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254791254791B007PA32L2A236IN6J0H7E2VSteve G0111349827200Terrible....possibly the worst everI tried this flavor 2 years ago right after I bought my first Keurig machine. It had a good smell but the taste was completely awful. It was so heavy on the cloves that it obliterated everything else. The pumpkin flavor was barely discernable as was any other spice...where are the cinnamon and nutmeg flavors? There was nothing I could do to make this kcup palatable. I tried flavored creamers, syrups, whipped cream, cinnamon and nutmeg. I mixed it with other kcups (french vanilla, caramel drizzle, obsidian, french and italian roasts). The result was it ruined my favorite flavors/brews! I had to toss the last few kcups and the box (after a year of it sitting on my shelf and taunting me). I would not let anyone else drink this vile swill. I found one recently hiding in my storage draw that I no longer use for kcups. I resisted the urge to beat it with a baseball bat and just tossed it in the garbage. Top 3 worst ever: Pumpkin spice, Wolfgang Puck Sumatra Kopi Raya (another spice problem), and Folger's Vanilla Biscotti (incredibly artificial). Honorable mention goes to Caribou Mahogany. Trust me on this...NEVER try a coffee that describes it's taste as leather and tobacco. Sometimes, there actually IS truth in advertising! If you want good pumpkin coffee, run out and buy the Dunkin Donuts kcup. It's everything the green mountain pumpkin spice should have been....smooth, balanced, a hint of spice and you can actually taste the pumpkin.
254792254792B007PA32L2A3PFQPPJ783FE1Cathy McCCallister0111349740800FLAVORLESSI am very disappointed in these K cups. I made it using the smallest cup size and it still tastes like hot water. I guess if I added cream and sugar it would taste like sweet creamy hot water. I am mad that I bought the 50 pack and it is not returnable. They are going in the trash.
254793254793B007PA32L2AWYOWZKRBKQHQMary Ellison0111323216000Bad BuyI think that, unless there has been a change in the recipe, people who rate this product highly are confusing aroma with flavor. This "coffee" has a wonderful aroma as it brews, but it has no taste at all. In fact, while I can smell the pumpkin spice, I can not distinguish the taste of this stuff from simple hot water. To give it any flavor at all, I need to add a creamer and/or some sugar to it, or maybe even a little brandy. That is a very bad thing (not the brandy), since I like my coffee black without any additives at all.

If Green Mountain wants to make a mild "flavored" coffee rather than a medium or bold flavor, that's ok, but the very least they should do is use their breakfast blend as a starting point and work from there with their various spices. Until then, I'm sorry, but as much as I would like to do so, I can not recommend this product to anyone who likes the taste of coffee.
254794254794B007PA32L2A27DLIBCO7MCZXS. Kinney0121322611200blahI was really excited for this flavor, but it's just so boring. Very weak coffee with a hint of flavor. So disappointing!
254795254795B007PA32L2A1UL9WR3RBEX27Razberriez "Technology & Animal Lover!"0121322352000Nice Flavor, very very weak coffee..I probably won't be buying these again, they are so weak I have to brew 2 smaller cups of coffee in the same cup using 2 K cups...
254796254796B007PA32L2A7VGOOVZ8XGQUJ. Claridge "Wheeled Goat"0131321056000It's okayI really enjoy my coffee, but usually do not like flavored coffees. (I'm actually a bit of a snob with my coffee, getting fresh-roasted beans, using my french press, raising my nose at drip makers... yet sometimes I do find the convenience of a single-serve Keurig cup irresistible, and not bad at all in a pinch). The one exception to my "no flavored coffees" is SB's Pumpkin Spice Latte. YUM. So, I was tempted by this and tried it.

It definitely smells better than it tastes. The smell takes you right back to SB's Latte and sets your expectations high. The taste, well, not so much. It's that typical discourse between smell and taste that makes me not like flavored coffee to begin with.

