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255031255031B0000ZHZA8A1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman2251082678400resinous, sweet, intenseThe flavor of cardamom is medicinal to some--well, it has been used for years to mask the bad taste of remedies. It is a resinous (piney) aromatic bitter-sweet spice, rather intense. The green papery pods are broken open, and the dark seeds inside can be pulled out and ground in a mortar for use in breads, cookies, curries, puddings, chai and the like. It is the spice of "kheer"--Indian rice pudding, where sometimes the whole green pods are thrown in. I use it in tea or even coffee, bruising the black seeds slightly with the pestle. It is also commonly used in pilau (pilaf) or biryani, that festive Indian rice and meat or vegetable cassarole. Scandinavian cooking uses this spice in many cookies and cakes.

If you aren't used to the flavor, it can be a bit startling--not sweet and spicey like cinnamon or nutmeg. The pods are a nuisance to process, but the volatile essential oils are so fugitive that it's better to put up with the job of extracting the seeds than to use ground cardamom that will just lose its scent. Rather like the difference between fresh grated nutmeg and powdered.

255032255032B0000ZHZA8A2D40WI9VSDGXTValerie H0051350432000fresh flavorful and aromatic!Arrived quickly, adds delicious flavor to rice and curries. Oh how I adore this spice for rice puddings, and dal. It is exceptional value and quality. Will continue to purchase Ajika Green Cardamom pods from this vendor. Kudos to Indian Spice Co!
255033255033B000HBMBYKA1U7XVJWVKN44YAlbertha1151287014400Great Morning TeaMy daughter has a cup of this tea every morning on her way to school. I feel it gives her that lift she needs to start her day. I am a strong believer in vitamins and antioxidants and I believe that there are plenty to be found in green tea and pomegranates. She appears to really be uplifted from drinking a cup each morning, I recommend this as a great starter tea for everyone, especially teenagers. And to add a little extra zest to the tea, brew it with a lemon tea bag, you can not ask for a better morning refresher.:)
255034255034B000HBMBYKA31UJIESLX7781Michelle Dean3451178236800Never liked green tea beforeI am not a green tea fan. My husband is and so I ordered tea for him. Well, while putting it away I was captured by the pretty packaging (lame I know!), so I thought I would at least try it. Sadly for my husband, he did not get any of the 6 boxes we ordered. =)
255035255035B000HBMBYKA3G4SGKBZ1V0GVJason D. Smith "Jason Smith"2351263600000super greatTHIS IS THE BEST BE SURE YOU GET SOME YOU WILL LOVE THE TASTE OF THIS
255036255036B000HBMBYKA16OX9NB17EU31Sherry Hurlbut0051336348800Lipton Green Tea, Cranberry PomegranateI purchased this for my husband. He enjoyed it so much, he's had me put it on my Subscribe & Save Subscription so he gets it automatically. Need I say more?
255037255037B000HBMBYKAOCULEMHLE8IEmargieebee0041329609600Great ValueAlthough I have had much more flavorful pomegranate green tea formulas (Republic of Tea and Yogi brands), for the price, this Lipton formula is fantastic. I can usually only get one cup out of flavorful tea out of a tea bag, but when you can purchase 20 bags/box so inexpensively, you can afford to just use a new tea bag for your cup. The value has what has turned this tea into my go-to morning pick-me-up.
255038255038B000HBMBYKAEHEAPZNI4JK1Caroline0041321660800Slightly tart, great to combine with other fruit-blend teasThis has a nice tang to it, but I like it most when I combine it with another sweeter fruit-blend tea. Brew it in a teapot with Ginger Twist, it's the perfect blend, in my opinion!
255039255039B000HBMBYKA157W68QY5PBWYZhujun Jiang "Therpist/Doctoral Student in Ps...0051316304000Good ProductDon't really know how much Pomegranate was put into this tea; neither do I know how I would benefit from drinking it every day. I've been doing it thinking that it will make me healthy and happy. Luckily so far I have been healthy and happy. So wehther it is placebo effect or true effect, I am keeping drinking it 2-4 bags a day, rotating with other Lipton green tea with other flavors.
255040255040B000HBMBYKAOEE5TLN6DK9QLeonardoDots0011315008000this is one of the WORST green teas... EVERthis is one of the WORST green teas I have tasted. Bought 6 packs and can only drink 2 bags.. sucks. sry. i love lipton though. have nearly all the flavors.
255041255041B000HBMBYKA33P4NOIVR4RT2earthy side0051314489600Cranberry Pomegranate Tea (lipton)Excellent flavor and high in essential nutrients. Good for memory and stimulating brain cell activity. Lipton is the Best on the market as far as quality of ingredients
255042255042B000HBMBYKA1O13PZIRCI4N2Jay0031313971200okTea is ok. I mix these tea bags with regular tea otherwise it is a bit bitter. Needs a bit of sugar too make it any good.
255043255043B000HBMBYKA2MMLVI7W71SMMRufus A. Partlow III "Victor SHO"0041302998400Pretty good valueI love green tea and was hoping for a better pomegranate/cranberry flavor (as in more fruity I guess). It really isn't very strong flavored but the aroma is intoxicating. When I brew it up I can smell it from the next room and that scent really does add to the enjoyment of this tea. I'm pretty sure I got it for under ten bucks for the 6 boxes of 20 bags. It's a really good deal at that price or even for a few bucks more.

