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254671254671B007PA32L2A1ME6QO214FFZWC.Selby0051330646400YUMMMY!I have tried probably 40 types of k cups so far. I wanted an everyday coffee that was like Tim Horton's used to taste, almost like it had a faint taste of chocolate. I wanted it rich, but not smokey, charcoal-like, or just BITTER. So I seen this Pumpkin Spice in a mixed box and I love pumpkin, but was leery I have never liked flavored coffees or creamers. This blew my mind! I'm in heaven and now back to order several boxes to tide me over before its gone. As for my search for my regular coffee Caribou Mahogany soooooooo good. Also, using amazon prime, I have my orders in 2 days, and save more than at a grocery store (which carries no selection).
254672254672B007PA32L2A3IXGFI9COZN79HJ0051330646400Great CoffeeI was worried when I could not find my favorite coffee in the stores, so I was happy to be able to order it from Amazon.
254673254673B007PA32L2A3Q0HZQDD6J88WGRC0051329609600Great CoffeePumpkin Spice coffee tastes great for a specialty coffee. Good flavor and not overwhelming. Can be enjoyed anytime, especially in the morning.
254674254674B007PA32L2AJ29BI9RO7F40G. Roberts0051329523200FantasticThis is definitely my all time favorite flavored Keurig k-cup. Pretty much tastes like a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.
254675254675B007PA32L2A2DKPX8XASFPAJM. West0051329177600Pumpkin Spice K-coffeePumpkin Spice is my favorite. The order arrived quickly and in terrific shape. Product was as ordered and I am very happy with the results of this order. A+++
254676254676B007PA32L2A210QTAXVPACLPJoshua P Pellittieri0051329091200Our favorite flavored K-cupsI bought my wife a Keurig machine for Christmas, and she set out to sample the flavors. While some of the flavors come off strange and "chemical-y," the Pumpkin Spice ones are nicely balanced and taste almost natural. Pumpkin coffee fans will not be disappointed.
254677254677B007PA32L2A6M2CGITPSMBNClaire c0041328918400WARNING TO MIGRAINE SUFFERERSThis coffee tastes great. I really liked the flavors, although it was a bit weak for my personal tastes. However, if you suffer from migraines triggered by artificial sweeteners, DO NOT DRINK THIS. I got a migraine every single time I drank this coffee. There must be an artificial ingredient in this that set me off.
254678254678B007PA32L2A3W20F91LDEU90Sally Marquardt0051328832000Holiday specialI love, love, love this one. One of my favorite flavors ever! It inspired me to order a mixed holiday collection before they are all gone.
254679254679B007PA32L2A3Q4SHXFGYGF0Omarjala0051328832000Yummy! Tastes like pumpkin pie!I was skeptical to purchase but did and have not been disappointed. Tastes like pumpkin pie when you add a stick of cinnmon to the cup. Nice alternative when you are on a diet and want a slice of pumpkin pie!
254680254680B007PA32L2A34Z85HXCBFZNMSteven Hampton0041328659200can't go wrong with anything pumpkinAfter one scarring experience with pumpkin spice coffee (store-bought grounds), I was hesitant to try it again. My wife convinced me to get this flavor for our keurig, and I'm so glad that she did. We both really enjoy this flavor and it has switched my view on pumpkin spice flavored coffee. Yum!
254681254681B007PA32L2A1GI6CHSMP1L2IDoreen Weaver0051328659200Pumpkin Spice GoodnessThis is one of my favorite k-cup coffee's. I love getting the Pumpkin Spice Lattes from the coffee houses so I thought I would give this a chance and it didn't disappoint. Just add a little Cinnamon Vanilla flavoring and it is pure coffee perfection. Since it is a seasonal item, I stocked up to have it year round. The pumpkin flavoring isn't too strong and it has just enough spice. If you like flavored coffee, this is a perfect one to have in your pantry.
254682254682B007PA32L2A1094HMFXOM1AZLauren Hey0051328400000Best Coffee!This is my favorite K-Cup! I first tried this back in October and have been addicted eversince. The flavor is light but strong enough to get the pumpkin spice flavor. I would most definitely recommend this coffee. There is no unpleasent aftertaste. It is by far the best!
254683254683B007PA32L2ADUHNYUB8TN09Mr Kaizen "Kaizen Guy from Ohio"0041328227200Pumpkin Spice k-kupsGreat flavor, aroma and as always, ease of use with a Kuerig (can have a fresh cup if coffee in less than 2 minutes)...wish it was available year round vs just fall
254684254684B007PA32L2A3BC2J9TFRKVEJMiss Anderson0051328140800great-tasting coffee at homeThis pumpkin spice flavor is not over-powering. The aroma & flavor make a great coffee-house experience for you in your jammies at home, and the Keurig k-cup machine makes it soooooo easy!