But the truth is I will likely come back and have one of these every now and again... it's just not as good as I was hoping. The fact that a flavored coffee gets any respect from me at all should actually be considered a "win", so take that for what it's worth. If you dig flavored coffee as a rule, I wouldn't be surprised if you loved this. And even if you aren't usually a flavored coffee person, if you like the P.S. Latte, you may make an exception for this.
254797254797B007PA32L2A2ETH6MQ22O4XSThe J0131320105600so-so coffeeIt's a nice fall change but it's not exactly what I was looking for! It smells better than it tastes that's for sure! It is not "bad" like some of those flavored blends that have a chemical taste this one is natural tasting it's just not the "best" pumpkin spice I've ever tasted!
254798254798B007PA32L2AV2E5JNLLNKWOT. TORO0111296345600NOT WHAT I EXPECTEDIt's alright, it has some spices, but not enough pumpkin in there to call it PUMPKIN SPICE more like spice coffee.
254799254799B007PA32L2A28P7HQMWUC0FVMax D. Webster "Max W"0111295136000More Spice PleaseThe coffee is way to bland and the taste of pumpkin and pumpkin spice was milk to say the least
254800254800B007PA32L2A32PHOIA7SOZ8AShalini Bhat0111290556800Poor coffeeI wouldn't buy this again. It doesn't even taste like coffee and is quite a disappointment. Maybe buying some pumkin spice syrup might be better idea if you want this flavor.
254801254801B007PA32L2A8P7XZLMXKT6WPeakperformance Ken1311288828800No Pumkin Taste- Spiced CoffeeI purchased a large box of this Pumpkin Spice coffee for my family without first trying a sample and not one of us said anything more positive than "it has spices I do not like". Most of the comments were "I hate this stuff, where did you get it , I like things with pumpkin but I cannot taste any pumpkin" Long story short, with my family, I wasted my money trying to give them a treat.. instead it turned into a sad trick. Not for me and mine.. but perhaps that is why Baskin Robbins has 30+ flavors of ice cream ?
254802254802B007PA32L2A2IAV6P3IK5OLKSeteger1351288483200A perfect autumn flavorI had to write something after seeing the negative reviews.

I tried this only recently, but this is an excellent pumpkin-flavored k cup; it tastes like what you hope it should. I highly recommend a pumpkin spice creamer (which they always sell this time of year anyway) if you want to truly replace the Starbucks experience.

