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254881254881B007PA32L2A2ZOKXJOQULWXSmarie johnston0051350000000pumpkin spice K Cup CoffeeMy husband LOVES this coffee, we didn't order enough last year so he ran out , he was so very happy when it came back THANK YOU
254882254882B007PA32L2A1TW02HA0AH82PBrian B0051349913600Love the flavorThis Green Mountain Coffee is a light roast with a subtle pumpkin flavor. Green Mountain Cofee is usually the brand I stick with because I love their flavors like Carmel Vanilla Creme & Blueberry. This one is one of my new favorites.
254883254883B007PA32L2A2K0SLMLHZ9HMDNW Doll0041349913600Good flavor.I really enjoy this flavor. Green Mountain typically has the best coffee, in my opinion, and this doesn't disappoint. The pumpkin spice is noticeable but not overwhelming. The only downside is that the coffee itself is a light roast and I feel the spice flavor would go better with a medium roast. However, you can't go wrong with this choice, it's a must have for the season!
254884254884B007PA32L2A28IAZZI0SNRMWJames Agee0051349827200Great Taste & Great Deal!I wait all year for the Pumpkin Spice K-Cups to arrive. I am very glad that Amazon offers such a large quantity so cheap! 50 count sounds like a lot, but if you love Pumpkin Spice then you will find them disappearing quite fast! The taste is great, my favorite is Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes from their coffee houses, but this is my second favorite drink ever! Pair it with some pumpkin spice creamer found at your local grocery store and you have a delicious drink! I don't care for these without creamer, but I love sugar so... super price and a great product!
254885254885B007PA32L2A1VPCQ4S8VZXODParthena Kydes0031349827200Good pumpkin spice flavor, but pretty weakThis coffee smells great and has a nice pumpkin flavor to it (as advertised), but it brews very weak in a Keurig. I am not sure if it is just the roast of the bean or simply the pure quantity of grounds that were packaged in these specific k-cups, but I like my coffee stronger, with a bit more of a punch. This would be perfect and a bit more flavorful if it didn't taste as weak/watered down. :(
254886254886B000E43428A30OQMX8UVGBHOOwhatagoosiam0051315958400Zatarains King CreoleThis is another good Zatarain's Cajun base. The grocers in my area don't offer this one, SO... The Étouffée base and the creole base are my favorites. The price with shipping is reasonable. I like to keep a stock on hand. We enjoy a lot of seafood and other Cajun foods.
254887254887B0017WSF0CA36L67ICIQD3LGThomas8811212105600Ridiculous priceThe advertised regular price of $99.99 is ridiculous. 5 hour energy drinks are widely available for $2.00 each. Don't buy from sellers who inflate prices and charge ridiculous amounts. You can get a case of 12 for $20 right here on Amazon.
254888254888B0017WSF0CA3F3B6HY9RJI04James Duckett3351153440000Gave me a boost when I needed itI had a very long day. Got to work early, worked about nine hours, headed for the airport and had to go through a connecting flight and about 5 hours of travel. And when I got home I still had some work to do and needed a boost to get me through it.

After hearing a radio ad for this product, I picked up a two-pack and used one of them when I got home.

It promised five hours of energy without crashing. I can't attest to the five hours (didn't quite pay attention), but it did last for quite a while and I had no crash effect in the end. I wasn't overly anxious or nervous, but I could think clearly and get the work done that I needed to get done. So it most definately delivers on its promises.

The things that I like the most is the fact that there is no sugar. I also appreciate the fact that they use water instead of carbonated water, which is the main reason I don't like the Monsters, Rockstar, Red Bull, etc products (diet versions, of course). It also gives all this energy in 2 ounces instead of having to drink a large soda can worth of drink. The taste wasn't fantastic, but it could have been much worst and only takes a good gulp to get it all down.

I've been looking for a product like this to get me going in the mornings and this seems to fit the bill. My only problem with this is that it is a bit on the pricey side. Today I am also trying out one that is similar, called Enduroshot, a 2.2 ounce energy shot that claims all the same benefits that this promises but at a MUCH lower price. I'll do a review on that sometime soon in the future. If I feel just as awake and alert as I do with 5-hour energy, then I will use it instead. Otherwise, Chaser has a new, steady customer.
254889254889B0017WSF0CA2C7JVG1GWC3PBSusan S. Wang "the ex-librarian"1151171843200great energy boost without getting jitteryalthough the taste leaves something to be desired, 5-hour energy worked very well. i drank one halfway through my workday, and pepped up enough to go out and wash the ambulance. my arms hurt later that night, but the product itself worked for me.
254890254890B0017WSF0CA1QU9ZNNQ8HN9BS. Rider0031273536000Good price -- not clean...?This is a great price, but every time I've bought these through Amazon, the bottles frequently have dark... "stuff" on the threads of the bottle when you open it. I've never seen this when buying them from the local drugstore, so I worry that these are either old or maybe not authentic?

