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254701254701B007PA32L2A1LCYW5S3IKKKMSteph0051324425600Favorite Flavor!!This is so good!! I love the Pumpkin Spice flavor. I did not expect this to taste so good. And boy does it make the house smell good when I make it. Will be buying more!!
254702254702B007PA32L2A3M333GYMKIG8ASandra J. Long "BoomerBabe"0051324252800Holiday Coffee!This pumpkin spice is a must have for the holidays! The flavor and smell says it all. I have to get it before Thanksgiving and keep it on hand all the way through Christmas.
254720254720B007PA32L2A1X7F9IS5VNO18Les Leary0051319241600Favorite CoffeeI come from a family of hard core coffee drinkers. They do not like this coffee. Their coffee eats away the inside of their coffee mugs. This coffee is enjoyable and has a very nice flavor. I find I stock up in the fall and try to make it last through the year. This is a light to medium roast coffee with a spicy, fall flavor. If you look for a coffee that does not have that burned dark roast flavor this is worth trying.
254703254703B007PA32L2A2TP1T1D8AX3F5Fivezenses of Reading "Rhiannon"0051323907200One of my favorite new k-cups this year!I'm still sadden by how they only sell this in most stores from october through december. Thankfully Amazon does it year round! I have yet to buy it on here, but because it's $15 for a package of 24 (WAY cheaper than anything in store!), I'm willing to try soon from here.

Enough about the price... lets talk about the taste!

I'm very iffy about flavored coffee. Actually I'm VERY picky about flavored coffee lol I only drink vanilla or something without flavor. I've tried chocolate, gives me headaches. I've tried raspberry, gives me stomach aches. Hazelnuts, sometimes works but depends on the brand.

But this, pumpkin coffee, is awesome! I've tried the actual one you can get at Starbucks and this taste almost identical to the $8 medium size ones you can buy! Even better, you don't have to leave your friggin' house to drive for a cup lol Ahh the beauty of keuring :)
254704254704B007PA32L2A2XROPSQZ6WML0Tm0051323820800Yum!These were delicious and didn't last very long in our house! Would definitely purchase these again and am curious to try other flavours.
254721254721B007PA32L2A1O3Z0YNF6WPJGCourtney Ricker "crstamper"0051319068800Pumpkin Spice K-CupsQuick delivery. Yummy coffee. Wish Green Mountain would keep this out all year long instead of it being a seasonal coffee. Thanks.
254705254705B007PA32L2A4GEGHKKL9J7Jski bum0041323820800Good well balanced flavorThe pumpkin flavor is suttle and not too sweet. I rarely like flavored coffee but this one is well balanced and still tastes like "coffee".
254722254722B007PA32L2A5Q7KCOR5CE4HPatricia L.Skrzat0051318982400Pumpkin Spice Coffee-I love the taste of this Pumpkin Spice by Green Mountain- it is just right- not overpowering. Delicious! If someone asked me what flavored coffee to recommend- I would definitely suggest this one- especially this time of year!
254706254706B007PA32L2A1PAFFE64PGY99Howsare0041323734400Good flavor but not greatMy fiance loves pumpkin spice anything to be honest and is chugging down cup after cup of the stuff each winter so I decided to try this brand. The smell when brewing makes you drool just a little bit to be honest but the taste isnt quite there and leaves some room for improvement. It still makes a good cup of joe on a cold day but could be better.
254723254723B007PA32L2AT6V8WOSS3LWDCarrie0051318982400Great Holiday CoffeeI received a free sample of Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice coffee and I loved the taste! It reminds me of autumn and thanksgiving time, great coffee. With cream and sugar added it tastes similar to a chai latte, just coffee instead of tea. Green Mountain products are Fair Trade Certified and that makes me feel even better about purchasing their products! I will definitely be buying more pumpkin spice Green Mountain coffee!
254724254724B007PA32L2A1POZC6BF8TLEEcdyer1100051318982400deliciousWonderful fall through holiday beverage. Instead of going and spending $5 on a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, I can just have a cup of coffee at home. Delicious!
254725254725B007PA32L2A3AQ5B3KOG55U3Sue Lyndon0051318896000Love it!I've had my Keurig for about two years now, and I usually only use it to make regular black unflavored coffee or iced tea. My husband knew how much I loved pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks though, so he ordered me a case of this thinking it was the same thing. I usually never drink flavored coffee (flavored lattes are okay in my book, but flavored coffee weirds me out mostly), however I was pleasantly surprised by this coffee. It doesn't smell or taste artificial like I usually think flavored coffee does. I think it tastes great black (for all you Janeway types out there) but it's also not bad with a splash of cream and sugar. In fact, with some warm milk and a spoonful of sugar added to it, it sometimes saves me from taking a trip to Starbucks to get one of those pumpkin spice lattes. Even if you usually shy away from flavored coffee, I recommend giving Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Coffee a chance. Your kitchen will smell fabulous after you brew a cup too!
254726254726B007PA32L2A26P9V06FQAQMJAngelaTidwell360051318896000YUM YUMI was anxiously awaiting this flavor of coffee. YUM YUM YUM! It really makes the morning worth waking! Is it wrong to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast while I drink pumpkin spice coffee? I think not! I highly recommend this coffee for your autumn mornings!
254727254727B007PA32L2A20RPD24TE2L7Sstephanie martin0051318809600Yum !!!!!Very good, nice flavor,a good way to start a cool fall day and no after taste... could be one of my new favorites
254728254728B007PA32L2A888WF0XJVJNLC. DeFreitas "tavoo"0051318809600Excellent!I was really happy with this coffee.. Tastes just like Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin coffee that they sell only in the fall each year..
254729254729B007PA32L2A1KHVW4VTZ82XCJMP0021318550400No pumpkin taste-buy Timothy's pumpkin insteadIf you want pumpking flavored coffee buy the Timothys perfectly pumpkin coffee instead.

