Amazon Fine Food Reviews

255151255151B000RHXH6KA12LZ69GPUQR67Randy0051319673600Angelina'a gourmet - Arborio riceI have ordered this from them before and it came just as quickly as I remember! The rice is my favorite and is always enjoyed by my family. This is a VERY nice alternative to "imported" rice from Italy!
255152255152B001EO6424A32SK8XY51OQFRPam "Tea freak"2251280275200Best aroundAfter reading a book by a tea taster who recommended Kenyan tea, I tried this tea. Has become a favorite. Tried other teas from Kenya, but this one is exceptional. Subscribe and save makes it very affordable.
255153255153B001EO6424A3AS1DB9KOACTPecstatic10011337299200GarbageJust purchased this, used almost a tablespoon to make 1 cup. This tea is horrendous. Cheap, bland, barely distinguishable flavor. Wasted time and money.
255154255154B001EO6424A2XR7BQ3BJ7MYBAggie3551253664000Smooth and good.This is my tea of choice, and it has always been consistent and very good. Larger pieces of leaf than other black teas that I have tried. In short, most black teas taste like garbage compared to this. Try it out!
255155255155B004CH81LMA1GF0YN9QWVRW7K. Cunningham "KC"1141349654400Just as I remembered, just not as big as I would have liked.These were a HUGE hit at my son's birthday party. Unfortunately my 3 year old has a rather large head and we lost 2 or 3 trying to stretch them onto his head. Double check the knot before putting them on and they are fine, definitely not adult sized.
255156255156B002CXX6EAA3M9E61Z3NV4ATHarry Thompson "foodie"4451268697600a little bit of heavenwhile rolling around my local sam's club my husband happened to spot this package of butter hanging out in the cheese section. Noticing it came from the Reggiano region of Italy and already in love with the cheese, it was a no brainer to pick up the butter. It is terrific. Haven't tasted a better butter with so much flavor in a very long time. It has a mild parmigianno flavor but does not taste like cheese. If you are a butter lover this is a must.
255157255157B000WAJ2XOA3ASWULTGOS3CFRichard N. Barg0051343692800Great food - great companyI feed my Wheaten Terrier who has skin allergies one cup of the Pacific Fish and one cup of the Australian Lamb daily. The cost is about $45.00 per month for the 28 lb bag (90/2 months). The food is high quality and has cut down on his itching. The kibble is large and great for his teeth. I do not moisten the kibble for that reason. I have emailed the company on several occasions w/questions and they always responded promptly and informatively. Their heart and soul are in the product from what I can see.
255158255158B0030C99HAASQRYYHFT342VJacquie B0051344816000Bella Loves These!My little Yorkie loves these. She eats the sweet potato, and then chews on the rawhide.
The sweet potato is good nourishment and the rawhide is good for her teeth.Beefeaters Sweet Potato Top Knotted Rawhide Bone, 2-1/2-Inch, 10 Count
255159255159B0029NVJX8A2L7PSVXPKBW86Laura0051327017600Happy KittyOur kitty is spoiled she gets tuna, lunch meat, wet food, dry food and once in a while a little ice cream. :) But her all time favorite thing has to be temptation treats(all flavors). She will sprint across the house when I get home, jump on the bed and wait for her treats to be delivered. We were worried she was overweight but the vet says she's in great health and a little "fluff" is to be expected on a house cat.
255160255160B0029NVJX8ABAL3M3CCTOBTK. Krupke0051327017600Banish hairballs!All of our cats love this product, they anticipate it actually, and meow and meow until served! We've tried other products but have had limited success and repeatedly been surprised by gooey blobs of purged hairballs. Since using Whiskas we have not had one cat purge a hairball and I am grateful, truly. I would love it if they would come in bulk, on our first shipment, none of the zip locks on the bags worked. This second shipment seems better but I'd still rather empty them all into a larger container than deal with the zip lock.
255161255161B0029NVJX8A39RRUSJP76BO6N. Grover "nancat"0051326412800Really works for hairballs!Since we have been following the package directions that say to feed 10 treats at one time, our cat rarely throws up at all and her stools are plumper. She has always had tiny, hard stools until we started feeding her these treats. We can tell by her stool if she hasn't had a 10 treat dose in a couple of days. She eats these as readily as any other packaged treat we give her. A great find as cleaning up grassy vomit almost every day was getting quite tedious! The auto ship feature is also a big plus. We can't always get these treats here on our island when we need them. Thanks Amazon!
255162255162B0029NVJX8AJP50EQHJ9PX8simone0041325548800My Cats Love TheseSpecifically they love this flavor. I've taught them to do tricks using these treats because the cats want them so much that if they can figure out what I'm asking, they do it to get the treat! But they are smart boys.

I don't like some other treats because they are as small as kibble. These are big enough for me to hold between two finger tips while the cats take them.

