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254461254461B000X61W9OA2ZHDMKULU33PTSuzan J. Dexter2231303862400Love Butter Mints but packaging????These are good buttermints however they came in a clear plastic bag taped like they were added in from a larger source instead of as pictured in the manufacturers packaging, I didn't like that, pictured people bare handed throwing them in plastic bags....yuck!
254462254462B000X61W9OA2ROBNQT1M39Y3smj2251294531200Butter mintsThis was a gift for my husband. He loves buttermints and I have been unable to find any locally. When I came across this product one day, I added it to my wish list for my next purchasing spree on Amazon. I finally got him a 2 pound bag of mints, and he was thrilled! I need to re-add buttermints to my wish list to score some more for him. Sadly, I enjoyed them too. Hubby has to hide his candy stash when there are buttermints in the house.
254463254463B000X61W9OADRXNOUTZJ40Zwarwicklibrarian4511314230400Unhygienic packagingI paid $20.00 for them and am very disappointed. I agree with the other reviewer, "...they came in a clear plastic bag taped like they were added in from a larger source instead of as pictured in the manufacturers packaging, I didn't like that, pictured people bare handed throwing them in plastic bags....yuck!"
My 3 year old loves butter mints and our Walgreens don't carry them anymore. I can't give them to him, it seems gross to me and I will return them.
254464254464B000X61W9OA1F5TIHO4B5MP7LEE1151319414400Butter MintsThese mints are delicious & reasonably priced. They arrived in excellent packaging. I recommend them to anyone who has a hard time finding them in stores.
254465254465B000X61W9OAQNRZIS0OOSBHJewel61520051346284800Better than any.....Love these. Almost out after 3 weeks.
This little piggy re-ordering.
Received in fair amount of time, by the way
254466254466B000X61W9OA2CUKYGTQR6OQYJames Acheson Jr. "Tyler Durden"0011335225600After dinner mints, not buttermintsMaybe it's me, but these were not buttery at all. These were like big after dinner mints (the kind that come in pastel colors), and were nothing like the butter mints that I expected.
254467254467B000X61W9OA1I52ALOB3K0WMNatasha W Ippolito0011323648000terrible!Absolutely awful! (my first review on Amazon, and I have been a customer since first week!). Butter mints are supposed to melt in your mouth...these were tough, hard, chalky, disgusting...I can't believe this is considered quality. I want a refund, but had to open the bag to try so now I just wasted my money! Do not purchase these!
254468254468B000X61W9OA1D27BCSYV7VWHC. James0011312329600Big Yellow Pillow Mints or Really Bad Butter Mints?I was looking forward to some good butter mints and still am. These do not come in a branded packange as shown but a clear plastic bag, granted there are a lot of them, but the "butter mints" are not creamy/buttery but are more or less big yellow pillow mints, there is none of the butter mint flavor or texture. A small percentage of them have bright yellow or orange spots on them, I am not sure what is up with that but would not eat them.

So if you like a a large, dry, crunchy yellow colored over-sized pillow mints, perhaps best usedfor a decrative candy jar then these would be pretty good especially the spotted ones, but if you were looking for buttermints these is probably not for you.
254469254469B000X61W9OA1NW3NTE3DGVKSJim Clayton0051306195200DeliciousThese mints arrived exactly as advertised. They are fresh and taste exactly as I expected them to. A good deal from my perspective.
254470254470B0045U0V3CAR7TAEEUDHMUBKathryn S. Leon1151302480000Delcious Shrimp CrackersThese shrimp crackers are quite son and I both liked them. Lower in salt and fat than potato chips, too. They are so crunchy, I can only eat a handful at a time, and these weigh light, so the bag is huge. Delicious.
254471254471B0045U0V3CA1JHCAG3BHVINXDavid0051316390400Nice productI bought a box of 6 packages. First it's very tasty and crunchy. The resealable design prevents it's getting wet. Finally I think it's a good deal, since I used to buy a small bag of the same brand at a higher price. Better to cut the cover open along the dashed line, otherwise it's uncomfortable to grab the crackers.
254472254472B0005Z7XDWA3EQEQJFNI0S33Ray W. Morgan2251140307200Best Mustard in the UniverseBeing a mustard affectianco, for lo these 60 brief years, I came upon the brand of mustard while living in Florida. It is superb on most all things I've put it on, in fact I can't think of a thing I've used it on that I didn't prefer the taste of this brand compared to any other.

THe only thing I don't agree with is the method by which the company prefers to package it for sale in my neck of the woods (Arkansas), they put it in a plastic squeeze bottle and won't sell it in a plain jar. I hate squeeze bottles, they are such a waste once you get to the bottom part, sometimes you'll throw away a quarter of what you are enjoying and paying for.

Needless to say, my wife ands I were delighted to find it being sold, in a jar on the internet. We had a nice transaction and will be doing it again.


