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254611254611B000144GWSA2BM3B3243C4H0Laura Cuomo0051307836800Borsari OriginalI have been buying this at a local market but they don't always have it. I am so glad I found it on amazon. This is by far the best seasoning for steaks and roasts. I have used other products before, but when I tried this, nothing compares. I do not use anything else as this gives the best flavor to meats. Have not tried it on fish or poultry yet but I am sure it would be just as good. You will not be disappointed with this product. Excellent!!
254612254612B000144GWSA155UKTP8UHIVMLander0041298678400Unlawfully TastyThe owner of a small kitchen gadget shop insisted that I buy one of his jars of Borsari. I thought he was blowing smoke to move product. But he is from India, so I figured he might know a thing or two about spice. Well, he was right to be so passionate and insistent. This is amazing stuff. I'm a burger expert, and have lately been musing over ways to spice up burger projects; without overwhelming the natural ground beef taste or grilled smokiness. This does the trick in spades. Big thrill. Previously I'd used kosher salt and fresh ground pepper, which is logical and traditional. This Borsari salt maintains that logic but ads a touch of magic.

This would get five stars, but, not to sound silly, does it really need kosher AND sea salt? A bit less of either would make it less salty, so the other flavors could come through just a tad more.
254613254613B000144GWSA1OBN39KSS5Z8RJohn0051297382400MmmmmmI was shopping at Whole Foods this evening and they were in high gear with the store-wide sampling. The best thing was their beef strip steaks, not because of the meat, but because of this seasoning salt. I took my little beef cube on a toothpick and started walking off. But when I tasted it, I turned right around and went back to find out what they had put on the steak. It was this Borsari original seasoned salt blend and they had sauteed the steak in the house garlic butter. It gives the steak a definite steakhouse flavor. There's another garlic seasoning I get off the web that sort of works the same to punch up the flavor. On earlier visits, I had seen this in the store at the meat counter and thought "eh". But now that I've tried it, I can't wait to try it myself at home. It was seriously good, and I don't often find food products to rave about. This will definitely have family and dinner guests asking what you did to make the steak taste so good. Very WOW. Get a jar---you'll see. My favorite "single" steak seasoning is Garli Garni. But if I couldn't get that, this would be a good substitute.
254614254614B000144GWSA316NAO13XZGP1Inayet Sahin "Parenting Naturally"0051288137600amazing what a little of this can doi was never a believer in ready made ingredients. I always thought it had to be from scratch to be good. For the most part it remains true however Borsari seasoned salt is an amazing exception! How they mix it up i don't know
254615254615B000144GWSA2H7QQ8ZICOVPSdixie Fiegel0051284508800It is great!!!!!We first tried this because of a recommendation from a butcher at Whole Foods in Santa Fa. Wow! It is great. I ordered some on line and shared with friends. Everyone loves it and we all need more.

What a find~~~only problem~~~~Hard to find. Getting it on line is fast and easy. So may uses. (on meat, veggies, soups sauces....)Try it, you will love it~~~but, get a lot, it goes fast!!
254616254616B000144GWSA3FI1QF45319DUMandy L. Howey "AuntieM"0051272585600The best thing you can do to a steak!Last year we were visiting my brother-in-law in Rhode Island. One night he tossed on 4 steaks and we sat down to eat. All I can remember saying is "What is on these steaks?!!! Whatever it is would make a shoe taste good!" I have been hooked ever since.

The product is not widely available - at least not in the midwest. Whole Foods appears to be the only outlet. And last month when they were out of Borsari Original - I went nuts. I contacted the company. Within hours the regional sales manager contacted me and assured me that Borsari Original would again be available at Whole Foods. I have to drive 25 minutes to get to Whole Foods...and to get this product - it is well worth the drive.

