
254180254180B001EQ5JLYA1GNWPFVE9AOQASARGE0041325635200PG TIPS TEAGreat price and delivery on this tea that is very expensive in the store when you can find it.Fast easy shipping on this tea that hands down is one of the best tasting teas out there.
254181254181B001EQ5JLYA3RORFTPJX13XDJason0051324339200GoodIt's really good, I bought it and drink it all the time. I gave it 5 stars cause its the best.
254182254182B001EQ5JLYA3JMCU75ETOKT9J. Ryan0051320105600PG Tips is a good all-around teaPG Tips appears and disappears from grocery stores with frustrating regularity, and buying several large-size boxes a a time solves the problem. It's a very basic, no-frills tea, and it comes in sturdy little bags free of strings and labels. We drink it with a little milk and sugar every morning, and frequently enjoy a cup in the afternoon, too.
254183254183B001EQ5JLYA11JNP9D49UQ9KG. Dupre "Book worm"0051312848000PG Tips TeaGreat product -- a nice, strong black tea and this is the only tea I drink. Purchasing thru Amazon is cheap and fast!
254184254184B001EQ5JLYA195PJCYFD7XA2caribman1610051310860800Number 1 TeaExcellent Tea!!! Number 1 Product. I have been using it for years. No other tea comes close. I tried other teas from around the world, but I always had to come back to PG Tips. It's the Taste, man!!!! It's so smooth! Try it, and you will see what I am talking about. One Tea Bag can give you 3 cups of excellent tea. The best way to drink it, is when it is hot. If you get PG Tips Loose Tea, it's even better, the taste is smoother, and more refreshing, and you will want a second cup or mug, which ever you prefer. I use a mug.
254185254185B001EQ5JLYA2TXPGV367CSRLKathy M0051309996800Best Black Tea!!!I just love this tea! It is so full of flavor. I find that I carry some with me where ever I go. I have found this tea sold in a small box at my local grocery store, but it is a better deal buying them from Amazon.
254186254186B001EQ5JLYA2KRWYPT92A90UPomeranian Lover0051308182400Love this tea!This tea is flavorful without being bitter. I like to steep mine in a teapot for about five minutes, pour, add a little honey and milk. It's great. Try it you won't be disappointed.
254187254187B001EQ5JLYA2LHANCVBGV36UMax Aperture "The older I get, the faster I w...0041305936000PJ Tips TeaThe whole family loves this tea. It is strong and flavorful. We can barely tolerate a common black tea after enjoying PJ Tips for over 4 years now. It's worth it.
254188254188B001EQ5JLYA1Y486BHV54NOAJames E. Shaffer "ancient Jim"0051304208000PG Tips - Our favoriteMy wife and I drink a lot of tea and we enjoy PG Tips. The pyramid tea bags allow for quick diffusion. Word of caution. Do not buy boxes that are too large for your consumption habits. We have purchased the larger boxes in the past and by the time we reached the bottom, the tea was losing its potency. These 80-bag boxes are perfect for us. Each lasts for about a month or two.
254189254189B001EQ5JLYA1QMNSXCMUUISBGreatBird Owl0051302566400A Lovely Cup of TeaI start my day with a well steeped cup of PG tips, milk, and sugar. It is the only way to start a day I know, and I enjoy and embrace it. PG Tips has much more flavor and depth than your basic grocery store tea, and is worth the extra money and effort to get it. It also is smoother and more delicious than many "breakfast" teas I've tried.
254190254190B001EQ5JLYA6KL17KKN0A5LK. Harper0051301875200The best everyday tea, ever!After visiting the UK for the first time, I was influenced a lot by their groceries! One of them is this PG Tips tea. I never was a tea drinker but the PG Tips tea IS delicious! I love strong coffee and tea, and PG Tips tea brew quite strongly without too much time involved. I was very happy to find out that Amazon had several grocery items that I wanted under Prime option!

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