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254821254821B007PA32L2AO37OH3ULGSC5MV SLC1151325116800My favorite!Pumpkin spice coffee / lattes are my favorite over the holidays! This package arrived on time and is in perfect condition!
254822254822B007PA32L2A2P5IXN9GSTLD6bella131151324944000Best coffee ever!Every year i wait for this coffee to become available and then it's all I will drink until we can't get it anymore! I would rather have this then any coffee shop coffee.
254823254823B007PA32L2A1UL74OE5A2ZYIJ. Higgs "bahama shopper"1151324857600Delish!I love this Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee. Not strong coffee, but it has a nice flavor and so it doesn't taste like water. Tastes best on the medium cup Keurig setting.
254824254824B007PA32L2A3W0KRCKR7QA0PMaddy1151324771200kcupsAs usual, the product was what I expected it to be. It arrived in no time at all and I love it.
254825254825B007PA32L2A1C9L4VM3Z68X4Elizabeth Zaiens1151323820800I love pumpkinThis coffee is really good. The pumpkin spice is not too strong and not too weak. I started off adding pumpkin spice creamer to it, but i actually prefer it black.

This makes a great fall coffee!
254826254826B007PA32L2A2ZHNYVIEGYWCOSashaD1141323561600Yummy taste!I really like the taste of this coffee. It isn't over-powering and not too strong. It is a pretty smooth coffee. This should be a standard flavor that is available in stores all the time! My only complaint is that it's too light. I like a little kick in my coffee to keep me going. However, true "pumpkin" lovers will love the flavor in this coffee for sure!
254827254827B007PA32L2AS6QJY6NY3B7UGonzofreak1151323388800Great CoffeeGood flavor, I got this for my fiance, and I started drinking it too. Definitely a seasonal coffee as you will get sick of it after a week.
254828254828B007PA32L2A1DKVOHHKMMHUROnebaa1151323388800I love this time of year!I love this time of year! This coffee is full and robust
254829254829B007PA32L2A287GHXGB8PUOHyankeetexan1151323302400Best Holiday FlavorThe flavor is perfect and a nice afternoon treat. I don't go to Starbucks for the holiday lattes anymore. If you like the gingerbread, you'll definitely like this.
254830254830B007PA32L2ATG95GLGEU6CFMichael L. Frantz1141323302400Very good seasonal coffeeMy wife and I purchased this to try a little different taste from our Keurig coffees, and overall, it delivers on what you would expect. It has a distint pumpkin taste without being overbearing. It is not our favorite Keurig flavored coffee, but it is enjoyable for something different.
254831254831B007PA32L2A17CUFXPNHX3PGSuzanne C. Palmer1151323302400Delicious seasonal favoriteLove this coffee. It just tastes like the holidays. Having it available in K-cups is doubly nice. Will stock up to last through the winter
254832254832B007PA32L2A1LEI352C4UT5PRick1151323216000Delicious, but definitely seasonal from AmazonVery tasty. A definitely seasonal type with excellent spices and flavor. One box lasted me the whole season. Will definitely buy it again next year.
254833254833B007PA32L2A152PRXNAVTKKAcojeepguy081151322956800AWESOMECheaper than the chains $6 cups and you can make it at home! This stuff is an awesome fall blend.
254834254834B007PA32L2A2F1QPIJTDWK55Tara A. Green1151322524800Back for More...Let's start by saying I generally don't like pumpkin flavored items. Let's next say that I LOVE this coffee. It is by far my favorite Keurig Flavor of the moment. We have purchased this several times and keep coming back for more. Unlike Hazelnut (which tens to be too sweet) this is a nicely robust coffee, with a touch of spice that you might expect in a pumpkin pie and tastes wonderful. Being an avid coffee drinker this one gets a hearty thumbs up.
254835254835B007PA32L2ABP7SNMWBVBYBRonald J. Eubanks "Ronyon1"1151322524800I dont even like flavored coffee, but.....This coffee is fantastic. I dont even like flavored coffee, but I think this one is the exception. I tried it on a whim, because I am a sucker for pumpkin anything, and now I am hooked on it. I brew it using the medium size selection and it it perfect every time.
254836254836B007PA32L2AE3ALF5XPKY1LFan in MA1151322524800Pumpkin Spice cups.Our family always looks forward to enjoying the special holidays blends from Green Mountain coffee. The pumpkin spice is especially our favorite.
254837254837B007PA32L2A1NSUXKUMMLJF9Lou1141322438400Keurig Pumpkin-spice K-cupsI've ordered the pumpkin-spice K-cups before for my Keurig coffee maker and just love the flavor. And ordering it through Amazon is so easy and fast!
254838254838B007PA32L2A3HMY5YPZTGA6NSusan T. Courtney1151322352000pumkin pie spicedelish!!!!!!!! will reorder this again...less fattening too really good like a treat. will be nice to have for company ok too short, not talker great coffee
254839254839B007PA32L2A1JKXKBNBTUMK4JR1141322265600Green Mountain CoffeeI really enjoy the Green Mountain Coffee, its always fresh, and has the perfect smell after it's freshly brewed, They have a nice variety to choose from, Kudos.
254840254840B007PA32L2A2QFMDFM2SH864Susan "Susan"1141322265600Not the strongest coffee, but a nice fall flavorGenerally if coffee has flavor, I prefer it to be sweet rather than spicy (I do not even like cinnamon flavored coffee or creamers), so I was a bit unsure how pumpkin flavor would blend with coffee. It is actually a nice blend. The pumpkin and spice flavors, while apparent, are not overpowering and blend well with the coffee, rather than competing with it. It smells wonderful, and if I could pump the smell through the house 24/7, I would.