Try'll never use anything else.
254617254617B000144GWSA1JDM63FVZ9BA5Richard M. Wasserman0511299110400Does not list ingredientsI can't rate the product on taste. Ingredients in the product description said only salt and spices. The complete ingredient list includes rosemary which I am highly allergic to. I wasted my money.
254618254618B000UXW98SA1NKV7B7YQAUSJRoger Theriault131351251417600great olive mix and not salty if you soak emThese are delicious olives and a nice mixture of different sizes and types. And a great deal for a pitted olive mix.

Another reviewer said they were too salty, but that might be true if you eat them straight out of the tub. They are packed in a salt brine for preservation. That's easy to deal with - before I ordered these, I found several web sites with recommendations to soak brined olives to remove the salty taste, and it worked!

I scooped a few cups out of the bucket and rinsed them in cold water and then soaked them in fresh cold water in the fridge overnight in a resealable container. Then I drained them and added a bit of red wine vinegar and some olive oil, gave the container a good shake, and put them back in the fridge. The result - very mild slightly spiced and very delicious olives. (Don't soak the whole tub - the storage life is supposedly reduced when you remove the salt)

The green ones are big and nice and crunchy, the smaller kalamata and black olives a bit softer. There are herbs and a few garlic cloves and red pepper rings in the mix but only enough to flavor without overpowering the olive taste - I find some supermarket mixes can be a bit too spicy, these are perfect.

If you order these, have them shipped separately, because the container will likely leak and Amazon seems oblivious to that (they do stick the tub in a bag, and mine only leaked a few tablespoons worth of brine which stayed in the bag).
254633254633B001BKLAY8ATHEIDPQYJDTGA. Apodaca0051269734400FoodI was very happy to find this Columbus Italian Dry Salame at Amazon. We moved into a rural area. It was hard to find even in the city. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it came in extra fresh condition - as we got it direct from the maker. We couldn't be happier.
254634254634B001BKLAY8A1KITEJW70UUOBStanley Kasperski0311320710400Tastes like c**pI bought this salami at Costco, thinking this may be a great way to experience dry salami made in the Italian way. What a major disappointment. Both my wife and I think the taste is terrible, almost spoiled.
Now, I love salami. I'm a salami lover. I've eaten a salami sandwich every day for the last three years. Every day!!!!! I buy most of my hard salami at Sam's Club from a vendor called Castle Wood. It 's not as good nor as inexpensive as their previous vendor called Margherita, but it's pretty similar in taste. But, after tasting this product carefully, I'm getting pretty close to simply chucking the remainder of this Columbus dry Italian salame (why do they insist on spelling it this way) in the trash. What a waste. Don't waste your money like I did.
254619254619B000UXW98SAGQZW9MI41AFRAllen J. Michielsen4431318032000Be Sure You Know What Greek Country 'Style' MeansI've gotten a number of different Roland Olive products and they are restaurant quality, good value for the money. Actually, the same is probably true for the Greek Country style. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but the price was pretty attractive. At least to Roland, Greek Country means the blend of olives includes a bunch of tiny sticks/branches and 'Greek' seasoning which wasn't spared in the least. I hate picking the stems & branches off and out of the pitted olives - and the spices both overwhelm (IMHO) the natural flavor of the olives and leave a aftertaste in my mouth. I like the blend of different sizes and types of ripe and unripe olives - and that it's pitted. I'd suggest getting this along with a container of Roland Kalamata Olives. You can save the liquid from the Kalamata container - then do a quick wash and shake of the Greek Country Olives then drop them in the Kalamata liquid. This will remove most of the 'extra' branch material - and in a week or so - the 'over' seasoning will mellow out quite a bit. If you're good with the intensity of the Greek Spicing, you could probably just wash and shake the olives & container and filter the liquid to remove just the stem materials.
254635254635B007PA32L2A1Z215B0OZ3BLLRyan Bartels0051349740800OutstandingAfter loads of breakfast blends and ordinary mixes it's kind of nice when the seasonal stuff roles out. This is a great combination of pumpkin and spices. I've had several samples from local coffee shops and this is as good if not better. Taste is a very particular thing, but I'll give it five stars because it's among the best K-Cups I've tried yet.