I bought it at Kohls a couple weeks ago with a 30% off coupon I had and some Kohls cash and glad I didn't waste a lot of money on it. Green Mountain Coffees are usually good, and I loved the Timothys pumpkin I got last year, so decided to try this and was disappointed.

Like others have said it is weak and taste nothing like pumpkin. The flavor isn't bad if you want a weaker nutmeg/cinnamon flavored coffee, but it tastes nothing like pumpkin.
254730254730B007PA32L2A1670PRY1G4FCEJacksonRae0031318118400Good, but not greatI love anything pumpkin flavored, so when I received a promotional bag of this coffee I was very excited. The aroma is great, but unfortunately the pumpkin flavor just isn't strong enough. Of course, I would purchase this if it were on sale and I had a coupon, but it isn't worth the full price.
254707254707B007PA32L2A2TG3BYE7U8IACDarrin0041320105600Its PumpkinWe absolutely LOVE our Keurig. I find myself drinking more coffee throught the day because it is so fast. That being said, I like the Pumkin Spice coffee as a Fall seasonal item, but it seems to become available a little to late in the Fall. So I make sure there is a little extra leftover from the previous year. The biggest downside for me is that this coffee is weaker than most k-cups. I make a medium instead of a large. My wife will combine a medium Pumkin Spice and a medium Green Mountain to get her desired taste. Smaller cups of coffee and having to mix coffee together really adds to the per cup cost too. But overall the flavor is good and has a nice pumpkin taste.
254708254708B007PA32L2A2F8TK7695BYZ6lbsouth0041320105600Delicious, taste one fall in a cupMedium blend with perfect amount of pumpkin. Reminds me of Starbucks pi
Umpkin latte. Half the price and more mild blend.
254709254709B007PA32L2A2CCP1FOMMD25VJessica M. Riggs0051320019200Love itThis coffee is so good! with cream and cinnamon sprikled on top. yummm I'm buying more today. Wish I would of seen this product sooner remindes me of fall
254710254710B007PA32L2A3BCFPLXS1VU8JJoeSomebody0051319846400Excellent CoffeeExcellent coffee. Bold taste and great aroma. Filled the entire kitchen with a warm pumpkin spice smell. Well worth it.
254711254711B007PA32L2A234OTM2C37RTSjo0041319760000Smells great taste is weak.This smells wonderful while brewing but as others have said the taste is weak. Still like it though because there is some flavor, and this time of year love pumpkin anything.
254712254712B007PA32L2A3X59FM57CGNGP. Murphy0051319673600DeliciousI love this time of year. Pumpkin spice is my fav. Amazon has the best prices on Kcups! The order came quickly.
254713254713B007PA32L2A1O4PJ57DPMZFDD. Taylor0051319500800MMMmmmmm....I put French Vanilla creamer in mine - tastes just like pumpkin pie. SO good and perfect for the season.
254714254714B007PA32L2A2BRTAS2WPSWB2clizlee0041319500800YummyI love the Pumpkin Spice Lattes from different coffee shops, but it gets to be an expensive habit. I will make the pumpkin spice coffee in the Keurig at a little milk and sprinkle with nutmeg. It is not exactly the same but it does help the craving.
254715254715B007PA32L2A21JEJWCKB9OHMgloriara0051319500800Nice autumn taste of coffeeThis pumpkin spice can be blended with your favorite coffee adding a brisk taste of pumpkin with your blend of other roasted coffees. I have blended with Emeril's BIG EASY BOLD Gourmet coffee & Coffee People's Donut shop coffee. They go so well together.
254716254716B007PA32L2A2UN8HSZQ0D4JKH. Davis0051319414400Very Good!Great tasting, love that its fair trade, good company, worth the money. If you like pumpkin you will like this.
254717254717B007PA32L2A1W6ZCC8FYCD0Bjbnyrn0031319414400not what i expected...There is just way too much nutmeg in this blend which is not very soothing and doesn't mix well with other flavors. I usually like a cup of coffee after dinner but I can't do that with this one.
254718254718B007PA32L2A3FTSQPOTAKHMMDebra K. Nichols "daizyk70"0041319328000CloveI like this, but the biggest scent and flavor it has to me is clove. I find myself thinking, "mm, I'd like a cup of that clove coffee." Good stuff, just more clove than pumpkin.
254719254719B007PA32L2A3MEV9NFC614NBCat Lover0041319241600Makes Autumn a Little NicerAt first, I had some cups of this coffee on the 10 ounce setting. It was watery and lacked flavor. Then I decided to set it on 8 ounces, used a pack of artificial sweetener, and whipped cream, and found it to be quite delicious. Could be spicier, could be more pumpkin-like, could be creamier, but all in all, a flavor I enjoy and would order again if offered at other times during the year.

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