The coffee itself is a bit on the weaker side. I realize that flavored coffee is not going to have the same bold flavor as a dark roast, but this is weaker than other flavors I have tried (and there have been many!). As with most k-cups, I recommend brewing on the smallest setting. The smallest setting on my Keurig is 6 ounces; if your model has a smaller size setting, I would suggest trying it. It is definitely worth picking up a box if you enjoy the flavors of fall.
254841254841B007PA32L2A4SWWT04XNU0RASV Mom1151322006400Perfect fall blend!I'm not a flavored coffee lover, but I decided to try this. I love cinnamon and tried the cinnamon roll coffees and hated them. Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice is the perfect blend of holiday spices. It's spicy but mild and delicious.
254842254842B007PA32L2A297HIQRKU7TRFsarav8791141321833600GREAT!Arrived just as expected! Taste was a little light, but I learned to really love it and now can't drink any other Kcups.
254843254843B007PA32L2A16D4O8HQ9UKBQK. Richter1141321574400Wish it was stronger- still a good flavorI wish that this K-cup was a little bit stronger. I love the pumpkin spice flavor but I wish it had a bit more boldness to the coffee part. When I brew a cup of this, it makes my kitchen smell like fall!
254844254844B007PA32L2A3KLK3Y5LDTP7TMegan N. Stack1141321574400lovely fall treatWe love this tasty fall inspired brew, its a light and aromatic brew well received at breakfast or as an afternoon alternative to tea, coffee or hot chocolate. We loved this brew so much we stocked up just in case others did share our same opinion and the product. I even promoted the k-cups so heavily I brought one in for each of my coffee loving office mates and friends.
254845254845B007PA32L2A23SHVXTEYWM9GMissLew1151321401600LOVE!I loved this! The smell and taste reminds me so much of the fall. I plan to purchase each Fall.
254846254846B007PA32L2A1OGIC5T8N5489Red1151321142400The luxury of a pumpkin spice latte without the calories!I sampled Green Mountain's pumpkin spice coffee and was immediately hooked. It's a lighter roast but still not washed out, but best of all the cinnamon and clove flavor comes through at just the right intensity. So now I get the luxury of a pumpkin spice latte by adding warm skim milk and save all those sugar calories! What I especially love about this blend is that the clove comes through nicely. It's not overpowering but you can distinctly make it out. I love that, and if you love clove too I think you'll love it as much as I do.
254847254847B007PA32L2A154V4EJ1WW46Mpanny1151321142400Addictive substancePumpkin Spice fueled the transition to autumn from summer! I just kept poppin them into the Keurig rig... YUMster !! Another one!! And Again!!! I bouught 4 boxes in 6 weeks, and usually, I could care, maybe 1 or 2 cuppas daily. This is a winner. Complex notes of nutmeg all spice and sugar like you are face first in pumpkin pie. Perfect w cream!
254848254848B007PA32L2A2LEXJC0BERHOQM. Meadows1151320883200My favorite!This is my favorite of the k-cup flavors, and I treat those bad boys like trading cards so I would know.
254849254849B007PA32L2AK3R75FQWAK15C. scherer1151320710400Pumpkin Spice CoffeeReally delicious taste of fall, I love it, I wish that we could buy it all year long. I stock up and hide it away so my daughters don't drink it all.
254850254850B007PA32L2A1WZ8H5DX2HR3jmay1141320710400great for holidaysgood tasting coffee for the holiday season great price and product came quickly and as promised wonderful to have after a dinner party or on a cool winter evening after dinner.

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