Can't say for sure of course. They do have the desired effect, so I'm not complaining too much. It's kind of gross sometimes though.
254891254891B0017WSF0CA3IEL9HB8Z8RZ3FIBONACCI0051269734400great productwell u get the energy u really want for the 5 hours and it really boast u a bit but that u will be calm again and need to rest.. not bad great product
254892254892B0017WSF0CA381YG9QTFUOKKCheryl L. Haugen "no energy"0041198540800energy drinkThe energy drink is a great product. The shipping price is crazy tho. I paid more for the shipping then both products together, so not a great deal.
254893254893B0017WSF0CA32QFECBX6U84DMadison3551132444800Safe, and EFFECTIVEI recently gave up my major 20 year Diet Coke addiction. I did it for a number of reasons. I typically wake VERY early to hit the gym before work & needed something to help me wake up at 4:30 AM. This product is GREAT. No over-stimulation as it only has the caffeine equivalent of 1 cup of jo. It is also SUGAR FREE and has 0 Net Carbs!! I do feel the energy quickly & it lasts the 5 hours it claims. The berry flavor is pleasant, but tart so I drink some water as a "chaser" (no pun intended). I drink water the rest of the day & only use 1 in the morning unless I have a "late" meeting scheduled.
254894254894B0017WSF0CA2KVF32VTG9IN8Haley "Haley"1251213488000It Works!Finally, a product that gives you that extra boost you need for anything from travel delays to the overdue stack of paperwork. You feel the effects instantly with more energy and a higher concentration level. It stays with you and does not leave you feeling dopey or spent when it wears off.
254895254895B0017WSF0CAXPCUI9IJ1QDWB "Beer drinker"1251136419200Number one energyThis is the best energy product I have ever used. It starts working right away and keeps you going for a long time.
254896254896B0017WSF0CA1KSE6LT1VOBI3T. Cochran2431235088000Super sayan drink????I took it at 5am yesterday. It is now almost 3am the next day and I am laying in bed and skin feels tingly, can't sleep at all. I feel like I am at super sayan level 4, power of the red monkey. I could shoot ki blast out the window if I wanted too. Maybe some kame hame wave's too.
254897254897B004I6OLKMALU8RT25JPQLHJ. K. Jackson "Jkj"1251318809600Makes me miss my cat.My cat squiggled past me at 4:30 in the morning, September 3 and I've not seen her since. I'm told that cats who love their owners, leave to die. SO I had JUST bought 124 cans of food & 25 pounds of litter. Niiiiiiiiice. Thank you for the prompt arrival of the food she & I love. Oh, I miss my cat. <3 I already unboxed the food so sending it back isn't feasible....... it's all neatly stacked...... :>(

My poor heart.

Thank you - iams® rocks! ~
254898254898B005OK1988A1QRXEM0WSLGT5The Man With No Name0051335225600Great Healthy Snack, Especially For A Vegetable Hater...I started drinking tomato juice about 4 years ago. I took a plunge one day and discovered I really liked it as a stand alone drink. This is a big deal for me, as I HATE vegetables. I am unfortunately one of those people who can not stomach them.

Before you all laugh, this is no joke. Just the smell of them makes me want to hurl. When my mother is cooking squash, I have to stay away from the kitchen. I tried to eat broccoli once, that did not go well. I have never gagged so hard in my life...

Anyway I have discovered I can sneak much needed vegetables into my diet through covert ways. Lettace, pickles, and onion on my sandwich and chicken wraps. I try to eat applesauce everyday, and I concocted a great bran smoothie recipe to get my fiber. (See my profile for this great tasting, but healthy recipe). I also drink tomato juice on a reguler basis.

Is this the most heathly option, NO. Cooking vegetables takes a lot the nutrients out of them. Plus sodium is added, which is NOT good for blood pressure. But it's better than nothing. If your choice is a soda or a tomato juice, take the juice.

These little containers are the perfect size. They make bigger sizes, but I would recommend you stick with the 5.5 oz containers. As I said the sodium is high, about 20 percent of the recommended daily intake. I imagine the bigger size may be around 40 percent!!!

You get pectin when you drink tomato juice, and a good dose of vitamin C, along with some other trace vitamins. Great healthier option snack to keep in your locker at work or school. Tastes best at room temperature.

So if you are like me and trying desperately to find healthy sources of food that won't make you gag like a 2 year old, try this. I mean hey, you probably like ketchup, this is pretty close...

