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254581254581B008QLRHDSA11IDK9L74LPT1C. Schmidt1221333238400OK, but just a "cup of coffee"A cup of store-brewed Starbucks Breakfast Blend has always been my favorite cup of coffee. Even when I brewed (regular brewing) it at home I couldn't get the quite same taste, but I could get close enough. Now that I have a Keurig brewer, I was excited to finally see Starbucks BB k-cups.... but, ouch, the price.

For comparison, with my Keurig brewer, right now I like Tully's Extra Bold Breakfast Blend and Tully's Extra Bold Kona Blend, both of which I brew on the 2nd cup size (~7oz). I've liked some other k-cups in the past, but they haven't been available on Keurig's site for a while.

Anyway, I finally gave in and bought the Starbucks Breakfast (and House) Blend k-cups (from Keurig's site). Neither is like getting the same cup at Starbucks. I realize it can't be exactly the same, k-cup vs large brew. The Breakfast Blend k-cup is ok, I guess. But it just doesn't have any of the complexity you taste in a cup from Starbucks. It's just "a cup of coffee". I brew it on the 2nd (~7 oz) cup size on my brewer... smaller is too strong/bitter and larger is too watery. To me, it's definitely not worth spending more on the Starbucks branded k-cups since I don't feel like I am getting anything close to the store brewed cup. Actually, I don't even like it as much as the Tully's BB mentioned above, so wouldn't buy the Starbucks BB even if it was the same price. Bummer.

(FYI - For me, the Starbucks House Blend is undrinkable - it's too bitter (and I've tried brewing 3 different sizes, from smallest to travel mug). It's just bitter regardless, with no underlying complexity of flavor. )

Hope this helps someone, since obviously taste is very subjective!
254582254582B008QLRHDSA120BPRX233DLLGreg "smitz0327"0131326585600Coffee taste great but way over pricedI like the coffee but cannot see paying the price for it but the coffee is good and doesn't have any bitter after taste to it. I drink Emerils which taste good to me and I get the 50 pack for 30 dollars here. Sorry but cannot recommend buying Starbucks till they drop the price
254583254583B008QLRHDSA2NBU0WHQTLVAFIan H. Keogh142411320710400OverpricedVery Very overpriced. 30 Starbucks K-Cup for $49.44? You can get from BJS, Sams Club or Costco a 54 count Starbucks K-Cup for $39.99. Which is a way better deal.
254584254584B008QLRHDSA21S9JRFPFVWD8hopsandmalt4811323302400Great product but WAY OVERPRICED.Completely enjoy Starbucks K-Cups... but I get them at Costco. 54 for 39.99. Roughly .74 a K-Cup. Amazon is over a $1 a K-Cup.
254585254585B008QLRHDSA3KTNEENED73D9cfsandy0411336003200Reduced to 99.9 cents per cuphopsandmalt, they took your comments to heart and reduced the price to 99.9 cents a cup. Glad to see we buyers are heard. These prices for k-cups are so ridiculous. I would think Starbucks would at least be competitive with other brands.
254586254586B008QLRHDSAVFBH3IXLTOHZElizabeth Boatwright51411320710400WAY overpriced1-10 count box is about $9 at Vons...why is this so expensive on Amazon? I won't be purchasing this from amazon until the price comes down significantly.
254587254587B008QLRHDSAJIIIB8Z5B6ZDKenneth Kahn11611323043200Rip-offLeave it to starbucks to enter into the "me too" market with an inflated price scheme. However, this product will flop as starbuck's consumers typically want to be seen holding a starbuck's cup so everyone will know they overspent. Since Keurig's coffee is typically consumed in the privacy of one's own home, starbuck's attempt to get in will certainly fail.
254588254588B000NOG0E8AFKYF2QIHUEB3Gloria3351316044800JFG coffee packsI love this coffee not only for the great, smooth taste but also for the convenience. Having the coffee premeasured in it's own filter is such a time saver and when I'm ready for bed, I'm too tired to measure out coffee, make sure the stupid filter is in the holder properly, etc. I first had this coffee in a restaurant in Gatlinburg, Tn. We thought it was probably just for commercial sales and then we found it at our local Sam's Club! Have bought it ever since, love it!
254589254589B000NOG0E8A3KM5ZGIJXB3RZRocky Top "Rocky"2251317945600Love the coffee, love the convenienceFirst of all, this is really, really good coffee. Secondly, the cost of these filter packs at Sam's Club is LESS per pot than regular cans of national brand coffee. Thirdly, the convenience of the pre-measured and self contained coffee grounds is wonderful. The coffee and consistent strength and flavor every single time. And, using the packets keeps my coffee maker clean and tidy. No lose grounds, no nasty filters. I can literally make coffee in the dark in the morning.

