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254221254221B001EQ5JLYA3K3OWF7TEM685Marika E. Buchberger "Shutter Bug"0051247788800Excellent Tea.Waaaaaaaay better than Lipton or Tetley or any of the other commonly available black teas. Tastes great hot or cold, never bitter.
254222254222B001EQ5JLYA3UQG5L8EER84OC. RICHARDSON0051246060800Tea-rifficI am so glad I was able to purchase PG Tips Black Tea. It was a REAL DEAL!! I think this is the best tea ever.
254223254223B001EQ5JLYA17522EZB4MVNZDonna E. Erwin0051245542400teaI love this tea! Gave this tea as gifts to my freinds and the love it too!
254224254224B001EQ5JLYA1VW1ECSBF8SVMSallye Sam Yarnell "Wickedsamiam"0051236211200Put the kettle onNothing in the world like a good cup of tea. Especially one obtained so pleasantly!
254225254225B001EQ5JLYA1HPDC0DRN1KYUR. Hubbard0051234742400Perfect!I have a cup every morning. This is my favorite tea by FAR... just can't beat the flavor. It was definitely worth the extra cost of ordering it versus buying cheap grocery store brands. PG Tips is awesome! :)
254226254226B001EQ5JLYAI8EMB0HUC6Z5Tyler Forge "realist"0051233878400The first tea I really likeI've drank tea over the years, but had never enjoyed it. A friend handed me a cup of PG Tips Black Tea with one packet of Splenda and a little milk. Fantastic. It has replaced my morning cup of coffee. I also enjoy it straight.
254227254227B001EQ5JLYA1NW7WCITGI9JGGrad School Student "sleep deprived"0051232496000Wonderful Black TeaI've tried PG Tips in the regular tea bag (think Lipton or Tetley sized bags) and found it to be very refreshing and bold in flavor. Tbe pyramid bags are pretty easy to handle and they are easily removed by fingers when steeping is complete. Just to warn, the pyramid bags to allow a lot more surface contact between the hot water and ground tea, so don't keep the bag in a mug of water for more than a minute or two, or else the tea will become quite bitter and too strong.
254228254228B001EQ5JLYA1ERIM2XQLMPHQNathan Day0051229040000very good taste not strongi have enjoyed this tea for a few years now. i use it for ice tea. about 4 bags to one pint of hot water. then add one pint cold water and sweeten to taste.
254229254229B001EQ5JLYA3VD9J3FIVJTF2iconoclast0051225411200Great British Tea at Great PricePG Tips is one of our favorite teas when we want black tea. Rich flavor, good hot or iced.
254230254230B001EQ5JLYA377LPVLLAI42DChris0051223337600Excellent tea bagsVastly stronger than the terrible tea sold in most stores in the US. But don't let them steep, or the tea will be dark brown like bog water. Better than the Tetley round bags too. These make Lipton's tea seem like a bag of twigs.
254231254231B001EQ5JLYA7P140Q8ZVH9SRobert Welker, Ph.D.0051213574400TG Tips - Excellent BrewWhen the package arrived I thought Amazon had made a mistake, 320 tea bags for lesss than $20.00. But the best news is PG Tips is an excellent brew. I used to drink varieties of tea (e.g. Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Prince of Wales, etc.) Since the arrival of PG Tips I have drunk only PG Tips: flavorful and doesn't turn bitter if you forget to remove the tea bag as I often do.
254232254232B001EQ5JLYA10SXEY0KLC42PJ. Hunnicutt "for true flavors"0051212364800The very best black teaGreat strong tea. One bag does a 24 oz. pot, and I like my tea strong. Clear refreshing taste. I was buying this locally, but Amazon beat the price, especially with Super Saver shipping. Great deal!
254233254233B001EQ5JLYA2AOXOG128FIQS. J. Wolfe0051210550400PG Tips Pyramid TeaPG Tips 240 Tea Bags

