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254202254202B001EQ5JLYA2E9PQXCBW7WGXBrian Shaw "ex-Brit."0051284249600A good cuppa tea.Being originally from England I have always drunk tea of one form or another. PG Tips has to be one of, if not the best one there is, for strength and consistency and the price charged by Amazon beats other sites hands down. PG Tips Black Tea, Pyramid Tea Bags, 80-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)
254203254203B001EQ5JLYA3B4PEMOKJT68XI. Fasko0051282176000Great Tea!This tea is wonderful - flavorful w/o being too harsh. Makes great cold-brew ice tea (sun tea).
254204254204B001EQ5JLYA10BBPGO3G76TMSylvia Resnick "longtime writer/author"0051273968000An Afternoon LiftPg tips tea is perfect for an afternoon respite. Add a scone or a toasted English muffin with cream cheese and a light coating of your favorite jam and you have the makings of a perfect afternoon lift. This pause in your busy day will take you bring you down to a soothing, relaxing level in mind, body and spirit. Try it, you'll see what I mean.
254205254205B001EQ5JLYALDL4ENOWI2H8Susan Isaac0051271203200PG Tips teaI love this tea. I was very excited to find that you sell it. It came in record time and was good value for money.
254206254206B001EQ5JLYA2S6JRVN7VA108M. Taylor ""Thrifty mom""0051270857600PG Tips fanWhen I was stationed in Germany I started buying this tea and was crazy about it, in fact I made sure I would have plenty to drink once I returned from the states. When I ran out I started trying to drink the other teas I grew up with, and found those too weak and started ordering PG Tips from Amazon. One bag of this is about two regular tea bags.
254207254207B001EQ5JLYAC6P8Q5URCW8VJJM0051268870400Great tea!Very happy to find this tea on Amazon and at a great price! It's difficult to find at local stores and often out of stock.
254208254208B001EQ5JLYA1TUD1CLIB3M9CLillian F. Devin "nonnielfd"0051268870400Quite a cup of tea!I have been purchasing this brand from my local grocery store -- sometimes they are absent from the shelves. When I saw that Amazon carried these, I was so pleased.

This is a strong, delicious cup of tea! I have hooked my daughter and niece on these, too.
254209254209B001EQ5JLYA2JJ03GOUZ4JH8T. Farmer0051264550400Best tea everMy husband and I were turned on to PG Tips by a friend who is from England. The grocery store shortly thereafter stopped stocking it. This is a much more cost effective way to buy our favorite tea!
254210254210B001EQ5JLYA8802UUN1HN23Peter Cusumano ""0051263686400Great Tea.Great flavor if you like flavor. I have friends that drink their tea "weak" and so if you prefer bland save youself the money and stick with Lipton.
254211254211B001EQ5JLYAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051261440000Rather Good!My wife and I were shopping at a nearby "Fresh and Easy" grocery store and she spotted PG Tips black tea on the shelves in the beverage isle. She has lived in London and recognized it immediately as one of the top British teas. She says that she seldom has seen it in America, but there it was. Well, "Fresh and Easy" is a British company, so it figures. Of course, we had to pick up an 80-bag box.

My wife loves this stuff and I'd have to rate it rather good. I might add that I much prefer coffee as a beverage but I enjoy tea now and then. I must admit that this tea is much more robust than that with which I'm familiar, mainly Lipton. My wife loathes Lipton, and after trying this tea I can see a substantial difference. Lipton now tastes like slightly flavored hot water to me whereas PG has a good robust flavor. Most certainly, I won't drink Lipton again with a choice of tea like PG Tips around.

We also like the little pyramid tea bag. I think it contains much more tea than the conventional flat paper bag, and perhaps that in itself promotes the more robust flavor. In any case, this is most certainly an excellent tea and we'll eventually be back for more.

Gary Peterson
254212254212B001EQ5JLYA20DDH4NT6Q1E8Koala13560051261008000My New Favorite TeaHaving grown up in Australia and then moving to the USA to live, I have long missed a good cup of (hot) tea. But no more! I found PG Tips here at Amazon a while ago and I have been buying them ever since.