254620254620B000UXW98SA1C0FV175N3KPWAnonymous1151334880000Olive loverWe love olives (why else would I buy 4 pounds at a time?) We put them in all kinds of dishes, but my favorite is to roast them. These aren't the best-looking olives, and some are rather mushy, but roasting them helps that. They are salty, which is intensified with roasting, so some folks might not care for them. All in all, though, I like them well enough to have a standing order every few months.
254636254636B007PA32L2A26V0FYSES95IQkathyc5120051349740800coffeeI love the pumpkin spice k cups they have a great flavor and would definetly recommend buying these, great way to start off your morning!
254637254637B007PA32L2A8INT3NMHRUS4Kimberly J. Karas "a New England mom"0051349654400A favorite for meI absolutely love the convenience of K-cups and Pumpkin Spice is a favorite flavor of mine by Green Mountain coffee. It's not always in stock so if you think you might want it, grab it before it's gone. The price will vary on it as well, so as a general rule the closer you can get to thirty dollars on a 50 pack for k-cups the better. I scored mine for thirty-one dollars. There is a good spice flavor with the pumpkin and it goes well with my efforts to eliminate sugar from my coffee. I'm just trying to enjoy the natural flavors with a hint of milk. This is a great flavor for that goal.
254638254638B007PA32L2A1Z54EM24Y40LLc20051349395200LOVE THIS COFFEE!I just tried this coffee in the Keurig edition while waiting for my car to be repaired and, being the pumpkin coffee junkie that I am, well, temptation just provided me with a new favorite! This coffee has just the right amount of spice - not too heavy or too light, and just makes the perfect cup. Don't try Millstone's - yuck! Had SO much troule just choking that one down. This one, hands down, is my favorite flavored coffee of all time now. I just ordered 3 bags of the ground on Green Mountain's website since Amazon didn't have it. If you call Green Mountain, you'll find out that this is their NUMBER 1 selling flavored coffee. Highly, highly, highly recommend!
254640254640B007PA32L2A30HEXJMPBKT5DJLoza0031348876800Lacking in Flavor, not what I remember!I normally love Green Mountain's flavored coffees-- I buy them almost exclusively. I was very excited to see the Pumpkin Spice flavor back for the year so I eagerly bought them. The first time I made it, I thought I accidentally reused the K-cup because it tasted so watered down. I tried again and again, and every cup is the same. It smells great and has some pumpkin flavor, but it is not strong enough because my coffee has never tasted so watered down before. I have to add quite a bit of creamer and sugar to hide it.

