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254341254341B005GIF5UQA2X06FP2PQ6EK0S. A. ROBBINS "shirley_rw"0051313884800Maybe too good, cats don't want anything else!We occasionally feed a couple stray cats as they are good at keeping the mice and snakes away. Once in awhile we will give them some of these Temptations Cat Treats and they are crazy about them! They will only eat the regular cat food if their efforts at getting more of the Temptations Treats doesn't work. One of them will sit at the door and meow and meow but eventually goes and eats the regular food. We have tried all the different varieties of Temptations Treats and they don't have a preference, they like all of them. If you want something to really great to give your cat, try any variety of the Temptations Cat Treats but be prepared for your cat to start begging for these all the time. The one thing we cannot tell is how good nutritionally these are for cats, the package says 100% nutritionally complete but not sure what that means in this case. Even if you could feed a cat these alone, that would be way too expensive so for now I will balance a few treats with regular varieties of dry cat food.
254342254342B005GIF5UQA3211E0B8ERKA5Kinko and Kashmire0051313798400We love Temptations!We have 5 cats who live outdoor. They come in for 15 mn every evening and I give them treats.
They get super excited every time I give them the Whiskas Temptations and not so with the other brands but I keep on alternating the brands to avoid dependency :)
By the way, this is after I gave them all a slice of ham!!!

Hope this helps!
254343254343B005GIF5UQA3H7NPNDMGLOU4Kerri Elders0051313452800Buy At Your Own Risk Cat Will Choose TREATS Over YOU : )
254344254344B005GIF5UQA3PBXID8XJYDPXBAF0051311552000KITTIES LOVE EMMy kitties love these treats. This flavor is a favorite of some of the kitties at the rescue center to which I donate. Other of their kitties like other Temptation flavors .. but they all come running for them. Whiskas Temptations Seafood Medley Flavour Treats for Cats, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12) I always include some of these treats whenever I am sending a donation of whatever I am ordering for the center.
Amazon also donates a percentage of the order to the rescue center when ordered through the link on the rescue center's webpage. Thanks Amazon.
254345254345B005GIF5UQA20XWDZHAXIYOKJ. Saoud0051311292800My cats love TemptationsMy cats loved these treats and I think that they really help with releasing the hairballs, I noticed some changes in their litterbox which prove to me that these treats help with hairballs issues, I am going to buy again from these treats before my cats finish them out.
254346254346B005GIF5UQA2UF5E3QB8QUQ8Marco "Cat Lover"0051310947200AddictiveI have four cats. One cat is totally addicted to this treats - she is ridiculous about it. Two cats could care less
254347254347B005GIF5UQA2OUN9LSSWLXEMB. Sorensen0051310860800My Cat LOVES These Treats!Shadow won't touch most cat food and no "people food", but I saw the reviews and thought I would give Temptations a try. Imagine my surprise when I found he LOVES them -- he will even do tricks to get them!!
254348254348B005GIF5UQANM8YNR50J8JVD. Collins "TuffStuff"0051309564800My cats love these treatsMy cats second favorite after the dairy flavor. I bought the 12 pack of both flavors and it is nice to have a supply on hand. This is one of my must have items to have at all times at home. I wouldn't want to face my cats if I ran out.
254349254349B005GIF5UQANM8YNR50J8JVD. Collins "TuffStuff"0051309564800The best cat treats out thereMy cats love this flavor the best of all the Tempation variety's. They all get into their treat positions around the kitchen when it is treat time. Which is after I have put their breakfast out and made my coffee.
254350254350B005GIF5UQABLI1X3PJ94V3Check it out0041307664000One cat loves this, one doesn't care.My big Tuxedo cat loves these no end. She will do tricks to get them and if offered she will eat them in large quantity. My white cat MAY eat a couple if I don't ask to much attention in the process, otherwise he doesn't bother. I don't know what the difference is but I like them because they don't stink and are easy to regulate piece by piece.