This is a strong Orange Pekoe tea (basic, medium-grade black tea), much stronger than anything I have found at retail in the US grocery stores. It *will* stain your pot or cups over time, but as many tea drinkers will tell you, this just makes for a better cup of tea. If this becomes unsightly, I take a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads, 8-Count Boxes (Pack of 3) to the inside of the cup to remove the stain. According to the box, PG Tips is a British blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas.

The pyramid shaped bag allows for more water flow and better steeping, which means more tea flavor from each bag. Make sure you boil your water to a rolling boil and steep for at least three minutes for maximum flavor (as with most black teas, longer steep times will result in a bitter taste because the release of tannic acid). I like to drink mine hot with a splash of milk, at all times of the day.

254213254213B001EQ5JLYA1P7M0329XGKFSMarcia Fox0051258934400THE BEST TEA EVER!!PG Tips is the best tea ever. Once you try it you could never drink weak tasteless American tea again. I buy it when on sale but at any cost it is worth it!! If you appreciate a 'nice cup of tea' then PG Tips is for you!! Makes a great gift for a tea lover as well.
254214254214B001EQ5JLYA3NTS5JH9KZVY9Erica Thomas0051258502400PG Tips are the greatest!I love PG Tips. After living in England for a year, we came back to the States and couldn't find good tea. Then I searched Amazon and we have been buying them since.
254215254215B001EQ5JLYA2QPEPP71FQC4Spatriciae0051258243200Great english black teaGood strong tea. Hard to find black tea. a true english tea time tradition. Only downfall is no tea tags so you have to use a tea remover to not burn your fingers. These are tweezer like devices found at any good tea shop.
254216254216B001EQ5JLYA38T5BKH369P7SJ. Fraser0051257552000My favorite place to shop, has my favorite everyday tea from homeThis is my favorite everyday tea from home and now I can buy it easily and more cheaply online with Amazon. No brainer really.
254217254217B001EQ5JLYA14GIP0UO3ZDFQQueenie13300051255824000Great Tea & Felt Like I Was Back In UK!I was so pleased to see this on Amazon as I used to carry this home from UK when there & haven't been so happy as to find you can deliver at a good price & great delivery too!
This makes a nice tea & a quick steep when making a SMALL cup or it makes a nice big mug or pot of tea. A lot of my friends have gone to this now & I alternate with the Scottish tea at times.
Thanks for the convenience & sale offers on this tea.
254218254218B001EQ5JLYA2IIG5NGZQMF6JLinda F. Jividen "Brian Regan RULES!!!"0051255651200PG Tips! Shouldn't the British know best?I have been an iced tea drinker all my life, but also enjoy herbal, Green, & Chai teas as well. For my iced tea, however, I was raised on Lipton instant :1/3 tea, 2/3 sugar per 2 quarts water, but evolved to Lipton tea bags, then Luzianne tea bags. (I was very happy with my Luzianne... although hard to find locally) Amazon offered the PG Tips on a 'Lightning Deal' at an unbelievable price, so I purchased them. Well... I have 4 huge boxes of Luzianne bags sitting in my pantry that will be given to my mother, as I will NEVER give up the PG Tips! After drinking this tea all year, sweetened of course, I realize the British truly do know their tea. I use LESS bags to brew my tea, as they are a stronger blend, & I haven't yet had the problem of the tea going "sour", even when accidentally left on the kitchen counter for 2 days. Now... If I could ONLY get that British accent down!
254219254219B001EQ5JLYAOV0IFEZJB40EKelly Partovi0051252022400The Best CuppaI love PG tips but have not always been able to obtain it easily or at a cost I felt was worthwhile. Finding not only what I consider to be the best tea and at a price I don't balk at AND getting timed shipments with postage paid
254220254220B001EQ5JLYA2IYF680RYRJJWJames F. Cahillane "Tea Convert"0051251676800PG Tips Tea: Mum knows bestMy English mother-in-law came to visit us in 1968 and, wisely, brought along her favourite brand of tea, PG Tips. So, it's been our house tea ever since, improved only by my spouse's collection of seven or more tea pots collected over time. According to my missus, the key to taste is PG Tips, warming the teapot, using the same water to warm cups or mugs, add BOILING water to the pot from an electric kettle and a few minutes of steeping time. We take our tea with milk and sugar. Lemons are for G&T, which is a different drink.PG Tips Black Tea, Pyramid Tea Bags, 80-Count Boxes (Pack of 4)
254191254191B001EQ5JLYA28GXP3HSX5Z6KM. Brady0051301011200A Great TeaI really like this tea. It brews up strong and flavorful. I am beginning to use it as a substitute for coffee. And I drink strong coffee. A good purchase!
254192254192B001EQ5JLYA3F853GXVQ78WIrajen bakshi0051300838400Teaif you like a strong flavourful cup of tea, this will not let you down.
Tea as it was meant to be drunk.
254193254193B001EQ5JLYA1V61Y4C6LZ2AEW. Kelly Mcnutt "kk81478"0051300752000The best everyday tea!!Having changed over from a three pot a day coffee drinker, this is the tea for me!! What flavor and i may be imagining it, but i feel the same " caffeine" fix from it.
Hard to find in my area ( St Louis), so Amazon was the best alternative and the best online price i could find.
254194254194B001EQ5JLYA1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch0051299542400My favorite iced teaI'm glad I discovered this tea awhile back. I really like it and look forward to using it to make sun tea later this spring and summer.