I love this product; I've ordered it multiple times. The tea is excellent, the price lower than most gourmet teas. It's easy to see why it's so popular in England. Because of the shape of the tea-bag, the tea brews quickly, a real plus in the morning. There are no tabs, which may bother those who are finicky about touching the tea-bag, but the lack of paper tabs makes for less waste.
254234254234B001EQ5JLYA19O93T18BVXOUPhilip D. Fryer "Flip"0051200873600Mt default, daily black teaI keep giving boxes away! I enjoy many teas (black, green, white) but this is my absolute basic.
254235254235B001EQ5JLYA73DFWJE0CGY6Flight Risk (The Gypsy Moth) "Exiled Yankee"0051200268800sold at first sipI've been a tea drinker all my life, starting with pedestrian old Lipton, but when I was introduced to PG Tips a few years ago, it became the premier tea in my kitchen. It says something that I first tried it in a British tea shop which happens to be in the American Midwest; the British certainly know their tea, and drinking this tea sitting in that shop made me feel like I was in London. PG Tips is a middling strong tea, robust and full-bodied and very flavourful. It is recommended by a British acquaintance who is a tea fanatic that you do not steep this tea too long, and do not squeeze the bag out into your cup, as it coarsens the flavour. Overall my favourite imported British tea.
254236254236B0037XARA0A15XNT79BMHKXNgoogleit "movie buff"8831302480000Cats LOVE the taste - but seems a little pricey for what you getFirst the good news: My cats (all 7 of them) absolutely love this food. 2 of our most finicky will eat almost nothing else, but they gobble this down. Clearly this is a good-tasting food.

Now the bad news: Seems very expensive for what you get. A look at the ingredient list reveals by-products and several grain fillers such as wheat gluten that you don't usually find in a so-called "premium" food. Not sure why exactly it is so expensive. They also do not even make this available in a 5.5 or 6 oz can, only the 3 oz size - so for multiple cat households the cost of these little cans can really add up in a hurry.

So bottom line, it is definitely a good-tasting food and if your cats are picky eaters it is worth a try. However, the high cost and lack of a larger can option makes this a tough sell. I am trying to find a better/more economical food that all of my cats will like, so I can transition them off this.
254237254237B0037XARA0A1XUIYFVGIQVD6electronic_cat1151336953600My Bengal loves thisOne of my Bengals had started demanding treats all the time. I could not find wet food that she would eat. But after trying this, she doesn't ask for treats any more. It is expensive, but since we don't have to buy the treats, I think we are coming out ahead. And, I'm sure it is better for her.
254238254238B0037XARA0AV2RJE8ON6SMSDutch Oven Guy1141323993600Cat likes this best - not inexpensiveI am not sure what Royal Canin puts in this mixture, but my cat, a nine year-old part Bengal, thinks this is kitty candy. He eats most any dry food, but is very selective about wet food. This is his favorite. I hope the ingredients are worth the price. His dry food is Evo Herring and Salmon to keep his carbohydrate intake low.
254239254239B0037XARA0A3FHRVTY4M1336D. W. Frost0051349654400excellent for a picky catThis appears to be a good cat food product for a cat who stops eating
--and is waiting to be prompted-
or maybe needs something new to add to his diet.
It is also good for a large cat--who needs a better diet!
254240254240B0037XARA0A2FLHZHJHVVRZNMichael P. DePappa0051347062400Your cat will love you!!An excellent cat food that your cats will love!!

Our cat truly loves this food and does not want anything else. Also, for owners of cats such as Bengals, like we have, check the protein content in other foods, they do not compare. The cost may be higher, at $1.29 per can, but this is no different than what you will pay for it at your local pet store. Use Amazon's free shipping and enjoy the convenience of having it delivered directly to your door!

Royal Canin Canned Cat Food, Adult Instinctive (Pack of 24 3-Ounce Cans)
254241254241B0037XARA0AAJ13SJO99H9KDR20051342137600My cat is a fussy eater and she begs for this.She comes running when she hears the can open. My cat is very picky and she really eats every bit of this. I wish it wasn't so expensive. It's worth it!
254242254242B0037XARA0AJTRNO0YZKB6TChrissy0031340496000good but priceyI have 2 cats. They "need" to eat wet food according to my vet because one of them is not getting enough water. I don't want to buy them Mcfakefood from the grocery store.

