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254761254761B007PA32L2A23V2XL33M13X1Karen Eidson Harvey "legal chick"0051295568000Yummmmmmmmm...I LOVE this pumpkin spice. I'm a huge pumpkin fan, but picky. The only thing I can say negative is it could be a little stronger with the flavor, but I'm happy and would order it again!
254762254762B007PA32L2AM4JK6BZS7UY2B. Beck "Beck"0031295049600Its "Okay"I was so excited about ordering this - at first I thought wow this is really good - but.... as time went by it became soso. It really does not have that "Spicy" taste to it I thought it would. Im glad I did order it but I will not order again.
254763254763B007PA32L2A1A6FSA212Z2R0Arielle Krupnick0051294963200OMG! One of the best!!!I ran out of my kcups and target had these on clearance and I figured I would buy 2 boxes and if I didn't like it I would tuff it out until I was out to get more. So I tried these and they are one of the best!! I actually ran back and bought more. I am really not a fan when it comes to pumkin but this has a nice taste to it!! The best part is that I didnt have to add any sugar to make it sweet I just added my usual half and half save the calories!! I highly recommend this kind expecially great during the holidays!
254765254765B007PA32L2A37X075WQL1YDFbug hater "Jen"0051292630400Falling into Fall!I enjoyed these k-cups during Halloween and Thanksgiving. Had a slight hint of pumpkin just enough not a bitter taste very smooth. I would buy these again...make a cup of this coffee and warm a piece of pumpkin pie...mmmm wonderful. Happy Fall Ya'll!
254766254766B007PA32L2A2OQ4L4TJG328Uredhead0051291507200YummyThis is by far my favorite flavor of coffee, especially with caramel macchiato creamer, not overbearing just yummy....I'm about to order this for the third time....
254767254767B007PA32L2A1ZEZS56QK2JCTJeffrey Doden0041291507200Good coffee, a little expensiveCoffee is good, hoping for a little more pumpkin and a little less spice - but is still a nice treat.
254768254768B007PA32L2A2QELLZF5HABHAVictoria Shimer "Vicki"0051291420800Yummy!I love pumpkin so I was dying to try this and was so please!! It's just the right amount of pumpkin flavor and the coffee itself it just perfect, not weak and not too strong. I add pumpkin pie creamer to my cup and it tastes just like a Starbuck Pumpkin Latte...for a fraction of the price. This is seasonal, so make sure you stock up in the fall!
254769254769B007PA32L2A205GN4JP4QN16Heather0051290902400A Must Have For Pumpkin Lovers!I am shocked at the star ratings this coffee has. I suppose it's not for everyone. Me, personally, I love it. It's the epitome of fall. Now all I need is the Hot Apple Cider K-cup and all will be right in this world.
254770254770B007PA32L2A3HIPJKMNZD46ES. agresta0051290729600Great CoffeeI purchase 2 cases every year of this coffee. I have found that using cream, half & half or powered creamer in it really gives this coffee a pumpkin pie flavor with whipped cream on top.
254771254771B007PA32L2A14Y1QH6J6A6R1Spiritwind Kenobi0051290211200pumpkin and pumpkin coffee lpverI baught this green mountian pumpkin spice coffee I didn't like most pf coffees but this pumpkin spice I said why try it out and I loved it I tried it with flavor creamer fhe mocha kind also it tasted great I wish could rate it more then a 5 it is that great.
254772254772B007PA32L2A3RETBF7ST5LJKCATHERINE E. JORDAN0051290211200One of my favorites!I tried this when I got a big box at Sam's Club and I've never been more delighted with a coffee gamble! I think it is flavorful and delicious. Perhaps others comparing it to Starbucks are disappointed but I'm comparing it with other K cups available for Keurig. I plan on stocking up on this coffee since it is seasonal.
254773254773B007PA32L2A1PN32V36G1EY0Mia Bell "frugalbuyer"0021290211200It's not your Starbucks pumpkin spice...Okay...I should know better than to expect that seasonal delight Starbucks usually puts out; but I hoped it would be close enough to satisfy that yen. Not even close. The after taste is a little difficult to take as well. This one was a total "dud" - waste of money!
254774254774B007PA32L2A1Q4MNIUESQTBMJohn Schultz0041289260800Not very Pumpkiny but still very goodThis is a little light on the Pumpkin flavor but it is still very tasty, It's a spicy cinnamon medium brew that has a great aroma. We Like it!
254775254775B007PA32L2A3CY4PWJ916C5HMacy0041289088000Yummy smell and great flavor!I think this coffee is delicious! I usually like my coffee stronger, but found this to be bold enough for me to enjoy. The pumpkin flavor is definitely noticeable, but the best part is the spice smell while brewing. Great coffee!
254776254776B007PA32L2A13ABDTYVQI6T1Sherry R0021288915200Pumpkin? I didn't taste it.I love, love pumpkin anything and was looking forward to getting this. I bought lots of different flavors but this is the first one tried. I was so disapointed. I tasted no pumpkin but did tast spice. Maybe it was cinnamon, maybe not, it was strong and overpowering.
I am so upset I wasted so much money. But where was the pumpkin flavor?
254777254777B007PA32L2AQQ79QLD9K4OFBrenda H. Moore "BAM Moore"0041288051200Try it with Pumpkin Spice Coffee Mate CreamerI enjoy the fall and anything pumpkin. I did not think this flavor was weak, but I may not be a good person to ask because Starbucks strength coffee makes me gag. My taste buds are happy stopping in for a WaWa or Royal Farms flavored coffee and creamer. If you have similar tastes, and like pumpkin pie, you'll enjoy this coffee, especially during October/November. Coffee Mate puts out a Pumpkin Spice creamer that I use with it and it's sinfully good! I will probably be happy to move on to other flavors come December, but for now I'm lovin' life.
254778254778B007PA32L2AZ4VKFF136FKRT. Kinney91411291161600Save your moneyMy wife likes this coffee but it's available from Green Mountain Coffee's own site for $15.45 for the same amount of coffee.This is some serious price gouging.
254779254779B007PA32L2A3NID9D9WMIV01Louie Arrighi "Lou da Joo"91421287705600Good coffee for Thanksgiving (just my opinion) Length:: 1:48 Mins