These packets are especially nice in an office or church environment where no one is really responsible for cleaning up and so the machine gets nasty. And where Mr. Neanderthal makes a pot of coffee using 18 spoons of coffee grounds and Willy Nilly uses only two spoons of coffee. These packets eliminate all that.

Would love for Amazon to carry the coffee since I m moved away from Tennessee and cannot buy it in stores.
254590254590B000NOG0E8A290PM5UUQNQ3Zjaybird1151321315200JFG Coffee PacksHope Amazon gets this coffee in stock soon - it is no longer available at Sam's Club and is the best! JFG Filter packs 42 count
254591254591B000NOG0E8A47WMUF60NMP4Semper Fi0051348185600Good Coffee And Easy To UseWe bought this coffee at Sam's Club the first time we tried it and loved the taste and how easy it was to make a pot with the filter packs. When we went back to purchase more they were out and they haven't had it since. We looked in all of the local stores in our area and just couldn't find JFG brand. Then it hit me... look on Amazon! Sure enough there it was. I bought two boxes just in case!
254592254592B000NOG0E8A1XWHS8CRB36VQN. Koszykowski0051344729600Delicious and ConvenientThis coffee is really, really good and the filter packs are super convenient. The only thing that would make it better is if it were available in decaf.
254593254593B000NOG0E8A1MBHTYXF4Y3OIDorf0051343433600coffee packsMy husband really enjoys this coffee. It certainly is easy to brew a pot this way. The boxes came quickly as ordered.
254594254594B000NOG0E8A3A5CWC45AHHR2HJM0051327968000JFG Coffee Filter PacksQuick and easy but best of all is the taste. excellent JFG COFFEE FILTER PACKS The taste and aroma surpasses others I have tried and the ease of making a pot makes the price worth while.
254595254595B000144GWSA6ML1JOIER0TTGordo8851143417600Outstanding SeasoningI use it on steak mostly. It is THE BEST seasoning I have ever tried. I discovered it also while on vacation in Chautauqua, New York. I have found you get the most bang for your buck just by sprinkling it on sparingly AFTER the meat is cooked. Adds the perfect enhancing flavor to your meat. One little jar has lasted me a very long time!
254596254596B000144GWSATQPDMK12F19BKathryn H. Swint "Katy Swint"6651096416000BEST SEASONING SALT EVERGreat to use as a dry rub on tri-tip steak. Wonderful to sprinkle on steak, chicken, pork chops, potatoes, eggs and just about anything you can think of. When we were on vacation in Jamestown, New York I found it and brought it home. I was so dissapointed when we ran out, so I tried googleing it and was so excited when I found it on Amazon. Definatly give this one a try. A+
254597254597B000144GWSA5XG0KDFX4WMIK. Levin5551327104000Delicious, gluten-free and soy-freeWhole Foods got me with this when I wandered through at a time they were offering free tastes. Wow, world's tastiest chicken breast! So I bought a bottle of Borsari Seasoned Salt - Original Blend (the black label bottle.)

Unlike most "free sample" induced purchases, Borsari seasoning is something I've bought again and again. I hate to buy large spice bottles and then wonder how old they are when I go to use them again. (My mother has spice bottles in her kitchen that, I kid you not, came with her spice rack at her 1960's wedding...) The Borsari blend works very well for simple dishes I like to cook--pot roast, roast turkey breast, chicken breasts...

Recently, we invited friends for dinner who have severe dietary restrictions. My friend and her daughter can't eat any gluten, soy or dairy. I was cooking the chicken and only after I sprinkled on my Borsari did I realize it doesn't say anywhere on the bottle in an explicit way if it is allergen-free!

So I wrote to the contact email on the company website. Within a few hours, I had this response from Betsy:
"Borsari is completely gluten free and free of soy ingredients. Borsari is produced in a gluten and soy free facility. It is 100% natural."

For those like the previous reviewer with other allergies, here are the complete ingredients:
Sea salt,
kosher salt,
fresh garlic,
fresh basil,
fresh rosemary,
black pepper,
(No preservatives, MSG, Gluten or dehydrated ingredients.)
254598254598B000144GWSA1IT1NW7WVB9EVFKC "FKC"3351166486400A gourmet wonder!I've been using the original flavored Borsari for just over a year now. It is outstanding on any kind of red meat. The savory flavor is just unbelievable and will add an instant professional flavor to any grilled, seared, or broiled red meat. Simply sprinkle over meat, let sit to room temperature, and cook to your liking. I get more compliments on this than anything made from scratch. The citrus and orange flavors are nice with poultry or fish, and also make great fresh salad dressings mixed with oil and vinegar.