Ray Morgan
254473254473B005MWF4BQA298GL2D0BHGKZJ. Figueroa3351342483200Kitties Can't Have Enough Of This.This product beats most processed cat foods, it has plenty of flakes and the smell is strong enough to attract and kick off your cat's apetite. They have just the right amount of juice/water and its consistency is hardy enough to be more than just an appetizer.

My cat loves this food. I have switched entirely to this food. I prefer it over other cup or canned foods, because I can see the actual fish flakes and not just some blended mess; it still has some preservatives, but they are minimal compared to other foods.

If you susbscribe to Amazon's delivery (Subscribe & Save), you can save a lot of money compared to your local store's price or a one time only purchase here at Amazon.

All in all, a great product, cats love it, they don't get sick and seem happier overall, they can't have enough of this.

NOTE/WARNING: This product is made in Thailand. Not the U.S.A.
254474254474B005MWF4BQA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"2241341878400Are More Fond Of OthersI have ordered several flavors of Fancy Feast Appetizers to use in the rotational feeding of my 4 cats. Flaked Skipjack Tuna is not their favorite. They are a bit spoiled and when the local grocer or drug store has White Albacore Tuna on sale at a dollar a can, or even less, I stock up on the Albacore and give it out on Special occasionas to the kids. Special occasions may be Sundays, holidays, or, any day that I am tired and want to open one big, dense can of food that feeds several mouths!
Because they get such nice "human" Tuna, I think that kitty Tuna is just a little beneath them on any normal day.
Now, I do also feed a Feral Cat and since my indoors guys were reluctant to eat the Skipjack Tuna, I gave it to my Feral kitty. He gets real Albacore only 4 or 5 times a year. He scarfed the Skipjack right up.
So, my overall impression of how well a kitty eats this Appetizer Tuna depends upon how much human Tuna is normally put on his plate. If he is not so spoiled as my indoor guys, he will eat it without any reservations.
By now, my quest is finding kitty food that is unusual; therefore, new to the kitty palate. In the Fancy Feast Appetizer line, my indoor kittys like the Talapia Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats, Steamed Tilapia, 2-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 10) and the white meat chicken Fancy Feast Appetizers for Cats, White Meat Chicken, 2-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 10). Both of these are 5 store encores for my cats, while the Skipjack is a 4 Star, BUT, if your kitty is not spoiled by Albacore, he should like the SkipJack just fine. I do recommend it, but at my house the Talapia and the chicken are eaten more quickly.
254475254475B005MWF4BQA1SD9TIB9VJ38YForest Evermore2241339977600A pricey treat that my cats usually like.This is a high quality product that comes in an excessive double wrapped container. I think the packaging must contribute to the high price. My cats like to start the day with it. I split one container between two cats.
On the plus side, this is a very clean looking and smelling food, which is rare among pet foods.
On the con side, it is more expensive than many food items you are likely to buy for yourself or your family.
When it is available on subscription from Amazon, give it a try.
254476254476B005MWF4BQA2IL2MT944PWW0Judith G. Bronsonstem Svcs "Judith Gunn Brons...0051350777600Wildly popularOne of my cats is crazy for this tuna, meowing like crazy when she sees a package in my hand. Oddly, she is much less enchanted with other types of tuna. I was too dumb to know there was much difference between tuna varieties.
254477254477B0018CIPI8A1PINIUZRY8R8EPhyllis F. McCann2241327536000Premium Edge Senior Dog Food Lamb and RiceI have fed my last two dogs Premium Edge Senior dog food with lamb being the protein. I am currently mixing it with Premium Edge large breed puppy chow which is a 27/16 protein/fat. Typically German Shepherd's are fed
large breed puppy chow through 15 months. My GS has Panoesteitis (Long Bone Disease) and I needed to reduce the protein without any additional growth components while still feeding her the necessary requirements. She eats Premium Edge Large Breed Puppy Chow Lamb based and I substitute one of her four cups a day with the Senior Light. I discontinued her vitamins due to the excess protein and I feed her as mentioned above. I think the added supplements for seniors helped with her limp and strengthened her bones overall. She is 13m months old and almost done with the Panoestetis
254478254478B0018CIPI8A2R9RLT7XWRC3tlginptc1151344470400Miracle Dog FoodI cannot say enough good stuff about this dog food. I've been using this dog food for over 10 years and it has been difficult at best to find. I'm so glad to see it on amazon!

My 8 yo 50 lb. mutt was showing signs of age, sleeping a lot, and basically not much else. My vet asked what I fed him and I told him Science Diet. He said - well that's a good food. I was then turned onto this food (for my 65+ lb lab) and I noticed an enormous difference in my mutt. He became the fun active dog I'd always known him to be and basically stayed that way till he died at 15.5 years old. I totally attribute his activity and long life to this food.

