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254265254265B002UQ6R0OA3IJ4FX92S2GYCNatasha Fialkov "luxe"0021350432000the taste matches the priceI am a tea snob, and I knew the price was way way too good to be true. I was right. The tea is very pale, like it is old or was exposed to light. It is mostly powder and stems, no popped kernels, barely any toasted rice taste, and definitely not the delicate taste that this tea is supposed to have. I literally brewed it for maybe a minute and it was very dark green and just tasted like cheap green tea, not Gen Mai Cha. It is very inexpensive, so I guess you get what you pay for. I have had a metallic taste in my mouth for the past 3 hours since I drank half a cup of it.
254266254266B004XXXRSWA4OX48RUW9552M. M. Connor0041348099200Spicy and salty.This received a very high rating from the RamenRater (I think Top 10 List).
It is very good, lots of seasoning. I actually think it is a bit overseasoned/salty, so if you add your own extra veggies(frozen works great), it actually makes it tastier, healthier, and more filling.
The non-fried noodles are good.
254267254267B004ODFW48A1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"0051334275200Great Trout Dinner. Kitties eat it up!!!I am currently buying this Trout and Pasta Adult dinner at PetCo. So far, I get there often enough that I just cannot MAKE myself pay $5.99 for shipping for a case of cat food. I still go to PetCo about every 5 months (or 4 if we run out) so that I can pick up the wonderful Pro Plan Kitty Food Flavors that Amazon still has not put on Subscribe and Save. Seems like it would be a no-brainer to me, but then what do I know, I am just the consumer.

I LOVE BEING ABLE TO HAVE MY PET FOOD DELIVERED TO MY DOOR. Amazon usually does it for me, but PetCo has also gotten into the shipping business and I see the largest area of conflict here is the one surround the wonderful Flavors of Pro Plan Pet food. You can get them from Amazon, but you have to pay out rageous shipping fees because they are not on S & S yet. Here are some of the flavors I mean and my kitties go into the "to die for mode" when these appear:Purina Pro Plan Adult Cat Food, Seafood Stew Entrée, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) and Purina Pro Plan Adult Cat Food, Turkey and Pasta Entrée, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)Purina Pro Plan Adult Cat Food, Chicken, Tuna and Wild Rice Entrée, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)andPurina Pro Plan Adult Cat Food, Beef, Carrots and Rice Entrée, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) andPurina Pro Plan Adult Cat Food, Chicken, Pasta and Spinach Entrée, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24).

Yes, they are all AVAILABLE on Amazon but the shipping price ranges from 6 to 8 dollars. Too much. So I still chug off to PetCO, because they always have specials, and new things to look at...then I run home to see if Amazon has them. But if the shipping price is outrageous, back to PetCO. But I have to have two surgeries this summer and running to PetCo may not be an alternative, so I MAY have to pay the shipping for a short time.

WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS: Amazon get ProPlan wet food on Subscribe and Save!!!! Other than issue, there is no issue. My Kitties especially LOVE this TROUT AND PASTA dish. It is NEVER turned downn and I think that says a LOT. They also really love the others that are listed above on my wish list for S & S for Pro Plan. Those are the flavor I currently trot off to Pet Co to get. My 5 rascals are BIG wet food eaters and inhale 9, 31/2 oz. cans a day. I do look around on Amazon and at PetCo for the 51/2 oz cans. They are usually just a few cents more than the 3 and 1/2 and stretch so much further. Right now Halo Spot's Stew Natural Canned Chicken and Beef Recipe Food for Cats, 5-1/2-Ounce,12 pack Spots Stew, the Chicken and Beef, and Lamb are favorites in 5 1'2/ Also, TikiTiki Cat Tahitian Grill Sardine Cutlets - 12 x 2.8 oz also come in a 5 oz can for just a few cents more. Of course, Friskies is the Premier 5 1/2 oz Brand, but mine have been spoiled on Pro Plan too long:Friskies Cat Food Meaty Bits Variety Pack, 24-Count One of their cans each day will be Friskies, but they have been on the Premium Brands for a long time and without the horrendous shipping, the Pro Plan is still affordable.

And, of course, it really is affordable if you are home bound, or totally spoiled by Amazon's delivery system. My kittties beg, purr, whine, flop on their backs, suffer through brushings, and jump in forbidden places JUST TO GET THEIR PRO PLAN TROUT. (and the others noted) So, yes, I definitely, absolutely recommend this. Spoil those babes and keep them healthy. Pro Plan Trout is a BIG YES!!!
254268254268B004AO5926A3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse4451338076800Very smooth coffeeWe tried The Pod Columbia Supremo coffee as our favorite Senseo brand is out-of-stock. We were pleasantly surprised by how smooth tasting this coffee is and plan to buy this brand again. There is far less bite than the Senseo coffee and overall we probably like The Pod Columbia Supremo a bit better. Of course variety is the spice of life, so we will probably drink the Senseo too; but The Pod Columbia Supremo is our current new favorite.