254685254685B007PA32L2A3X2RF6QDDEPSjustamom0051328054400yummy coffeeUnfortunately this coffee is only offered seasonally. The pumpkin spice reminds of the fall. I have served it to guests and they have gotten hooked on it.
254686254686B007PA32L2A4SHMT4D9D7ENKrazy4Koffee0051327881600My Favorite Flavor!This is by far my favorite flavor in the K-Cups! I'm ordering more to freeze so that it will last me until next season!
254687254687B007PA32L2A105321T5EOGWMA. Peterfy0051327881600Really greatThis is just a terrific flavor of coffee - and I think it's a seasonal one, which is kind of a pity because I'd personally like to enjoy it all year. The flavoring is just enough to be distinctive but not overwhelming.
254688254688B007PA32L2A1WTK852D4VR2JS. Kelly0031327795200good flavor, weak coffeeI like my coffee stronger, but the over all flavor of this is good. I will probably buy it again next fall.
254689254689B007PA32L2A1J1V7RZ3WWYFTJ. pierga0051327795200By far my favorite k cupGreen mountain got it right this time! This is one of my favorite k cup flavors and the aroma is amazing. Just like dunkin donuts pumpkin spice coffee but way cheaper to brew at home. I am sad this is a seasonal flavor because I would drink this all year round! Way to go green mountain you found the perfect mix of pumpkin and spice and it is not overwhelming with the spice like all other pumpkin spice products I have tried!
254690254690B007PA32L2A3J7YRNX46FFH9Katie Smith0051327622400Great FlavorThis is the only coffee flavor I drink. I didn't like coffee much before this but I love it now! Not too strong or too bold. Also not to sickly sweet. Smells wonderful as well.
254691254691B007PA32L2A16WPA6JV83YXTSandra Trolinger "trolsgirl"0051327276800Smooth and spicy with light pumpkin flavorThe scent of nutmeg and cinnamon waft from the cup as the Keurig brews a fast rich cup of pumpkin spice coffee that satisfies my craving for a fall favorite that is great for home brewing when I cannot get to my favorite coffee house. This will be on my seasonal rotation as it is a satisfying cup of spicy pumpkin flavored coffee that doesn't overwhelm the palate and doesn't taste artificial like I feared it would. It tastes best with 6 oz. of water and some milk and sugar added to taste. I hope Green Mt. Coffee never stops making this blend!
254692254692B007PA32L2AC5JC48DWQESObeanie290051327276800pumpkin spiceThis flavor of Green Mountain is really good. I like to have it around the holidays. I always buy some extra since it is a seasonal flavor. It leaves a nice after taste. I have tried other companies similar flavor and I did not like it. .The green mountain is the best in my opinion. If you like spiced coffee I would recommend trying this'
254693254693B007PA32L2A2QEHYL34PU62GBrownbee1230051326931200Awesome!I got this in yesterday and I love this flavor. It is very smooth and tastes great. I will be ordering more of this flavor for sure. And the shipping was super fast. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
254694254694B007PA32L2ADVKTE5GX0XBQJenn0051326758400My favorite coffee flavorI absolutely love this flavor. I am not always a fan of the flavored coffees but this one I could drink all year. It is fabulous!
254695254695B007PA32L2AP0XP06HJ7F2XADYER "Abs"0021326412800Odd taste--I can definitely taste the "spice" in this pumpkin spice flavor, but I had tried two k-cups from this batch and could barely finish the cup. There is an odd taste to the spice which I can't pinpoint.... even when choosing the right size cup, it still tastes like watered spice barely any pumpkin and even with the help of cream and sugar, I still can't get this to taste good enough for me to finish a whole cup. This is for my family a wasted purchase as it will just probably end up sitting in the box for a very long time, if I don't throw it out before then.
254696254696B007PA32L2A2XH91IS3P08OXSwohlf0031325808000Good but spicyNeeds a little sugar and milk to make it really good. It is a little spicy for taste. I don't think I would buy it again.
254697254697B007PA32L2A3EDHHNA8R84S6Siannaj0051325548800Sooo Good!This one is one of my favorites! I will have to make sure to get some more soon!
I will be ordering again!
254698254698B007PA32L2A12BYW72CLSLF5S. Johnsrud0051325116800new favoriteI will be crushed if this is only available seasonally. I love this its not too sweet like some of the holiday flavors
254699254699B007PA32L2A2Z4TQN4C4WSSBKelly L. Roth0051324512000Great pumpkin tasteOne of the best pumpkin flavors out there. It's only available seasonally though. I stock up every year. I used to purchase all my kcups from amazon but their prices aren't as competitive as they used to be.
254700254700B007PA32L2A1UKS6J7LANLCESpokesWoman0031324512000Meh. Add milk and sugar to make it drinkable.I have to admit, this wasn't my favorite k-cup I've tried. I had high hopes. If you add a lot of milk and sugar, it becomes palatable. But I like my coffee black and I have a bunch of these k-cups that I just can't bring myself to brew.

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