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254281254281B004132UGYAVQIRN6E7J7UAimdebra1231306627200Too much molasses as baking mix for my uses...I was thinking to use this as a sort of baking mix in the microwave. The texture is very fluffy like that, but too heavy of a molasses taste for me. But I've been managing okay mixing it with Bob's Red Mill cornmeal pancake mix - the fluffiness remains, and the molasses taste disappears.
254282254282B004132UGYA12L56H0HSZB1AMeg M.0151297641600Best Whole Wheat Blend Pancake/Waffle MixMy family loves this mix! It gives them the health benefits of whole grain in their pancakes and waffles in a moist non-grainy tasteful way. My local grocery store I counted on no longer carries this on their shelf(why not??), and we love it so much I am buying it on-line now in 6 packs!!
254283254283B004G24WSYA3AXF46PA3UJTOSandy1151333670400Fantastic!It's moist. It is filled with all the things I love in fruitcake (candied cherries, dates, and LOTS of pecans) and none of the stuff I don't like. Best of all, it's available year round! I am also impressed with the service. The carrier dropped it off on my porch last night. This morning I had an email from the folks at Organic Mountain making sure I had received it.
254284254284B002LMZG72ATZV5LEH9XO9MMarshaS0051308182400Awesome BarsThese are the best bars out there..
I was told my cholesterol was high and I
needed to eat more fiber and flax...
A friend recommended these bars when we
were on vacation...What a difference...
They sure provide what I was told to do
and they taste Great...
Would definitely recommend these to all my friends.
254285254285B001DTGPNSA1G9EQIICXAUJJNathan4411331251200Over PricedThis bag is extremely over priced. I can buy this at Winco for 99 cents when it is on sale. Just wanted my fellow amazonians to get the best price.
254286254286B001DTGPNSA2AQY61BAWGCOKJ. Maynard2251297468800Huge fan, but I can only find them at Rite AidThis are delicious. While I'm not a fan of the actually brite crawlers, the brite crawler eggs are one of the best sour candies out there. Their kind of like jelly beans, except the inside is gummy and lasts a lot longer. I'm the kind of person that likes to stuff multiple candies in my mouth at the same time. However, these have so much flavor, that I can eat them one at a time and really enjoy them. I'm pretty sure they don't cost $3 at rite aid though, more like $1.75.
254287254287B001DTGPNSA3N67WVUEHLQSTJohn W.4651287792000BEST CANDY EVAR!I'm not a big fan of sweets at all, but whenever I can find this candy in the local supermarket, I will always buy them. ALWAYS.

Please do yourself a favor and at least order some from here if you can't find them anywhere else. They really are the best combo of tart and sweet with that nice chewyness that makes gummies so yummy =).
254288254288B000LVM40MAKY8SL0RSCW01Chicken Cooking mama0041345507200Crispy Chickenthis crusting for chicken is really good. I used bone in chicken thighs. Rinsed and coated pieces and baked at 400 for 50 minutes. I could only cover 6 medium sized thighs with the amount of mix provided in one box. It crisped the chicken up nicely and the breading has a light flavor to it, kinda plain but good.
254289254289B002LYDYDSAXEQVVH6NICK0Seehorse721151325030400I am in love with this tea.This is a little cup of comfort, right here. If you like Earl Grey, this is exceptional. I have always enjoyed tea, but not as much until I found this variety at a local tea room. I was happy to find this tastes the same as what was offered to me there, and I highly recommend this.
254290254290B002LYDYDSA1ZL7JQWEK2L1Zsturgeon river1151309996800Earl Grey Cream TeaOur recent purchase of Earl Grey Cream Tea was a very positve experience. My wife is from China and thinks the tea is the best she has ever had. The product arrived very quickly and we would recommend this product and supplier to everyone
254291254291B002LYDYDSA2OVLK8QJCLELRBonnie Bezila0051348531200Very smooth and satisfyong teaI love the touch of vanilla in an old favorite. Very mild and soothing tea. I will be ordering more soon. Also makes a wonderful gift for any tea lover.
254292254292B002LYDYDSAUUGJW3OUWKIRBernice Guthrie0051345593600Creamy Perfection!My favorite tea is Earl Grey in its many versions, but this is absolutely my favorite. They have mastered the art of creamy without bitterness.
254293254293B002LYDYDSAV9E5N8PJ3EBCCupcakes0051330300800DeliciousThe tea is exactly like how I remembered it. It is very creamy and tasty.
I would probably like to buy another bag!
254294254294B002LYDYDSA8A8AFYMYO86Kerxson0151294963200distinctiveI first tried this tea in British Columbia. I'm delighted to be able to order it on line. I find it to be a fine, distinctive tea, It's good at any time of day.
254295254295B007HBLG6CA1ZAEEWTHOX5ORHaider0051336953600Tastes just like it sounds.. DeliciousGo for it. You will probably end up regretting not buying more bags. This one is one of my top favorites. I can still actually taste this flavor when I think about it. So good.
254296254296B007HBLG6CAHJ99ADOVBN1ZNur Hilmiah Zulkefli0051336953600Great taste!The reason why I bought this because it's using HALAL beef. The taste is great, a little sweet and not to chewy. We love it and will order more later. Will recommend to my friends!
254297254297B004FRLTMWA1ZR6F2WVCDOVPMatthew G Hilla1131319155200Good - but not greatWhile this makes a decent Root beer, it doesn't quite have that deep flavorful "bite" you would expect out of a natural root beer at this price. Using the recommended mix - it just tastes "thin". Adding more to compensate and it is just too sweet. My personal preference is more Sassafras root, and deeper flavor...

