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254911254911B000GJOROUA3P2J8VLB3271KDeal Shopper1151205107200OutstandingI first had this in The Caymen Islands. I am pleased to say same quality & freshness as if you bought it there. This is strictly on the 33oz purchased through Amazon. The best rum cake you will find anywhere!
254912254912B000GJOROUA2TRWGU80ZEO3Hpupsitter1131194480000Pretty good....... BUTI was given one of these delicious cakes as a gift from my parents for babysitting their dogs while they went on vacation.I was so impressed that I ordered one of my own.I must say that the price was good, the free shipping was excellent, but the cake was a bit of a letdown.It just didn't taste as good as the smaller version I got from my parents.Maybe next time, I'll try the mini cakes instead of the 33 ounce.
254913254913B000GJOROUA2BGPH3Y4KDYJMLost in Kansas "Miriam"1151185926400Return to the IslandsMy husband and I first fell in love with this monthwatering rum cake during our honeymoon cruise in 1993. For years I would order one for his birthday as a special treat. Then I decided I could easily bake him one at a fraction of the cost. But I was sooooo wrong. For starters, I didn't have the right rum..Tortuga. And I couldn't make it as moist as the original. I admitted defeat and went back to ordering the Tortuga Original. This cake is a true gem. Don't hesitate to buy it!
254914254914B000GJOROUA1AAGP1RXNQC15Baby Boomer1151170720000Tortuga Rum CakeI just returned from the Caribbean and brought back a "sampler pack" of Tortuga Rum Cakes. They were soooooooo delicious that I wanted more. I checked out and they were cheaper than what I paid at the factory!! What a deal . . . I recommend these cakes to anyone who likes rum!
254915254915B000GJOROUAPMYPD97EHUUZJohn H. Gruver "brainactiv"1151165190400YUM!Well, this is really good! Nothing else to say. If you like rum, pound cake, and sweets... go for it!
254916254916B000GJOROUA3VE13UG90ODZ3ShadowSky "music maven"2351244678400Tortuga Rum CakeThis rum cake is delicious. I first bought it when I vacationed in the Bahamas and I've been hooked since. The cake is delicious with a cup of coffee or with nothing and it's a very nice dessert to serve to guest.
254917254917B000GJOROUA2N1S99DMMPKKSRoymenn0051347235200Eleventh Hour rescuerConsistently scrumptious - great for gifts and unexpcted guests since keeps well frozen and pleases the taste buds even when frozen.
254918254918B000GJOROUA3T2J7YMQT11Y2M. Dana0051327968000YummyI had a rum cake before and loved it, so thought I would give this a try. It comes nicely packaged and lasts a long time (months) before opening. I enjoyed the flavor and texture of a few pieces and then individually wrapped the other ones and froze them, they come out perfectly when they thaw out in about 1 hour.
254919254919B000GJOROUAV6DDWTTICJAMTurtle Lady0051326326400Like a taste of the islandsWe have enjoyed the Tortuga Caibbean rum cakes since the 1980's when they were only available in the islands. What a treat to be able to order these delicious cakes from for our own use and gifts. Would highly recommend them to others. We prefer the original, but the coconut and lime are great also!
254920254920B000GJOROUA1FV45QMQHK0HFRobert Hoover0051325721600Simply put - YUM!We got our first Tortuga cake in the Caribbean on our honeymoon in 2001, and have gotten one every year at Christmas since. They are a little hard to locate locally. These cakes are fantastic. Moist, tasty, and now easy to get thanks to Amazon.
254921254921B000GJOROUAWZXZL8P7UYONKristin0031317772800Not As Good As I RememberI got one of these cakes when I was in the Cayman Islands and it was the best thing. I think I also had one in the Bahamas and it was also terrific. I don't know if it was the island atmosphere or perhaps the cakes were just fresher, but the one I ordered, while decent enough, tasted a little artificial, kind of like the plastic it was wrapped up in. I still enjoyed it, but it just didn't have that same flavor I remember. Maybe next time I'm in the Carribean I'll try it again and find out, but as for ordering online, I don't feel like it's the same.
254922254922B000GJOROUA35ZB6IEOAOVZFTracy T. Kornfeld0051316822400More addicting than drugs! [that's a compliment!]I have been a Tortuga Rum Cake addict since the 1980's during my many travels to Grand Cayman. At first, I could control my addiction, because I could only source "my fix" by purchasing a plane ticket and renting a condo for a week - a serious outlay of cash for a rum cake. Tortuga Rum Cakes were part of my daily routine. However, I had it under control for decades until this dastardly company decided to import this lucious treat into the US! How this got past customs on a regular basis baffled me - they must have sampled this treat on a regular basis and became as addicted as I am. Now I can get "my fix" via the internet. The world is doomed!