Is it weak? In flavor, no. In potency, yes. This would make a good evening coffee to share with company or a relaxing cup in the middle of the day. It wouldn't be my first choice for the morning wake-up. I don't see any reason why that should take away from this coffee's quality, however. It's a flavored coffee; if you want strong, you generally don't look to these flavored blends anyway.
254803254803B007PA32L2A2BA0TJ9XOUHRGEve Brandstein0211326672000WRONG ORDERI ordered the Pumpkin Spice and got Green Mountain Coffee regular.
Disappointing and a day later than i was told it would arrive.
E. Brandstein
254804254804B007PA32L2AWU1DXB6IDWRZDonna R. Moss0351302393600PUMPKIN SPICE K-CUPSI was disappointed in this purchase. Both my husband and I couldn't taste any difference between this and regular coffee. I expected it to have a tad more 'flavor' to it of spice. I won't purchase it again. It was, however ,packaged well and shipped promptly.
254805254805B007PA32L2A2S1I4K50QDZ7NKathryn Smallen0511292284800Still not hereI purchased this coffee on 11/4, and as 12/14 I have not received the product. I would not recommend this seller.
254806254806B007PA32L2A4RXA6KDHIHYCKaren D. Berry3311349740800coffeedidn't really like the brand - did not taste like Starbucks! Not enough flavor for me - it's a good brand, but not for pumpkin spice
254807254807B007PA32L2A1UVIRUNV0N3JUKenneth Ferreira2211348185600Very disappointedVery weak coffee, just a hint of pumpkin spice--would not recommend--get dunkin donuts pumpkin coffee 100% better. I am now stuck with this terrible coffee. I you really like a good cup of coffee DO NOT buy this.
254808254808B007PA32L2A1YV4U8304IQCrystal2211347926400NOT THE SAME PRODUCTI waited with baited breath for the larger packs of the Pumpkin Spice to come and I preordered the minute I saw it... But this
254809254809B007PA32L2A4W995X38NZCRJustawildcat2251326758400Best Flavor by FarThis is a flavor I would love to see carried year round. It is by far the best flavor from Green Mountain that I have tried. It is really good with a little warm soy milk! Yummy!
254810254810B007PA32L2A3HF1YMVXK4Y2Ztiny2211326499200Expected moreI always enjoy Starbucks PSL's so I thought this was going to be a great buy. Mistake I made is I bought a lot of this. Did not like the taste at all. Seems like its too much spice not enough pumpkin. I have been adding flavored creamers to this coffee just so they don't go to waste. It helps. Won't buy this again and won't buy so many without tasting first. My bad.
254811254811B007PA32L2A2YEI6F7619EIAjessica "i love the 80's"2251324944000Wish we could have it year round!!I love this coffee - it is so flavorful and really makes you feel like fall/winter. It is a light roast, so if you are looking for bold, you will have to seek it elsewhere. That being said, I feel that a heavier roast would overpower the delicious and subtle pumpkin spice flavor. This coffee is my personal favorite - I hoard it during the season, mourn its loss when I run out, and wait in delighted anticipation for it to come out next year!
254812254812B007PA32L2A2HD872EH53S0UJarber3 "Jarber"2251322179200Delicious!I look forward to this every fall! If you love pumpkin you will love this; it is delicious! The only bad thing for me, is when GMCR stops selling it each year :( But, then there is Spicy Eggnog!
254813254813B007PA32L2ASAUDLHZPWWVSDwalline1151350259200Perfect for a cold fall morning!These are my favorite flavored K-cups! So happy I was able to buy them in bulk for a great price!
254814254814B007PA32L2A48LQQD8QJGJDspiritEd. "vickigh"1151331424000Pumpkin LoverI love anything "pumpkin", so of course this coffee fit the bill. I find that one cannot go wrong with Green Mountain. All of their seasonal K-cups are great! -Just so you know, I prefer Dunkin'Donuts over Starbucks, so if you are with me on that, you will probably like "Green Mountain." I do not like "bitter" coffee.
254815254815B007PA32L2A1YMQCE0GG56I6keke1151327104000yummy!This pumpkin spice coffee is very good. Not overbearing w/the pumpkin taste, just right. I added my own sweetner and cream & it was great. Great for this fall/winter weather!
254816254816B007PA32L2A2WBU19UKMNC6XEB1141326758400Great flavored coffee, but not for everydayThis is one of my family's favorite flavored coffee. However, it is not very strong, and thus I chose the second smallest cup on my Keurig coffee maker. If I want a large cup, I find I need to use 2. Also, after I've had it 4-5 days in a row, I get tired of it, and need to switch to a regular coffee for a few days. That being said, we keep ordering it, and Amazon has the best prices.
254817254817B007PA32L2A3RI1GSG9CKQGEJennifer L. Stutzman1151326240000my favoriteI prefer a k cup that is of the light variety. I adore pumpkin flavors. This coffee was wonderful. I mixed it with a pumpkin flavored creamer
254818254818B007PA32L2A2OVI62NN5W0UEAmnia1151325980800My Favorite FlavorIt does not sound very appealing. Pumpkin pie spice in coffee? Heretical!

So I do not know what prompted me to buy it at the local grocery store, but I did.

Who knew that pumpkin pie spices went so well with coffee?! But they do.

So I bought 5 more boxes at the local grocery store. And now I find them on amazon. And they are cheaper.

I highly recommend trying this coffee at least once, before making any conclusions.

Apparently one cannot judge a book by its cover either. Intriguing!
254819254819B007PA32L2A11J1H14ZMZDB1Serious Shopper1151325808000Love pumpkin spiceIf you like pumpkin spice coffee, you can't go wrong. Add the fact that it is a Green Mountain product and you have a winner.
254820254820B007PA32L2A3QCRQ7K1E4GZWDentistMN1151325376000Superb!I got this as a gift. I didn't think I'd like it as I am not much of a coffee drinker. Mixed with a splash of skim milk and some artificial sweetener this was the best coffee I've had in a long time!

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