Any of these products will add and instant gourmet flavor to your cooking and elevate your dishes to new heights.
254599254599B000144GWSA1W2REXM77DU1Tcandogal2251309824000great!This stuff is really as good as everyone says, I've been using it for years (Whole Foods-about a dollar cheaper in store compared to this price with the shipping). It is a must-have for steak. The ingredients are sea salt, kosher salt, fresh garlic, fresh basil, fresh rosemary,black pepper,nutmeg, (no msg, gluten or dehydrated ingredients).
254600254600B000144GWSABCQNKQH0TXSObookgirl752251237593600Simply the best seasoning salt there isThis is truly the best seasoning salt I've ever tasted. It goes well with any meat, poultry or fish. I always add it to bread crumbs; and we use it when we grill year round. It really pushes the dish over the top. It's perfect. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't get it online, as it's not available in any stores locally. Thanks, Amazon.
254601254601B000144GWSA19S5OINDJWSRQTomatoLady4551150329600An Old Family RecipeI have known the family who originated this recipe for many years, and have been fortunate to taste it in a wide range of uses, including salad dressing. The uses for this salt are limited only by your imagination.
254602254602B000144GWSA36K1JTW8HA1XEcp1151338595200Dang - reviews were rightA bit skeptical at first however this has won over everyone in my family - from the kids scrambled eggs to salads and steaks. A definite MUST keep in my pantry.
254603254603B000144GWSAWWU0TYX2ET81x_otic_eyes1151324944000LOVE THISI found this seasoning through some one else and now I put this on all kinds of things. It is best on fresh steamed veggies. If you don't have it, please get some. It also came with a couple samples of other Borsari seasonings.
254604254604B000144GWSA1P2MBX0ZX715BWiwse "wiwse"1151259452800Incredible seasoning that goes with almost everything!I bought this based on the other reviews and i have not been disappointed. It is so excellent that i have used it on almost everything i've cooked this past month from meats to vegetables to scrambled eggs. The key is to just use a little though, since the seasoning tends to "grow" after a few minutes. I'm ordering more for myself and to add to gourmet food gift baskets (its that good!)
254605254605B000144GWSA3TYL56QB3G551Jane Reader1151246060800Wonderful on anythingI was given a jar of this as a gift, and it is now my go to seasoning. I have put it on steak, shrimp, tuna steak, zucchini, squash, and asparagus so far. It adds lots of flavor and seems to enhance everything.
254606254606B000144GWSA1PAEJAWFIZ1A1G. King "A Cleveland Guy"3451113264000A great kick in the mouth!This stuff is perfect for a grilled steak (or any meat, for that matter). You don't even need sauce as this salt has more than enough flavor on its own. May seem pricey for a little canister of spice, but I guarantee you, it's worth every cent. Just a word of caution, don't use too much of the salt as it will kill your meat. Rub a bit in and cook 'em. Your taste buds will celebrate.
254607254607B000144GWSA3PGTOP0LJ2IXURodger Johnson "opalguy"0031348617600very good blend-but!i have to agree with the other reviewers-this is a nice blend of seasonings. my only gripe is that it seems to be very salty.the combination of the two salts overpowers everything else!
254608254608B000144GWSA2T6IPATVGHIUKYt01230051346112000I Want To Put This on Everything!The best cheeseburger I ever had in my life was made using this seasoned salt. I discovered it at a hot station in Whole Foods next to the meat counter. It contains Sea Salt, Kosher Salt, fresh garlic, fresh basil, fresh rosemary, black pepper, and Nutmeg. The label states it is free of preservatives, MSG, Gluten, or Dehydrated ingredients. I've used it for steaks and burgers and mixed in with bread crumbs to season chicken breasts. It's an amazing product and truly makes food tastes extra delicious imho.
254609254609B000144GWSALB06JEUN44OOrossi3030051324252800This stuff is AMAZING.I use Borsari sea salt on all my roasts (chicken, pork, beef), on steaks, on the grill...there are so many uses. The first time I bought this I was looking for authentic sea salt (should be grey and a little "wet" looking) and this is what I found. I was a little hesitant based on the price but after my first use I've been converted. We moved south and I no longer can find this in stores so whenever we go home I make sure to leave with at least 4 bottles. Running out is the worst feeling. :) Highly recommended.
254610254610B000144GWSA2XO1JWATI2GUWLinda E. Mattison0051316476800Yup, it's all true!I rarely try sample foods in grocery stores (strictly a get in and get out shopper). Several years ago, Whole Foods was sampling steak bits seasoned with Borsari...I thought it tasty and tried a shaker. I am on my 3rd jar(even though it lasts quite a while as I only use on cooked/grilled red meats). Borsari creates an outstanding, mouth watering flavor. I also give it as a small gift to friends and family who invariably ask later..."where can I buy that stuff?" Luckily I can get it in my local Whole Foods but when I move away in retirement to a rural community, I'll be glad to know I can find it on Amazon!!! and yup, all the great reviews are true :)

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