Amazon Fine Food Reviews

255091255091B001M0A8M2A39PJPYNVDE0VBSusan Lawrence "Susan Lawrence"1151339545600Love this gumCan't live without it, Dentist rec, not available were I live so Must buy online in bulk, rather pricey 4 gum, but worth it!
255092255092B001M0A8M2A2NHERI3W195YAnthony L. Bowers1151270080000My wife's favorite gumNot much to say about gum, other than it is my wife's favorite. I think this Pack of 16 is going to be discontinued. Too bad.
255093255093B001M0A8M2A38RMU1Y5TDP9Bob Tobias "Robert Tobias"0051345507200A little pricy but the best gum around... nowThis is the best gum I've found since Hersey discontinued their Koolerz brand several years ago. (This stuff is also made by Hersey).

Both the Spearmint and Peppermint flavors have a nicely combined minty sweetness that lingers for quite a while. The texture stays "chewably soft" for even longer. Another thing I really like about this gum, unlink others I've tried, is it doesn't stick to my fillings or crowns and I don't wind up with little pieces between my teeth.

The only problem is the investment to get your first sample. If you can find it in a store, it's not everywhere, individual packs can be expensive. It can be less, per piece, here but multiple packs is a bit if a gamble if you've never tried it.

It's great gum and you will probably like it if you like gum. I was lucky and sat next to a guy in a plane who offered me some. And, if you should run into me, ask for some because I'll be having some on hand from now on.

Please feel free to let Amazon and me know whether this was helpful to you or not, since it helps me improve my reviews.
255094255094B005M16UG0A1O6IH8ZEGL56HMrs. Eilene J. Elliott0051350864000my dog love thismy dogs love this dog food. their fur is healthier looking nicer and softer. the small bits are great for my smaller dogs.
255095255095B005M16UG0A2GROXTMULJ5MBsof0021350604800too big bitesbought this because it was written small bites but they are pretty big ! and my dog needs small bites for its stomach... but it is ok product otherwise
255096255096B005M16UG0A1KGMFXC3HYU6Fstilted26 "stilted26"0051349136000So nice buying dog food onlineOur four greyhounds go bonkers for this pedigree food. They think it is the most delicious chow they have ever put to their doggy lips. It is wonderful to buy it on Amazon, it's cheaper than the grocery store. It comes right to our door and couldn't be more convenient.
255097255097B005M16UG0ASAD7ZNPSR0BYElizabeth Brown0041343174400Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Small Crunchy Bites Original Beef Dry Dog Food, 36-PoundIt's great to have this delivered to my house, on a schedule. My dogs like Pedigree. I mix this with the canned food. It feeds two dogs one 50 lbs. on 28lb.s twice a day.
255098255098B005TY2PS2AFX9DQJ3Y2718Joshua Chamberlain0041338076800A mild sauceThe BBQ sauce was delivered as promised. I tried it out on a nice steak. It has a nice flavor, but it is not at all hot. I would rate it mild to medium at best. The flavor makes up for the lack of a kick. I have used it now on chicken and salmon with great results. I also tried mixing it in with a wild rice blend and that was delicious! If you only care about spicyness this may not be the sauce for you, but if great flavor is your thing...this sauce is a winner!
255099255099B001ELJJUQA2UI97C2JNXDAZJoseph G. Sisti0051343779200Great price per bottleAll I did was add a box of zante currants during fermentation. I ended up with 27 bottles of really good wine at $2.35 per bottle. I am impressed.
255100255100B001ELJJUQAX5X79A13XNF8bob0051331424000vino 2This is a blend of Nero D'Avola and Cabernet Savingnon and it was excellent. I highly recommend this wine. It is a steal for the price,
255101255101B001ELJJUQA1H59OCYPG9G4TWindywinemaker0051324512000Nice WineThis wine Kit is very good. It has a large amount of juice to start with so that you have a very tasteful wine. Recommend it to anyone that loves Cab Sauv.
255102255102B0019F28H8AG0M4YG063YQLBob "Bob"1151226275200Great tea.This contains very good quality whole white tea, this has a mild taste with a very pleasant and still mild bitter Darjeeling after taste and nice aroma as well.
The packaging could improve if they package it in a good quality air sealed reusable package.
255103255103B001EQ4KVEA28Z31AQ7VKRW7W. Corbett6651169683200Grape MolassesGrape molasses and tahini makes a wonderful spread called debis. We have had a hard time finding it and was delighted to find it on Amazon.
255104255104B001EQ4KVEA1J950L7YGV4WKSiobhan1111345161600It has sugar in itThe only reason I purchased this product was to have a natural sweetener as a substitute for sugar. The ingredients did NOT list sugar (on Amazon page), but when I received the shipment I saw that sugar was one of the ingredients.
255105255105B001EQ4KVEA1IMX93SCWJ349Glenn Kent1141298246400Good FlavorWhat's to be said? It's a personal taste question. Add this to steal cut oats oatmeal and enjoy. Alternatively add the date version. Alwadi Al Akhdar Date Molasses, 24.75-Ounce plastic jar (Pack of 3) The date molasses has a slightly stronger flavor than the grape, but both are less strong than sugar molasses and have to be better for you. Try one or both. Nix sugar and get some real flavor.

