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255001255001B000HBMBYUA13I55UK464YUWNancy R. Jones0051247356800Great TeaThis is fantastic instant tea. The flavor is rich and bold. It's diet and decaffenated. What more could you ask for??
255002255002B000HBMBYUABQN4X226AX74D. G. Lucio "drewsbaby"0051245628800Lipton Instant Ice TeaGreat product and I have enough on hand now for a long time. Shipping was fast.
255003255003B000HBMBYUA3VJLLRY5NNE0LJ. CONLEY0051245628800Lipton diet iced teaI needed a decaffeinated iced tea and Lipton is quite tasty. Have been drinking it for several years and was unable to find it in my grocery stores.
255004255004B000HBMBYUA29AY0Y1920V5LTom Viren "Cost Cutter"0051237248000Save money and weightWe used to purchases the large cases of Lipton Green Tea at the BiG Box Store, as our liquid refresher. The cases weighed 20 pounds and we seemed to go through two a week. Lugging them up to the kitchens was no fun. We now use Lipton Diet Instant Tea and it saves use money, space and no more lugging. We make a gallon at a time and pour it into the old Green Tea Bottles. It is at least 25% of the cost of the liquid Green Tea and taste great.
255005255005B000HBMBYUA1VLH8RZ0FW3C4M. Mazurek "Min"0051236038400Lipton TeaLOVE this product. Tastes great, great price. Will buy again. The only complaint is, we had to buy six just to try it.
255006255006B000HBMBYUAJT3M2Z4KMNVOM. Moore0051235088000Lipton Diet Decaf TeaI love this tea because it satisfies my sweet tooth without using any sugar. And I love Amazon not only for their great products but for their outstanding service and guarantee of products and delivery.
255007255007B000HBMBYUA2W3P97RDPF79ECaptain Asshead "iAsshead"0051233792000awesome!!i drink a ton of fluids each day - easily a couple gallons - so it's important that i drink something without lots of calories, sugar, AND caffeine. normally, that would mean to a fairly flavorless drink which is the next part which matters most to me. well this tea has been the answer to ALL of that!!

i was getting this in bulk at the wholesale club when i lived on the east coast but haven't been able to find it bulk since i moved to the west coast so far. just found it here on amazon and signed up for the subscription...cheaper than buying in the store, and it's delivered right to my door each month for free - how can you beat that?

(i am not affiliated in any way with amazon or lipton)
255008255008B000HBMBYUA3I60V2WIHORI7Rudy Garcia "stend"0041221868800good for a powderThis tea was better than I expected, you still might want to try a brewed tea.
255009255009B000HBMBYUA28RYWE54XXTW9S. Kvarnstrom "bookgranny"0051220832000Good drinkThis is something I can drink without getting fat or adding to my chlosterol. It is arount $$7 in the store where I shop but I can get it through Amazon for a little over $3.00. Yes, I have to but 6 at a time but it is worth it to have plenty of something I like.
255010255010B000HBMBYUA1DA7NY0WHJZKJJanet Firestone0051215648000I'm addicted to this stuff !This is the only instant ice tea product I have found with enough lemon flavor in it. The fact that it's sugar and caffeine free makes it even better. It disolves quickly in ice water. When I'm sick I even add it to hot water for a nice cup of hot lemony tea. I know its not the same as the "real" thing but its the best substitute I've found! I even keep a jar in my suit case. No more $2 cans of coke for me in the hotel vending machines. I add ice and have ice tea in my room in the evening. The price here is about fifty cents less than the sale price in local markets.
255011255011B000HBMBYUA5XZN0XPOFJS2Chocolate Princess "Tea lover"0051214784000Great ice teaThe diet decaf has a great taste. This product is sometimes hard to find. Now I get exactly what I want delivered to my front door. Perfect.
255012255012B000HBMBYUA1FP5ZLSKR07SUG. Burnick0041184112000MUCH better than carrying home gallons of water...Are readymade gallons of tea from the supermarket better? Usually. But heavy to schlep home.

