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254551254551B000R923TUAHX9MTBNBFNO5GAZ "GAZ"1151323216000Great Tomatoes...Great Price!!!Amazing San Marzano Tomatoes at an unbeatable price....try making a homemade pizza....Wow So Good!!!!
Remember to use salt, pepper and other spices as these are unadulterated unlike some other canned tomatoes
254552254552B000R923TUATNOI7E8GTIVEJ. Ruvio "KayakSurfer"1151309132800Great Italian peeled tomatoesMy father wanted Italian tomatoes for making home made pizzas. They are sold locally for $5 or more on Oahu. From Amazon, with subscribe&save discount, I can get them shipped for free for roughly $2.50 a can. Can't beat that.

We have an wood burning oven imported from italy that we use to make homemade pizzas. The canned tomatoes just add to the uniqueness and flavor of the pizzas we make at home.
254553254553B000R923TUA1U0DLZGAOBXKYMarge Witkop3451317513600Carmelina Italian peeled tomatoesThe box of 12 cans arrived with 6 of them badly dented. Amazon very graciously replaced them! I did not expect that! That is great customer service! The tomatoes are, as advertised, very good! Thank you Amazon!
254554254554B000R923TUA3RU2P9XLSWZD7Koz0051351123200San Marzanos for better $ than in the storeMy wife uses San Marzanos in her tomato sauces. They cost a little more than the regular canned tomatoes, but we think there is more flavor. These are very rich and delicious. I don't know what these cost in your store, but I figured it out to a $1 savings per can by buying them in bulk, and that's off the CHEAPEST San Marzanos in the store that are actually grown in the USA. These are authentic from Italy. With Prime shipping and the amount of tomato sauce we make, this is a no brainer for us.

The cans arrived in good condition.
254555254555B000R923TUA3CRZSSJQXR5M5Jimaloha0051348876800Making pizza on the grillCarmalina's paste is a critical ingredient in my pizza sauce and other Italian red sauces I prepare. It never disappoints.
254556254556B000R923TUAPOMNUAF85IDREdwin0011347926400Every can was badly damagedI received my case of tomatoes today and every can was dented and some were even broken and leaking. It looked like someone dropped the case from a tall building! These are the best tomatoes it just is a shame they were all damaged so badly.
254557254557B000R923TUA2A1NHMIM8QR7TMike F0041347408000Great for sauceUsually I buy a couple bushels of Roma tomatoes from a farmer and can them. This year in the midwest we had drought conditions and it was uncertain if I could get my order. I gave these a try thinking maybe they would be acceptable for this year, and they're great. I made my standard pasta sauce I think I'm done canning. Buying these tomatoes is certainly much more expensive, but so far I prefer these tomatoes. Plus saves a lot of work and storage. Prime shipping by the case is great. I also like that they canned tomatoes only, with no salt or other seasons herbs basically what I'd do at home.

I did some research, and as other commenters indicated these seems to be legit San Marzano minus the DOP certification for export the US market. They're imported to California and distributed domestically. Their website seems pretty upfront about their product. Check it out if you're curious. My only concern is about the puree, as I'm unclear if the puree is made of the same San Marzano tomatoes or a cheaper tomato. Either way, it's a fine product. I'm just concerned about getting what I'm paying for.

Anyway, this makes a great sauce. I just dump them into a work bowl puree and all and then crush them with my hands. Add to my ingredients and simmer.
254558254558B000R923TUA229COVUDMYQIGJ. Greene0051327190400One of the best tomato products availableI'll join the chorus of people praising Carmelina
254559254559B000R923TUA2IA7GP1WC935Ybak0241342828800authentici have not purchased this product. i am, due to the pics shown illustrating that these are genuine san marzano tomatoes. not all on this site do that. stated they were, but were not. i feel that if a company will go thru the trouble of showing its potential customers that it is genuine, i will purchase them. yes, the comments did help.

thanks for the pics, more should follow your example of course, i will reveiew again, after i use them
254560254560B000R923TUAD2QRU9ZXBQZ1Domestic Gnome1441263772800Good but not greatOK but not the rich tomato flavor I expect from Italian variety. A reader commented on my review and pointed out that Carmelina does not add much by way of chemicals to enhance the flavor. He/she nailed me, I guess. And a little bit of salt brings these 'maters up to snuff. My own chemicals being better for me than theirs.
254561254561B000R923TUA3IM4DYA2EVJBZDLMoon81711312588800Disappointed: Sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one's hopes or expectations.For years, I used the generic store brand canned tomatoes. And for years, I thought if you went canned instead of fresh it was acceptable for the canned tomatoes to taste like a mixture of crushed red bricks in lemon soap water and to smell like absolutely nothing, no matter how far you stuck your nose inside the can. I never dreamed the possibility that one day I might open a can of tomatoes that would smell and taste like fresh sun kissed tomatoes. I wanted so bad to open a can of tomatoes and smell the tomato smell that anybody whose ever grown tomatoes experiences everyday as they water and brush up against their plants. I wanted so bad to taste the fruity sweet taste of real tomatoes that makes you come to understand why tomatoes are fruits not vegetables.