Seriously, this is ONE delicious rum cake...and I'm not a big rum cake fan. I remember visiting the [then] little bakery on Grand Cayman and trying a sample. That was it for me. I have given these as gifts over the years [in all of their wonderful flavors] to friends. The first reaction is rather blase "Oh, a rum cake." Then they taste it and, they, too are doomed. A fabulous treat in any flavor [I'm particular to their Key Lime and Coconut besides the original] and it's just one of those "must haves" that keeps very well in the freezer. As a matter of fact, that's the way I prefer it - directly from the freezer. I can make razor cut slices of this yummy confection to make it last that much longer. This is one "deal" you'll never regret [other than the calories involved]. Love this stuff. Thankfully, there aren't any rum cake narcs nearby. :)
254923254923B000GJOROUA19TIVS3PM8JHCmonu0041315612800great tasteit was great to find this caribbean cake here. Its truely a real caribbean rum cake. i was in puerto rico only 3 weeks ago for 10 days and I could not find a caribbian cake anywhere. Thanks to Amazon.
254924254924B000GJOROUAP0Y1N2X09X0Gsexysuccubus0041311897600Tortuga is always good, but......I love Tortuga rum cakes and have for years. However, this time it seems that the one I received wasn't as fresh as it should have been, the way I'm used to receiving it. was still good enough but not as delicious as I'm used to.
254925254925B000GJOROUA3TI7WLYFAS0W0Lady Lisa0051303344000Great Taste!These rum cakes taste really great! I get them for myself and also get them as gifts. Last year I bought one for everyone on my team at work. They absolutety loved them and talked about how soft and moist they are? I am glad I know where to find them as I buy them all the time.
254926254926B000GJOROUA3UQ9DCSQTABI2R. pastore0031298073600Wheres the RUM?
254927254927B000GJOROUA1RC3SFRNDZAZID. Fast "Dee"0051293580800There's no comparison. Nuff said.This is THE standard when it comes to rum cakes. Wait, I take that back; this is the ultimate when it comes to rum cakes. If you want to taste the most premium quality, love filled rum cakes start and end with Tortuga Rum Co.
254928254928B000GJOROUA27G4A9IJMZS0GC. Brown "Lovely Ms. Brown"0051237248000MMmmm!!!!I kept trying to find an original cake without walnuts but couldn't because they don't have any. But the walnut is not throughout it, only on the top. I am not a big fan of walnuts in my food but DAMN i must say this thing is delicious. Can't get enough of this thing!!!!
254929254929B000GJOROUA1MZB5VTIWN6YWCruisin' Fan "Belizemama"0051201392000Soooo Good!We first sampled one of these cakes about 18 years ago on a visit to Grand Cayman. You are hooked after the first bite. We never come back from the Carribean without cakes, but when they run out we order from here. I love the banana, coconut, and pineapple just as much.Don't hesitate to order.
254930254930B000GJOROUA2JEMELPZTM7NSS.Sam0051196812800FANTASTICThis is the best Rum Cake I've ever tasted. The first time I had this was in the Cayman Islands. To know I can stay here and still get them is even better!
254931254931B000GJOROUA1ZT5HW8NE743VBridgette Stewart "Great Taste"0041190505600Very tastyMoist, delicious with a delectable rum flavor. It was a bit on the very sweet side, but overall a memorable dessert experience.
254932254932B000GJOROUA37ZOQ55CRB08OMarian the Librarian0051175904000Divine treatBuy the largest size you can afford--this is a wonderful cake! I serve this on major holidays with whipped cream. My family & friends moan with pleasure and lick their fingers. It's a lot easier than making your own and it tastes, well, rummier, than the ones I have baked. Don't hesitate to try one. Yum!
254933254933B000GJOROUA2YM68VV8DT2LGErnie L. West "Biker"0051173312000Tortuga Rum CakeJust as I remembered It when I bought one in The Caymen Islands.
254934254934B000GJOROUA2HFZA1MKESIIFPamela Showers0051168473600Best cake everThis cake is amazing, very moist and delicious. Great rum flavor!!!
254935254935B000GJOROUA39E7WVMQ653YFA. Toll "Snackin' Nut"3531330819200"Let Them Eat Cake!" Financing Available Folks!Tortuga has been a standard in commercially prepared rum cakes and is very popular. They are manufactured oversees in the Caribbean (Cayman Islands) and this is reflected in its $35 MSRP price. I have enjoyed these cakes on several occasions.