Is homebrewed tea better? Yup! But too much work most of the time.

But when you want it easy in the house, this isn't bad. Better than most Diet Tea mixes (other than those 'real tea' expensive kinds).

I'm keeping this in stock, and also mixing it with the other flavors from Lipton. By the by, I really like their Diet Raspberry.
255013255013B000HBMBYUA1M8ZFBZ34U21KP. A. Moed2421194480000Lipton Changed the FormulationI used to search all my local grocery stores for this product and I was delighted when Amazon started to carry it. But now, Lipton has changed the ingredients, eliminating Splenda and adding aspartame. It tastes terrible. If you want to add Splenda, it's passable.
255014255014B000HBMBYUAQYK99P7TRSTTGreg Jerome0411297728000Aspartame is PoisonI recently discovered the debate over Aspartame, and have decided the most cautious thing to do would be to switch to an Unsweetened Instant Ice Tea (there is one available here on AmazonNestea Instant Decaf Unsweetened Tea, 3-Ounce Unit (Pack of 4).) Without going to deeply into it, it took the pharmaceutical giant that created Aspartame 16 years to get the FDA to approve it after years of refusing on the grounds that is toxic. Political pressure prevailed over science and health concerns and the product was approved. This doesn't make the product any safer than it was when the FDA thought it was toxic. Read about it for yourself, I'm going with unsweetened and adding natural sweeteners to it. Cheers.
255015255015B001N3RHTAA3LM3ARJMBPBNZbree0051297641600best pasta sauce, EVERthis is the best pasta sauce, no sugar/high fructose corn syrup, just good old fashioned home-made style pasta sauce. worth the extra money!
255016255016B001N3RHTAABZLFL9N5TI4RNoirist0051294185600Best Marinara Sauce EverMy entire family agrees that this Cucina Antica garlic marinara sauce is the most delicious prepared tomato sauce we have ever eaten. Way better than Rao's, for example. So good that my 3yr old daughter asks for a bowl of it straight up to eat like a soup.
255017255017B000F3LZ88A6N8TVW7D778US. Gutting "wegogreenbay"0051255651200an oldie but a goodie!!!This was around when I was a kid!!!! I was thrilled to find it available once again, I bought it so my kids could try it and they love it!!! It is exactlty as I remembered, I can't believe they don't sell it everywhere!!! I am so glad this company carries it.
255018255018B001BLXTRIA27UT48GWPPTPYDoug1121316736000Cinnamon Honey DisapointmentProduct arrived on time and was well packed. The first problem was that one jar was not closed tight and the half the honey leaked out into the packing. The second thing we found was the honey was very thin and could be poured like water. The flavor was good but you had to be very careful putting it on bread as it would soak through the bread very fast. I would not recommend this product.
255019255019B001D3K30UA1PAGHECG401K1Chel Micheline "Chel Micheline"7721279238400NOT the same flavor as it was 10 years agoJust an FYI: Juicy Fruit "re-engineered" their flavor in 2003 after getting criticism about the amount of sugar in the gum and it's NOT the same as the Juicy Fruit you chewed as a kid. Now it's got aspartame (artificial sweetener) and the taste is overpowering and bitter.