It was because of all my disappointments and expectations above that I started my search for a great canned tomato brand. After much disagreement and uncertainty among canned tomato users, I found my way to Carmelina Italian Peeled Tomatoes in Puree. The reviews on Amazon were great and consistent. The fact that Carmelina does not use preservatives or any other flavors to disguise the true taste of their tomatoes was perfect. I thought I finally found the one great canned tomato that would finally let me create great pizza and pasta sauces. With that last thought, I quickly ordered them with 2day shipping.

They arrived about two days prior to making this review. I checked every single can and they were all in perfect condition. Two days later with a recipe and all my ingredients in hand I was ready to make an amazing Neapolitan ragu. I'm sure every one of you looking for a great can of tomatoes ALSO has great recipe that requires great canned tomatoes! Well this amazing ragu was going to be my great recipe. The Ragu uses fresh pork and italian sausages that are simmered in tomato sauce for 8-10 hours and then when the red sauce has absorbed every once of flavor from the meat it is slowly poured over perfectly cooked pasta and then topped with parmesan cheese. Sounds like heaven doesn't it?

Today, the date of this review, I got all my ingredients ready and made sure to wake up nice and early to give this ragu plenty of time to make its magic happen. I prepped my meat, olive oil, fresh garlic, and thinly sliced onion. I took out three of the cans. I slowly opened the first one with a huge grin on my face. Just days before my whole family called me crazy for ordering canned tomatoes over the internet and paying $35 bucks plus shipping/handling. Whatever, I would have the last laugh when they are stuffing their faces and asking for seconds. I pushed the lid open with the last twist of the can opener and for a second I was hit with mild disappointment. NO SMELL. But I kicked that thought out of my head and plunged my fingers in the can, picking out a soft peeled tomato. I popped it in my mouth and let a big sigh of disappointment.

I opened all three cans to make sure I wasn't going crazy. They all tasted the same. Watery. Tinny. Bitter. All three cans tasted exactly the same. I kept on tasting and tasting hoping that I would have one bite that would prove me wrong. Nope. There is absolutely nothing special about this brand of canned tomatoes. For three out of twelve cans to taste exactly the same means only one thing. I could cross off one more name in my search for a great brand of canned tomatoes.
254562254562B000R923TUAJO7DDT60MDATreasonable customer0621321488000not worth the money at allthese tomatoes look pretty in the can but lack flavor throughout. you are better off buying premium brands for less at the grocery store and buying organic canned tomatoes. all which will be under $3 a can at a good grocery store. Trader Joes are much better than these for a lot less. Do not buy or trust the other good reviews.
254563254563B000R923TUA16Y76DX266MI5Michael A. Messina, Matrix Inc. "Michael Messina"11011255305600Shipping is a problemI would like to give this a better review but all 12 cans were badly dented to a point that I never would have purchased from a store. The case came inside another box so I don't think it was Amazons fault. Disappointing.
254564254564B005IQ3670AL6V1X50WLAMYMichelle Rama8851194048000Awesome!All of Ferdies products are delicious and well worth the price. We order them all at Christmas time and are never disappointed.
254565254565B005IQ3670A23FIE21S8OOCMT. Benecke2221296000000Poor FlavorI am a long-time fan of butter toffee peanuts. Nowadays, the only place I can find them is at WinnCo in their food bin section. I LOVE the flavor of their peanuts but am skeptical to buy food in bins. As an avid Amazon shopper, I discovered these peanuts and thought I'd give them a try. The package arrived within the estimated date and in great condition. However, the flavor was blah. The toffee coating was horrible - no taste at all. For the price, I expected them to taste at least as good as WinnCo but no such luck. Won't be buying these again.
254566254566B005IQ3670AUKHEWEF938Y4P. shipley0051293840000DEEEEEEEEEELICIOUSthese peanuts were absolutely heavenly! i had to pace myself with them or i probably could've eaten the whole can in one sitting. will be back for more!
254567254567B007FRC4RSA2DVZPVRY7FN4GDeDe0051349481600great teaNice tea, the aroma was great, nice to have a hot cup of tea and a good book when the weather turns cold.
254568254568B003SKWB7OA1W0CX3SJ14C4FJ. Conley "JaneDs"0051350777600Perfect snack size!The size is a perfect snack size for kids. I'm going to decorate them somehow for Halloween for my son to give out during his Halloween little party, since they get overdosed in candy. It's a really good prize for 100 bags.
254569254569B003SKWB7OARXIS1K7S8VQ5dfam0051335484800We Love Goldfish!What a great item! My kids love them. The .5 ounce is such a great snack size. It's not too large. When these go on sale I stock up! We are overseas and we can't get them here! They never arrive crumbled. Right now they are $22.61 for 100.
254570254570B003SKWB7OA3KZ6GPE9NM6FOe.c.0051334620800good snackin afghnistan and order these since our PX/BX was having issues with getting things. Gold fish so bad ace. I will def. get more when i run out.
254571254571B003SKWB7OA3I8W1RAUT9OK4cathy0531305331200Was not availableI placed my order and a couple days later I received an e-mail saying that they are no longer available. I ordered them once before and I was very happy with them, wish I could get them again.
254572254572B008QLRHDSA1PQPF9XBN34ANJMason6651320969600Starbucks rocks!I have waited for the Starbuck's K-cups. Finally, they're here! I've only tried the Breakfast Blend and it rocks! If you want a stronger brew then use the middle brew button but I find that the larger cup (3rd button on the B-60 and B-70) to work for me. I'll try the others in the near future. I've been drinking Gloria Jean's Capuccino (middle brew button) and Coffee Barista's Columbian. They are excellent! I like a strong cup of Joe but not bitter and these 3 are great! You pay a little more for the Starbuck-s K-cups however, I feel it's worth it. I'll pay just about any price for a "GOOD" cup of Joe. People, stop your whining and enjoy your coffee -
254573254573B008QLRHDSA26NFIQ7KWI8Y7kt rose2231329696000mild but weakI prefer a bold coffee. This one has a nice flavor but is mild and weak. It doesn't have the dreaded "conference coffee" taste.