254269254269B004AO5926A3V598Q5FOKH4FS&H3351337212800Better than Senseo podsI think Keurig is pushing out Senseo. The grocery stores near me stopped carrying Senseo pods. I went with this order based on the 3 positive reviews. They were right. Great cup of coffee. In fact, I think the coffee is better than what is in the Senseo pods. These pods are a little thicker, IMO, compared to the others but this means I can sneak another half cup of coffee out of the 2 pods. Would definitely reorder these again.
254270254270B004AO5926A16EIA3UQG445Tgoddesslynne3351336521600Good coffee, fits Senseo machine!Very tasty, strong and fits in my Senseo!! 2 pods in the large basket to make a mug of coffee, just like the Senseo brand pods. I'll definitely be re-ordering this!! MUCH better than the Wolfgang Puck brand...
254271254271B004AO5926A27J833959Y9AC1DisturbedRN3351315785600Wonderful coffee at a great priceOnly coffee I want to drink. Great taste and always frest with a price that just can't be beat. I prefer to buy the 250 pack for greatest value, they stay fresh and are so easy to use.
254272254272B004AO5926A22WY4EMT9DW6PGeraint5651322784000Easily the best pod coffee I've triedVarious pods from different companies either don't fit my Senseo very well or produce indifferent coffee.

These pods fit perfectly and brew easily the best cup of coffee of any of the pods I've tried. Really delicious. I'll be trying the World Blend from the same company as soon as I get my hands on it.

Although I didn't really like the idea of the pods being individually wrapped, which adds to the amount of waste, I think I may be a convert, since the coffee stayed lovely and fresh.

Finally, I got an unprompted individual response from the company about my shipping preferences after I left feedback for them on Amazon, which certainly goes above and beyond what I expect.
254251254251B002JIDGRAA3R4794K2RVU1SDanny Yu1151332201600Good value - Our Labrador pup loves likes themThese pork chomps mini knotz are of very good value. For the 21 count, I purchased it for $10. Other products with similar size and weight was in the $20 range.

Our Labrador pup likes these bones and definitely keeps her occupied. Give it as a treat or hide it, either way it keeps them busy.

The knotz are about 2 - 3 inches in length and about half an inch wide. The size varies, but that's the rough size of the bones.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the product. If my dog could, she would say so too.
254273254273B004AO5926AV1EI4JCFZ3KTLew R. Bailen1151341014400Good melow coffeeCoffee is mild and mellow, I would call it Medium roast. Other thanthe cost of shipping a very good deal. My hopes are that they will continue to make them. Now that Senseo has quit the pod business I hope some one jump in and provide for us who won't pay for the overpriced K cups.
254274254274B004AO5926AZWXQVKL28IY2no pen name1121340323200coffee podsI expected full-bodied Columbian flavor as in other brand pods. However it was so weak in even a 6oz cup that i had to use 2 pods. Very disappointing. But did receive it quickly. Good if you like weak coffee
254275254275B004AO5926A2BQSBXYHK0YX5Auntijoan0051344643200The PodThe POD, 1-Cup Coffee Pods - Colombia Supremo (Regular) 54 Pods

GREAT coffee! Better than Senseo, so they can be out of stock forever. Deep, rich flavor - great wake-up brew. I like it.
254276254276B004AO5926A1JVMEDABGIIQCWalkar0051342310400Worth itGiven that the original dark roast from Senseo is no longer available, I tried this brand. Great service, each pod packaged individually, all arrived in perfect shape. Now - the taste: it is NOT as strong as the dark roast from Senseo, but still very pleasant. I'd give 4 stars for my personal taste, however, I knew I was not buying the same coffee, so it'd be unfair to downgrade it. It is still good coffee. I will continue buying it.
254277254277B003EMY17EA2LG0H8S7W3NS1Charles Forberg0051323216000Fine nutsJust as advertised, Fine product that will be liked. They also arrived in a timely manner. I would order from again. Thanks A+
254278254278B000YT5RDCA2MCRLHGYKMYO8lighthousedk0051313625600expresso without having to make itMakes a great Latte without the trouble of brewing expresso. great tasting not bitter. We love the monin products especially the sugar free flavor syrups.
254279254279B004132UGYA1C0M7G77HHBAXR. F. Busby0051316044800Yummy, yummy, yummyRather than the usual "white bread" pancakes, try this. Hearty, healthy, with much better texture and a substantially better "mouth" feel.
254280254280B004132UGYA25UZ7MA72SMKMBrent Butler0051312588800Very good pancake mixWhile this is not completely whole grain, that is the main component, followed by enriched flour. Most likely if it were completely whole wheat flour the texture of the cooked pancake would be too rough for most to enjoy it. You do get three grams of fiber in this compared to one in Aunt Jemima's Original or Buttermilk mixes, but also a few more calories, since you add milk, egg, and vegetable oil to this mix, and just water to the others.