While it beats the majority of the big brands in flavor -- but it doesn't hold up against the other naturals.
254298254298B004FRLTMWA3J23GW8FNISGJMichaelM1151315267200Excellent taste, customer service was perfectNot really sure what happened with the other reviewer, who had a problem with delivery. My Flavrz shipped the next business day after my order through Amazon. I was emailed a FEDEX tracking number.

I think these drink mixes are a great way to drink more water, with less calories than almost any other mix, and no fake sugars.
254299254299B004FRLTMWA2IF05RRIDD7JYTom and Lisa0051329523200Great taste, but should be Amazon Prime availableOur family loves all the Flavrz concentrates. Our 14-year-old likes the root beer and ginger ale best. Dad's fav is the cola, while mom can't decide between the lemon-lime and tropical flavors. We like that we can control the level of concentration/sweetness. We also like the green-ness of Flavrz: instead of buying huge plastic bottles of icky-flavorded chemical sodas, we buy these small glass bottles-- no plastic toxins, no bad sugars and a low carbon imprint. We mix them with the seltzer we make at home using filtered water. The end result is a tasty treat we feel good about. Highly reccomended. The only negative is the high shipping costs. Really wish these were Amazon Prime available. If they were, we would buy more.
254300254300B004FRLTMWA1BKYCNRXPGGP9Christopher Alan Fields1411297123200WARNING - TERRIBLE PRODUCT - TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICEI ordered direct from flavrz and they lied about shipping the item out in december of 2010, but since the item didn't track at fedex for a week I asked for a refund, but instead of a refund they actually shipped it under a new tracking number and I wasn't at home to refuse the package. I went ahead and tried the cola and root beer and I must say they are awful in taste and it doesn't matter how much syrup you add to the carbonated water, it still tastes like cough syrup. I will never order a flavrz product again and I will go out of my way to warn others about there dishonest business practices.
254301254301B001PQOATUA183LI95B2WNUQV. J. Mcmillen "vmcmillen"31111326153600POWDER AS IN BABY POWDER!I bought this McCormicks POWDER Garlic. Unless you want garlic powder as fine as baby powder, I do not recommend this.
254302254302B006E9P7PEA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"1151282003200Lovely Lemon Ginger Green Tea*****
Stash's Organic Premium Lemon Ginger Green Tea has the pure, true flavor of ginger and lemongrass---not flavorings. I am not usually a fan of Stash's teas, but this premium tea is as good as much more expensive and higher-end teas. Everything in this tea is organic---the organic ginger, the organic green tea, and the organic lemongrass. Although it does contain caffeine, I think it is a much milder green tea, because I tasted the ginger and lemongrass dramatically more than the green tea. This balance made the tea even more enjoyable---a sort of different kind of teasan, one balanced with a little green tea.

Stash Tea has been around for over 35 years, and I love the direction they are moving with their teas, towards more organic and loose teas, more true flavors instead of artificial flavorings.

I would highly recommend Stash's Organic Premium Lemon Ginger Green Tea unless you do not care for ginger or for spicier teas; otherwise you are certain to be delighted!

Highly recommended.
254303254303B002QWJ236A1NZIAF18Z654TAnna418111135025920025% juice!!!Dont be fooled its only 25% juice, if you are looking for the real thing this isn't it. Thumbs DOWN!
254304254304B002QWJ236A1AV7D64GZW9HMDonald1451323388800Very nice deal.This juice has a very nice flavour and in my opinion it kind of tasted like a good quality fresh-pressed apple juice. Without question I would put this juice in the thumbs-up catagory.
254305254305B00849EDXYA39A9HNVRERXFLcazidog "cazidog"0031350172800I could take it or leave it!It's okay a tasting but I'm not a real big fan of it. I've had Australian type licorice that tastes much better. This stuff to me just my opinion had a weird after taste to it! Somebody else might just absolutely love it though. It's soft and authentic Australian type licorice but I just didn't enjoy the taste of it as much as others I've tried.
254306254306B0067UOYNQA2AV5Z0X91TAU5Barbara McCall0051347840000Loved these!This collector's Presidential Pez set was just what I needed to add to a library display I was creating regarding the US Constitution. Fun and unusual and almost everyone remembers the fun of getting a Pez candy character as a kid. Fast shipping too!
254307254307B0067UOYNQAUTGW1D8OC5T7Chubby0051340928000Pres pezThese pez dispensers make a great visual incentive to learn more about our founding fathers. I can hardly wait for volume 2 to be available. They are a nice teaching tool and fun activities can be created around them.
254308254308B0067UOYNQA275P5L58S0HAESFairchid0051336435200Great ServiceWas excited to find this product. The Pez Presidents were mailed immediately and packaged so they would not be damaged. Thanks
254309254309B0067UOYNQASIG2J7LQMED8Samuel Gaines "starch_winkflow"0051326240000Quick delivery, in time for ChristmasVery pleased with purchase and shipping, which came in plenty of time for Christmas. Product arrived in excellent condition, as advertised. Would definitely do business with this vendor again!
254310254310B00020NVRWA2AJLQGQY3074XFun2Drum1151307577600Very fresh tasting squid for a good price.Great fresh-tasting squid. It came packed very well and still frozen solid. I wish it came in several smaller blocks instead of one big one just for convenience, but that's not a big enough issue for me to count off stars. I'll buy these again.

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