When I was a kid, I loved the taste of Juicy Fruit so much I wanted to *eat* it, not just chew it. Not anymore. Now it just tastes like every other sugar-free gum on the market- too mushy, too soft, artificial "tang", and too weirdly sweet.
255020255020B001D3K30UAGELP6Z1VTBOJBrooke5531262822400Gum is delicious but it does have aspartameI was recently told to lay off the artificial sweeteners. I was/am a big fan of Extra Bubble Gum and Extra Polar Ice but they were out of my routine. Remembering a favorite from my youth, Juicy Fruit, I ordered that. And in bulk because I do chew a lot of gum. When it came I was surprised to see that Juicy Fruit did have both sugar and aspartame. The gum is fine I just thought others should know about the aspartame.
255021255021B001D3K30UA12D1F0XB6E4POBEN1111334707200They added aspartame and ruined a great gumThey added aspartame and ruined a great gum. I will not risk the health controversies for myself nor my family. Goodbye Wrigleys. You lost a long time customer. I no longer buy your gum because of what you did. You ruined what was once great.
255022255022B001D3K30UA1QYHEQKHS4HJPAvant0011346198400Used to love it....Used to love it - but now I hate it. Not only has the artificial sweeteners added an aftertaste but the texture is kinda slimy now - not enjoyable like it once was.
255023255023B001D3K30UA143VWWW5CGG2SRichard Lee "What is Hip?"0011343260800Gag a MaggotWrigley's has lost its mind by introducing "New" versions of their classic gums. The flavor is rancid, the texture is like chewing on an old tire (don't ask me how I know).

I wrote the company and told them they lost a customer for life. How stupid.

Don't buy it expecting heavenly flavor- Or Spearmint--or Doublemint.

If it's Wrigley's it tastes like decomposed vomit...
255024255024B001D3K30UA2582KMXLK2P06B. E Jackson0051338508800juiciest of fruitsthe taste the taste the taste is gonna move ya! I remember that catchy little jingle back in the 80's when I was young and watching morning cartoons and Alf. It's a perfect melody for a wonderful and sunny girl-chasing day on the surfboard! Back then we didn't realize how silly such a song is. Nowadays such innocent stupidity has been replaced by... a man in a dance competition and attempting to win a Klondike bar (and winning with the confetti raining down... yikes is that ever awful).

Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Gum is addicting. If it wasn't for the poor state of my teeth and my dentists highly recommended wishes to avoid sugary foods, I'd be chewing this stuff all the time. Actually it hurts when I chew gum for several minutes at a time these days... so I probably wouldn't. I guess the jingle is right- the taste is gonna move me all the way to the dentists office and a monthly 100-dollar bill.

Anyway, this is probably my favorite gum flavor-wise. My teeth may not like it, my dentist may not like it, but the sugar Gods above shine down with a smile whenever I chew it so at least I could appease somebody.
255025255025B001D3K30UA3SAM6QRTXKCI3Eric "sfo_eric"0051298592000Much better than what you get from the vending machine in the officeThe gum in this packaging is much better than what you typically get out of the vending machines for some unknown reason. Flavor is approximately the same, however, in this format, the flavor tends to last longer and taste better as well as being easier to chew.

Whatever the reason behind this, this is the format to purchase!
255026255026B001D3K30UA2H4TXT78Z1T13Eleanor Powell "Dancer"0051248912000The King of GumLove Juicy Fruit Gum since I was a kid. It's the only gum I chew. There is something so satisfying about the flavor.
255027255027B008FWOAXIA1KMAK45XGS4RTD. Fitzgerald0041346457600Tasty but use careDog loves these. Eats them quickly and without digestive upset. They are splintery, though. Do not give and walk away. Must supervise.
255028255028B0014BYCT4A1Z7FZP81N8CDUR. McCann0051328313600WowAmazing 'beautiful' chocolates. If you've never had these then you're missing out on the best candy in the world!

Also try the king size bars, you pay about $3-$4 more and it's shipped from Amazon rather than an amazon user.

These taste even better when they are cold, try it!
255029255029B0014BYCT4AG0U0X7GCLJKQKaitlyn0051299628800BEAUTIFULThis was beautiful! Thank you so much, great price, great product, and my boyfriend has eaten almost all of them! :) BUY THEM! their even better fridgerated
255030255030B000I6MC2AA1NGQ7IWZYQOBIKaren M0051295568000Best coffee ever!Coffee Masters coffee is just THE best coffee we've ever had! It's rich and full bodied - even the decaf we always drink. We're defiantely spoiled and will always order it over and over!

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