We've used this mix for years, since about the time we replaced white bread with whole wheat bread, and other similar changes to our eating habits. We now find the taste of pancakes made without whole grain flour to be somewhat bland. And we have recent experience to compare to. Like the other 5 star reviewer reported, our local grocery has also stopped stocking this. We got a box of the buttermilk mix to fill in, and it just doesn't do it for us anymore.
254252254252B002JIDGRAA3LY0SUFUPJITYKathy D. Womack1151305244800Pork not BeefMy dogs "itch" when they eat the beef version of this product, so when I found the Pork Chomps, I've got some really happy poodles. Love the value and product.
254253254253B002JIDGRAA2G7CZCAA2XLKNPatricia A. Best0051344902400little treats for little dogsI have 2 small chiwienees who love these. I've tried many different kinds for them and this is their favorite. Seems to be a consistent product that has never made them sick. They love them, and I'm glad there's no mess left behind. Not greasy, and nothing remains when they are done with them.
254254254254B001P0RG8IA1T61QP7QHYBRQan honest reviewer0051343865600Wonderful JamI fell in the love with the flavor of Mrs. Miller's Homemade Blueberry Jam at breakfast at a friends.When I found out the name of this jam I bought it for myself.

It has a pure and old fashioned taste to it, not all corn syrup and sweeteners.

From now on this will be the blueberry jam on my breakfast table.

Highly recommended!
254255254255B0001LW01KA22MUT8887KQXAAggie Adams4441218153600Perfect addition and tastyHard to find but perfect addition to chicken salad, a light coating for baked fish, tons of things. Hard to find but found it here and recommend!
254256254256B0014JUULUAHVB1TSMDDEA7R. Roberts "should be studying"1141223164800good flowers, no vaseMy mom said they came in a box, the next day they all bloomed and looked beautiful. no vase. got there when they said it would
254257254257B001SAWR84A3RNS3OJIBJERRmsu20040051314576000Taste greattaste just like reg animal crackers. i love them.. tried them from the grocery store first in the Mexican food section.. they are delicious
254258254258B002LMZG7MA2I6XH7B2LMDHLJ. Luring0051260921600Easy Now tea is great!I put 1-2 teabags of Easy Now in an entire teapot let it steep for 20-30 min and have some before bed. No matter when I got to sleep, I always wake up 7-8 hours later, feeling good, and without having woken up in the middle of the night. (except maybe to use the restroom, but I always fall back asleep instantly) Its also great anytime during the day to just calm your nerves, it won't make you sleepy. This is easily my favorite calming tea.
254259254259B0040UY9EYA21CBDEM32A5P6Sharon Smith0051345766400Great!!So fast and with a reasonable price. Thanks for keeping these in stock. Maybe other flavors would be great. Keep up the great service!,,
254260254260B000B6J4JGA34NNIR7XTOCE3Charles P. Kretzmann6651272585600Great Product for Making Root BeerI'm a home brewer and make wine, beer, and root beer. I have tried several different extracts for root beer flavoring and this one is simply the best and very easy to use. I dump the whole bottle into a fermenting/bottling bucket with water (5 gallon total liquid when done), 5 lb sugar, and about 1/2 teaspoon of yeast nutrient and a packet of champagne yeast. After everything is mixed well I bottle and cap it (makes around 50 12oz bottles) and let it mature for a few weeks in the basement. The bottling process only takes about an hour (with sanitizing bottles) and I have several folks that have been wild about the end result.
254261254261B000B6J4JGA2DHY97LLSIJYALinda McIntyre5551285977600Great For Single ServingsI was looking for a way to avoid the HFCS in soda without giving it up entirely. Instead of using the home brew method, I make soda using cans of seltzer. For regular root beer I use 3 TBS of sugar. For diet I use 1 tsp of Stevita Stevia. I mention the brand only because different stevias vary in sweetness. I mix a small amount of hot water with the sweetener in a glass until it is dissolved, then add 1/4 tsp of McCormick Root Beer Concentrate. To that I add a 12 oz can of seltzer and ice. Tastes great and only takes a few minutes to mix it up. Fast and convenient! Another favorite of mine is to use 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract instead of the Root Beer Concentrate to make cream soda.
254262254262B000B6J4JGAW7X9466UHPEGJ. Varner "Beagle Fan"3341283817600Good product, unfortunate price spikeI tried McCormick Root Beer Concentrate after experimenting with a line of similar products at my local home brewing store. Following the directions offered at the site featuring this product produces a good tasting root beer that is easily created and bottled. I was glad to find this product, and glad I purchased it; but disturbed to see that the price has jumped from the $35.25 I paid very recently to $52.95 today. I don't know that I will be back to purchase this product again given this rather remarkable spike in price.
254263254263B000B6J4JGA2IRD4V4OEJUSWB. J. Densmore1131301356800Root Beer ConcentratesMcCormick Root Beer Concentrate is too chemical tasting for me...too far removed from the earthy root flavor necessary for great root beer.

I've gone back to my favorite flavors at Homemade Soda Company. They have several root beer flavors and now a fantastic sarsaparilla.
254264254264B005GXFP60A3KIYJA47F2NRIjeff mika0051348531200gummy rabbits by Annies' HomegrownThese are the best tasting gummy fruits I have ever eaten. Can't stop eating them and the flavors are great.

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