Since the date molasses version of this product changed from a pure date base to having sugar added, check the ingredients label of the product you receive to ensure it's strictly grape based. Concentrated grape juice with citric acid isn't an issue, but adding sugar would be unwanted.
255106255106B001EQ4KVEA29ZSKXS20S18WDianne0031336089600OKIt's not grape :( it's raison, but it is OK, I just wish I could get the real grape
Tastes good, tad sweet. I hate plastic jars--leaked out, but I ate all of it and am buying more.
255107255107B001EQ4KVEA1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"0051311724800Unique flavor...I wasn't sure what to expect with 'grape' molasses but it is actually quite delicious and tastes like sweet raisin syrup with just a subtle hint of tartness. This was good in my coffee as a sweetener and I'm going to make my own Yoshida sauce and Worcestershire sauce with this flavor of molasses as I think it would be perfect for that.
255108255108B001EQ4KVEA1W4764LDVATP6caxtus0111321660800very poor serviceI ordered this product and had it shipped in one day because I needed it for the weekend for a special event. To my surprise the product turned out to be date molasses instead of grape which will not work. Very poor service
255109255109B0007SNZK2A2DOGHO9VLA46KPatricia L. Martin4451212796800Best Beef Stew MixI've used this product for over 30 years and found it to be the best dry mix for the most flavorful beef stew. Everyone I've served it to was astounded to hear the flavor came from a package mix. I seriously would recommend trying this if you like beef stew.
255110255110B0007SNZK2A37MHEZROJP0NCChris Sloan2251287014400French's Beef Stew Seasoning mixThis seasoning mix makes the BEST beef stew ever. I have tired many recipes and different seasoning mixes, but none compare to French's.
Last time I used some sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes and it was yummy. Now that fall has finally arrived, we are looking forward to this wonderful stew.
255111255111B003UDU9YGA2W09PJ1TTHQ6HResearch Hound0041342310400Good brand of foodI have now tried both the Ocean Fish and Tuna and the Duck and Chicken variety of this food. My cat seems to prefer the taste of the duck and chicken a little better, but I will probably rotate them both because of the health benefits he's gotten (especially from the ocean fish and tuna) that have included a softer coat and less scratching and biting of himself and shedding. Also, with this food, he doesn't drink much water, but still goes potty alot, so I feel good that he's getting plenty of fluids in his diet. My only complaint with this brand, and why I only give it 4 stars, is that it has little pieces of potato? and whole peas in it, which my cat eats around and ends up being wasteful, which I don't like given the price. Not that big of a deal, but it is a minor inconvenience that I have to clean leftover bits out after each feeding as opposed to just washing his empty bowl daily. (In case you are wondering, it is approximately 4 to 6 whole pea/1.5 pea size potato? bits per 1/4 to 1/2 can.)
255112255112B000HY4RL2A1ITBLHAXWNRR2Venita Scantlebury-fisher0051344988800Crunch a licousI have changed my snacking from potato chips to oriental rice crackers. I no longer feel guilty when I snack. Will be ordering soon.
255113255113B000HY4RL2AUK81KPYXEN47Gene0031332201600Mediocre TasteI agree with the earlier review of this product. "Crackers are crispy, however, they are not tasty." I've been eating rice crackers for 50 years and I know there are better. I'm looking for a good source of mixed crackers to purchase 10 to 30 pounds at a time, not the tiny 8 ounce bags. I'll keep looking.
255114255114B000HY4RL2A38M3KTT7A37YWFlorenski0031316390400Good priceThis product was received and the crackers are crispy. However, they are not tasty. Great product for those who do not like sweet stuffs but just things for nibble. Good price for a big pack!
255115255115B004LAKCW6AA0YPCLUF78B4Elizabeth1151331164800Yummy, just yummy...This makes a great breakfast with a cup of coffee. It's organic almond butter, organic bananas, organic walnuts and more. I love the peanut butter one with chocolate chips for an afternoon snack, but this is perfect for breakfast.
255116255116B004LAKCW6A1VDBEK49M2XRJK.0011348272000Gooey and sticky bar that doesn't taste goodI love the Coconut version of this bar and wanted to try a new flavor. The 15 bars came in a household plastic bag (let's not even get started on the unprofessional packaging for such a pricy product)... The bag was all slimy from the inside, because one of the bars must have leaked. I had to wash off everything to be able to carry them with me. The bar itself doesn't taste that good, is very gooey and sticks to your teeth. Very disappointed. Won't order this one again.
255117255117B004LAKCW6A361WXJK7K7T25mkitty0051348099200Another ONO BarWhat's good about this bar....Well GMO...Low glycemic...AND of course it's yummy..Now some might say it has a funny banana taste but that's because HEY that is how a real banana should taste like..If you're not used to eating fresh non processed foods these bars might taste bland or strange...If you're trying to eat more CLEAN & HEALTHY then definitely try these..It's one of my many favorites...
255118255118B001J89YKEA1ZUQKM3DPM0BJNikkidog0011344816000DescriptionThe description does not give specifications for this item. It would be great to know what size pan this cover would fit on.
255119255119B000I3UZJAA35SGYGJJJS4JZMichele Harris101151200182400Delicious and easy!I have only used one bag so far, but I put in a 2-lb salmon fillet glazed with an apple juice reduction and the results were so delicious that my family of three ate the entire fillet in one sitting. Neither my husband, nor my daughter have ever even liked salmon before. It was incredibly easy, the directions are very clear, and best of all: no mess to clean up!
255120255120B000I3UZJAA3BEKTVNB82KFERose Carthane "Rose"7751215648000great trick and delicious for ribs or brisket.I've lived in apartments with no outdoor space for years-- but can always get nicely smoked foods by using these bags. True, your entire home will smell like wood smoke, but not such a bad thing (you can always undercook a bit, take the meat out and finish it outside the bag if you don't want a strong smell to linger). The times for cooking and the recipes included on the inside are right on target every time, you really can't go wrong. Makes wonderful brisket-- I let it cool after cooking, slice it, and then add sauce and reheat. My friends and I agree that the poultry/fish bags aren't quite as good.

The first I tried was a similar import from William's Foods, but they no longer carry these. Wish I could get them locally, but this works!

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