I haven't had this problem with my Keurig before or since. I am still going to go through my 18-pack, but I don't think I will be buying these again. Hopefully next fall's batch will be better!
254621254621B000UXW98SAXJLS6H1WC765CH2331326844800Mediocre OlivesThese olives are just ok. The large green olives are nice tasty and firm but the rest of the olives are very mushy. They are salty but I like them that way and as others have said you can soak them in water or oil to decrease the saltiness.
254622254622B000UXW98SA30UN1NQHLCFF0Deborah M. Donnison "Deb"0111321747200Disgusting and NOT PITTEDThis says the olives are pitted...they are NOT PITTED. And they have the most disgusting mixture of oil and spices and the olives are WAY overly salted. I love salt, but these were unedible. I have sense drained all the juice off of them and I have refilled the keg with filtered water and a little vinegar, in hope to leach some of the salt and yuk taste out of the olives. In the past,I have purchased Roland Kalamata's in the keg and really enjoyed them, but these are a big disapointment, expecially due to the cost. I this had been a little jar of olives, then I would have just thrown them away. But I really hate to waste the money, so I am trying to repair the damage done by Roland. I will let you know if my "clean up" of the olives helped. And the fact that they are not pitted will hinder my clean up.
254623254623B000UXW98SAQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow1421226534400Salty!I love the container these come in much more then the bagged olives sold at Amazon, but the taste is not nearly as good as those olives. They are way too salty to eat alone. The texture is fine as well as the quality, but the salt is just too much. I like salty olives, but these cross the line. I'd recommend Byzantine Country Olives, 5 Pound Bagwhich are much better.
254624254624B001DC9SY8A2CVWLECD1P7ZDDavid E. Eisner1151220313600This is seriousFolks,now that I have your attention: Buy these crackers and replace all the typical crap you have lying around your house. These are known as a "heart healthy" and are recommended by my cardiology group. (Note: I am not a cardiologist but I slept at a Holiday Inn last nite!) These are low sugar,low fat, no trans fat,etc. As important, if you consume these instead of potato chips,cheese doodles,onion dip and salsa chips you will be replacing the bad cholesterol stuff with the good stuff and keeping your sugar intake low as well. A lot of eating is emotional and psychological based,not hunger based. Do the above mentioned swap,give it six weeks and you will be proactively ahead of the curve. I put these in my music store as well,on the front counter. customers eat about half and my employees gobble the rest of them up."Wanna buy a banjo,here..have a handful of these while you think about it!"
254625254625B001DC9SY8A15GMK5P8A919Doff your duff0051325289600Made Mom Happy this ChristmasMy Mom is an animal cracker lover but there are imposters out there! Saw these and bought them for her at Christmas...blown away, they are delicious and the Jar is literally have the size of my Mom...She is only 4'10".
254626254626B001DC9SY8ANA3G9HSRYRNIjr0051320192000Office cookies4 pounds of fun. Enough to share with family and friends. Package was prefect. Crackers arrived with little or no broken pieces. I would recommend product and seller to friends. Large jar is reuseable.
254627254627B001BKLAY8A2B5T6YJNNSI4EFredrick C. Portillo "Ensign25"3351245715200Love this stuffThis stuff is so good, I miss being able to just go over to the store and buying it, but they don't seem to sell it on the east coast except online. Great for sandwiches, and on crackers, or just eat it by itself. It is perfect for any occasion.
254628254628B001BKLAY8A23THC2Y6TOZW1William H. Poe2251243036800uncompairableThis was always my favorite when I lived in Ca. Cant get it here except through you now and one other place. Everything is good, However, I just wish I could still get it over the counter for 3.89 lb. God Bless ya Billy Poe
254629254629B001BKLAY8A11E9VUZ7E1VQNJale "Jale"1141299888000Excellent but too expensiveThis is one of the best salami I have tasted this side of the Atlantic, but it is way to expensive. You can buy it at Costco for around $16.00.
254630254630B001BKLAY8A3MXD0RBVUDPBRJohn Cash "Ntldr"1151254096000#1 SalameThis is the best salame. I look forward to our trip to California every year for the fun and I know that there is always a log of this stuff at everyone of our family members house. Never really looked into buying it online but now I can enjoy this all the time.
254631254631B001BKLAY8A6VD6GFWOEG42BlkIndianMale0041350086400COLUMBUS SALAMENORMALLY, this Columbus Salame is GREAT... but lately, there seems to be a problem with just "getting the paper off of the salame!" - I so don't like eating paper w/my Italian Salame, but it doesn't come off, unless you either peel or cut half of the meat off off of the product to get it off! - NOT GOOD! - Somebody is taking shortcuts with this product, and eventually causing good-paying customers who love Italian Salame, to look elsewhere for their "Italian Salame addiction!" - LOL! - The product itself is still GOOD... it's just becoming "TOO HARD TO GET TO," for the money!- I've been eating Italian Dry Salame for over 30 Yrs. now, and I prefer the Columbus Brand, for its consistency! - IT IS, SIMPLY PUT, A SUPERIOR PRODUCT, minus the paper issue! - SO.. I'm taking away "1-star" from the rating because of the "paper" problem!
254632254632B001BKLAY8ASBMK65SJQW40Dennis L. Small0051309132800GREAT Product!!!I have bought from, and will buy from this vender again. A little slow to ship, but the wait is well worth it.

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