254351254351B005GIF5UQAMRBD94N86GWAAmazon Shopper "truthteller"0051306886400Whiskas Temptations - Cat TreatsCat treats? My MinPin (Dog) goes crazy over these! I've been giving him these little treats for a couple of years along with his dog food...but I think he would give up his dog food for these!! It all started out as an accident..I didn't read the print saying they were for cats.
254352254352B005GIF5UQA2OJWFOMBSG0VFSharlene Hinshaw0041306022400YummyMy cats liked this but there are times when they left it on the table but for the most part they ate these treats.
254353254353B005GIF5UQA971HJA1KSAFNWilliam A. Laudani0051305331200Excellent cat treatsI've been buying cat treats for many years. Of the brands and types that are still on the market, I find that Whiskas Temptations is the one treat that all cats love. They come in several flavors. My cats like the Hearty Beef and Turkey flavors best. Pricing can be an issue as I have noticed continual price increases in this product for the last few years. Shop around and get them where you find the best price. Currently, the best price is about $1.35 per 3 oz. bag. But I,ve seen them at prices up to around $2 per bag.
254354254354B005GIF5UQA321VVGR7UL7P0dv0051304812800whiskas temptations creamy dairyWhiskas Temptations Creamy Dairy Flavour Treats for Cats, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12)

My cats do not eat any treats but temptations.
Use the subscibe and save feature when ordering.
The price is great. You wont find them for this price when they go sale at the pet stores.
254355254355B005GIF5UQA4TQKG0TXTKPZPat M0051302307200Cats Love These TreatsOnce I started giving my cats these treats ...I just have to touch the bag and where ever my cats are their super hearing picks up the 'bag noise' and everyone comes running. Definitely
better than other treats I have tried.
254356254356B005GIF5UQA4TQKG0TXTKPZPat M0051302220800What Cats LoveIf I don't know where my cats are...I just have to rattle the bag and they come running. They just love these treat.
254357254357B005GIF5UQA2CJFTFVC8L2LHpsr0051302134400PurrfectOur kitty is some what fussy about his treats. He loves these and I have been buying them at the grocery store for around $2 - $2.50 per pouch. We go through a pouch a week, so was very happy to find these on Amazon. The price is great and the quality seems as good as I have seen at our local grocery store.
254358254358B005GIF5UQAD7SZAO857FBTBrenda0051301702400Like An AddictionI have 2 cats and they are basically addicted to this stuff. The minute I so much as pick up the bag they come running from whereever they are. Even if you just say "yellow bag" the little ears perk up and they are ready to pounce. Don't have any idea what makes them so irresistable but they obviously are. I know other people who have had the same experience with their cats. Too bad chocolate doesn't have 2 calories per piece like this does.
254359254359B005GIF5UQA2B15SRBD1OEFYThomas Smith0051300924800My cats love it!My 3 cats can't get enough of these treats. A great product at a great price AND fast shipping. What more can 3 cats ask for?
254360254360B005GIF5UQA14ELYDYX7LOFQLisa0051296172800Our cat LOVES these treats!Our cat goes bananas over these treats! He will do anything to get them. He begs, he turns "the cute" on to overload, and then he purrs as soon the bag opens. They picked a great product name, because he can't resist them and I can't resist giving them to him!
254361254361B005GIF5UQA3QEPQ2QPMWSYHMarcia R. Johnson "marciaj"0051295136000terrific turkeywe have 3 cats and they all love temptations. they get all excited whenever we get new flavors such as the turkey,beef,and dairy. this written part, is for all the flavors you are asking me to review,in fact the beef and dairy are exactly the same review as far as stars. and everything
254362254362B005GIF5UQA2D8I5YWORSGQ3spot0051285027200Hairball treatmentI was very pleased with how fast I received my order.Thank You! Thomas R Templin
254363254363B005GIF5UQA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname0041278720000Cat likes it, but doesn't help tartarMy cat gets one Whiskas Temptation treat whenever I do her nails. She's always been very compliant, but the treats have made her jello in my arms. Not so sure about the soft filling, because she swallows them whole. Ditto for tartar control. It doesn't do much for that . . . maybe would be different if my cat would chew them.