If you are a tea drinker and can enjoy the not-as-strong green and white tea flavors then you could do worse than to try this product out for yourself.
255044255044B000HBMBYKAXNQQ4U5Y5NF3Susan Briglia "Susan"0051302912000solution for tea that curdles when u add creamPomegranate tea was included in the green tea medley I bought here. I was ready to give the pom away because I can't drink tea without cream - or something dairy. I used whey protein powder & it works.
255045255045B000HBMBYKA382EKTXSMI5JIQuietude0051300492800Aromatherapy too!Not only does this tea tastes great, it smells wonderful as well, and I'm sure puts me in a better mood as soon as I lift the tea cup to my face. I've only drank regular green tea (which I love) so this is a treat. It also helps me cut down on my brewed coffee consumption. Highly recommend you try it!
255046255046B000HBMBYKA641LTSQNZ4ZPShanny0051288224000My Favorite FlavorThis definately the best green tea on the market. It doesn't have that sour green tea taste. Is is smooth and flavorful. I order this product by the case at Amazon, I think is is fantastic.
255047255047B000HBMBYKAKKF83NVI163JKessia G. Beltran1241295308800Best green tea everI love this green tea is very healthy and the teast is so good. I have oder so many different taste to last me a good year!!
255048255048B000HBMBYKA2DQKS1Z22PB73James J. Tanner0411299974400Doesn't suit my tasteYou can't add any creamer (liquid or dry) because it curdles. The taste without the creamer is terrible (IMO). I enjoy Liptons other flavors of green tea but after a trying to force down a few cups of this I threw the remaining 18 away. Judging by the other reviews it must be me.
255049255049B004IGVP1KA35MMBS623AECQKen0031338595200Not exactly as expectedA friend bought a different brand which had great flavor and, characteristic of Hawaiian black salt, flaky pyramid-shaped crystals. This salt is black, but tastes and feels much more like traditional coarse ground salt, with perhaps some carbon thrown in for color.
255050255050B004IGVP1KARBE4Q0QV4NJXrachel reeves "born2bargain"0051327276800perfect gift for my earthy dad!i lived in hawaii for 2 years, and my dad was always asking me for marinades and spices from the islands. i wanted to continue this after i left there, so i found and ordered this. item came as described - no issues with delivery timing or condition of product. he loved it and wants to try the others as well! great gift for those who love to change it up in the kitchen!
255051255051B003MIKMDWA2IWMX5LYJOHF0mpv0011151323129600Great Product Crazy Price!This is absolutely the bext product to come out in years! My kids drink 2 of these every day! However, they are 2.98 each at Walmart! This price is crazy!
255052255052B005C8UHTYA342D0Y7Z4NZNKBurl J. Walker Jr.4441329955200Lots of fun!This was one of the most fun gifts I have given my wife! It has led to some great times with small parties. I wouldn't try to use it for a carnival or anything, but for a small group of friends or a family gathering, it is great! Cleans up easily and experimenting with different hard candies was fun as we mixed and matched flavors.
255053255053B005C8UHTYASQA8CY1ICK5Khalve "Khalve"3341333411200Works well, but is noisyI have been craving cotton candy during my pregnancy, so this was a great solution for fulfilling that craving. I have tried plain sugar as well as various regular hard candies and sugar-free candies and they all work great! Only complaint is that when it is turned on, it vibrates so badly that it makes the plastic shield shake and make an obnoxious noise. I watched the infomercial and it even happened on there, so I guess it is a normal problem. Just wish there was some way to make it stop without having to use my hand to hold it still every time I use it.
255054255054B005C8UHTYA1M1G6M8P8SF8Taratara285641325548800Worked as good as expected for a inexpensive itemFollowed the directions by letting the machine "warm up" then we only used flossing sugar (we bought online via Amazon for $19.95 for 3 flavors) in the machine and we instantly had cotton candy forming. It made a decent amount for a serving. I noticed the sugar builds up quickly and after 3 sticks of cotton candy we had to wash the middle piece that holds the candy/sugar or else it was not going to work properly. The only negative thing my family noticed is there seem sot be "cotton" floating in the air while the machine is running. I did not notice it being right next to the machine but they were in the dinning room and could see the candy floating in tiny pieces through the house. Smells good & taste awesome. We did not attempt to use the hard candy. Only the flossing sugar.
255055255055B005C8UHTYAGTTP02QQ0YMOMidwest Mom "Aimee"1141341964800Needs cleaning after two batchesWe carefully followed the directions and had great results for the first two uses. After that the machine began to fling melted clumps instead of floss. Still a lot of fun. Just needs to be cleaned while using, which means it has to completely cool, soak and scrub. Kind of a bummer for the kids still waiting. Better for small in home use. Don't try for a party.
255056255056B005C8UHTYATATX7I31P8M0J L KAYO0041338076800Works Like A CharmThis product works like a charm. I didn't want anything too big, used for our small family of five. You definitely should watch a video or two on "how to make cotton candy" prior to. The machine is easy to clean but only comes with two cotton candy holders and no sugar. Make sure to heat up for appx 15 mins. prior to use. Place a towel or newspaper underneath so there's less mess.