1. They are moist with a deja vu hint of Tortuga rum-The original is the best in my assessment.
2. The cakes are packaged nicely to avoid damage in transit and sealed well to lock in moisture.
3. They taste good and are well balanced, pairing nicely with ice cream.
4. These are basically presented as rum-flavored Bundt cakes-fluted and sectioned for slicing.


1. These cakes are extremely over-priced. For the price, you could not only prepare a far better and higher quality cake but also afford to lace it with a generous bath of rum.
2. Conventional ingredients-bleached white flour, aluminum, partially hydrogenated oils, preservatives and artificial food colorings and dyes. This is apparent when you slice into the cake and need to grab your sunglasses from the bright yellow color of the cake-that's yellow dye folks...not gold rum! I can assure you...There's no gold in dem 'dere mills!
3. The walnuts on top of the cake are sparse.
4. You will need an electron microscope to measure the amount of rum in this cake.
5. The cake is very one-dimensional and could use a good rum icing to complement the flavor and complete this treat.

The Bottom Line: If you have the time, make your own for the best rum cake available.
If all you make are reservations, then get the cake and ask Marie Antoinette to pay for it!
254936254936B000GJOROUA2QLIIKBHQGMWNM. Costello1221329177600Meh.Honestly, I've made better rum cake with a yellow cake from a box, rum flavoring, and butter-rum sauce. Save your money and pass this one up.
254937254937B000GJOROUA1V1ZAFMGL7SDTneedavacation1231240012800Delicious, but something I can make myselfMy husband ordered this since I am especially fond of the booze cakes that are sold at Trader Joe's during the holidays. It was very moist, appropriately rummed up, and quite good, but there are really easy recipes online for the same cake. From now on, I'll just make my own.
254938254938B000GJOROUAIT8M5FNT95G2ACVR "ACVR"1231173484800Almost there!Nice rum flavor. Texture of cake itself could be improved. A little mushy for my tastes.
254939254939B000GJOROUA2W9XVFAM5XU6ENANCY A BRUSH0151333152000love love love these cakesCant get enough of these delicious cakes! Arrive very fresh and very fast.Reminds me of being back on the island.
254940254940B000GJOROUA2ZZ72S8HRWA03Cardcottage0151329350400Perfect Rum CakePurchased this Rum Cake from Amazon, since I was having out-of-town family coming to stay with us. It was PERFECT. So moist and as good, if not better than the best homemade that I have had. I think I was able to cut 11 or 12 good size servings from it. I will order this again and maybe even try the chocolate next time.

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