For reference purposes my in store drink is a Starbucks Americano.

My favorite k-cups are:
Starbucks French Roast
Starbucks Caffe Verona
Starbucks Pike Place Roast
Green Mountain Xtra Bold Sumatran Reserve
Green Mountain Double Black Diamond
Green Mountain Revv
Green Mountain Dark Magic

Other k-cups I've tried: Coffee People Jet Fuel ,Green Mountain Dark Magic Decaf, Emeril Jazzed up Decaf, Starbucks Caffe Verona, Coffee People Black Tiger, Starbucks House Blend, Starbucks Breakfast Blend, Starbucks Sumatra, Wolfgang Puck French Roast, Green Mountain Lake and Lodge, Green Mountain French Roast, Caribou Mahogony, Wolfgang Puck Sumatra Kopi Raya, Emeril Big Easy Bold
254574254574B008QLRHDSA2I2A7N3OCPNW4T. A. Daniel "Alex"1141343520000Great Way to Start the MorningStarbucks' Breakfast Blend is a tad more bitter than their ubiquitous Pike Place Roast. If you are looking for a good K-Cup to start your morning, this coffee will work just fine. At times, it feels a bit acidic (more so than other brands), so I would recommend some form of creamer here. For whatever reason, these K-Cups do NOT taste quite as good as the bean version you can buy in stores.

It seems that Amazon is now offering a decent price on these K-Cups, but you may be able to find them elsewhere for cheaper.
254575254575B008QLRHDSA1SK9O1C7KOLMHThomas A. Juarez "Tom"1141326067200Whoah!!!This is really strong coffee!!! it will wake you up in the morning! it was a little stronger than i wanted, but we all have our tatstes...
254576254576B008QLRHDSA1UL74OE5A2ZYIJ. Higgs "bahama shopper"1151324857600Delish!It is a little expensive, but very good. Nice flavor. Select different cup size for stronger/weaker flavor. Compared to the Donut Shop(by Coffee People) this Starbucks is stronger and has a better flavor.
254577254577B008QLRHDSA259M5BKNUK47VS. Cicero "Korat Person"3451320883200too overpricedI love the coffee. This is way overpriced. i just bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. i paid $15 for a 16 count box. it's still high but not anywhere close to $55 for a 30 count.
254578254578B008QLRHDSA3OCKMAKIVSNWQkenny0051349481600yummieThere where great I will be buying this again.
Everyone should buy this it will get you up in the morning.
254579254579B008QLRHDSA2KYPN0VV1K9CVTbasine0051347753600So flavorful!I was very surprised at how much flavor this Breakfast Blend coffee has. The Breakfast Blend is delicious, and I will definitely be purchasing it again! Definitely wakes me up in the morning!
254580254580B008QLRHDSA9XOCXEQGY051C. Johnson "area526"0041324339200StarbucksThe coffee is a Lil strong & a Lil bitter...even when using the largest cup size. It's like a very strong cup of Folgiers brewed coffee.

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