I also purchased the set of five different flavors. They're good. You must break up any other candies (i.e., lifesavers, jolly ranchers, peppermints, etc.) & use only two max. Machine's a lot of fun! I will be purchasing more paper holders.
255057255057B005C8UHTYA3RJ14UTS5ND3Jbdbarker821251327881600Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy MakerMe and my family love this machine! We got it for Christmas and have used it several days a week. What I love most is I can put any of my favorite hard candy in it and it makes that flavor cotton candy. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone!
255058255058B0089ZOFUOA29YQ3Y5UHRH3MJonathan M. Berman "Kitty Safe Network"0051350259200Everyone loves themI bought these for Halloween and everyone didn't want to give them out to trick 'r treaters because they're so good, that they wanted to just keep them for us and give out something else!
255059255059B000FUJCJAA2LK9ZSXYADTJPNancy C. Mcpherson "Nancy McPherson"0051350950400Best of the Best!If you dog suffers from any type of skin allergy this is the food for your dog. It's pure, no fillers.
255060255060B001EO68FMA2HVQDMXNLRV3VDonna H.1141346025600Great Product Deceiving AdvertsingI absolutely love the NOW Foods Raw Energy Nut Mix. I was elated to find this product online through Amazon. Unfortunately the advertisement states that this is a four (4) pack and only three (3) packs is what I received when I my package arrived. So morale of the will enjoy this fabulous, healthy snack but be mindful that you will only receive 3 packs instead of the advertised 4 packs for the price you pay.

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