254364254364B005GIF5UQA3URG3C2QF17RRLynne "Knitter"0051275696000crunchy goodOur cats really love these treats. If you just pick up the bag you have any within hearing distance there to share.
254365254365B005GIF5UQAMRBD94N86GWAAmazon Shopper "truthteller"0051259193600Wiskas TemptationsThese are for cats "Wiska Temptations" (I found after I purchased them)but my MinPin will stand up and beg for these. I thought he might get tired of them, but he hasn't and I can get him to do anything for some. He likes them more then his own dog food! Crazy.
254366254366B005GIF5UQA1I85Y08VRZ32QJimmy Morelli0051254700800Cat's love these thingsThese are the only treats my wife's cats eats. Give them anything else the dogs end up eating them. Its funny because they like them so much they have learned to beg for them. You can't lose with these treats, your cat will love them.
254367254367B005GIF5UQAGF53TM0RAV1NWilliam J. Tidwell1231328400000Cat's are fickelMy cat's are spoiled, I'm sure they aren't the only ones out there, but probably more spoiled than most. The price of most cat treats and even some canned food is cheaper than Wally World, especially with a subscription. These particular treats they love, until they get too many of them and then they want something different. I tend to have four or five varieties on hand at any given time. One cat seems to know that. On any given day he knows what he wants but just looks at me until I figure it out. If I just walk away, he will stalk me, or sit in front of the TV, or lay on the keyboard, whatever is most annoying until I give in and offer something else hoping I get it right. I know, I'm whipped. But be honest, if your thinking of buying these you probably are too. Chances are good your cat will like them, mine do much of the time. But they also like other flavors much of the time. Price is a little more but packages are larger. One strange thing with Amazon, different flavors of cat treats are different prices, even though they are all Temptations, Friskies, Party Mix, or whatever.
254368254368B005GIF5UQA2R8T36N7BW6L1Frederick H. Brown "Animals Best Friend"1251265932800Chester and Pumpkin both say "keepem' comin' please!We have two cats. One is a large black Bombay 4 years old. The other a Teal Tabby 2 years old. We love our kitties. They are our family. We tried every cat treat we could find and many large animal supply (and small) chain stores and neither Chester or Pumpkin would have anything to do with them except turn up their nose and walk away. Then we came on "Temptations". Now, unfortunately, they whine for them all day. But, loving parents as we are, they usually get them. An inexpensive and tasty treat. They get the best food, and now thanks to "Temptation" the best treats. All they need to get now is a JOB!
254369254369B005GIF5UQA3P3S46A8MXK10T. Williams0231257638400Not for kittens less than 6 months old!My 4 month old kitten usually eats another variety of Whiskas Temptations (Chicken Flavor Dentabites, which he LOVES!), but he's gotten into the habit of eating my hair that I've shed and that's fallen on the floor(gross, I know), so I decided to get him this hairball control variety of Whiskas Temptations. The fine print on the package says that it should not be used on kittens less than 6 months of age. I didn't notice this until after I bought and opened the package. Hopefully, they'll stay fresh for another 2 months.
254370254370B005GIF5UQA1PNVFHW53BKHUHoodun3821257552000Im skeptical as to what is in these things!So my cat loves these things. She practically hisses at me at random times and jumps on the counter throws the bag on the floor and starts swatting the bag all over the house. I then put them in the cubbard and I found her in the cubbard one day crying to get out. Its insane. She acts like someone on crack. Im starting to question what they put in these. Is there really a lot of regulation regarding cat snacks. I doubt it. Ive tried to stop giving them to her but she then turns her back to me and pouts for days to weeks on end. It has taken me a while to figure out what was going on with her and I have narrowed it down to these Temptation snacks. Im concerned about what drugs they put in these.

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