Both my cats will eat this and they are pretty picky. The directions say to feed them 3 1/3 cans PER DAY EACH CAT. Mine eat 2 each per day and are fine but even then, that is 4 cans per day. That means one case only lasts 6 days = 5 cases per month = over $150. That is PRICEY. WTF?
254243254243B001L1KL2EA3IYSIAKYOMKTORenter2251261612800YumI am always on the lookout for a good chamomile tea. If the box has been sitting on the shelf too long, the tea inside can develop a musty flavor. Gevalia comes in handy, since it's mail order, it tends to be delivered much more fresh. Even when fresh, however, some tea blenders insist on blending the chamomile with herbs that tart the taste up a little too much for me. This blend has some soy lecithin in it, which I'm not 100% crazy about, but oh my, does it ever taste good. Put a little honey in it and it's like drinking a sugar cookie. I'm still looking for the chamomile tea that will hit my sweet spot for both flavor and ingredients, but in the meantime I am very much going to be enjoying this blend.
254244254244B000B6J4JQAOQMN4EDMQIKLFederalist One "second amendment: original ho...4611233619200NEITHER corn starch nor sugar belong in garlic saltat least it does not contain any sand (Silicon Dioxide) like some of the "organic" garlic salt on amazon
254245254245B000B6J4JQAAPSP2QCAF9REB. Higgins "everyoneluvsmiya"2351255910400This stuff goes great on everything!I use this in soups, main dishes, on baked potatoes, mac and cheese and bread. Yum. If I can find a huge bulk size, I'm going to buy it.
254246254246B005VGZNEQAMU3P08G4V7MTE. Macdonald1151322611200Great for a Quick, Tasty Dinner!All it takes is some ground or diced chicken, a few can of white beans, this White Chicken Chili seasoning mix, and about 15 minutes to make a great chili. This mix has lots of flavor without being too spicy which means my whole family, including a picky toddler, enjoys it. The recipe on the back calls for one can of beans, but I like to use two cans, one can of great northern beans and one of white cannellini beans, to make it heartier and bit more interesting.
254247254247B005VGZNEQAI5IP9Y660LJ7J. Terry0051329436800Can't wait to get it!For some reason, sometimes I can find certain McCormick seasonings in stock, and sometimes I can't. (I am referring to the spice and seasoning packs, not the individual spices.) Anyway, I tried this a few weeks back and LOVED it, but haven't found it since.

A few changes: Cannelli beans were very expensive at my supermarket, so I used a different kind of white bean. Maybe Navy beans, but I am not sure. I also used ground chicken rather than the chopped-up chicken breast called for in the directions. So much easier. And I browned the meat in olive oil, which I much prefer over veggie oil. Also, as I recall, I had to add extra liquid later, so next time I would NOT drain the beans. And be sure to add the tomatoes.

I did find this product a bit too spicy for me. Next time, I'll just use 3/4 of the package. But, other than that, loved it! Not greasy at all.

I hope the seller I've selected hurries with my order, LOL.
254248254248B003VMZKI6A2LPG8I4A2LBVQBrotherSpider "Spider"2351295654400The best Hot Cholocale EVERoh i am so happy i found this.

Once while working for my beloved YMCA an executive director gave me a small box of this. i shared it with my dayshift. not knowing myself what to expect. Had i known i think i would have been selfish and not shared.. Anyways we all loved it, quite emensely. I went to every store in my neighborhood looking for it and found it in ONE. a P&W that has now gone the way of the Jackalope.

Let me jsut say this hot chocolate is sweet and smooth. not bitter, and sooooo smooth. if you are looing for the best hot chocolate stope here, you found it. you look is now over
254249254249B003VMZKI6A2204WDMBZRY8RKupkake 540051326844800Delicious CocoaAfter searching several supermarkets for this product, I started to give up. My Daughter suggested I check the internet to see who carried this product, so I did just that.....Low and Behold Amazon had it and for a reasonable price.... I'm almost out of it... Time to place another order, it's simply delicious..."Land o Lakes" Great Job.....
254250254250B004TPUSKEA393F381MA82AYMacro chef1151324684800No one knew it was brown rice!I cooked two pounds of ziti for ten people who had no idea this was brown rice pasta. I was very soft but too much so, and everyone thought the ziti was delicous. Will definitely order again. Even my daughter who dislikes Lunds brand of brown rice penne didn't notice a thing.

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