My lab was always active so in all honesty I did not notice any changes in her. The food is dosed with glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints - which is a nice to have when you have larger breed dogs that sometimes have joint problems.
254479254479B0018CIPI8A3GLQSR6MTHXGLDonna Kelly1151330041600premum edgeI had ordered Premium Edge dog food, my dog's seem to like the taste. Not for sure if it is doing anything different for them. It's a good price and I like it being shipped to my house. Thanks
254480254480B0018CIPI8A3LHFJBWYOLWW9darlyn1230051328400000Excellent food and easy on pocketbookI buy 1 bag a month for my 5 indoor dogs and they love it. All nutritious ingredients - no junk, corn, wheat, fillers. Only thing I add is salmon oil. I highly recommend. Even my Malinoiis loves this.
254481254481B0018CIPI8A3IQQKRXEC57V5boredwell "boredwell"0051321574400vet recommendedMy Boston is 12 yrs old. Two years ago, he developed a skin condition characterized by flaking, excessive itching and bald spots on his coat. The vet prescribed methazolamide and Omega -3 fish oil: the former was toxic to his system, the latter, alone, didn't improve the condition. She then suggested Premium Edge in combination with the fish oil. I started out with the salmon (blue bag) which he's been up until this month. This time I ordered the lamb and he gobbles it up despite the fact that it's never a good idea to change your pet's diet, taste-wise anyway. Since he's been on Premium Edge, his coat has returned to normal and he no longer suffers itching. Whether or not the cessation of symptoms can be attributed wholly to Premium Edge may be coincidental but I wouldn't feed him anything else, either. I order the 35-lb bag because, for an elder 24 lb dog, it lasts months. Also, I no longer add fish oil. This food seems to provide all the nutritional requirements for a soon-to-be 13 yr old terrier.
254482254482B0018CIPI8A1MAON3CK3RR6EMatthew Donato "The True Demon Lord"0331324425600Natural dog foodthis food looks pretty good. My dog loves the food but it looks bland. All of the food nuggets look the same. Ingredients say that there are no food meal in the product but I cannot tell.
254483254483B001ELL2AQA35ERXAMA1VIDWMan O. Steele "Le_expert'ise"7751312502400The end to Hemoroids..Teaspoon of this every other day with piping hot water..(a tea) and say goodbye to hemoroids. (If that's not 5-stars what is).
254484254484B001ELL2AQAK5OACWOOJW76Dixie4441318377600Good paste, but one of three was openOne of the three packs was open before arriving. The paste was oozing out the side. I can't return it, and I am having a lot of trouble figuring out how to get a refund. Very disappointing for something as expensive as this. I won't buy it from Amazon again...or many other food items.

Update on this review...I raised it from two to four stars because after calling Amazon's customer service I was able to get a refund for the one that was open. I did have to do a Google search to find Amazon's number since it is practically impossible to find on the site. However, the call itself was quick and painless.
254485254485B001ELL2AQAE0MDKH16W3APS. G. Rivera4451300579200Love the Item Packing Needs Improvement-Cracked Containers
254486254486B001ELL2AQA2MHZJFTYF822Hceelee3341316304000Umeboshi pasteI purchased the paste for its anti-inflammatory properties, not because it tastes good! I thought the price was excellent for the amount and I like that it is in three packages so that it will keep. It arrived quickly and I would purchase this product again from this vendor.
254487254487B001ELL2AQA6KL17KKN0A5LK. Harper3351308700800Umeboshi in convenient paste!I ordered this by mistake, thinking these are actual umeboshi. But, it turned out it's so convenient that it's in paste form! I could use it for sushi rolls, or for making some umeboshi or ume salad dressing! Just mix some vinegar and sugar to taste, then you'll have a refreshing ume plum salad dressing! Glad that I made mistake!
254488254488B001ELL2AQA3LILAO00LNNP0chiquitalinda2241340496000superfoodI bought the paste because I think it is easier to eat. I add it to salad dressings and it is fantastic. It helped me for me headaches and I will try to anemia and inmune system. Great packaging.
254489254489B001ELL2AQA1FM3L8YHUCDZ5BaileyFace2251336521600Completely addictingI can't say enough about this product. I received it two weeks ago, sans problems with the packaging that others have mentioned, and two packages are already gone. This paste has now completely replaced salt in my kitchen, and basically lemon as well.

My only problem is trying to resist eating it on everything, because the sodium adds up quickly. The corn on the cob trick is totally delicious, and my new favorite thing is tomato and avocado dressed simply with some thinned out umeboshi. I couldn't be happier.
254490254490B001ELL2AQA6HQYP4G56O4TS. Wallace1131329350400Paste fine, packaging weakI agree with Dixie, a previous reviewer. There is nothing wrong with the product, but the containers are weak plastic and Amazon does not package them appropriately to keep them from breaking. Mine arrived with one broken package, which meant plum paste leaking and wasted.

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