Also FYI, this price is pretty good as well.
254899254899B0034WSXICA2EOLZ2F8PG87Dxtreme dude0051351209600Awsome FigsI am an big lover of fig jam and this fig jam has a very unique flavor. Kind of a mix between the light kadoda figs and the dark mission figs. Must try it!
254900254900B001THXOD8A18NPNRL7UB7DDKimberly L. Ellis "bathory"0051334016000I Love This Granola!It's just crunchy enough - no huge chunks. It's not overly anything - not too sweet, not too cinnamony. It's just right! Try this granola. It's wonderful in its simplicity.
254901254901B001THXOD8AOTBGKI23WP0WLacie0051330646400wonderfulThis granola is amazing. Just the right amount of sweet. I had found this in a health food store and they no longer carry it. I ordered a pack of 6 and the expiration date is several months out so I will have time to eat them. Highly recommend this granola.
254902254902B000I6MC20A1FBHYKZS4B08ALisa Rivera "Lisa Reviews"2251171324800Cin Ful Nut is AwesomeJust got this coffee today ! Very delightful ! Slight cinnamon, nut and vanilla flavors go great with cookies or your favorite treat. Also a treat just by itself. *Heads Up*, Found this really rich , so I brewed my next pot (10 Cup) with 1/2 caff and 3 tsp of Cin Cul Nut. I do like a strong cup of joe, and the above method worked well. I will order this again, so I have plenty to share : )
254903254903B000I6MC20A13GZCHAMKWYBTVikki Hallen "lizardwitch"0051346889600LOVE IT!I've never tried this brand so wasn't sure how "flavored" it would be. It is smooth, cinnamony.. with a hint of nut and vanilla. Excellent and tastes fresh. I put the other three bags in the freezer even though they are vacuum sealed for freshness. I also got a great deal on the coffee by buying it from the amazon warehouse :)
254904254904B000I6MC20A2VX5JMNOBJUKDS. Chabot "nhdogmom"0051240012800Very nice!Very pleased with this coffee. We like rich coffee. In fact we often prefer Dark Roast, but it's nice to have a flavored coffee on occasion also. I like Vanilla and hubby likes Hazelnut. This is a terrific combination of both. Highly recommend.
254905254905B000GJOROUA2ULZL2YWJGV4DMichael R. Beatty8851258416000A flavor from the islandsRum cakes are a holiday favorite of mine. I ordered directly from the Tortuga Rum Company last year, christmas 2008, and got the golden original 33 ounce and the blue coffee 33 ounce. I really loved the original, the coffee wasn't as much to my liking. The original was really moist while the other tended to be more dry. I also had to pay shipping.
This year I ordered thru amazon and saved over $10 on the cost of the cake and I got free shipping. The rum cake itself is sealed in plastic inside the box to retain it's rum content and freshness. I am an occassional drinker; rum, tequila, bourbon being my favorites. I didn't think that the rum was overpowering; yes you can tell its there, but also the flavor of the cake complements it. I think they have an excellent "Rum Cake" and this would be a great indulgence for the holidays. Highly recommended. I will have to order another before christmas cause mine is already gone.
254906254906B000GJOROUABAFFH4GATU4Lrph485551181606400amazon cheaper than the bakeryfirst bought these at the bakery on grand cayman, loved them and ate the gifts for friends , found these on amazon were actually less than we paid on island (but then you miss the scenery.
254907254907B000GJOROUA3CTQGYWXYNKBCDenise E. Ragozzino3351275609600The best rum cakes ever!I bought these cakes in the Bahamas and enjoyed them so much I had to buy more from Amazon. These are moist, you can taste the rum and you can't just eat one piece. These are the best ever!
254908254908B000GJOROUA11BM12QIT93PPmommywren2251213747200Delicious!As a kid, I loved butter rum LifeSavers. To me, this cake is reminiscent of that buttery rum flavor. I first ordered this cake as a fun Christmas gift for my husband. I was stunned by how good it was ... moist, rich, delicious. The second time I ordered it, I hid it in my office so I wouldn't have to share it with anyone. I plan to get it again for the Fourth of July party we're hosting ... this time I will share!
254909254909B000GJOROUA2FWNYW4JPVUS0Lynn Maybee "cake lady"2251206489600best rum cake in the islandsI have been looking for this cake all over nyc, i found it but it was much too expensive. Then one day I checked to see if it was on amazon and wow, it was so I ordered the larger one and it was heavenly. I will purchase this cake over and over from amazon..... top knotch.
254910254910B000GJOROUAHYRTWABDAG1HE. Thomsen "arvig"1151314835200An excellent product, better then expectedThis truly is an excellent cake. It is very moist and fairly flavorful. At first it seems like just a typical pound cake, but then the rum flavor hits. It's not overpowering at all, but it is notable and helps to enhance the flavor of the cake proper. Warming up a thick slice in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute, and then adding a large scoop of ice cream is quite nice. Serving it with berries and whip cream I suspect would work well also.

I won't remove stars for this, but the only minor complaint I have is that within the box it's in a plastic bag that can't be resealed. I was hoping and expecting a metal tin. I suspect the bottom of the cake would stick to the bottom of the cardboard box if I just put it in that after cutting open the bag. Mind you, one can still put the cake in the open bag and refridgerate it, it does keep most of it's moistness, but if you have a large cookie tin or other method of storage other then the box, I would suggest it.

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