meant to say Thanksgiving, not Halloween. this was a fun review for me to do. thanks for watching.

edit: October 23, 2010 (the next day) after having 2 more cups, I do agree with the other reviewer that this coffee is weak. The cup I had this morning, I added 3 teaspoons of sugar and the taste was better, but still not one of the better varieties out there. I think a mix with more coffee would have helped. If you've already bought this variety I recommend brewing it with the smallest cup setting. Peace out
254780254780B007PA32L2A2G0LMBS5BHO97Anita Rose "The Souptime Nerd"5821287792000weeaak.My college would brew this coffee in the fall, and every cup was always weak, weak weak! It was like the equivalent of one cup of water to a thimble full of coffee and a 1/4 tablespoon of cinnamon.
254781254781B007PA32L2ASZID61R3Y2NRSarah from NY "Sarah"3551287878400Best Coffee EverThis is seriously the best coffee they make in K-Cups! The smell alone is to die for. My coworkers and I can't wait to share each Fall that we saw our first sighting of the Pumpkin Spice Coffee - and then that's all we brew through the season! Sooooo good!!! I should say, though, that I am NOT an avid coffee drinker, so if you are and want something strong, this isn't it. But if you love yummy flavors and aromas, add it to your cart! I'm a big fan!
254782254782B007PA32L2A1UVBRHT5SKV5Bpattilou1251323388800It's so good that I wish it was not seasonal but all year.It's one of my favorites to have in late afternoon. It was so good I shared a box with my daughter.
254783254783B007PA32L2A2NZKEGRUQL1JBeverly Carroll1211322697600Pumpkin Spice for KeurigI did not enjoy this coffee at all. I ended up giving it away! They didn't like it ether! It smelled good brewing, but the taste was too fakey.
254784254784B007PA32L2A31M3U1F2W0IJGJ. Brooks1211322697600this is not coffeeI bought a box of this so called coffee and it was so bad I threw out all but the 6 cups I tried to drink. At first I thought my Keurig was going out but not so. This coffee was so weak it was little more than slightly off-color water. Maybe it was a bad box. I don't know but can't waste any more money finding out.
254785254785B007PA32L2A12TL4MBERFICLK.A.S. "Sass"1221322179200Weird After TasteI was really excited to see this flavor of coffee in K cups because my hubby loves anything pumpkin and thought this would be a great surprise to him. Unfortunately it has a really odd after taste. He thinks its the type of coffee used with the pumpkin flavoring but I'm not too sure. Either way we'll never buy this product again.
254786254786B007PA32L2A238P24Z5I9FDTsandy1221321920000Pumpkin SpiceA week coffee but tasty. If a little stronger would be excellent. Use small cup setting to get the better taste. Enjoyable with whip cream, chocolate drizzle & a touch of cinnamin.
254787254787B007PA32L2A35UXTRYU1V0B2S. Buete "sbuete"1251316736000Absolutely delicious!I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, but I was a little bit worried that this wouldn't taste as good. I was wrong. Absolutely delicious flavor, and the kitchen smells amazing when I make just one cup! Yum!
254788254788B007PA32L2A3PXW1W0LVTFMZserumjockey1251288310400Delicious!I love this flavor of K-cup. A little spice is fantastic! WOW did the price go up! I only paid $12 for mine. I would personally look elsewhere before I would pay the $29 they are asking now. Check the Keurig website or Bed, Bath and Beyond. A great flavored coffee, I got 2 boxes!
254789254789B007PA32L2AGZE0RQT4YAUKA fan "the_grandmother"4721288483200Just Not That GoodAfter reading so many positive reviews, I had high hopes for making the kind of Pumpkin Spice Latte that Starbucks serves. It is just not that kind of good. I'm not sure what is missing, perhaps the syrup? I'll never buy this variety again.
254790254790B007PA32L2AX34HLSFP4JJMconsumer2411295827200great coffee, AWFUL priceBed, Bath and Beyond has this coffee in the store and on their website for half the price offered here.

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