My cats ask for these each night around treat time. One of my cats eats dry food almost exclusively (no canned food, no meat scraps, etc) and he is often the first to ask for these treats.
255163255163B0029NVJX8ATL2EJGS0OD8SOctoberflybaby "body-n-soul"0041325030400My cat loves these!I was happy to find these on Amazon, it's my cat's preferred treat! I give them to her while I'm eating dinner, it's like her dessert for her own meal.
Update 6/4/12: My cat still loves these treats, but they're more expensive at Amazon (even with a subscription!) than at my grocery store, so I'll continue to buy them, but not here, sorry!
255164255164B0029NVJX8A1PVEPGC2T5PKVC. Oliver0041322870400The only treats my cat will eatSo my Mom often buys bags of kitty treats for her "grandkitten"... and I find it so hilarious that if it isnt the Temptations treats in the yellow bag, he will NOT touch them. We can mix different brands together in a pile, and he will pull the Temptations treats out with his paw and leave the others. Its unreal. Either they just hit the jackpot with the perfect cat-seducing ingredients, or they have some sort of addictive substance in them.... who knows! :) I only give them 4 stars because they are not the "healthiest" treat for a cat, but honestly... he just loves them so much I cant say no.
255165255165B0029NVJX8A1ZK4JBTY7DZW8Lightfeather0051322697600It's Cat BaitI can make my cats do the silliest things to get these. I like to put cardboard boxes around the living room and toss treats into them at random. The cats will leap into the boxes, gobble the treat and then leap out waiting to hear where the next one will go. It's pretty dang entertaining. They sure don't do this for anything else. Something about these treats drives the cats crazy and I love it.
255166255166B0029NVJX8A3E5EUY9TMJ1K6amy0051322179200cats love theseMY cats love these treats they go crazy when they see the package.I have four cats and two of the younger ones eat only whiskas temptation
255167255167B0029NVJX8A2F3CWV4C0AG7TB. Drumm "beahaven"0051319932800Some of their favorite treatsThese treats have more nutritional value than others I have seen. No guilt about giving them to my kitties and they love them. I mix a few in with their regular dry food.
255168255168B0029NVJX8AY1IRBJL6YZYACrystal "Susan Crystal Jack"0051319846400Favorite treatThe tuna flavor never fails to entice my cats to eat greedily, no matter how often. Temptations gets a thumbs up as the best treat I've found and it has the meets the full nutritional needs as well.
255169255169B0029NVJX8ATGM5BDW6IQHNMolly B. Reed0051319155200Great for keeping away hairballs!I absolutely love this product. The cats enjoy them and they keep hairballs away. I have signed up for auto-ship because I couldn't live without them.
255170255170B0029NVJX8A2N4DUHU7UCP1NDonna Musick "frenchie"0051318377600Jet loves his treats!My cat loves these treats and getting them at a savings sent right to my door is an added bonus! Thank you!
255171255171B0029NVJX8A1XQY2VD0ROYA9S. Hooks "Bargain Shopper"0051318291200Kitty Absolutely loves emMy kitty can't get enough of 'em. She loves them so much that she does anything to get them. Sometimes she'll stand on her hind legs and meow for several minutes letting me know that she wants them. What enjoyment I get from knowing she loves her treats.
255172255172B0029NVJX8APJ6I8JC65JW6Audrey Davis0051317859200Roxy's favoriteMy cat loves Temptations and turkey is her favorite.
Ordering in quantities from Amazon is a great time and money saver!
She also loves the chicken and tuna...she's very particular...I can't sneak in any other flavors but these three.
255173255173B0029NVJX8A12NKC43Q14WG4Alison Trotta0051316131200Love these!My cat loves these treats. Whenever she sees the bag, or hears it crinkles, she starts to meow. She has a hairball problem, and these treats help with that.
255174255174B0029NVJX8ASDUSAMGI86NZannie0051314230400cat treatsthe salmon flavor treats help keep my cat from being bored with the same treats all the time. Plus they are very nutritious.
255175255175B0029NVJX8ASDUSAMGI86NZannie0051314230400cat treatsthe beef flavor is Blossom's favorite. She likes them all, just this one is her favorite. I like that they
help keep her teeth clean.
255176255176B0029NVJX8A2X06FP2PQ6EK0S. A. ROBBINS "shirley_rw"0051313884800Maybe too good, cats don't want anything else!We occasionally feed a couple stray cats as they are good at keeping the mice and snakes away. Once in awhile we will give them some of these Temptations Cat Treats and they are crazy about them! They will only eat the regular cat food if their efforts at getting more of the Temptations Treats doesn't work. One of them will sit at the door and meow and meow but eventually goes and eats the regular food. We have tried all the different varieties of Temptations Treats and they don't have a preference, they like all of them. If you want something to really great to give your cat, try any variety of the Temptations Cat Treats but be prepared for your cat to start begging for these all the time. The one thing we cannot tell is how good nutritionally these are for cats, the package says 100% nutritionally complete but not sure what that means in this case. Even if you could feed a cat these alone, that would be way too expensive so for now I will balance a few treats with regular varieties of dry cat food.
255177255177B0029NVJX8A3211E0B8ERKA5Kinko and Kashmire0051313798400We love Temptations!We have 5 cats who live outdoor. They come in for 15 mn every evening and I give them treats.
They get super excited every time I give them the Whiskas Temptations and not so with the other brands but I keep on alternating the brands to avoid dependency :)
By the way, this is after I gave them all a slice of ham!!!

Hope this helps!
255178255178B0029NVJX8A3H7NPNDMGLOU4Kerri Elders0051313452800Buy At Your Own Risk Cat Will Choose TREATS Over YOU : )
255179255179B0029NVJX8A3PBXID8XJYDPXBAF0051311552000KITTIES LOVE EMMy kitties love these treats. This flavor is a favorite of some of the kitties at the rescue center to which I donate. Other of their kitties like other Temptation flavors .. but they all come running for them. Whiskas Temptations Seafood Medley Flavour Treats for Cats, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12) I always include some of these treats whenever I am sending a donation of whatever I am ordering for the center.
Amazon also donates a percentage of the order to the rescue center when ordered through the link on the rescue center's webpage. Thanks Amazon.
255180255180B0029NVJX8A20XWDZHAXIYOKJ. Saoud0051311292800My cats love TemptationsMy cats loved these treats and I think that they really help with releasing the hairballs, I noticed some changes in their litterbox which prove to me that these treats help with hairballs issues, I am going to buy again from these treats before my cats finish them out.

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