I like it better than the mass market teas you can find at stores like Wally Mart, and sometimes you can get it for a great price with Subscribe & Save plus a coupon deal.

I ordered early March 2011 and the tea I got was dated "BEST BEFORE END 07/2012", so good for at least 17 months. Not bad.

Oh yeah, the pyramid tea bags work great.
254195254195B001EQ5JLYA2CPTH3C7XTHPMViolentMetaphor0051298937600Great every day teaThis is a great, refreshing tea that you could use every day. It's not so strong that it would overpower you. I use this tea with a little sugar. With other teas, sometimes I like to put in two tea bags so that the flavor is more potent. I don't advise doing that with this tea. It has a subtle almost bitter flavor that's nice when you use one. With two, it feels far too strong.

I typically don't buy black tea like this. I usually buy flavored black tea (artificial or natural). I always fear plain black tea will taste bland like Lipton. I tried another UK tea and it did taste like Lipton. This doesn't taste as bland as that.

This is one of my favorite every day teas. My other favorite is Marketspice cinnamon orange tea. Unlike this tea, it is very strong. I enjoy both at different times.
254196254196B001EQ5JLYA2DQLQSNKZZ1QKE. Taylor0051298937600Some of the best black tea aroundMy husband and I discovered this brand of black tea on our honeymoon, and we've been converts ever since. One pyramid bag makes three to four strong cups of tea. Yum yum yum!
254197254197B001EQ5JLYA447A7UI2YAXBChahine0051298937600PG tea purchase from AmazonI love the richness of the PG black Tea.. I loved even more the fast shipping and good price from Amazon
254198254198B001EQ5JLYAIW4L5SM1F8K7Tea drinker0051295568000Now sold at most Wegmans storesYou can now buy these at Wegmans markets (NY) for about the same price.

Best daily tea I have found. Regular drinker now.
254199254199B001EQ5JLYA24TFNP5ZSGMB5ARR0041294272000YummyFrom Canada originally so I have drank a lot of tea since I was a kid. I remember putting carnation milk in my tea which I think my grandmother started me on. Sugar too. Well, don't use any sweeteners now and only skim to lighten it up. This stuff tastes real good. I did receive one of the box of 80 with some loose tea between the box and cellophane wrap. Not big deal I thought until I opened the box. I ended up with only about 38 tea bags out of the 80 that weren't completely sealed bags so not sure why that had happened to most of the bags. The other 3 boxes don't appear to have any loose tea on the outside.
254200254200B001EQ5JLYA26RM7VF4V9P1FBird Girl "LK in WA"0051291334400My favorite tea, ever.So strong, yet so smooth, never bitter. I can get two uses out of one teabag. Wish they had an organic version. I've been drinking this tea for over 10 years now. Try the special blend for a bit richer cup, love that too, but the original PG Tips is my everyday tea.
254201254201B001EQ5JLYA3W4QEDKRM8W8QLinda Lu0041288742400Excellent for milk teaThis tea is excellent for making milk tea, very close to the one that I get from Chinatown. However, this tea is not good for drinking alone (without milk & sugar), I find it leaves a bitter taste.

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